Anche The Boys e DUNE nell’annuncio sul nuovo BATTLE PASS di MODERN WARFARE 3 e WARZONE

Anche The Boys e DUNE nell’annuncio sul nuovo BATTLE PASS di MODERN WARFARE 3 e WARZONE

Profilo di Stak

Speciale Battle Pass – Con l’avvicinarsi del rilascio della prima stagione di Warzone e dell’era Modern Warfare 3, si susseguono gli speciali e le anteprime ufficiali dedicate ai nuovi contenuti in arrivo.

In questo caso scopriamo quali sono tutte le novità riguardo al Battle Pass in arrivo in Battle Royale e sul multiplayer di Modern Warfare 3 a partire dalla giornata di domani, Mercoledì 6 Dicembre 2023. Come accaduto anche in passato, il nuovo battle pass sarà disponibile in versione doppia, ovvero quella base ed il BP “BlackCell” (ad un prezzo lievemente maggiorato).

Andiamo a vedere di cosa si tratta, rileggendo le note ufficiali (che contengono anche informazioni sui nuovi bundle di The Boys e DUNE, di cui parleremo in seguito in speciali dedicati) pubblicate solamente una manciata di minuti fa da Sledgehammer Games

Battle Pass Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone – Stagione 1 

The debut season for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III and Call of Duty®: Warzone™ is set to deliver some incredible new content across all three modes combined with a Battle Pass featuring new Elite Operator Skins, fiery Weapon Blueprints, and more.

Il trailer ufficiale del nuovo Battle Pass

The Season 1 Battle Pass features 100+ rewards, including three new free functional weapons and a new Aftermarket Part. Purchase the full Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points to access all the Season 1 Battle Pass content, or get BlackCell for additional rewards, Battle Token Tier Skips, and more.

Read on for intel covering the awesome new content you’ll find in this season’s Battle Pass, starting with BlackCell’s premium offering.

BlackCell Season 1

Kick off the inaugural season for Modern Warfare® III with the Season 1 premium BlackCell offering, featuring the following items and rewards:

The Battle Pass: Pick up BlackCell for full access to the Season 1 Battle Pass plus 20 Battle Token Tier Skips (25 on PlayStation®). The full Battle Pass includes up to 1,400 COD Points within 100 Tiers of unlockable content from Battle Pass progress.

BlackCell includes an exclusive BlackCell Sector within the Battle Pass AO serving as an alternative starting location. Once unlocked, the BlackCell Sector instantly grants you 1,100 COD Points, the new BlackCell Operator Abolisher, and the following:

The animated “Man O’ War” Haymaker Shotgun Weapon Blueprint featuring Blood Rose Tracers and the Blood Rose Petal Dismemberment Death Effect.

The “War Horse” Vehicle Skin for the new Coyote (shown above); and the “Flexed Upon” Operator Finishing Move.

This exclusive BlackCell Sector within the Battle Pass AO also serves as an alternative starting location.

Additional BlackCell-only Battle Pass content: 10 alternate animated BlackCell Operator Skins and 6 alternate Weapon Blueprints with Tracers.

Players who upgrade to BlackCell after purchasing the Battle Pass will also receive 1,100 COD Points back.

Modern Warfare III Vault Edition owners can activate their free BlackCell Battle Pass and unlock the entire content, as well as 50 Tier Skips.

Take Out the Competition with BlackCell’s Abolisher

Little is known about this mysterious BlackCell Operator, although if the glowing night vision goggles, black and gold armor, and overall menacing look are any indication, this is one Operator you don’t want to mess with.

Purchase the Battle Pass of Modern Warfare 3 to Unlock Makarov’s Right-Hand Man

Whether you purchase the BlackCell offering or the standard Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points, you will instantly unlock the Nolan Operator Skin as part of the Bonus Sector.

A key player in Makarov’s escape from the Zordaya Prison Complex, Andrei Nolan was designated as Makarov’s second in command after the unfortunate end to his predecessor. Nolan has Task Force 141 in his sights, and he’s ready to bring the fight to anyone who stands in his way.

