Rebirth non verrà cancellata: dalla Season 4 al via la playlist su 3 mappe!

Rebirth non verrà cancellata: dalla Season 4 al via la playlist su 3 mappe!

Profilo di Stak

Alla fine i devs di Warzone hanno scelto la via dell’audacia. Tra tutte le decisioni più rischiose che potevano prendere, sono andati certamente a scegliere quella che i giocatori aspettavano di più…

Dalla Season 4 infatti, la nuova mappa di Fortune’s Keep non andrà a sostituire la celebre Rebirth Island. Rebirth sarà indisponibile per un breve periodo a partire dal giorno del lancio. Questo, lo ricordiamo, è previsto per il 22 Giugno.

Il 22 Giugno avremo quindi una playlist composta da Caldera (che verrà pesantemente rinnovata), e dalla mappa di Fortune’s Keep.

Qualche giorno dopo, presumibilmente a distanza di una settimana, vi sarà poi la “grande novità”, con i devs che lanceranno ufficialmente una playlist a 3 mappe. Questo è certamente un rischio, perchè delle playlist su tre mappe può significare un ulteriore spartizione dei giocatori totali in questo momento impegnati su Warzone.

D’altro canto però, se il restyling su Caldera e la nuova mappa non dovessero funzionare, ci sarebbe sempre e comunque la consolidata “Rebirth” ad accogliere gli scontenti.

Questi devono essere i piani fatti in Raven Software, e potrebbero assolutamente funzionare. Molti gli esperti convinti che questa volta i devs abbiano trovato il giusto colpo in canna, tra questi ad esempio Jgod, assolutamente convinto della bontà delle modifiche proposte per Caldera.

Vedremo la prossima settimana quanto si rivelerà importante per il futuro del nostro amato Warzone. Per il momento, ecco la nuova update odierna valida proprio fino a fine season 3:

Tra le altre importanti novità, si segnala la conferma di ben 4 armi in arrivo con la prossima stagione.

Dal 22 Giugno e poi nel corso della season saranno infatti disponibili la Marco 5 (SMG che si ispira all’italiana Franchi LF57), l’UMG8, una daga melee, ed anche la versione “Vanguardiana” del Vargo. Andiamo a vedere tutti i dettagli, comprese le prime immagini POV della nuova Fortune’s Keep.

Launching on June 22, Mercenaries of Fortune brings new challenges and opportunities for Operators. Deploy to a brand-new Warzone map in Fortune’s Keep, fight on a battleship in the Vanguard Multiplayer map USS Texas 1945, and wade through the swamps of Shi No Numa in the return of classic round-based Zombies.

This major update will be live in both games on June 22 Players should expect an update to Vanguard at 9 AM PT on June 21, and a Warzone Update on 9 AM PT on June 22.


  • New Map: Fortune’s Keep. Go all-in on a brand-new Warzone Resurgence Battle Royale map developed by High Moon Studios, featuring stunning vistas and undiscovered riches.
  • Caldera Updates Across the Island. From the return of Storage Town to riverbeds drying up, Raven Software is changing up Caldera.
  • Armored SUV, New Contract, and More. New tools, objectives, and feature updates to Warzone will add new strategies to consider for your squad’s personal meta.
  • Three Warzone Maps to Drop Into: Fortune’s Keep, Rebirth Island, and Caldera coexist, all for free via regular weekly playlist rotation.

New Warzone Resurgence Map: Fortune’s Keep

Prepare for the ultimate score: fight fellow Operators and mercenaries on a luxurious and timeless island, where the amount of danger and action is second only to its riches.

A mercenary hideout built atop an otherwise peaceful town with a rich history, Fortune’s Keep is a completely original Resurgence map created by High Moon Studios. It is roughly the same size as Rebirth Island and features four distinct points of interest:


Inspired by colorful Mediterranean villages, this seaside community is littered with cobblestone alleyways and flat rooftops to traverse across. An old fortress sits in the town’s center, inviting Operators in for intense combat with its bell tower that commands this section of the map.

Other notable sections include a coastal path with a gazebo, and a Graveyard that seems to have been grave-robbed multiple times over.

Smuggler’s Cove

Legend has it that pirates from centuries ago used this island to hide their treasures. True to its name, Smuggler’s Cove is loaded with supplies, including Gas Masks that could be helpful in case of a Circle Collapse.

Be prepared to explore the twisting Sea Caves, Grottos that see sunlight shine through massive holes in the earth, a small collection of fishing huts, and a lighthouse.


