League of Legends is too TOXIC and people are afraid to tell they play it

League of Legends is too TOXIC and people are afraid to tell they play it

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In the world of gaming, League of Legends players are grappling with a dilemma: the reluctance to openly share their love for the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Despite gaming’s growing acceptance, the game continues to face heavy criticism and judgment within certain communities, leaving players hesitant to disclose their affiliation.

Over time, gaming has shed its previous label as a niche activity enjoyed only by “nerds” and has become more mainstream. However, the negative stigma associated with specific games persists, and League of Legends finds itself at the center of this controversy.

Players are afraid of being judged for their involvement in the game and subsequently choose to keep their enjoyment concealed. A recent discussion on the League subreddit titled “Are people who play games scared to say that they play league” shed light on this issue. The thread, initiated by a Reddit user who genuinely enjoys the game, highlighted concerns surrounding the game’s reputation for toxicity.

Exploring the Fear and Hesitation Surrounding Open Discussion of League of Legends

The original post shared on Reddit, expressed player’s hesitance to reveal their League of Legends “addiction”, despite their genuine enjoyment of the game. Numerous other participants echoed these sentiments, admitting that they too avoid discussing League of Legends even in conversations related to gaming.

Some users drew a comparison between divulging their League of Legends affiliation and disclosing personal or taboo interests, suggesting that they shy away from bringing it up in polite conversation. On the other hand, there were players who dismissed this fear, asserting that the game is merely a video game like any other, and there should be no shame in openly acknowledging their involvement.

While opinions on this matter differ, it is worth noting that the game continues to thrive as one of the best free games available, regularly introducing new content to keep players engaged. Despite the stigma attached to it, the game’s dedicated player base remains committed, underscoring its enduring popularity and ongoing updates.

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COD NEXT: Incoming Changes to Warzone (Including a New Map) Announced

COD NEXT: Incoming Changes to Warzone (Including a New Map) Announced

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06/10/2023 11:07 di Amin "Gosoap" Bey El Hadj

Warzone, the third and final protagonist of the COD NEXT livestreamed from Los Angeles, has finally revealed everything coming up in the new journey that will start with the arrival of Modern Warfare 3.

For Battle Royale (BR) enthusiasts, there are plenty of exciting updates in the pipeline, starting with the fact that the entire movement department will be identical to that of Modern Warfare 3. This means we can expect faster movement, the return of mechanics like slide canceling, and the ability to aim much more quickly.

Once the game is available and integrated with MW3, we’ll have access to the Urzikstan map, as well as Ashika Island and Vondel.


As for game modes, at launch, we will have BR, Resurgence, and Plunder. Speaking of gameplay updates, besides everything else, we know that in the upcoming Warzone:

  • The Ghost perk will only work while we are moving.
  • STIMs will speed up our movement – Video
  • Red dots will return to the minimap.
  • Ammunition will be separated in the backpack.
  • Gas masks will be equipped manually.
  • Everyone will have a pistol as a third weapon for shooting underwater.
  • Tear gas grenades can be “countered” by gas masks.
  • Three new perks have been added. The first allows us to throw a smoke grenade when we are down; the second provides greater movement speed and less damage from gas; the third increases our movement speed after taking damage.
  • In Urzikstan, there will be a newly designed train that will be physically driven (and change speed) based on player decisions.
  • The return of the Countdown map in the new Urzikstan has been confirmed.
  • The new Gulag will be a very basic 3-lane map – Video
  • New user interface – Video

Preview of Urzikst

Where to Watch the Livestream?

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Activision: “We Have Plans Ready for Call of Duty Until 2027”

Activision: “We Have Plans Ready for Call of Duty Until 2027”

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04/10/2023 14:23 di Amin "Gosoap" Bey El Hadj

In a recent interview published on Venture Beat, Rob Kostich, the President of Activision, provided a sneak peek into the future of the popular Call of Duty franchise.

With the imminent release of Modern Warfare 3 on November 10th and numerous leaks confirming a substantial “reboot” of the Black Ops series next year, it’s evident that Call of Duty is gearing up for another exciting phase.