The Bonus Sector also features the new Dokkaebi Operator. A skilled spy and robotics engineer, Dokkaebi is Konni Group’s eye in the sky, executing drone attacks for Nolan and Makarov. Also unlock the “Launch Control” Striker 9 SMG Weapon Blueprint; the “Hands Off the Merchandise” Operator Finishing Move; and a 10% Battle Pass boost.

BlackCell owners will also unlock an alternate animated black and gold Operator Skin for Nolan and Dokkaebi.

Additional Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass Skins

Access a variety of new tactical Operator Skins, all of which are paired with their own animated BlackCell alternate Skins.

“Foliage” Skins for Jet [Sector A2]

Battle Pass Skin: Gear up with a Mil-Sim look featuring full-body camo and a cape designed to match the color and texture of fallen leaves.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Trade the camo for a sleek all-black outfit featuring gold trimming, a hood and mask, and animated textures.

“Undaunted” Skins for Pathfinder [Sector A3]

Battle Pass Skin: Pathfinder enters the battle in gray, orange, and black tactical gear with striking cape and hood to match.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Don a more intimidating look with a black-and-gold-trimmed outfit featuring a pauldron with a golden skull emblazoned on the armor and a mean-looking gauntlet to match.


“Resonance” Skins for Enigma [Sector A5]

Battle Pass Skin: Wearing a full-face plate, body armor, and backpack alongside his tactical gear, Enigma is ready to engage enemies in the most intense combat scenarios.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Opt for greater mobility without sacrificing survivability wearing tactical gear complemented with black and gold armor in the form of gauntlets, a chest plate, a pauldron, and greaves.


“Speed Runner” Skins for Doc [Sector A8]

Battle Pass Skin: Doc enters battle with all-weather gear designed with orange and white highlights over gray tactical gear, plus a beanie and headphones for in-battle comms.

BlackCell Additional Skin: With this animated BlackCell Skin, Doc goes for total anonymity by wearing a full head covering alongside golden gloves and a gilded pauldron.

“Refuge” Skins for Scorch [Sector A11]

Battle Pass Skin: Prepare for the worst by deploying with full body gear paired with a state-of-the-art gas mask, rubber gloves, and plentiful equipment to handle any situation.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Scorch takes on a more mobile outfit featuring all-black tactical gear combined with black and gold armor with a hood and face mask for low-profile fighting.

“Sigma” Skins for BBQ [Sector A17]

Battle Pass Skin: Be the first to breach the enemy’s position with full body armor, a metal face mask, and jacket to survive even the coldest temperatures.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Become even more menacing with this BlackCell alternate skin featuring an all-black mask and a black ghillie suit supported by chest armor, a pauldron, and kneepads.

“Incite” Skins for Scorch [Sector A19]

Battle Pass Skin: Get loud with this Operator Skin that includes modern white armor and a helmet over camouflage.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Trade the white on camo look for a more sinister black and gold design with a hood, face mask, and cape.

New Free Functional Weapons

Unlock three new free functional weapons plus a new Aftermarket Part in Sectors A4, A7, A12, and A14.

XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle (Sector A4, HVT, Free)

Stalk your prey and lay them out with this tactical sniper rifle chambered in .50 Cal.

For one-hit eliminations, look no further. The XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle deals massive damage and is highly customizable to support multiple playstyles. Enhance the weapon’s velocity and stability and strike from the shadows or improve its handling capabilities to become a quick-scoping menace.

RAM-7 Assault Rifle (Sector A7, Free)

Exceptionally compact, this bullpup assault rifle sports a lightweight, polymer frame and is chambered in versatile 5.56.

When you need power and mobility, the RAM-7 is a sure bet. The weapon deals solid damage at close and medium range and in controlled bursts can compete from afar. Its lightweight frame results in a quick reload and fast handling so you can stay on the offensive.

Stormender Launcher (Sector A12, Free)

This state-of-the-art weapon system fires a localized EMP on a slight delay. Destroys tactical and lethal equipment and temporarily disables other electronic devices.

This brand-new weapon has the power to shoot down specific Killstreaks and take out drones with its lock-on capabilities. With unlimited recharging ammo and the ability to disable and delay enemy equipment, this weapon serves as a very real shock to the system, though damage to Operators is minimal.

