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Warzone down fino a questa sera, poi al via il Vanguard ROYALE: le note della patch di Caldera Pacific

Profilo di Stak

Mancano ormai solamente una manciata di ore prima dell’attesissimo rilascio del nuovo capitolo di Warzone, Caldera Pacific.

Insieme alla nuovissima mappa (ricordiamo che Verdansk è ormai scomparsa, qui il nostro tributo) ed al nuovo sistema anti-cheat, con Caldera Pacific sbarcherà sul BR di Call of Duty una lunga, lunghissima lista di importanti novità.

Al momento il gioco è del tutto offline, con gli sviluppatori che hanno messo in manutenzione i server: questo è un chiaro segnale rispetto al fatto che il titolo a cui giocheremo questa sera sarà totalmente nuovo e (si spera) anche molto migliore del Warzone a cui abbiamo giocato fino a ieri.

Nel tardo pomeriggio quindi, tutti i giocatori che avranno già acquistato Vanguard potranno accedere in via esclusiva sulla nuova Caldera Pacific, mentre tutti gli altri sbarcheranno sulla mappa a partire dalla giornata di domani (aggiornamento 18.30: c’è Rebirth Island per tutti gli altri giocatori).

Con l’avvio del nuovo corso su Warzone verrà anche introdotta una corposa patch, carica di tantissimi interessanti aggiornamenti.

Tra questi segnaliamo ad esempio la nuova playlist, che ci permetterà di provare Vanguard Royale (quindi la modalità in cui sono consentiti solo armi e contenuti di Call of Duty Vanguard – qui sotto in allegato cosa è consentito e cosa no nella mode “Vanguard Royale”), Vanguard Resurgence in quartetti e poi anche il battle royale normale in quartetti (dove quindi avremo tutte le armi disponibili) e Malloppo terzetti.

Rebirth Island invece tornerà nella seconda settimana della season 1 di Warzone Pacific.

warzone pacific
Ricordate che VANGUARD ROYALE è solo una modalità a tempo limitata.

Oltre a questo, si segnalano le numerose modifiche che hanno riguardato (finalmente) l’animazione della Gas Mask, ma anche la rimozione del Potere d’Arresto, il nerf al Dead Silence, ai colpi melee ed anche alle granate STUN il cui effetto ora dura meno secondi.

Potenziati invece la maggior parte degli equipaggiamenti letali, come Claymore, Granate Frag e Molotov (ma anche Semtex e Mina di prossimità)…che vedono tutti aumentate le loro statistiche.

Andiamo a vedere tutti i dettagli:

RICOCHET Anti-Cheat™ is already live across Call of Duty®: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone™ with server-side updates and other backend elements to combat cheating.

With the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific tomorrow, #TeamRICOCHET continues its new anti-cheat security initiative with the rollout of an internally developed PC kernel-level driver for Warzone, which will activate first in the Asia-Pacific region before expanding worldwide.

Addio Verdansk…non verrai dimenticata!

For a deeper look at the work from #TeamRICOCHET, check out the Anti-Cheat™ Progress Report here.

For regular updates about the Playlist and other Scheduled Events, check out the dedicated Warzone Trello Board.

The Season One Battle Pass for Vanguard and Warzone is set to offer a new standard in value, both within the free Battle Pass System and the full Battle Pass containing all 100 Tiers. During Season One, you can earn plenty by just playing the game, and you’ll get even more value by picking up the full Battle Pass.

Those who want to get access to all 100 Tiers of the Battle Pass — and do so with a head start — have another reason to pick up the Battle Pass Bundle: the Legendary “Battleprepped” Operator Skin for sharpshooter Polina Petrova.

24-Hour Exclusive Early Access

Starting on December 8th, anyone who has purchased Call of Duty: Vanguard (and plays at least one Multiplayer match) will be able to participate in a 24-hour Caldera exclusive access event in Warzone Pacific.

Vanguard Royale

We’ve created a brand new Battle Royale experience, true to the spirit of Vanguard.

This new mode will focus on a few key pillars:

  • Dogfighting Planes & Anti-Air Combat
    • Jump into Fighter Planes to rain down pain on foes or head for the Anti-Aircraft Guns to shoot them out of the skies.
  • Core Vanguard Experience
    • Players will play with a WWII-era ruleset, having access to Vanguard-only themed Weapons, Operators, Vehicles, Killstreaks, and more. This ruleset will extend to custom Player Loadouts.
  • New Environmental Hazards
    • Bombing Runs will occur throughout each game at random at any given time.
      • These will be announced and appear on the Tac Map as a red circle, so eyes to the skies!

