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L’Inn-vitational di Sydney si terrà il 10 Dicembre con tanti top player e..le carte di K&C!

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Blizzard ha rilasciato nella notte i dettagli del nuovo Hearthstone Inn-vitational che si terrà a Sydney dal 10 all’11 Dicembre 2017!
I giocatori invitati?
Quattro tra i più promettenti aussies e kiwis (australiani e neo-zelandesi ndr) della scena di Hearthstone più 4 top players, J4ckiechan, Eloise, DDaHyoNi ed Ant!

La cosa più interessante di questa competizione sono le regole..ogni giocatore ANZ sarà accoppiato ad un ospite, ogni match sarà best of five con un ban….e tutte le carte di K&C saranno usabili…COSA?
Questo dettaglio, volutamente rilasciato da Blizzard, lascia intendere che K&C sarà sicuramente rilasciato almeno qualche giorno prima di questo Inn-vitational.

Seguendo la tradizione Blizzard della release il Giovedì riteniamo possibile che K&C possa essere rilasciato, in USA, tra il 30 Novembre e il 7 Dicembre (l’Europa il giorno seguente, come al solito)

Qui sotto i dettagli dell’Inn-Vitational!

Say G’day to the Sydney Inn-vitational!

It’s time slip on some sunscreen and slap on some cork hats, because this December, Australia will say g’day to the country’s first Hearthstone Inn-vitational, set to play out in the heart of beautiful Sydney!

Four of the world’s most accomplished Hearthstone players will be heading down under to test their skills against some of Australia’s best.

If you live in the region or simply are looking to witness this tournament, c’mon in!

The Competition

The Inn-vitational pits globally-recognised Australian and New Zealand players against top tier international opponents to battle for treasure and glory!

Representing the Aussies and the Kiwis are players who have competed at some of the highest global levels of Hearthstone.

The Thunder From Down Under
Ant.pngNaviOOT Docpwn.pngJowen Fr0zen.pngCitizenNappa Hoej.pngMage

The following challengers need no introduction. Put your hands together for some of the finest Hearthstone players from around the world!

The World-Wide Winners
Kolento.pngJ4CKIECHAN Neirea.pngEloise SamuelTsao.pngDDaHyoNi ShtanUdachi.pngAnt
Tournament Format
  • Single elimination bracket with each ANZ player paired with a visiting player
  • Each match will be best-of-five Conquest with one ban
  • All new expansion cards will be allowed

From December 10 to 11 (December 9 to 10 PST), the eight players will compete for a prize pool of $10,000 AUD and the bragging rights of being Sydney’s first Inn-vitational winner. All the action will be broadcast live on twitch.tv/PlayHearthstone at 12:00 p.m. AEDT (5:00 p.m. PST) on both days.

Join Us!


It’s not all about the competition. We’ll also be throwing an epic gathering for you budding adventurers! Leading the charge in the historic Intercontinental Sydney hotel will be two very special adventurers–you’ll find out who in the coming weeks! You should also expect to see familiar faces like Jackson ‘JD’ DaveyJia “Jia” Dee, and Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk.

This party, happening December 9 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. AEDT, is one for the ages. Keep an eye on the Blizzard Australia and New Zealand Twitter and Facebook for ticket details. More tournament information will also be shared on the Hearthstone Esports social channels.

It’s going to be a great arvo at the Sydney Inn-vitational. We’ll see you there!

L’Inn-vitational di Sydney si terrà il 10 Dicembre con tanti top player e..le carte di K&C!
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