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Nuovo Stato del Gioco per Magic Arena che introrrà, a partire dal 21 Novembre, alcune importanti aggiunte come nuove le carte per il formato Historic e la friend List. Altra “nota” sottolineanta dal team di Arena saranno le performace generali del gioco. Già dalla data indicata sopra i giocatori avranno modo di vedere delle migliorie soprattutto durante i match.

Ecco cosa scritto nel dettaglio sulle performace generali

Performance Check-In

<< Performance remains our highest priority right now. With the November game update, we expect most players to see improvements, particularly during matches.

This work is ongoing, and we will continue doing these check-ins for as long as necessary to keep players informed of our current progress.

Gameplay Hitches, FPS Drops, Unresponsiveness – In Progress

We’ve begun the code refactor (i.e. restructuring our current code) of our asset system, with the first batch of changes coming with this update. We primarily focused on reducing the frequency and severity of times the game would appear to “stutter” or “hang” during matches, though you may also experience better performance whenever you’re viewing a lot of cards (such as during deckbuilding).

Memory Allocation and Management – In Progress

A.k.a. “memory leaks.” We’ve made some improvements to how we handle asset cleanup, which should lead to less memory usage during longer gameplay sessions. We believe this may also reduce spikes in memory allocation and CPU utilization, particularly during matches.

A Note on Game Crashes

From what we can tell, most of the recent game crash reports we’ve received are correlated to the issues we’ve outlined above. As we improve our memory usage, CPU utilization, and overall game optimization, these types of crashes should decrease in frequency as well. >>

La Friend List su Magic Arena

Una delle feature più richieste per Arena verrà introdotta proprio con questo aggiornamento. Saremo finalmente in grado di aggiungere i nostri amici nella sudetta lista ma anche di bloccarli se necessario. Purtroppo non saremo in grado, invece, di scambiarci messaggi o condividere decklist nelle Sfide Dirette. Su questo punto il team di Arena è già a lavoro è, come ampiamente promesso, sarà una prossima feature che, si spera non troppo tardi, vedremo in game.

Friend List MTG Arena
Un primo sguardo alla schermata

Il Futuro Prossimo di Arena

Come di consueto il team di sviluppo chiarisce quelli che saranno i prossimi passi e i vari focus su cui avranno modo di lavorare. Tra i vari “goal” che si impegnano a raggiungere leggiamo di una maggiore cura per quanto riguarda i noti eventi esclusivi ma anche di un lavoro costante per quelle che saranno le aggiunte dei vecchi Set. Non solo, quindi, un lavoro dietro il nuovo formato historic ma anche per quanto riguarda il Pioneer. Specifichiamo che, da quanto scritto, non verrà aggiunto a breve ma, traducendo le parole presenti dal sito, si evince che il team di sviluppo di Magic Arena unito alla nota Ricerva e Sviluppo(qui abbiamo intervistato Gavin Verhey, Segnor Magic Designer) stia lavorando proprio su questo formato.

<< Il Pioneer è uno dei formati a cui stiamo lavorando, ma sarà un viaggio molto lungo prima di poter parlare di dettagli. Mentre ci dirigiamo verso quell’obiettivo, ci concentreremo sulla fornitura delle migliori esperienze di gioco che questi iconici set possono offrire. >>
Ecco tutti i dettagli dal sito ufficiale

MTG Arena Beyond Standard

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about what MTG Arena is ultimately meant to be as a game. To both help current conversations and lend context to the path ahead, we want to talk about our goals for MTG Arena and what this means for players as we begin to look beyond Standard.

MTG Arena is:

  • A gateway to Magic: We want MTG Arena to be the definitive way for new and old players alike to jump into Magic:The Gathering whenever they want.
  • Delving into Magic’s history: We plan to bring more of Magic’s history into MTG Arena through Historic and set remasters.
  • A curated experience: MTG Arena should provide easy onboarding, great matchmaking, and varied experiences each day, week, and set.
  • A digital frontier: MTG Arena is a new way to experiment with Magic and expand its possibilities, especially in the digital space.