In addition to the above, a number of changes should be expected, including but not limited to:

  • Larger Initial Circle
    • The radii and times for Circle collapses have been rebalanced to accommodate dogfighting further into the mid-late game. The overall game length remains the same as Battle Royale.
  • Public Events
    • The new Public Event structure is as follows:
      • Circle 1
        • Weapon Crates or Cash Drops
      • Circle 2
        • Loadout Drops
      • Circle 3
        • Fire Sale
      • Circle 4
        • Weapon Crates or Cash Drops (High Probability)
        • Resurgence or Jailbreak or Loadout Drops (Low Probability)
      • Circle 5
        • Restock
      • Circle 6
        • Loadout Drops
      • Circle 7 & 8
        • Public Events conclude, you’re on your own!

Inspired by the positive reception of Operation: Flashback, the team wanted to bring these Public Events across to Vanguard Royale. We also heard the feedback that Players still wanted to feel a sense of strategy and mastery, so we have made some key changes to remove the haphazardness of Public Events in this mode.

  • Buy Stations (Vanguard Royale)
    • Loadout Markers will be available for purchase after the Loadout Drop Public Event.
    • UAV’s will not be available from Buy Stations in this mode but can be acquired as Contract rewards.

Below is a list of all of the gameplay elements that are either included or excluded based on our WWII-era ruleset:

And as a special treat, we’re offering Players a chance to earn unique limited-time rewards including an Emblem and Calling Card.

Vanguard Resurgence

With thanks to our friends at Beenox, the beloved Resurgence gameplay experience drops into the Pacific! This mode is tailored to a selection of hand-picked POI’s on the new Caldera map. With a max Player count of 48, this mode will follow the same WWII-era ruleset designed for Vanguard Royale, but with the gameplay that Players have come to know and love from Rebirth Island.

This mode is a great way for players old and new alike to learn the new POI’s on the Caldera, with Rebirth Resurgence returning to the Playlist rotation on December 16th.


Battle Royale

The greatest Call of Duty sandbox ever! In this version of Caldera, anything goes. Access Vehicles, Weapons, Operators, Killstreaks, new Contracts, new Public Events and more from every timeline!

Whilst the overall game time for Battle Royale remains aligned with the Verdansk experience, we have used our learnings and findings from the past two years of Warzone development to refine the circle speeds to better reflect the size and topography of Caldera, with slower Circle closing speeds but a faster time between Circles to give players more time to traverse the peak!


It wouldn’t be Warzone without there being big money on the line, with a Plunder experience built for the Caldera lining up on day one including all Vehicles, Weapons, Operators, Killstreaks, new Contracts and more from every timeline!

Thank you to all of our peers who helped bring Caldera to life… special shoutout to Sledgehammer Games, Beenox, Toys for Bob, and High Moon Studios.

New Map: Caldera

Caldera comprises 15 huge, distinct areas to explore and fight across once Operation Vulcan begins. There are also hundreds of lesser points of interest to investigate and use to your tactical advantage.

New Regions:

  • Arsenal
  • Docks
  • Runway
  • Ruins
  • Mines
  • Peak
  • Beachhead
  • Village
  • Lagoon
  • Airfield
  • Fields
  • Sub Pen
  • Power Plant
  • Capital
  • Resort

For a full breakdown of each new region, check out the Caldera Introduction blog here.

New Gulag

Created by our friends at High Moon Studios, this new Gulag experience is set deep within the mines of Caldera. Using all the learnings developed from the many Gulags that have been designed since Warzone launched in 2020, the team focused on both equality of the combat experience. Let’s not forget about the all-important spectator experience as well – that is, if multiple of your Squad have been unfortunate enough to have been eliminated at once!

Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island will remain available to all Warzone players, whether or not they own Vanguard, during the initial 24 hour exclusive access period.

The map will then be removed from the Playlist until it returns on December 16th with the Week 2 Playlist update.

With the launch of Season One, all Warzone players can gain access to everything that Vanguard brought to the arsenal and barracks including but not limited to:

  • Over 40 New Weapons
  • Over a dozen New Operators
  • New Prestige, Calling Cards, Emblems, and More

At the start of this season, cross-progression between Vanguard and Warzone will be enabled, allowing you to rank up through Seasonal Prestige and unlock new content through the Battle Pass and Challenges.