The island’s namesake, the Keep is a medieval fortress now converted into the mercenary’s headquarters and hideout.

Walk on the ramparts and take to the watchtowers to defend the area from invaders, but know that they can also easily fly over the walls using nearby Redeploy Balloons or sneak into the area using the island’s tunnel system.


A laidback complex inspired by traditional three-lane maps, the Winery serves up plenty of scavenging opportunities and intrigue.

Head to the Cellar to stock up on supplies, or travel over to the nearby Camp that contains a helipad and multiple military tents.

Those looking for a more secluded start may want to drop in at the Bay, which has routes over to the Winery proper and the Keep.

New In-Game Features, First on Fortune’s Keep: Black Market Supply Run Contract, Cash Extraction Event

Fortune’s Keep, a new home for Resurgence Battle Royale matches, will have two major features that could define the most effective tactics available (meta) for victory.

Black Market Run Contract

Get your hands on off-market loot by accepting the new Black Market Run Contract, challenging you to reach the Black Market Buy Station before the timer expires.

Spend Cash on items not available at normal Buy Stations or as ground loot such as the Sequencer Grenade, the Nebula V Minigun, Foresight, a Specialist Bonus, or one of several classified weapons.

Cash Extraction

During Resurgence Battle Royale matches, straggling mercenaries will attempt to airlift their Cash off Fortune’s Keep.

You and your squad can ambush the extraction – just follow the flare signal and take out the agents to get at their bag of goods, but be on the lookout for enemy Operators also looking to steal these mercenary’s riches.

New Caldera POI – Storage Town

Raven Software is bringing back a memorable piece of Warzone history as part of a large overhaul of the main Caldera map.

Storage Town, the area that helped define nearly two years of Warzone in Verdansk, will see a new life on Caldera when it is added in between the Mines, Airfield, Village, and Dig Site.

It will be roughly as veterans remember it: a sprawling complex of lockers filled with Contracts and item spawns, as well as a few warehouses that allow for great views over the area.

However, as part of Caldera, Storage Town will be near steep cliffs in the middle of the island. This additional verticality will add a twist to this fan-favorite point of interest, making it a more viable rotation point when travelling between the map’s western section.

Caldera General Update, New Features

A severe drought hit Caldera, causing rivers to dry up as mercenary forces add camps around the island. There are also new items and a vehicle coming to Caldera first, which should shake up modes like Plunder.

Over a Dozen Point of Interest Changes

Once this update launches, expect cleared sightlines across numerous areas on the island, partially due to small camps cropping up from outside the Resort to the Runway.

Additional pathways, including scaffolding across multiple Capital Buildings and steps near the Gondola Station, will be opened up to allow for more movement options around the island.

Around Caldera, rumors of Mercenary Vaults are beginning to crop up – expect to find these scattered around the island.

Ready for a deep dive into Fortune’s Keep and Caldera? Come back to the blog next week for a guide to both maps!

Armored SUV (In-Season)

Besides Redeploy Balloons, existing vehicles, and your own two feet, a new Armored SUV can be used to explore all the new areas in Caldera with an ample amount of defenses.

It includes a dedicated rooftop turret seat, and room for Operators to use their own loadout weapons, making this one mean vehicle that begs to be used in the field.

To get where you’re going fast, activate the SUV’s Nitro Boost to enjoy instant acceleration for a limited time.


Get rich quick by searching out ATMs in Plunder game modes. Throughout the match, funds periodically spawn near ATMs up to a maximum holding. Collect these bags of gold for a major Cash boost.

EMP Grenade

Disable vehicles and disrupt enemy players and AI using the EMP Grenade, a non-lethal tool that explodes in a short-lived area of effect. Affected players are stripped of their HUD information, while vehicles are momentarily powered down.

Golden Plunder Limited-Time Mode

What kind of self-respecting thief would rightly call themselves a Mercenar[y] of Fortune without bags full of gold to prove it? Well… an opportunity has presented itself and an island littered with gold is there for the taking.

The new Golden Plunder limited-time mode offers the Blood Money experience with more competition and a lot more glitz. Some of the changes Players can expect to see include:

  • Player count increased to 120, up from 100
  • Players drop more Cash on death
  • Cash required for Victory increased to $5,000,000

The greediest of the bunch can also explore either of the following options:

  • Visit one of the malfunctioning ATM machines located on the map that seem to keep spewing out endless amounts of Cash
  • Hunt down one of the infamous Golden Keycards which is rumored to allow access to a bunker filled with all sorts of valuable new loot

Fair warning, only the wealthiest will be fortunate enough to walk away victorious.

