Ecco le Patch Notes COMPLETE della Stagione 10 di Apex!

Ecco le Patch Notes COMPLETE della Stagione 10 di Apex!

Profilo di Gosoap

Eccoci finalmente giunti alla vigilia della Stagione 10 di Apex Legends, coronata in maniera eccelsa dalla condivisione con la community, da parte di Respawn, delle patch notes complete, che provvederemo ad aggiornare in italiano non appena verranno rese disponibili.

Tra i leak e le anticipazioni che si sono susseguite nel corso delle passate settimane c’era effettivamente poco da rimanere sorprresi riguardo questa stagione 10, che oltre all’arrivo di Seer vede anche confermate le anticipazioni sulla nuova LMG Rampage e sul chiacchieratissimo rework a World’s Edge.

Senza ulteriori indugi lasciamo subito la parola agli sviluppatori dello studio di Apex Legends, che sapranno senz’ombra di dubbio superare come al solito le aspettative, almeno dal punto di vista dei contenuti.


With microdrones and an artist’s eye, Seer spots opportunities that other Legends might miss and seizes them in the most beautiful way he can. Check out his kit in action below.

Passive – Heart Seeker
Visualize and hear the heartbeats of nearby enemies when aiming down sights to get a clue to their location. Seer is able to “ADS” even while not holding a weapon.

Tactical – Focus of Attention
Summon microdrones to emit a focused, delayed blast that goes through walls, revealing enemies (and their health bars!), plus interrupting their actions.

Ultimate – Exhibit
Create a sphere of microdrones that reveal the footsteps of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within.

Class Passive: Recon
Scanning survey beacons reveals the next circle’s location.


After months of aggressive mining by the Harvester on World’s Edge, the land is overmined, overburdened, and pushed to its limit. The earth has fractured and erupted as nature is reclaiming what’s hers. Hammond is scrambling to contain the damage they’ve caused using weather-controlling machines: the Climatizer rapidly cools the surrounding area to subzero temperatures, and a Lava Siphon stabilizes the caldera. Fight for control of the always-moving gondolas in Climatizer and Lava Siphon, traverse the bubbling hot lava with caution, and show everyone what Legends are made of!

Read more on the map changes in this blog post.


Rampart’s latest creation, the Rampage LMG, blasts onto the scene and has absolutely no chill. This high-powered heavy ammo LMG takes its time but packs one hell of a punch. The Rampage excels at mid-range combat but struggles up close with a slower fire rate. Not one for just accepting weakness, Rampart managed to modify the Rampage’s internal combustion mechanism with, what else? Thermite! Loading a thermite grenade into the Rampage’s special chamber overclocks the fire rate and lets Legends go on a, well… rampage!


With the launch of the Emergence update, we’re introducing Ranked Arenas! You begin your journey through Ranked Arenas in 10 placement matches where your performance will determine your initial Match Marking Rank (MMR) and your starting rank. MMR variance is wider initially, so your first 10 matches might be stomp-or-get-stomped until your MMR defines your placement.

Arenas is a head-to-head fight between two teams of three, so awarding Ranked Arenas Points is more cut-and-dry than in the 20 team Battle Royale. This means there is no entry cost and no AP for kills. Everything comes down to getting the win. 

That’s just the high level of how ranked arenas work. To learn more details on how Ranked Arenas will work check out our blog here.


  • Added a new badge: Win Streak. Can you get 2, 3, 4, or 5 wins in a row?
  • Added a “Hold On” response to enemy pings.
  • Added distinct sound effects to the Gold Backpack’s revive. VFX were added in the Chaos Theory update. This gives additional feedback when players are close to but not in line-of-sight of revives.
  • Updated the Heirloom store to give players a better view of all the items related to that item.
  • Updated Open Pack Button to show how many packs of each type are available to open. Highlighting the button shows a complete breakdown.



  • Enemies caught inside the ring of fire from Fuse’s Motherlode ultimate are now revealed to Fuse’s team.
  • Knuckle Cluster Tactical explosion duration increased by 100%.
  • Grenadier Passive can be toggled on and off to throw ordnance normally.

Dev Note: Fuse continues to struggle. We identified two opportunities to help him that weren’t just “give him more damage.” We believe Apex is a gun game first and foremost and therefore want to make sure we don’t put too much damage into character abilities.

The first opportunity we identified was his tactical. While meant as a persistent area denial tool, it currently does not last long enough to seriously inconvenience an enemy. We doubled the duration so you can now place one at a door and be reasonably sure no one’s coming through that door for a little while. While we doubled the duration, the damage per second remains the same. Please don’t stand in the fire.