New Onboarding Tutorial

Developed by our friends at Toys for Bob, we have a brand new Tutorial ready for Players who are fresh to Warzone. This tutorial will take you into the heart of Caldera and teach you everything you need to know for survival.

Season One comes with more than just a shiny new map – including a slew of brand new features and important changes to features you’ve familiarized yourself with already.

New Vehicles

  • Fighter Plane
    • Rain down destruction and reign supreme with the Fighter Plane. This versatile two-seater vehicle provides as much combat support with its front-mounted weapon systems as it does squad support—via sonar ability that pings enemy troop locations as well as legendary crates.
  • Utility Truck
    • With room for two in the front and however-many-you-can-fit in the back, the Utility Truck is a powerhouse cargo and transport vehicle that shakes off incoming fire while plowing through any terrain stupid enough to get in its way. Additional variant swaps cargo space for high-powered AA attachment so you can rule the skies and the ground.
  • Squad Transport
    • Agile turns and a frame built to take punishment make the Squad Transport ideal for relocating up to four Operators across the battlefield. Best-in-class suspension devours off-road obstacles for breakfast, and a ripping top speed means plenty of dust for your enemies to eat.

New Contracts

Three new types of Contract will spawn in Caldera including:

    • A Contract is selected at random but with significantly increased rewards. Who knows what you’re gonna get?
  • Big Game Bounty
    • Time to hunt down an enemy Operator with an impressive elimination count – assuming you’re confident enough to risk it!
    • Rules:
      • Will only show on the Tac Map at the end of the 1st Circle.
      • Will not select the same target multiple times in a row.
  • Supply Drop
    • A valuable Supply Drop crate will drop into the map that only your squad has the coordinates to… but be careful, other teams can see the green smoke and try to steal it!

New Public Events

  • Restock
    • All supply boxes on the map will close again and refresh their loot.
  • Resurgence
    • For a short duration, the Resurgence effect will allow Players to respawn so long as a teammate is boots on the ground.
  • Cash Drop
    • The well known Plunder Cash Drops will begin to spawn.
  • Heavy Weapons Crate
    • New and highly desirable Weapons can be obtained from these crates.

New Tac Map

  • We’ve brought you a new look to compliment the beauty of a 1940s Caldera!
  • Players are now able to ping on the Tac Map after being eliminated or while in the Gulag.

New Mechanics

  • Flying
    • Players are now able to operate the Fighter Plane. Take to the skies! But don’t get too comfortable.
  • Anti-Aircraft Gun
    • Fixed to the ground or mounted on the back of a Utility Truck, use this heavy duty Weaponry to clear the skies of those pesky planes.
  • Gasoline Can
    • Pick them up, ignite them, throw them, send them up an ascender, set up a trap, shoot at them on the ground or in someone’s hands (you decide). These new little toys will explode, causing damage and releasing a non-toxic smoke to blind your enemies.
  • Shallow Water
    • Molotov Cocktails and Thermites that are thrown into water will now behave similarly to Smoke Grenades.
    • The Tracer Perk effect will be enabled for Players in water that reaches their ankles.
    • The Cold Blooded Perk effect will be enabled for Players in water that reaches their knees.
    • Players are unable to lie prone in knee-deep water.

Gameplay Adjustments

  • The Stopping Power Field Upgrade has been removed from loot.
  • The Gulag will now allow the victor to redeploy with the Weapon(s) and equipment that remain at the end of the duel.Buy Station
    • UAVs now cost $6,000, up from $4,000 when available.
  • Loadout Drop Markers
    • These can only be purchased at Buy Stations after the first free Loadout Drop Public Event has taken place.
    • This change only affects Vanguard Royale and Battle Royale.
  • Dead Silence
    • This Field Upgrade will now refresh on the first kill only, with reduced drop rates found in loot.

We will continue to monitor the strength of this Field Upgrade over the season.

