Il Team Liquid perde la squadra di Dota 2: KuroKy fonderà una propria organizzazione

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KuroKy e compagni abbandonano l’organizzazione con cui hanno vinto un The International per iniziare una nuova avventura in una squadra tutta loro

Nella giornata di oggi, venerdì 13 settembre 2019, un tweet ha scosso il mondo di Dota 2 annunciando la notizia forse più inaspettata di tutte: Miracle-, w33, MinD_ContRoL, GH e KuroKy non vestiranno più la divisa del Team Liquid.

La storia nei Liquid di questi campioni è iniziata nell’ottobre del 2015 ed è culminata con la vittoria del TI7. In questo torneo hanno dimostrato di essere nettamente i migliori del mondo, riuscendo a vincere la finale, prima volta nella storia di Dota, con un secco tre a zero. Le stagioni successive alla loro consacrazione li hanno visti rimanere sempre tra i migliori e, dopo la sostituzione di Matumbaman con w33, ottenere un secondo posto al TI9.

Tuttavia tutti questi successi non sono sufficienti per KuroKy che ha in mente un obiettivo molto più ambizioso: fondare una propria organizzazione. Per questo motivo i cinque giocatori decidono di abbandonare il Team Liquid dopo quasi quattro anni.

Il CEO dell’organizzazione olandese Victor “Nazgul” Goossens non ha che parole di stima per KuroKy di cui ne ammira l’ambizione ma è consapevole che ci vorrà tempo per formare una nuova squadra per i Liquid altrettanto competitiva.

Nel comunicato pubblicato dall’organizzazione e appropriatamente intitolato “La fine di un’era” si può leggere tutta la sua riconoscenza nei confronti dei cinque campioni:

When Kuroky told me about their plans in the wake of TI9, I couldn’t help but think about my own journey from professional player to team owner. After four years under the Team Liquid organization, our Dota team has decided to pursue this new dream: To build a team of their own. While it fills me with great sadness to part ways with the best Dota roster we ever could have dreamed of, I am proud of the unforgettable years we have spent together, which include innumerable championships, records, and memories. That culminated in their crowning as the best Dota team in the world on August 12th 2017, and we built a legend in this historic 2.5 year span.

While parting with friends is always a sadness, I am genuinely happy our players and the new adventure they are about to take. It isn’t every day that world class players take the leap to become team owners. They deserve this more than anyone, and I am glad that we were able to share the road to greatness together. It is my hope that during their time on Team Liquid, that we have helped prepare them for the path they are embarking on.

Kuro, I know that the time ahead is by no means going to be easy, but if anyone can figure it out it is you. I’ve gotten to know you over the past years as someone who is willing to shoulder any burden to achieve his goals, and you do this with a sense of loyalty to those around you that is hard to find. It never mattered whether it was practice, coaching, drafting, game strategy, mental support, negotiation — you did it all. You are bar none the greatest leader I have seen and I am confident that this ability will take you to new heights as you embark on this journey.

Kuro, the incredible leader who will stop at nothing to achieve greatness,
Miracle, the maestro who lives and breathes Dota,
GH, the patron saint of positivity who’s always ready for the big moment,
w33ha, the difference-maker who stepped up when it mattered most,
Mind_Control, the constant who provided kindness, dedication, and skill in equal measure.
And of course, Matu, the fan-favorite who made even the hardest grinds worth enduring.

You have been absolute legends of the game and Team Liquid. Thank you for everything, and you’ll always be welcome to visit. I have the utmost respect for your decision and look forward to meeting you on the battlefield.

I’d like to extend special thanks to our manager Mohamed, and our coaches Heen and rmN, who have all played a major role in our teams’ success. You’ve all been a pleasure to work with.

I want to briefly also touch on our intention to remain in Dota. We first picked up a Dota team in 2012 and we are here to stay. It is hard to predict the future and it is by no means a given that we find the right fit immediately when we look for a roster, but I can definitely say that we love this game and want to be a part of it. We are on the lookout for individuals or teams who can continue the winning legacy that the five boys leave behind, and we will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Victor “Nazgul” Goossens

Anche KuroKy ha pubblicato un messaggio ai fan che hanno supportato la sua squadra.

Non si sa ancora nulla sulla futura organizzazione di KuroKy ma vi terremo informati non appena verranno rilasciate nuove informazioni.

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