Secondly, his ultimate often didn’t give his team an advantage; sure, you may catch enemies within it, but the flames made it impossible for you to step inside, and you couldn’t see the enemies you trapped either because the flames were in the way. We explored a few ways to deal with this but ended up going for the most straight-forward answer: you get enemy outlines as long as they stay inside the ring of fire.


  • Reduced the slow after the initial Black Hole pull.
  • Bumped Horizon gravity lift-up speed to a happy medium between 9.1 and Legacy update launch values. 

Dev note: There’s no doubt the nerfs Horizon received with Legacy were necessary, but given the benefit of time and hindsight we decided we probably hit the speed of her tactical too hard. Instead of completely reverting that part of the nerf, we found a happy medium between how fast her gravity lift operated at release and how slow it was after the nerf. This one’s hard to communicate with numbers, so just give her a try and tell us what you think.


  • There’s now a visual and audio cue when Death Totem protection is about to end which can be seen/heard by other players.
  • Added a brief slow after being recalled to Death Totem.


  • Gas damage starts at 5, increases by 1 every other tick indefinitely.
  • Cooldown on Tactical has been reduced 25s -> 20s.
  • Ultimate cooldown has been reduced 3.5m -> 3m. Duration reduced from 20s -> 15s.

Dev note:

Caustic is a dangerous character to buff. Push him a little too far, and he quickly takes over the meta. Constantly fighting through gas is no fun, so we definitely want to avoid him becoming dominant once more. That said, we’re now convinced the nerf that dropped his gas damage to a flat 5 damage went too far. When you can sit in gas and take a syringe or two and be fine, gas is not a scary enough deterrent. So we switched back to a scaling model. This time we decided to let the damage scale a little more slowly. Instead of going up by one every tick, we’re increasing it by one every other tick. Damage is uncapped at the top here, but really that’s very theoretical. Enemies will generally be dead around the time the gas reaches 11 damage per tick (unless you’ve been healing). The desired effect here is to make enemies feel a great urgency to leave the gas as soon as possible.

At the same time, we wanted to be mindful specifically of Caustic’s impact in late game circles at the highest level. Even with Ring 6 now slowly closing over 100 seconds, we were worried about the effect that a single Caustic ult could have in the late game. We reduced its duration by 5 seconds. The ult represents Caustic’s highest moment of power; his enemies have no way of countering it. 15 seconds is still a meaningful amount of time (and with the damage changes, 15s is long enough to kill someone) but it should hopefully make fighting a Caustic in the end game slightly less frustrating.



This season the Prowler returns to floor loot and taking its place is the M600 Spitfire. In addition to the Spitfire this season another weapon will be joining the supply drop: the Alternator SMG. See how each weapon changes down below.


  • Boosted Loader – Reloading near empty (but not at 0) increases reload speed and overloads the next magazine with extra rounds. This hop up will be equipable to the Hemlok Burst AR and the Wingman.
  • To make room, the Anvil Receiver and Quickdraw Holster are being vaulted for now.


  • Added: Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE-45, Flatline, and Charge Rifle
  • Removed: Wingman, Bocek, R99, Hemlock, and Sentinel


  • Reload speed increase associated with magazines has been moved to the equivalent stock rarity tier.

Dev Note

Magazines are the most potent source of lootable power for most weapons and that largely comes in the form of ammo capacity. In addition to capacity, they were also offering increased reload speed. We’ve moved the reload speed buff to stocks to help increase the value of stocks and spread out our meaningful modifiers across our attachments.


  • All stocks now offer increased reload speed (instead of magazines)
  • Marksman Weapons (30-30 Repeater, G7 Scout, Triple-Take) now take Sniper Stocks instead of Tactical Stocks
  • Sniper Stocks on Marksman weapons will offer increased stability and sway reduction with slightly reduced handling bonuses (from tactical stocks)

Dev Note

Sniper stocks are an often lonely attachment left sitting on the floor waiting for a crackshot legend to come along and give them some love. Instead of reducing the spawn rates to try and clean up the loot pool we’re putting them on Marksman Rifles to make them more desirable.