JAK Purifier Aftermarket Part (Sector A14, Free)

Blast your enemies until well-done with this underbarrel flamethrower. What more needs to be said? Burn it all down. The JAK Purifier AMP is compatible with several weapons, including multiple Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, and the Riveter Shotgun.

New Weapon Blueprints, Vehicle Skins, Additional Content

The Season 1 Battle Pass features 20 Weapon Blueprints and a Vehicle Skin for the new offroad Coyote. In addition, expect a wide variety of impressive-looking Loading Screens, Emblems, Calling Cards, Decals, Charms, Finishing Moves, and Zombie Acquisitions (including Ammo Mods, Aether Tools, and Refined Aetherium Crystals)

Weapon Blueprints

Many of the impressive variety of Blueprints across the Battle Pass allow you to collect armaments in a number of different themes, depending on your stylistic preferences, and each comes with attachments you can inspect:

03 Yellow Barrel

Sector A10: “Ultra Hot” MTZ-762 Battle Rifle*

Sector A15: “Molten Mire” WSP-9 Submachine Gun

A rugged Weapon Blueprint with “03” insignia, tan and light brown with gray and orange chevron accents, and a black-to-bright yellow barrel as if heated from the exchange of heavy fire.


Sector A1: “Hot Caution” MCW Assault Rifle*

Sector A3: “Flammable Fury” KV Inhibitor Sniper Rifle

Sector A5: “Smoke Maker” TYR Handgun

Sector A12: “Carbonize” BAS-B Battle Rifle*

A glossy, deep gray coupled with vivid orange accents is a blueprint style that’s definitely here to bring the heat.

Charcoal/Molten Red

Sector A2: “Sundering Flame” AMR9 SMG

Sector A10: “Heat Stroke” Renetti Handgun

Sector A14: “Immolator” DM56 Marksman Rifle

Completion: “The Furnace” MTZ-556 Assault Rifle

These Weapon Blueprints look like they were just taken out of the forge with a molten animated texture that alternately spreads and recedes over the cracked black design.

M25Tek Industries

Instant Reward: “Launch Control” Striker 9 SMG

Sector A8: “Throw Caution” MTZ Interceptor Marksman Rifle

Sector A9: “Swift Death” Gutter Knife Melee

Sector A14: “Overt Systems” MCW Assault Rifle

Sector A18: “Tactical Engineering” KATT-AMR Sniper Rifle

Sector A18: “Heavy Machine” Holger 556 Assault Rifle*

Wrapped in a matt finish from M25Tek Industries with a main metallic gray finish and yellow, white, and red accents.

(* Denotes Camo with BlackCell Blueprint variant, detailed below)

Weapons with Additional BlackCell Blueprints

Throw modesty out the window with the black-and-gold-emblazoned alternate BlackCell Blueprints featuring Blood Rose Tracers and a Blood Rose Dismemberment Death Effect, available for six Weapon Blueprints within the Battle Pass, as shown below. Note that the regular Battle Pass Blueprints, and their BlackCell variants come with differing attachments, allowing for ultimate flexibility:

Hot Caution — MCW Assault Rifle (Sector A1, BlackCell Alternate Option)

Eliminate enemies with this modern black and orange Assault Rifle Blueprint that’s perfect for skirmishing in Tac-Stance, with its reload quickness plus improved aim walking speed and Tac-Stance spread. The BlackCell variant is undetectable by radar, has impressive firing aim stability, and excellent gun kick control.


Ultra Hot — MTZ-762 Battle Rifle (Sector A10, BlackCell Alternate Option)

This rugged Weapon Blueprint features improved recoil control, gun kick control, and a precision sight picture, and a bright yellow barrel. Choose this blueprint, or the BlackCell variant with exceptional recoil and gun kick control, as well as optimal bullet velocity and range, and , you’re bound to land some epic precision shots.