Mercenaries of Fortune Event

Prove your skills in the Mercenaries of Fortune event, featuring eight challenges that test your mettle on Caldera and Fortune’s Keep.

Get rewards like new Weapon Camos, Reticle, Charm, Emblem, Sticker, and a Legendary animated Calling Card.

Complete all eight challenges to earn the coveted gold skin for the Armored SUV. Ride around in this thing and there’ll be no mistaking you for a common mercenary.

The Terminal List Tournament – Australia, New Zealand, and Japan Based Competitive Event

Fortune’s Keep will share time with Rebirth Island during Mercenaries of Fortune, as top events like The Terminal List – Warzone Rebirth Island Tournament are set to showcase the world’s best Warzone talent.

On July 2 AEST, see ten of the best teams from Australia, New Zealand, and Japan battle in a Quads invitational tournament on Rebirth Island, with the best team winning the largest share of a $20,000 AUD prize pool. Thanks to The Terminal List series on Prime Video from July 1.

Catch all the action on Call of Duty®’s official Twitch channel.

More on the Horizon – The Midseason Update

There are strange rumors concerning an undead surge and the ultimate test for Operators coming online….

In addition to Titanium Trials: Endurance, an updated version of the highly-competitive Iron Trials, expect plenty of Warzone content to keep you busy throughout Mercenaries of Fortune.

Also, be on the lookout for Patch Notes to come from Raven Software, which will detail all changes, including weapon rebalancing and other feature additions.


Rebirth Island: Operations to Return Shortly

For Operators wishing to drop into Rebirth Island, contact appears to have been temporarily lost at that theater of combat. However, expect reestablishment of communications, and access to this location shortly. Stand by for weekly playlist updates to curate experiences across the trio of playable maps – the brand-new Fortune’s Keep locale, Rebirth Island, and Caldera – as the season gets under way.



  • Shi No Numa Brings Back Classic Round-Based Zombies. Battle through the swamps of Shi No Numa in round-based play, featuring a new multi-step main quest, Wonder Weapon, and more.
  • Embark on the High Seas in USS Texas 1945. Battle on the decks and in the interior spaces of USS Texas 1945, launching at the start of the new season.
  • Blueprint Gun Game Debut. The fan-favorite mode is back. Be the first to progress through every weapon to win the match.

Zombies Brings Classic Round-Based Play in Shi No Numa

Thirteen years after its original release in World at War, the legendary round-based Zombies experience Shi No Numa is returning as part of this free update to Vanguard.

Team up and conquer the “Swamp of Death” in classic round-based Zombies play, featuring a new main quest and side quests, a new Wonder Weapon quest, fresh intel, and more.

New Main Quest, Wonder Weapon: Wade through the swamps as you journey on a multi-step quest culminating in a devastating battle. Complete the quest in full to show off your prowess with a new Calling Card. Watch for hidden secrets throughout in the form of multiple side quests waiting to be uncovered in the swamps.

Fast Travel, Classic Traps: Tactically reposition yourself from the undead fast using Shi No Numa’s zipline system and when the horde is nipping too close to your heels, run them through the flogger or your electro-shock defenses.

Experience the map in a new way through Vanguard’s unique features like exchanging your Sacrificial Hearts for upgrades at the Altar of Covenants and the Tome of Rituals.

Keep an eye on this blog for a Shi No Numa map guide coming next week.

Maps: USS Texas 1945 at Launch, Desolation in Season

Mercenaries of Fortune brings two new Multiplayer maps that will challenge even the most tactical Operators. A familiar battleship launches alongside the start of the season, with a second map arriving midway through.

USS Texas 1945 (Launch)

USS Texas 1945 challenges Operators to fight it out on an offshore battleship designed for tense long-range engagements on starboard and port and plenty of close-quarters action amidst its many confined interior locations. Set up on a power point and do your worst.

A reimagining of the U.S.S. Texas map from Call of Duty®: WWII, this is a a medium-sized map that’s moved from the white Cliffs of Dover to the waters around Caldera.

Desolation (In-Season)

Deploy to a Pacific listening post in this small-to-medium sized map set in a dense village littered with destruction. Large mountains and a vast landscape engulf the environment as you battle around the central building and along its creekside fortifications.

Blueprint Gun Game Debuts in Vanguard

The fan-favorite Blueprint Gun Game Multiplayer mode makes its Vanguard debut.