  • Now takes Energy Magazines—Mags on the L-STAR work differently than other weapons because of its unique interaction with ammo. Instead they will allow the L-STAR to fire more shots before it overheats and allow it to cool-off its heat build up slightly faster.
  • Now take Barrels for recoil reduction
  • Projectile VFX scale reduced by roughly half
  • First-Person on-hit impact effect intensity reduced 
  • Hipfire spread increased

Dev Note

The L-STAR has undergone a few changes in Emergence. We’ve attempted to improve the looting experience and extend the L-STAR’s power into the later phases of the game. In addition to these attachment additions the L-STAR is also seeing some VFX changes for combat readability.


  • Reduced the headshot multiplier for all LMGs from 2.0 to 1.75
  • Increased the limbshot multiplier for all LMGs from 0.75 to 0.85

Dev Note

LMG spray-and-pray was feeling a little too oppressive when random headshots chunked with a 2.0 damage modifier. We’re shaving off some of that headshot firepower but adding a little back in by bringing up their limb damage. Unloading massive LMG mags to suppress your enemies should still be a valid tactic, we’re just reigning in the peaks and valleys to make it feel a bit more consistent.


  • Reduced handling time for all pistols by ~10%
  • Raise, Holster, Zoom In/Out time

Dev Note

With the removal of the Quickdraw Holster and reload speed moving from mags to stocks Pistols took a bit of a hit. We’re increasing their base handling but will keep an eye on their performance as we get into Emergence.


  • Time Between Burst increased from 0.2 to .24 

Dev Note

The Prowler returns to the floor without its trusty side-kick the Select Fire hop up. But don’t sleep on it, it’s still a beast.


  • Damage increased from 18 to 19
  • Hip Fire Spread back to season 8 pre-nerf values 
  • Purple Mag Size increased from 50 to 55 

Dev Note

We’ve all woken up with a cold sweat in the middle of the night from a nightmare where Rampart with two gold mag spittys chases you on the World’s Edge train tracks laughing maniacally as she shoots for eternity, right?  … right? Well for those of us that have, we’ll be able to sleep soundly for a while. The Spitfire takes its rightful place as a Supply Drop weapon this season. We’ve hit it a few times in recent patches and we still want it to be a desirable Supply Drop weapon so we’re walking back those nerfs while making it much harder to access.


  • Reintroducing the Disruptor Rounds which come equipped on a Supply Drop Alternator
  • Disruptor Rounds – Increase shield damage by 40%
  • Disruptor Rounds can ONLY be found on Alternators from the Supply Drop

Dev Note

The Alternator joins the Spitfire in the Supply Drop with its old friend the Disruptor Rounds. The shield damage has come down since we last saw Disruptors in Season 2, but it’s still a shield shredding monster. Pack an extra bat.


  • Reload speed from stocks is increased.

Dev Note

The 30-30 can slap, but when it’s not slapping it’s probably reloading. We’re buffing the 30-30’s bonus to reload speed from stocks to help alleviate one of the sharper pain points when running this heavy rifle.


  • Significantly reduced bolt fire-rate scaling for each rarity tier
  • Base fire-rate remains unchanged

Dev Note

The EVA-8’s speed makes it a forgiving and formidable shotgun to run. It’s pulled ahead of the pack and has been seen as the clear choice for many leaving the Peacekeeper, Mastiff, and Mozambique in the dust. This change should help even the playing field between the shotguns.


Care package changes apply to arenas: the Prowler and Rampage replace the Alternator and Spitfire in the Arenas shop.


Base: 450

Lvl 1: 200

Lvl 2: 300

Lvl 3: 400


Base: 500

Lvl 1: 200

Lvl 2: 300

Lvl 3: 350



  • Lvl 1: 100 -> 150
  • Lvl 2: 200 -> 250
  • Lvl 3: 300 -> 350

30-30 Repeater

  • Lvl 1: 200 -> 150

Bocek Bow

  • Base: 600 -> 500

Charge Rifle

  • Base: 700 -> 600
  • Lvl 1: 250 -> 200
  • Lvl 2: 300 -> 200
  • Lvl 3: 400 -> 450


  • Base: 300 -> 350


  • Base: 400 -> 350


  • Base: 500 -> 350


  • Knuckle Cluster: 75 -> 100


  • Horizon’s Gravity Lift starting charges reduced from 2 to 1
  • Mirage’s Psyche Out starting charges reduced from 3 to 2
  • Bloodhound’s free scans while in Beast of the Hunt reduced from 3 to 2



  • Fixed an issue where Bloodhound’s tactical failed to highlight the enemy for the Bloodhound player while they used an emote.
  • Enemy Legends now remain visible when performing Bloodhound’s “Tracking” Standing Emote at a higher elevation.
  • Trident and Dropship audio should no longer be significantly dampened when Bloodhound is using their Ultimate.