This article delves into Activision’s long-term plans for Call of Duty, with a clear path laid out until 2027.

Call of Duty’s Roadmap Until 2027

Just as the past two years saw the release of Modern Warfare titles, the upcoming year will mark the beginning of a new cycle that is expected to keep fans engaged at least until 2026. While there is no official information regarding what comes after that, it’s reassuring to know that developers already have a well-defined roadmap.

Rob Kostich himself confirmed that the developers have plans in place at least until 2027. This implies that in roughly four years, we can anticipate the launch of a “third cycle” once the Black Ops cycle concludes. With such long-term planning, Activision demonstrates its commitment to sustaining the franchise’s success.

A New Cycle Begins for Call of Duty

Kostich also shed light on the staggering number of developers working under the publisher’s umbrella. Approximately 3,000 developers contribute to the Call of Duty titles, underlining the immense scale of the franchise. This level of investment translates to an annual cost of at least $150-200 million for Activision, solely for development.

Looking ahead, Kostich expressed a commitment to further align with the interests of the community, leveraging the wealth of experience gained over the years. As fans eagerly anticipate the next title, there is hope that these aspirations will materialize into exciting gameplay enhancements and features.

With Activision’s clear vision and long-term plans, the Call of Duty franchise appears poised for continued success well into the future. Fans can expect thrilling gaming experiences, as the publisher continues to invest heavily in development and community engagement. As we eagerly await the next title, it’s apparent that Call of Duty will remain a dominant force in the gaming industry for years to come.

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Zuckerberg vs Musk: Epic FIGHT in ITALY set to ignite Rome’s Colosseum

Zuckerberg vs Musk: Epic FIGHT in ITALY set to ignite Rome’s Colosseum

Profilo di Gosoap
11/08/2023 18:00 di Amin "Gosoap" Bey El Hadj

Italy – In the realm of technological advancements and thriving enterprises, two luminaries stand out: Mark Zuckerberg, the creative mastermind behind Facebook’s social media empire, and Elon Musk, the visionary guiding forces like Tesla and SpaceX.

A potentially legendary event is on the horizon as these extraordinary minds prepare to engage in an epic clash, set against the backdrop of the iconic city of Rome. This is more than just a physical showdown; it’s a collision of distinct ideas, perspectives, and personalities.

The notion of a ring battle between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk might appear unusual, but both of these trailblazers have demonstrated a penchant for embracing unconventional challenges throughout their journeys. These tech giants have constructed vast empires that have deeply impacted society, each leaving an indelible mark.

Zuckerberg transformed communication and online connectivity through Facebook, while Musk has expanded the boundaries of innovation with ventures spanning from electric mobility to interstellar exploration.

Musk vs Zuckerberg in Italy, in Rome’s Colosseum

Confirmation of the event, though the precise date remains elusive, emerged through a tweet from Elon Musk himself, declaring:

“The match will be orchestrated by our respective organizations, not the UFC. The event will be livestreamed on Twitter and Meta. Everything within the frame will echo the essence of Ancient Rome, devoid of modern elements. I’ve engaged with the Italian Prime Minister and the Ministry of Culture.”

“They’ve concurred on an awe-inspiring location. Every detail will pay homage to Italy’s past and present – all proceeds will contribute to supporting veterans.”

In the wake of this announcement, the community erupted in speculation, eagerly contemplating conceivable venues that match Musk’s intriguing description. The foremost contender is undoubtedly the Colosseum, a monument that uniquely encapsulates the spirit of Ancient Rome and its storied gladiatorial contests.

Another viable contender might be the Arena di Verona, a historic arena that has hosted diverse events over the years, including grand concerts. While a physical bout between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk may not epitomize the zenith of athleticism, this event casts light on captivating inquiries surrounding the roles of leaders in innovation and society.

One certainty prevails: the challenges, concepts, and feats of both pioneers will sustainably inspire and shape our world for years to come. In the interim, we can revel in a bare-knuckled confrontation reminiscent of bygone eras, all the while upholding the principles of fair play.

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