We want MTG Arena to be a great place to learn Magic, play Magic with friends, and jump into a wide variety of Magic experiences. We also know MTG Arena needs to be more than just a place to play Standard. Finding digital fun that appeals to all our players is key to that.

Event Curation

At a high level, all this means is that MTG Arena will feel more like your local game store, running a variety of organized events throughout the week. MTG Arena is a lifestyle game, not just a sometimes activity for most of our players. It’s our responsibility to ensure that there are great new experiences every time you play, otherwise, things would quickly become stale.

We also completely understand the desire for more on-demand play so you can play formats other than what’s currently being offered. That’s why we are also continuing to expand Direct Challenge options and add additional social features beyond the friends list.

Remastered Sets

Later next year, we plan to begin adding “remastered” versions of older sets to Magic: The Gathering Arena. The MTG Arena team, in conjunction with Magic R&D, will be looking at multiple sets and condensing them into a single larger set that only includes the most relevant cards, and adding that to the game. This will allow us to focus on what made these sets fun and exciting for players while delivering on the content much more quickly.

This is a long-term commitment that will eventually lead to additional format support beyond Standard and Historic. Pioneer is one of the formats that we’re working towards, but it’ll be a longer journey before we can talk specifics. As we head towards that goal, we’ll be focusing on delivering the best play experiences that these iconic card sets can offer.


We want to leverage MTG Arena’s digital strengths to create a format that can adapt more quickly to what’s going on in-game. Historic is our first take on this, aimed at our more experienced players, and we want to seriously explore the idea of a living format that changes as it’s played.

This truly begins with the November game update when we’ll be adding 20 new cards to MTG Arena for Historic play. This will come alongside a Best-of-One Historic launch event and a Best-of-Three Ranked queue.

There is enough to cover with Historic that it warranted its own article, which you can find right here.

Experimental Events

We have always experimented with new types of events and formats, and we always will. Some have turned out to be very popular with players (Omniscient Draft, Standard Shake-Up), others, not so much (Double Life, Brewers Delight). We are going to keep those experiments going and finding more ways to have fun on MTG Arena.

A Digital Frontier

There’s understandable concern at the idea of doing new things with Magic. Luckily, we work closely with Magic R&D on finding the fun in whatever it is we do (check out the article here to see how our upcoming Historic work together developed). That partnership lets us remaster the past, build the best present possible, and experiment with what the future could be. While making Magic cards digital takes time, making sure they’re the right cards and finding even more fun ways to play with them is our mission with MTG Arena. We’re excited to explore this space with you all and see what we can add to MTG’s legacy.

There are a lot of details to discuss with the above, but we wanted to share with you our strategy and direction post-launch. We can’t wait to add to all that MTG Arena has to offer and continue to improve our curation of the game as a live experience. Your feedback is important to that process, and we look forward to the continued conversation.

Il Formato Historic

Durante la rotazione del formato Standard avvenuto a Settembre, è stato annunciato questo nuove formato che comprenderà tutti i blocchi ex Standard ormai usciti con l’arrivo della nuova espansione Trono di Eldraine. L’Historic verrà reso un formato competitivo a tutti gli effetti e verranno aggiunte 20 nuove carte provenienti da vecchi formati. Ecco i dettagli di questa “Marcia all’Historic”:

  • 20 new cards entering the format on November 21
  • New card drops planned every quarter
  • Ranked Historic Best-of-Three queue November 21–January 15
  • A Historic Best-of-Three tournament at the end of the Ranked season
  • Competitive, evergreen Historic events starting in January

A questo link vedremo tutte le 20 nuove carte che verranno aggiunte ad Arena e che saranno giocabili dal 21 Novembre.


MTG Arena – Historic e Friend List a Fine Novembre
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