  • Corrected an audio issue with Gibraltars Dome Shield failing to make sound.
  • The “Gentle Giant” skin will no longer obstruct the player’s view when aiming down sight with the 1x Holo Sight attached.
  • Fixed some instances where the Dome Shield would disappear on placement and not get refunded to the player.


  • Fixed cases where Lifeline’s VO still says “I’ve got you. Shields up” even when she no longer has a shield.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from using Lifeline’s Care Package in Training Mode.


  • Pathfinder’s Grapple no longer stays connected when he’s killed while under Revenant’s Death Protection.
  • Updated Pathfinder “Copper Core” legs so they now match in first-person view.
  • Fixed an issue where Pathfinder’s Grapple cooldown audio cue replayed rapidly after deploying tactical in gameplay.


  • Wraith should no longer be crushed by closing doors while her tactical is active.
  • Wraith can no longer use her ultimate while attached to Valkyrie’s ultimate.
  • Fixed a rare bug which allowed downed players to jump/bunny-hop after entering a Wraith Portal that was placed by a crouching Wraith.


  • Fixed an issue causing Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher to disappear when moving away from other players with certain Legendary skins equipped.


  • Solved a bug preventing Caustic barrels from making planting audio when they land in water.
  • Caustic barrels tossed just before death should no longer disappear.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the Caustic Heirloom pose has a model that disappears after the pose finishes playing during the previewer.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Caustic Barrels to be pushed into players, crushing them.
  • Fuse’s Ultimate “Motherlode” is no longer destroyed if it interacts with Caustic gas.
  • Wattson’s ult will no longer shoot down friendly Caustic barrels and ults.
  • Players should no longer get a server error when attempting to purchase Caustic’s heirloom using Heirloom Shards from the “Heirloom” tab.


  • Addressed an issue where Mirage’s invisible revive wouldn’t fully cloak teammates when certain skins were being worn.


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to wedge an Octane jump pad between a supply bin to make the Trident faster.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Octane’s goggles moved independently after using his tactical.


  • Removed the beam of light that shoots into the sky every time Wattson places down her fence.


  • Fixed the choppy preview video for Crypto’s “Drone Scan” in the “Finishers” tab.
  • Arenas: Fixed a bug where Crypto’s Drone could be deployed and recalled infinite times when the user had only one charge available.
  • Switch Only: Fixed a visual bug where Crypto’s position indicator while in his drone flickered near the top and left edge of the screen.
  • Switch Only: The UI for Crypto’s tactical charges should no longer overlap with the recharging UI when his drone is destroyed in Arenas.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Drone from being able to detect enemies using Trident.


  • Fixed a visual bug when the Heirloom appears to be floating in third-person when looking up and down inside the Gravity Lift.
  • Placing a Death Totem too close to the edge of the map should no longer teleport players off the map when returning to the totem.
  • Emote fix: Added the missing Silence Orb to Revenant’s “Suffering Silence” emote.
  • Fixed some exploitable hiding spots reachable in Rift using Revenant.
  • Fixed some cases when Revenant didn’t have horizontal movement animations when holding the heirloom.


  • Lots of fixes across all maps to address issues with exploits, hiding spots, and inconsistencies with using Loba’s tactical.
  • UI Fix: The ammo Count in Loba’s Black Market should now display correctly.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed Rampart’s turret to be placed on Geyser.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to run faster after stowing a fully charged, chargeable weapon—this bug also caused the charged indicator in the UI to go away.
  • Fixed an issue where Rampart’s wall would get stuck in an animation loop when hit by Caustic gas.


  • Addressed some cases where Blackhole/NEWT wouldn’t appear when using Horizon’s Ultimate.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s weapon appears horizontally on the back while using a survey beacon.
  • Fixed some cases causing Horizon Ultimate ability to be cancelled out when placed near a supply bin if the bin was opened during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Trident’s momentum and friction constraints to be modified by interacting with Horizon’s abilities.
  • Addressed some cases where Horizon’s Ultimate ability active state persists after being destroyed.


  • Addressed some cases where players could lose some functionalities after dropping with Fuse.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused part of Fuse’s body to pop up on the screen when toggling throw power after swapping grenades.


  • Made a small change to address feedback that Valkyrie’s UI feels noisy when she first drops from the dropship.

  • Fixed an edge case causing passengers on Valkyrie’s ult with bad ping to be reverted back to the ground in an unusual position.