  • Melee Damage
    • Melee and non-Melee Weapons will now require at least three hits to achieve Melee Finisher damage.
  • Lethal Equipment
    • Claymore
      • Damage increased to 200, up from 150
    • Frag Grenade
      • Damage increased to 112/225, up from 70/140
    • Molotov Cocktail
      • Damage per tick increased to 21|36|43, up from 15|25|30
      • Duration increased to ~12.5 seconds, up from ~6.5 seconds
    • Proximity Mine
      • Damage increased to 225, up from 200
    • Semtex
      • Damage increased to 74/150, up from 70/140
    • Throwing Knife
      • Damage increased to 250, up from 200, on hits to Upper Torso and Headshots

Lethal Equipment has been revised to pack a heavier punch. This balance pass should provide more versatility and provide more impactful hits for Players not at max plates. With this change if a lethal did not down a player with full plates it still will not. However, it will now be a critical hit to players with little or no plates (the exception being the throwing knife).

  • Tactical Equipment
    • Decoy Grenade
      • Will now fire rubber bullets with a chance to hit nearby enemies dealing 1 point of damage
    • Heartbeat Sensor
      • Pulse time increased to 6 seconds, up from 3 seconds
    • Snapshot Grenade
      • Detection radius increased to 28 meters, up from 14 meters
    • Stim
      • Will additionally apply a 3 second boost that increases movement, slide, and sprint speed
    • Stun Grenade
      • Stun duration decreased to 2.5/4.5 seconds, down from 4.7/5.5 seconds

With these changes, our goal is to provide Players with a range of viable Tactical Equipment to choose from, rather than feeling disadvantaged for exploring outside of the commonly accepted choices – notably Stuns, Heartbeat Sensor, and Flash Grenades.

  • Gas Mask
    • The Gas Mask animation will now wait for reloading, Armor Plate insertion, or Grenade throwing animations to complete.

We know that the Gas Mask is a crucial tool for survival but at times it can also be detrimental. This change is intended to maintain Player agency and provide more control around the mask, while still giving players already inside the circle the tactical edge.

We’re introducing a revamped Settings menu layout inspired by Vanguard, including the following updates:

  • Reordering of the available Options
  • A new Interface tab that now hosts the preexisting Accessibility and HUD options
  • Graphics options have been split into two tabs:
    • Display
    • Quality
  • Addition of the following options:
    • Min/Max Input Deadzone per Stick
      • Left Stick Min Input Deadzone
      • Right Stick Min Input Deadzone
      • Left Stick Max Input Deadzone
      • Right Stick Max Input Deadzone
  • Walk Keybind & Speed Setting
    • Player can assign a key to the new Walk option
    • Customize the speed at which the Walk key makes you move
  • Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom
    • Players can now customize their sensitivity per ADS Sens. Multiplier type

For a list of known #Warzone issues, please check out our dedicated Trello Board.

New Weapons (Launch)

» Assault Rifle «

  • AS44 (VG)
    • Fast firing full-auto assault rifle ideal for close to mid-range engagements.
  • Assault Rifle Hotel (VG)
    • High-accuracy and low-recoil allow this assault rifle precision at longer ranges.
  • Assault Rifle Charlie (VG)
    • High-caliber full-auto with accuracy for long distance engagements.
  • Cooper Carbine (VG)
    • This short range AR is easy to control with a fast fire rate.
    • Available via the Season One Battle Pass.
  • Assault Rifle Bravo (VG)
    • Four-round burst rifle, accurate at medium to long range.
  • NZ-41 (VG)
    • Full-auto assault rifle with very accurate initial fire. Recoil becomes difficult to control with sustained fire.
  • Assault Rifle Alpha (VG)
    • Versatile assault rifle adaptable to any situation.
  • Volkssturmgewehr (VG)
    • Quick and mobile full-auto assault rifle. Ideal for pushing enemy positions at short to medium range.

» Handgun «

  • 1911 (VG)
    • Versatile semi-automatic pistol accurate at close and medium range.
  • Klauser (VG)
    • Steady high-caliber semi-automatic pistol more effective at range than other pistols.
  • Machine Pistol (VG)
    • Very fast firing fully-automatic pistol. Effective at close range.
  • RATT (VG)
    • Fast-firing semi-automatic pistol. Effective at close range.
  • Top Break (VG)
    • High-caliber revolver effective out to medium range.

» Launcher «

  • M1 Bazooka (VG)
    • Shoulder-fired launcher firing 60mm explosive rockets. Highly effective against vehicles.
  • MK11 Launcher (VG)
    • Repurposed launcher firing two-inch mortars. Very effective against infantry.
  • Panzerfaust (VG)
    • Disposable launcher firing a shaped charge warhead. Effective against vehicles and infantry.
  • Panzerschreck (VG)
    • Shoulder-fired launcher firing 88mm explosive rockets. Highly effective against vehicles.