Carbonize — BAS-B Battle Rifle (Sector A12, BlackCell Alternate Option)

A sleek, two-tone design in black and orange, the Carbonize Weapon Blueprint focuses on firing aim stability, with excellent gun kick and recoil control for minimal recoil, while the BlackCell variant is a masterpiece incorporating intricate black and gold filigree, where firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil removal is king. Advance Lethality — XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle (Sector A16, BlackCell Alternate Option)

The best in modern design, this sleek nearly all black Weapon Blueprint is based on the new Season 1 Sniper Rifle, featuring 4.0x magnification plus improved aim down sight speed and a large seven-round magazine for extended operations before requiring a reload. The BlackCell variant brings a bipod mount to the party, and also incorporates excellent reduction in sway while idle aiming, as well as flinch resistance.


Heavy Machine — Holger 556 Assault Rifle (Sector A18, BlackCell Alternate Option)

Wrapped in an M25Tek Industries finish, recoil removal is king with this AR, with excellent control, increased bullet velocity and range, and a lack of gun kick to make your shots count. Bring out the BlackCell variant if you’re wanting the best in gun kick and recoil control, as well as impressive range and bullet velocity.


All ’Rounder — Assault Rifle (Sector A20, BlackCell Alternate Option)

Based on the new Season 1 Assault Rifle, the All ’Rounder offers a gray and black design complemented by improved aim down sight speed, aim walking speed, and sprint to fire speed. Move to BlackCell, and expect the same improvements, but a different set of attachments. With either versions of these highly mobile configurations, you’ll be flanking enemies with ease.


Firewalker — Vehicle (Sector A6)

Hop into a black and orange version of the new Coyote Vehicle arriving in Season 1. This new lightly armored offroad vehicle provides the perfect transportation within Urzikstan, including a mounted machine gun to eliminate oncoming threats.


Complete the Battle Pass for Completion Sector Tier 100 Rewards

Complete 100% of the map by conquering all Sectors to access the final Completion Sector, featuring 300 COD Points to spend toward your next Battle Pass or Store Bundle purchase, “The Furnace” animated Weapon Blueprint for the MTZ-556 AR, and the following Nolan skins:


“Scorcher” Skins for Nolan

Nolan prepares for his trial by fire with this Operator Skin, featuring animated flames over his hands, feet, and metallic skull mask. Combined with full-body armor and tactical gear, there’s no stopping the villain.

BlackCell Additional Skin: The flames burn even hotter in the BlackCell version of this Operator Skin, featuring red flames engulfing Nolan’s skull mask along with the signature BlackCell gold and smoke animated textures.


Store Highlights: Dune, Santa Gnaws, and More

Season 1 brings some incredible new Store Bundles with something for everyone, whether you’re spread holiday cheer and fear as Santa Gnaws, utilizing Bundles with Operator Ultra Skins or Weapon Mastercrafts, or choosing from a variety of other themed content.

What are Mastercraft Weapons and Ultra Operator Skins?

Mastercraft Weapons: Expect changes to the style and shape of the weapon compared to its base version, along with enhanced visual effects and possibly a unique weapon inspect.

Ultra Operator Skins: Expect an impressive reactive or special element to the skin.


Tracer Pack: Dune Part Two — Paul Atreides Operator Bundle (Dune 2)

Unleash vengeance on your enemies as the royal heir to the noble House Atreides. The “Paul Atreides” Operator Skin comes armed with two Weapon Blueprints featuring Spice Tracers: the “Fremen Fighter” Assault Rifle and the “Desert Maula” Handgun. Or get up close with the “Crysknife” Melee Weapon Blueprint, carved from the tooth of a sandworm. And when you catch your enemy unaware, eliminate them with the “Chip and Shatter” Finishing Move.

Show off your survival abilities in even the harshest of climates by equipping the “Wormrider” Calling Card, the “Muad’Dib” Weapon Charm, and “The Fighters” Emblem.


Tracer Pack: Dune Part Two – Feyd-Rautha Operator Bundle (Dune 2)

Deploy as the cruel, narcissistic Feyd-Rautha of House Harkonnen, a fierce enemy of the Atreides family and the greatest threat Paul Atreides could ever face. The “Feyd-Rautha” Operator Skin comes armed with two Tracer Weapon Blueprints, the “Harkonnen Terror” LMG and “The Face of Fear” SMG. In close quarters, prove your combat prowess using the “Feyd’s Blade” Melee Weapon Blueprint or sneak up from behind and eliminate them with the “Feyd’s Frenzy” Finishing Move.