Be the first Operator to progress through all 18 weapons to win the match. Eliminate an enemy to cycle to the next weapon. Melee an enemy to set them back one weapon and get the final Throwing Knife elimination to secure victory.

No Perks, Killstreaks, or custom Loadouts allowed. Blueprint Gun Game is all about showing your mastery with a diverse weapon set, making it the perfect means of training up your weapon skills across the board.

New Ranked Season and Rewards

Sharpen your competitive skills by competing in 4v4 matches using the same settings, maps, and modes as the 2022 Call of Duty League.

Get unique Ranked Play rewards for securing wins and top placement against other players in the new season. Rewards include a sleek blue weapon camo for finishing a Ladder event in first place, a blue camo weapon camo for winning 100 matches, weapon blueprints and more. Consider these your incentives to get on the ladder and restart your climb to the top, as all players’ Skill Ratings and Skill Divisions will refresh for Mercenaries of Fortune.

With a new Call of Duty League Midseason Pack on the way and the season fast approaching its Stage IV Major, you’ll be ready and hyped to face even the sweatiest foes.


  • Get Equipped with Two New Powerful Armaments. Keep enemy Operators at bay with the highly mobile Marco 5 and the suppressive UGM-8. Later in the season, get your hands on the Vargo S.
  • New Season, New Operators. The inimitable Captain Butcher is ready for deployment as a playable Operator, alongside Special Operations Task Force trainer Callum Hendry.

Four New Weapons, Two in Battle Pass

Add some spice to your Loadouts with these new armaments obtainable throughout the season.

Marco 5 (Launch)

A high mobility submachine gun, accurate from the hip with excellent close-range stopping power.”

For the highly mobile, aggressive player, there are few better options than rushing into battle with the Marco 5 SMG. It’s great for pushing into objectives, as its high mobility allows you to run circles around the enemy while they struggle to get a bead on your position.

Considering its relatively noticeable recoil and damage falloff at longer distances, the Marco 5 is best when fired from the hip at closer ranges. As the first SMG in Vanguard to feature the Akimbo Proficiency, you’ll soon wonder why you ever needed to aim down sights in the first place.

UGM-8 (Launch)

High fire rate, mobile LMG that excels at creating suppressing fire and pushing enemy positions.”

Who says an LMG has to slow you down? Combining high mobility with a high fire rate, the UGM-8 is ideal for players looking to keep pace with their teammates while offering suppressive fire.

This thing chews through ammo, so be prepared to feed it. Boost your ammo capacity with one of several different Magazine options or grab Fully Loaded or the Scavenger Perk to prevent going empty in the middle of a fight.

Push Dagger (Launch Window)

“A blade with a T-shaped grip that allows for increased push power. Easily concealable and deadly in CQC.”

Built for speed and stealth, this new melee tool will be a great addition to loadouts where close-quarters fights and silent takedowns are critical to a mission’s success.

Operators can unlock it either through a bundle to be made available during Season Four, or by completing one of two challenges:

In Multiplayer, get 5 Melee Kills with a Primary Weapon in a Single Match 15 times. (Hint: use the Bayonet attachment on a primary weapon for better lunge, or the Fast Melee Perk for quicker maneuvers)

In Zombies, get 100 kills with a Melee weapon while shrouded by your Aether Shroud. (Hint: the new Shi No Numa experience, with interiors that could trap you with the undead often, can be a great way to get kills).

Vargo-S (In-Season)

An essential armament for versatile play. This workhorse Assault Rifle offers a high-fire rate, steady aim through sustained fire, and a quick reload, and that’s before adding any of its Gunsmith attachments.

Unlock both the Marco 5 and the UGM-8 for free through the Seasonal Battle Pass System; more information to come. Unlock the Push Dagger and the Vargo-S in one of two ways: through an-game weapon-based challenge or via a Store Bundle to be released later this season, featuring a Weapon Blueprint from this weapon’s family.

New Operators — Captain Butcher Joins the Fight

New riches bring new opportunities. The legendary Captain Butcher and two other Operators join the fight this season. Welcome to Special Operations Task Force Immortal!

Carver Butcher (Launch)

Quartermaster. Captain. First to the fight.

Butcher served in the British Army during Operation Devon, battling against the 16th Panzer Division. He was dismissed after sustaining injuries to his face from exploding shrapnel but returned to the front lines soon after. There he witnessed resistance fighters in action.