» Light Machine Gun «

  • Light Machine Gun Charlie (VG)
    • Full-auto LMG with accurate initial fire. Recoil becomes difficult to control with sustained fire.
  • DP27 (VG)
    • Versatile LMG capable of full-auto accuracy up to medium range and accurate in burst at long range.
  • MG42 (VG)
    • Extreme rate-of-fire LMG able to suppress enemy forces at medium range.
  • Type 11 (VG)
    • Lighter LMG offers additional maneuverability to reposition during battle.

» Melee «

  • Combat Shield (VG)
    • Improvised armored shield. Impenetrable to ballistics and resistant to most explosives.
  • FS Fighting Knife (VG)
    • Commando fighting knife. Effective at surprise attacks or in close-quarters fighting.
  • Sawtooth (VG)
    • A club crafted from the jaws of the ocean’s most fearsome predator.
    • Available via the Season One Battle Pass.

» Shotgun «

  • Combat Shotgun (VG)
    • Pump-action shotgun offering additional effective range.
  • Double Barrel (VG)
    • Break-action shotgun with a fast rate-of-fire. Effective at close range.
  • Einhorn Revolving (VG)
    • Prototype shotgun with a revolving cylinder. Effective at close range.
  • Gracey Auto (VG)
    • Semi-auto shotgun with a very fast rate-of-fire. Effective at very close range.

» Sniper Rifle «

  • 3-Line Rifle (VG)
    • Heavier bolt-action rifle offers increased stability. Immediately lethal almost anywhere on the body.
  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (VG)
    • Heavy semi-automatic anti-tank rifle with devastating performance against infantry and vehicles alike.
    • Available via the Season One Battle Pass.
  • Kar98k (VG)
    • Versatile bolt-action rifle. Immediately lethal to the torso and head.
  • Type 99 (VG)
    • Lighter bolt-action rifle offers additional maneuverability. Immediately lethal to the upper torso and head.

» Submachine Gun «

  • M1912 (VG)
    • High rate-of-fire SMG with high ammo capacity. Ideal for close range engagements.
  • Submachine Gun Charlie (VG)
    • Workhorse SMG suited to all short to medium range engagements.
  • Owen (VG)
    • High-caliber full-auto SMG with accuracy for medium ranges.
  • PPSh-41 (VG)
    • Incredibly fast firing SMG that eliminates close range threats quickly.
  • Sten (VG)
    • High-mobility full-auto SMG ideal for flanking enemy positions.
  • Type 100 (VG)
    • High-accuracy and low recoil SMG offering additional effective range.

» Tactical Rifle «

  • G-43 (VG)
    • High rate-of-fire semi-automatic rifle most effective at medium range.
  • M1 Garand (VG)
    • Versatile rifle offering effective accuracy and stopping power at all ranges.
  • SVT-40 (VG)
    • High-caliber semi-automatic battle rifle. Especially effective with headshots.

New Weapons (In-Season)

» Melee «

  • Katana (VG)
    • A single-edged Japanese longsword. Deadly in close quarters combat.
    • Available later in Season One via Store Bundle.

New Unlock Challenge Missions (BOCW)

  • Grav: Assault Rifle (BOCW)
    • Using Assault Rifles, kill 3 enemies who are at a lower elevation in 15 different completed matches.
  • .410 Ironhide: Shotgun (BOCW)
    • Using Shotguns, get 2 Point Blank kills in 15 different completed matches.

Weapon Adjustments

Please be aware that a balance update will be released shortly after launch that will include considerable changes across Weapons from all 3 Chapters (MW/BOCW/VG). More information about this update will be made available via our social channels and Trello board.

» Melee «

  • Ballistic Knife (BOCW)
    • Melee damage decreased to 90, down from 135
  • Battle Axe (BOCW)
    • Damage decreased to 135, down from 175
  • Cane (BOCW)
    • Damage decreased to 135, down from 150
  • Kali Sticks (MW)
    • Damage decreased to 65, down from 90
    • Lunge Distance decreased by 7.7%
    • Melee Finisher now requires 4 hits, up from 2
    • Note: These changes also affect MW Multiplayer
  • Mace (BOCW)
    • Damage decreased to 135, down from 150
  • Sai (BOCW)
    • Damage decreased to 70, down from 135
    • Lunge Distance decreased 7.7%
    • Melee Finisher now requires 4 hits, up from 2

New Operators

  • Francis “Kai” Lanakila: S.O.T.F. Trident (Launch)
    • Automatically unlocked at Tier 0 with purchase of the Season One Battle Pass.
  • Lewis Howard: S.O.T.F. Trident (In-Season)
    • Acquire Lewis via featured Bundles, set for launch during Season One.
  • Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes: S.O.T.F. Trident (In-Season)
    • Acquire Isabella via featured Bundles, set for launch during Season One.