Display your relentless pursuit of power with the animated “Champion of Cruelty” Calling Card, the “Harkonnen Glowglobe” Weapon Charm, and the animated “House Harkonnen” Emblem.


Tracer Pack: Santa Gnaws Ultra Skin

Ho ho — Ahhh! Dread the Halls with this twisted holiday special featuring the “Undead Santa” Operator Skin for Klaus equipped with the “Mad Red Menace” Assault Rifle Blueprint and the “Naughty List” SMG Weapon Blueprint, both featuring Horrifying Holiday Tracers. Turn Zombies into allies with three Brain Rot Ammo Mod Acquisitions.

Scare away all the bad kids with the “Santa’s Undead Army” Large Decal, the “Dead Cold” Weapon Charm, and the “Checking It Twice” Emblem. For some classic holiday cheer, equip the “Jolly Old Elf” Weapon Sticker.


New Weapon: Beach Boomin’

Ride the wave of victory with the animated “Get Glowing” Weapon Blueprint for the new XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle releasing alongside Season 1. Deploy in stylish scuba gear using the “Wetsuit” Operator Skin for Raptor and equip the “Neon Filament” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint for closer battles.

Further your neon vibes with the “Sunset Ride” Calling Card, “Snakebite” Large Decal, “Beach Raid” Loading Screen, and the “Neon Nine” Emblem.


Tracer Pack: Echo Endo Ecstatic Entropy Mastercraft

Feel the beat and go wild with the hard partying “Cyber Cat” Operator Skin for Jet, featuring topline cyber-tactical gear. This Bundle features three Weapon Blueprints with VwV Tracers and the Kawaii Endo Dismemberment Death Effect: the “Sweet Siren” SMG Weapon Blueprint, including the WSP Akimbo Brace Stock Aftermarket Part; the “Menace Beat” Assault Rifle Blueprint; and the “Sheer Lunacy” LMG Weapon Blueprint.

Keep the party going with the “Suns Out Tongues Out” Emblem, the “DJ Time” Calling Card, and the “Manik” Large Decal.


New Bundle: Painted Alebrije

Inspired by the folk art of Oaxaca, Mexico, the Painted Alebrije Bundle offers the vibrant “Alebrije” Operator Skin, featuring bright colors and a set of wings to help you fly your way to victory. Strike fear in your enemies with the “Unnatural Protector” Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprint and the “Razor Wing” Assault Rifle Blueprint based on the new Season 1 RAM-7.

Enter the mythical realm with further cosmetic items like the “Bright Buds” Calling Card, the “Wild Wolf” Large Decal, the “Mythical Guide” Loading Screen, and the “Happy Axolotl” Emblem.

Look for more Store Bundles launching with Season 1 such as the Tracer Pack: Horsemen: War Ultra Skin, Null and Void; Tracer Pack: Insert Coin Mastercraft; and more.


The Boys Arriving in the Mid-Season

The mid-season brings even more content to the Store, including the addition of two more characters from the TV series The Boys. Your favorite returning Supes from The Boys — Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir — are joined by newcomers A-Train and Firecracker!


Tracer Pack: The Boys — A-Train Operator Bundle

Deploy as the fastest man in the world with the “A-Train” Operator Skin from The Boys. Come to the fight prepared with two Weapon Blueprints featuring special Tracers, the “Turbochanged” Assault Rifle and the “Fast AF” SMG.

Show off your allegiance to The Seven with the “Here Comes the A-Train” Animated Calling Card, the “A-Train” Weapon Sticker, the “Turbo Rush Energy Drink” Weapon Charm, the “World’s Fastest Man” Animated Emblem, “The Boys A-Train” Loading Screen, and the “Fastest Man in the World” Finishing Move.


Tracer Pack: The Boys — Firecracker Operator Bundle

Join the battle as the new Supe in town with the “Firecracker” Operator Skin. This Bundle also features two Weapon Blueprints featuring special Tracers, the “Smoking Gun” Assault Rifle” and the “Fellow Patriot” LMG.

Prove your worth against the more established supes by displaying the “Truthbomb” Animated Calling Card, the “Firecracker” Weapon Sticker, the “Second Protects” Weapon Charm, the “Eagle Eyed” Animated Emblem, and the “Freedom of Speech” Finishing Move.