  • The Ultimate/Skydive Special UI and targeting will now update with colourblind settings

  • Teammates should no longer be able to float around while being tethered to Valkyrie’s Ult by breaking the explosive hold.

  • Fixed an issue where Valkyrie could be pushed into unintended areas by the Trident when using her ultimate ability.

  • Addressed some cases where Missile Swarm wouldn’t cause damage when hitting a floating enemy Valkyrie in her lower half.

  • Fixed some cases of the camera clipping through geo and environment while preparing to launch Valkyrie’s Ultimate.

  • Fix for cases where Missile Swarm fails to track the moving train.

  • The Kraber target should no longer appear on screen when ADS after using Valkyrie’s passive.

  • Fixed an issue where players could still activate Valkyrie’s Tactical and Ultimate while under structures without the vertical clearance requirement.

  • Fixed some cases where teammates could clip through walls and appear on the same side of Valkyrie while tethered to her Ultimate.

  • Fixed an exploitable spot on Canyonlands where Valkyrie could reach an inaccessible area using her passive.


Insomma, cosa ve ne pare delle novità presentate nelle patch note in arrivo su Apex durante questa stagione 10? Siete carichi per un’altra stagione sicuramente piena di contenuti esclusivi? Come al solito non mancate di farci sapere la vostra con un commento in community!

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Apex Legends, licenziato in tronco il team QA UK

Apex Legends, licenziato in tronco il team QA UK

Profilo di Stak
12/04/2024 13:04 di Marco "Stak" Cresta

Da Respawn Entertainment e EA giungono nuove tristi notizie che riguardano il team di lavoro di Apex Legends, per le quali ad almeno 40 lavoratori non sarebbero stati rinnovati i contratti.

Stiamo parlando nello specifico del team QA di stanza nel Regno Unito, squadra che si è occupata molteplici volte dello scambio di informazioni tra giocatori e sviluppatori, e che ha curato direttamente il QA della stagione 16 di Apex Legends.

La notizia, del tutto inattesa, giunge a svariate settimane di distanza dai licenziamenti operati da EA all’inizio del 2024, e non sembra che i due eventi siano in alcun modo correlati.

Secondo le fonti anonime che hanno parlato con Insider Gaming, il primo giornale che ha parlato ufficialmente della questione, nel corso della giornata di ieri i lavoratori del team QA UK sono stati coinvolti in una chiamata Zoom dal titolo “Business Update“.

Durante una call EA annuncia al team QA UK di Apex Legends: “non rinnoveremo i vostri contratti”

Durante questa call sarebbe stato annunciato che i loro contratti non sarebbero stati rinnovati. Sempre nel corso della call è stato anche chiarito che la decisione di non rinnovare i contratti non era dovuta al rendimento della squadra… Ma ad una “ristrutturazione dell’attività”.

Come dicevamo sopra, la maggior parte degli addetti ai lavori è rimasta sorpresa dall’annuncio, con alcune fonti interne che hanno finanche rivelato: “Tutto sembrava andare verso un normale rinnovamento, ed eravamo pronti per affrontare il prossimo anno di lavori per Apex“.

Il problema più grande, è che molti di questi lavoratori avevano contratti con scadenze estremamente ravvicinate… Forse anche di poche settimane. Tutte queste persone avranno quindi al massimo una ventina di giorni per trovare una soluzione al mancato rinnovo… E ci auguriamo che possano presto trovare un nuovo progetto al quale dedicarsi.

Ricordiamo che lo scorso Marzo il CEO di EA Andrew Wilson ha promesso che Apex Legends si espanderà “oltre il tradizionale universo del battle royale”… E che lo farà “entro la fine dell’anno“. Una notizia questa che aveva riacceso la speranza di molti milioni di player in tutto il mondo.

Seguiranno aggiornamenti sulla faccenda.

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook)

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Apex Legends: Account Resettati e Heirloom scomparse, anche il vostro potrebbe essere stato compromesso

Apex Legends: Account Resettati e Heirloom scomparse, anche il vostro potrebbe essere stato compromesso

Profilo di Gosoap
03/04/2024 15:21 di Amin "Gosoap" Bey El Hadj

Dopo tutto il caos generato dall’attacco hacker durante le ALGS, Respawn si è trovata a dover rispondere a diverse segnalazioni di giocatori che lamentano la perdita di progressione e azzeramenti degli account in Apex Legends.