NOTE: Those who have all three members of Trident and level them up to 20 will get special gold-trimmed outfits, as well as some incredibly badass Platinum Operator Skins if they maxed out all 12 Operators from the other four Task Forces.

At the start of Season One, your Season Level will refresh to Level 1 and your progress will resume from the highest Prestige Level you achieved previously — three, if you reached the top level during the pre-season.

Starting with Season One, every 10 levels within Prestige offers a new Zombies and a Multiplayer / Warzone Pacific Challenge to complete for XP and a Calling Card. Complete all 20 within a seasonal set for that game mode to unlock an incredible animated Calling Card that shows off your elite abilities.

This season offers four additional Prestiges to achieve across the first 200 levels, as well as a new Weapon Blueprint:

  • Level 50
    • New Prestige
    • Emblem
    • Weapon Blueprint
    • Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Level 100
    • New Prestige
    • Emblem
    • Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Level 150
    • New Prestige
    • Emblem
    • Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Level 190
    • All Season Challenges Available
  • Level 200
    • New Prestige
    • Emblem
    • Battle Pass Tier Skip
    • Master Prestige Calling Card
  • Levels 250–1,000
    • Ability to earn additional Prestige Levels, if they were not reached during the pre-season.

NOTE: Your Prestige-leveling journey is synchronized between Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, meaning you can progress through Season Levels and increase your Prestige Level by earning XP in either game!

The Season One update will have a download size of approximately 40 GB for those who own the free-to-play console version of Warzone and are currently on the latest updates.

Warzone Update Sizes

  • PlayStation 5:
    • 44.7 GB
  • PlayStation 4:
    • 44.7 GB
  • Xbox One Series X / S:
    • 41.2 GB
  • Xbox One:
    • 41.2 GB
  • PC:
    • 37.8 GB (Warzone Only)
    • 69.1 GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare®)


  • PC users will also need 8 GB of additional space on their hard drive for the patch copying process; this is only temporary space that is reclaimed upon completion of the patch installation and is not an additional download.
  • Remember, the Vanguard download is not necessary if you are only playing Warzone, and vice versa.
  • Furthermore, for a smaller overall file size, Players can choose to uninstall/remove other data packs if they are no longer needed.



Cosa ne pensate di queste novità community? Siete pronti per lanciarvi in azione su Pacific Caldera? La discussione, come sempre, è aperta!

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cooper carbine

JoeWo svela la sua STEN; Eccellente anche la Cooper Carbine: luce sul doppio loadout close/long range

Profilo di Stak

La Sten e la Cooper Carbine svettano in questo nuovo aggiornamento dedicato ai migliori loadout attualmente in circolazione su Call of Duty Warzone, con delle versioni che potrebbero tornare molto utili sia nell’utilizzo a corto che a medio/lungo raggio.

Attraverso un nuovo video pubblicato su You Tube, il celebre Joewo ha svelato una classe estremamente veloce dedicata alla piccola mitragliatrice britannica STEN. Per il content creator al momento la Sten rappresenta una delle migliori alternative a disposizione dei giocatori, e tra queste è certamente quella che, tra le SMG/AR, assicura la velocità di movimento maggiore.

Anche se è considerevole il numero di player che crede ancora nell’MP40 (JGod compreso, come potrete vedere voi stessi dai Tweet pubblicati sotto), sono in questa fase molti i giocatori che cercano un’arma che possa sostituire la loro vecchia smg tedesca.

Se siete tra questi, potrete certamente concedere una prova alla piccola STEN (o alla Welgun, di cui abbiamo parlato ieri).

Forse ancor più “diffuse” del loadout della Sten di JoeWo, vediamo poi le due versioni per il close ed il long range al momento consigliate per la Cooper Carbine. Entrambe le versioni della Carbine sembrano eccezionali, stabilissime e praticamente sprovviste di rinculo.