Upgrade to Modern Warfare III

Modern Warfare III celebrates the 20th anniversary of Call of Duty with one of the greatest collections of Multiplayer maps ever assembled, including modernized versions of all 16 launch maps from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 (2009), plus the introduction of an all-new open-world Zombies and a Campaign that finds Task Force 141 facing off against the ultimate threat in Vladimir Makarov.

Upgrade to the Vault Edition to unlock the Soap Operator Pack, the Nemesis Operator Pack, two Weapon Vaults, plus one season’s worth of BlackCell, which includes a Battle Pass, instant access to the BlackCell Sector (including an 1,100 CP bonus), extra Battle Token Tier Skips, and more.


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Anche per JGOD l’MTZ-556 è arma meta su Warzone: i loadout proposti dall’esperto

Anche per JGOD l’MTZ-556 è arma meta su Warzone: i loadout proposti dall’esperto

Profilo di Stak
22/02/2024 20:01 di Marco "Stak" Cresta

Speciale MTZ-556 – Con una nuova serie di bilanciamenti gli sviluppatori di Warzone potrebbero aver sensibilmente cambiato il meta long range del gioco.

In particolare, i devs hanno infatti applicato un poderoso potenziamento per l’MTZ-556, fucile d’assalto che ora dispone di molti più danni (al punto che il suo TTK è uguale a quello del fratello maggiore MTZ-762), e di un controllo veramente eccezionale.

Non si parla di arma “no recoil” come era accaduto di recente per il TAQ Evolvere, ma siamo comunque davanti ad una delle armi più facili da usare di Warzone.

Anche il celebre Jgod, seguendo le orme di questa mattina di TrueGameData, ha voluto lodare questa rinnovatissima arma, presentandola come una delle nuove potenziali “armi meta” dell’era attuale in Ritorno. L’unico “appunto” che ha voluto precisare Jgod è che quest’arma è più consigliabile da utilizzare sulle piccole mappe come Vondel o Fortune’s Keep.

Loadout consigliato da JGOD per MTZ-556 di Warzone + Alternativa

Andiamo a vedere di seguito le migliori versioni proposte da Jgod (con e senza ottica), allegando anche la seconda versione che speriamo possa fungere da utile “alternativa.

armi long range warzone MTZ-556 “no mirino” di Jgod
armi long range warzone MTZ-556 “muzzle” di Jgod

Cosa ne pensate di queste versioni community? Quale proverete durante la vostra prossima sessione di gioco? Fatecelo sapere nei commenti: la discussione, come sempre, è aperta!

Nuovi bilanciamenti per le armi di Warzone: potenziati danni e controllo del rinculo per l’MTZ 556

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook – Instagram)

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Modifiche anche alle ranked Ritorno di Warzone, Aydan “senza più TAPS come faremo a fare punti?”

Modifiche anche alle ranked Ritorno di Warzone, Aydan “senza più TAPS come faremo a fare punti?”

Profilo di Stak
22/02/2024 19:45 di Marco "Stak" Cresta

Speciale Ranked – Con la nuova patch pubblicata nel corso della serata di ieri, gli sviluppatori di Warzone hanno introdotto alcune interessanti novità che riguardano le classificate Ritorno di Fortune’s Keep.

Prima di tutto, i devs hanno “abolito” la meccanica del TAPS, grazie alla quale i giocatori potevano farmare punti in classificata semplicemente colpendo un giocatore già abbattuto da un compagno di squadra.

Il celebre Aydan ha ringraziato i devs per l’intervento, anche se si è chiesto come faranno ora i super pro a fare punti visto che senza il TAPS il numero di punti accumulabili crollerà sensibilmente.

Oltre al TAPS, gli sviluppatori hanno anche ridotto da 8 a 5 il numero totale di Droni di Rischieramento presenti nella mappa, hanno eliminato le “zanzare” dalle ranked ed hanno sensibilmente diminuito il numero di “counter UAV” presenti nella mappa.