Il problema in questione, non sembrerebbe tuttavia essere collegato a nessun attività hacker. Si tratterebbe infatti di un bug secondo i più occorso in occasione dell’ultimo aggiornamento di gioco.

Un giocatore ha provato ad esempio di essere sceso senza motivo dal livello 300 al 189, con una conseguente riduzione delle statistiche complessive e con il battle pass che non risultava più acquistato. Altri hanno denunciato di aver perso alcune preziose heirloom, la scomparsa di badge e di aver perso monete.

Account compromessi su Apex Legends: la risposta di Respawn

Respawn ha risposto alle proteste dei giocatori, annunciando sui social media di aver iniziato ad indagare sul problema.

“Abbiamo visto le vostre segnalazioni sugli azzeramenti degli account in Apex Legends e stiamo indagando. Vi faremo sapere non appena avremo un aggiornamento sul problema”.

L’aggiornamento avrebbe dovuto azzerare il rank dei giocatori di alcuni livelli per il nuovo split e per aggiornare la rotazione dello store.

Respawn ha inviato un altro aggiornamento più tardi, sempre ieri, affermando di aver rilasciato un aggiornamento per risolvere il problema. Progressione e contenuti dovrebbero ora essere tornati alla normalità.

“Per i giocatori che hanno perso progressione o contenuti dopo il nostro aggiornamento, vi preghiamo di attendere. Stiamo lavorando a un ulteriore correzione per ripristinare i vostri account allo stato precedente all’aggiornamento e vi faremo sapere non appena sarà pronto”.

L’ennesimo episodio negativo per Apex nel giro di pochi giorni ha scatenato ovvie polemiche nei confronti della compagnia, che ora dovrà sudare per riconquistare la fiducia dei giocatori.

Che ne pensate community? Come al solito la discussione è aperta!

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Apex Legends, dopo l’Attacco Hacker Forse Si Può Tornare a Giocare: Respawn Manda un Messaggio ai Giocatori

Profilo di Gosoap
20/03/2024 11:59 di Amin "Gosoap" Bey El Hadj

Dopo il rovinoso attacco hacker che ha colpito la finale dei Play-Off NA validi per le ALGS, Respawn ha annunciato una nuova serie di aggiornamenti di sicurezza per Apex Legends

L’attacco, avvenuto il 17 marzo in diretta davanti agli occhi di centinaia di migliaia di giocatori, ha letteralmente gettato nel panico la community.

Un’ondata di terrore talmente grande da portare molti a non aprire il gioco per diversi giorni. Solo nelle ultime ore, alcuni, stanno timidamente tornando a giocare, sempre temendo per la propria incolumità.

Apex Legends, dopo l’attacco Hacker si apre uno spiraglio di speranza

Nella mattinata di oggi, è finalmente arrivata la risposta di Respawn, che ha cercato di tranquillizzare i giocatori.

“Domenica, alcuni account di giocatori professionisti di Apex Legends sono stati hackerati durante un evento ALGS”, ha dichiarato Respawn sul proprio account X ufficiale.

“La sicurezza del gioco e dei giocatori sono le nostre maggiori priorità, motivo per cui abbiamo messo in pausa la competizione per affrontare immediatamente il problema.”

“I nostri team hanno implementato il primo di una serie stratificata di aggiornamenti per proteggere la comunità di Apex Legends e creare un’esperienza sicura per tutti”.

Respawn non ha rivelato dettagli su come l’hacker sia riuscito nella sua impresa, tuttavia ha assicurato che stanno lavorando verso una soluzione senza sosta.

L’account Apex Legends Esports ha inoltre aggiornato i giocatori sulle partite rimandate. Mentre gli operatori del torneo stanno ancora lavorando per trovare una soluzione, hanno ricordato ai fan che “sicurezza e integrità competitiva” sono le assolute priorità.

Secondo quanto riportato, non verranno apportate modifiche ai Playoff dello Split 1 a maggio; ulteriori informazioni sulle finalissime saranno condivise direttamente agli interessati in futuro.

Nel frattempo Easy Anti-Cheat, ha smentito qualsiasi voce sulle vulnerabilità del loro sistema. La sensazione è dunque quella che sia possibile tornare a giocare in tranquillità, mentre attendiamo ulteriori aggiornamenti che dovrebbero mettere la parola fine su questo tipo di avvenimenti, anche in futuro.

Che ne pensate Community? Come al solito la discussione  è assolutamente aperta!

Apex Legends, Attacco Hacker: Cosa è Successo Davvero? Si Può Giocare?