Andiamo a vedere tutti i dettagli di queste due armi:

Loadout consigliato da Swagg per Cooper Carbine LONG RANGE
Loadout consigliato da JOeWO per COOPER CARBINE SMG
Loadout consigliato per STEN di JoeWo

Cosa ne pensate community? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

Il post di JGOD

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Azione molto sospetta di DiazBiffle in diretta: tante le accuse di cheating per il membro dei Baka Bros

Profilo di Stak

DiazBiffle – Nel corso di una recente diretta streaming, mentre giocava con i suoi compagni dei Baka Bros e Swagg, DiazBiffle è stato protagonista di un’azione tutt’ora inspiegabile che ha alimentato numerose accuse di cheating.

Capita spesso che i più noti e celebrati streamer e content creator del mondo vengano accusati di cheating, e nel 99,9% delle volte si tratta sempre di accuse assolutamente false e del tutto inconsistenti, alimentate solamente da giocatori che non  conoscono alla perfezione le meccaniche di Warzone.

In questo caso però, l’episodio è certamente tra quelli “inspiegabili”, al punto che lo stesso protagonista, almeno fino ad oggi, non è ancora riuscito a chiarire cosa sia veramente accaduto.

Nel corso di una normalissima partita, Biffle individua un nemico grazie all’UAV e si getta in fight con lui.

Biffle vince la prima battaglia, andando quasi a crackare il nemico, ma questo si sposta dalla visuale riparandosi dietro ad un muro. A quel punto Biffle decide di ricaricare e di uscire verso l’esterno della struttura, convinto di trovarsi faccia a faccia con il nemico…una volta fuori spara, i colpi entrano a bersaglio e Biffle cracka il nemico, senza tuttavia riuscire a finirlo.

Fin qui andrebbe tutto bene, se non fosse che Biffle non ha mai visto il suo nemico fuori dalla struttura….ha semplicemente sparato verso un albero in cui non c’era nessuno, riuscendo tuttavia a mandare a bersaglio i colpi.

L’episodio è stato talmente inspiegabile da aver portato Swagg, in quel momento concentrato sul POV di Biffle dato che era stato sconfitto ed in attesa di ress, ad esclamare “cosa è successo D? Cosa era quello?“…

A quel punto Biffle, probabilmente sorridendo, ha semplicemente risposto “non lo so, non lo so davvero”. Il fatto però è spiegabile in un solo modo, se si da per scontato che Biffle non usa cheat, ovvero che a causa di un qualche bug visivo, magari legato alla skin, l’avversario era invisibile.

I Baka Bros, ora in forze ai Complexity. Da sinistra: LuckyChamu, Repullze e DiazBiffle

Non si capisce però perché quello stesso avversario prima era ben visibile, e soprattutto non si capisce come abbia fatto Biffle a colpire in una fase cosi concitata un bersaglio invisibile nel nulla, riuscendo finanche a fargli abbastanza danni da crackarlo con soli 4 proiettili.

In molti hanno quindi accusato Diaz del fatto che usasse dei cheat sulla mira, con qualcuno che ha ipotizzato dei programmi legati alla traiettoria dei proiettili (dei cheat che mandano a bersaglio i nostri colpi, a prescindere da quello che guardiamo quando spariamo).

A fronte di mesi e mesi di giocate ineccepibili, vogliamo certamente pensare che si sia trattato di un qualche tipo di bug. Sarebbe però molto importante che Biffle per primo, si impegni a dimostrare la sua buona fede, visto che in questa circostanza si parla di una situazione estremamente particolare (vi invitiamo a guardare il video…perchè quello che accade è davvero senza alcuna logica).

Voi cosa ne pensate community? Secondo il vostro punto di vista è lecito aspettare un chiarimento del diretto interessato? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

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JezuzJrr ce l’ha fatta: al via la sua avventura con i FNATIC!

Profilo di Stak

Per i nostri più incalliti lettori quello di JezuzJrr è certamente un nome conosciuto, merito delle sue incredibili prestazione competitive messe a referto nel corso dell’anno da poco passato.

JezuzJrr è un giovanissimo player italiano (la sua regione è la Sicilia, ndr) che in poco meno di un anno è riuscito a raggiungere i più importanti palchi della scena internazionale di Warzone, battle royale di Activision basato sul celebre e decennale franchise di Call of Duty.