Il post di Aydan sulla rimozione del TAPS dalle ranked di Warzone

Ecco tutti i dettagli:

Gameplay Adjustments

  • Redeploy Drones
    • The total number of Redeploy Drones have been reduced from eight to five.
  • Killstreaks
    • Players will now encounter less CUAVs in loot.
  • Warzone Ranked Play: Resurgence Restrictions
    • Killstreaks
      • Mosquito Drones

SR (Skill Rating)

  • Kill & Assist SR
    • Only the following players will receive Kill & Assist credit when a player is eliminated:
      • The player who downed the eliminated player.
      • Players who damaged the eliminated player shortly before they were downed.
    • Players who didn’t damage the eliminated player shortly before they were downed will instead earn Squadmate Kill SR when their teammates down and eliminate an enemy.

This change is being made to ensure the competitive integrity of Kill & Assist SR by removing the ability for players to “tap” downed enemies to overinflate their SR gains.

This change will also help streamline gameplay by preventing disruptions rooted in prolonging eliminations to “tap”.

With these changes and our increase to Squadmate Kill SR in Season 2, gameplay should feel just as rewarding and much smoother.

  • Squadmate Kill SR
    • Players will now earn Squadmate Kill SR regardless if they are dead or alive.


  • Addressed an issue where players were incorrectly shown a penalty screen when disconnecting from matches.
    • Players that disconnect from matches forfeit their SR Entry Fee and should not expect additional SR penalties.

Cosa ne pensate di tutte queste modifiche community? Siete d’accordo con la rimozione del TAPS o come giustamente fatto notare da Aydan questo potrebbe “scompensare” il numero di punti ottenibili in ranked?

La discussione, come sempre, è aperta!

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook – Instagram)

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Nuovi bilanciamenti per le armi di Warzone: potenziati danni e controllo del rinculo per l’MTZ 556

Nuovi bilanciamenti per le armi di Warzone: potenziati danni e controllo del rinculo per l’MTZ 556

Profilo di Stak
22/02/2024 12:05 di Marco "Stak" Cresta

Speciale Loadout MTZ-556 & Patch – Con una nuova patch pubblicata nel corso della serata di ieri, i devs di Warzone hanno deciso di introdurre dei nuovi bilanciamenti per alcune armi del gioco.

Finiscono sotto la lente d’ingrandimento del team di bilanciamento il fucile d’assalto MTZ-556, e poi anche la pistola TYR, lo shotgun Haymaker ed il fucile da cecchino Longbow.

Iniziando proprio dal primo, si segnala un ottimo buff (potenziamento) per l’MTZ, che vede aumentare il suo controllo del rinculo, la sua stabilità, ed anche i suoi danni.

Di contro si segnalano alcuni indebolimenti per le altre, ad iniziare dal Haymaker e dal suo JAK Maglift Kit, per il quale si segnala un nerf ai danni. Andiamo a vedere tutti i dettagli degli aggiornamenti nello schema riassuntivo qui di seguito…

Le armi potenziate/indebolite con la nuova patch di Warzone

  • Armi potenziate: MTZ-556 (diminuito il rinculo ed aumentato il controllo in fase di fuoco prolungata; aumentati i danni a distanza massima, cosi come quelli a distanza media e minima); TYR (diminuita la penalità nella velocità di movimento)
  • Armi indebolite: Haymaker (lieve nerf ai danni); Longbow (lieve nerf alla velocità aim down sight)

MTZ-556 nuova arma di vertice per il meta long range di Warzone? 

Potrebbe quindi essere il momento ideale per provare il rinnovato MTZ-556, oggi sorprendentemente facile da usare e dotato di un TTK assolutamente di vertice.

Nel caso foste interessati a provare sin da subito questa nuova arma, ecco alcune versioni consigliate che potrebbero garantirvi delle partite ad un altissimo livello di ottani:

armi long range warzone MTZ 556 “Best Loadout” di TrueGameData
armi long range warzone MTZ-556 – Top Loadout di RaidAway
armi long range warzone MTZ-556 – Top Loadout di TheKoreanSavage

Cosa ne pensate di questi loadout community? Quale proverete durante la vostra prossima sessione di gioco su Warzone? Fatecelo sapere nei commenti… La discussione, come sempre, è aperta!

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook – Instagram)

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