L’amore tra JezuzJrr e Warzone nasce nel Marzo 2020, quando questo straordinario talento inizia a dedicare ore su ore su Verdansk per migliorare mira e movimento.

L’inizio della “storia d’amore” tra Warzone e JezuzJrr è molto simile a quella di altre milioni di persone in tutto il mondo, nata durante i primi mesi dei lockdown duri del COVID, e protratta fino ad oggi, seppur con qualche “lite” nel mezzo (per “liti” possiamo intendere i numerosi bug, i cheaters, o uno qualsiasi dei tanti altri problemi che sono stati registrati su Warzone).

Dopo un anno di crescita, Jezuz è talmente migliorato da attirare l’attenzione dei giocatori migliori del paese. Riesce anche a conquistarsi un posto in team in  diversi eventi di livello internazionale, tornei che hanno in palio decine di migliaia di Dollari…roba quindi veramente seria, di livello agonistico.

E qui viene la grandezza di JezuzJrr: nel momento più delicato, in quello che potremmo chiamare il suo “anno da rookie”, Jezuz inizia a firmare delle prestazioni superlative, quasi come se l’emozione e la tensione delle sue “prime volte” si trasformasse in propellente eccezionale per alimentare le sue giocate migliori.

Forse l’apice del suo 2021 è stato raggiunto nella prima edizione del Solo Yolo, durante la fase del mondiale dello scorso autunno: in questo evento unico, i 150 partecipanti del mondiale dovevano giocare in una lobby speciale in tutti contro tutti, con i soldi del premio (ben 100 mila Dollari) che sarebbero andati solamente al primo classificato.

In una partita del genere il livello di tensione è talmente elevato da non rendere scontate neanche quelle azioni che solitamente vengono fatte in modo quasi meccanico.

Per JezuzJrr non è andata cosi. L’italiano ha infatti deciso di scegliere la strategia “aggressiva” (uno dei pochissimi ad optare per una tattica più movimentata), mettendosi a caccia dei suoi avversari e firmando anche 10 kill (potrei ricordare male, ma se non sbaglio Jezuz è stato il giocatore di quel Solo Yolo con più kill).

Mondiali di Warzone: JezuzJrr sfiora il miracolo al SOLO YOLO, succede di tutto

Jezuz si è purtroppo fermato ad un passo dalla vittoria, per colpa dell’effetto infinito di una stun lanciata quasi accidentalmente dal francese Chowh1, nell’ultimissima fight della lobby (erano rimasti in vita solamente loro due, ndr) che ha consegnato a questo stesso giocatore il primo titolo del SOLO Yolo di Warzone.

Questa performance, unita alle tante altre che hanno caratterizzato la parte centrale dell’anno passato, hanno attirato su di JezuzJrr l’interesse di molte importanti realtà…una fra tutte quella dei Fnatic, blasonato e conosciutissimo team esports internazionale al cui interno gravitano già diversi nomi noti della scena italiana (Moonryde, Pow3r e Lomba, ndr), che è oggi riuscita a mettere sotto contratto questo fenomeno proveniente dal sud Italia.

Con la firma del contratto, Jezuz entra di diritto nel club (ancora molto ristretto) dei giocatori della nostra community che sono riusciti a dimostrare il loro valore e la loro skill, meritandosi il supporto diretto di un’organizzazione internazionale.

Gli italiani JezuzJrr & Lomba trionfano nel Warzone Showdown di Vikkstar: rappresenteranno la community nel Gran Finale!

Quello appena iniziato potrebbe essere l’anno della consacrazione di Jezuz, sicuramente intenzionato più di ogni altro ad avere la sua vendetta alla prossima edizione del Solo Yolo, e sicuramente affamato di altre vittorie e trofei che vorrà presto aggiungere alla sua bacheca personale.

Tanti auguri e congratulazioni per l’ingresso in Fnatic Jezuz, che la tua storia, come quella delle altre stelle del nostro panorama, possa essere d’ispirazione ai tanti talenti superlativi che la nostra scena avrebbe da esprimere, su Warzone e su tanti altri titoli competitivi.

Lomba e Jezuz si fermano in semifinale al Vikkstar Showdown contro Aydan e Rated

La community di COD Warzone ha votato: Moonryde il “miglior streamer”! Savy e JezuzJRR vincono le categorie “Killer” e “Cestista”

L’annuncio in diretta