Inspired, went on to become the founder and recruiter for the Special Operations Task Force. The rest, as they say, is history.

Callum Hendry (In-Season)

All his life, Callum was a showoff, getting into trouble with neighbors, the law – everyone. His unwavering spirit helped him quickly ascend the ranks of the British Army to eventually become a recruit trainer. In World War II, Callum, harboring deep hatred for Nazis and their ideals, fought hard for a future without them. Currently he is the trainer for all S.O.T.F. agents.

Ikenna Olowe (In-Season)

Ikenna Olowe understood strategy from a young age. As a child in Nigeria, he excelled at chess, quickly surpassing his teachers. He grew strong studying Gidigbo, a martial battle of wits. Balances in body and mind, Ikenna joining the war effort as a battlefield engineer. His work established critical supplies lines across the globe. Ikenna became a grand planner. Knowing when to build and when to demolish.​

The new season promises glory and riches beyond compare, and its ready to go live on June 22. With major updates coming to Warzone, Multiplayer, and Zombies, there’s a deluge of content to ready yourself for in the weeks ahead.

Stay connected to the Call of Duty blog for additional intel on Mercenaries of Fortune, as well as Sledgehammer Games’ blog and Raven Software’s website for official patch notes.

Rise on every front.


Cosa ne pensate di tutte queste novità? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

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Warzone, speciale “armi off meta”: quali sono quelle consigliate (specialmente per iniziare)!

Warzone, speciale “armi off meta”: quali sono quelle consigliate (specialmente per iniziare)!

Profilo di Stak

Dopo numerosi speciali in cui abbiamo dedicato tutte le nostre attenzioni alle armi migliori del momento su Warzone, è giunto il momento di occuparci anche di quelle “off meta”.

Per “off meta” si intendono quelle armi che non sono considerate al “vertice della classifica” in termini di popolarità/efficienza, ma che nonostante questo godono di uno zoccolo duro di giocatori che continua a prediligerle nelle proprie classi di gioco.

Spesso queste armi off meta sono anche tra le più consigliate da usare per i giocatori alle prime armi, perchè risultano molto semplici da giocare, in alcune occasioni anche più semplici rispetto alle “sorelle” più famose.

Come noto, in questo momento abbiamo una rosa di armi molto ben definita al vertice del meta…

In long range godono di una marcia in più: NZ41, STG44, BAR, Cooper Carbine, UMG8, AUG, Bruen, Vargo e KGM40.

Di queste, l’STG44 ed il KGM40 sono indubbiamente le due più consigliate da usare per chi è alle prime esperienze. Questi due fucili sono infatti noti per l’eccellente stabilità ed il poco rinculo. I danni sostenuti e l’importante velocità dei proiettili le fanno anche risultare estremamente divertenti da giocare sia in Ritorno che in BR.

In questo caso andremo a vedere sia una versione “Off meta” consigliata da Jgod per il KGM40, sia una decisamente più popolare per l’STG44.

Quali armi usare in close range su Warzone? 

In close range godono di una marcia in più: OTS9, Armaguerra, STEN, Type 100, FFAR e MARCO 5.

Fuori da questa lista, troviamo l’off meta XM4, con una versione perfetta per i combattimenti a fuoco ravvicinato. L’XM4 è un fucile d’assalto tra i migliori in assoluto se vi trovate frequentemente in scontri a fuoco combattuti tra i 10 ed i 30 metri.

Andiamo a vedere tutte le versioni in questione, sperando che possano esservi utili nelle vostre sessioni di gioco.

Loadout per XM4 consigliato da TcTekk
Loadout consigliato da JGOD per KGM40

Cosa ne pensate di queste versioni community? Quale di queste proverete alla vostra prossima sessione di gioco?

Armi migliori di Warzone: TGD e JGOD svelano il loro nuovo update con tutti i LOADOUT META

La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

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Bug nella Pre-Game Lobby di Warzone: non uscite dall’area di combattimento!

Bug nella Pre-Game Lobby di Warzone: non uscite dall’area di combattimento!

Profilo di Stak

Segnaliamo a tutti i giocatori di Warzone un nuovo fastidiosissimo bug che sta causando non pochi problemi nelle lobby del BR Activision.

A causa di un qualche bug sopraggiunto dopo l’aggiornamento della Season 4, le pre-lobby di gioco stanno rovinando numerose partite, sostanzialmente azzerando audio e video degli sfortunati che vi si imbattono.

Attivare il bug è piuttosto semplice: basterà concludere la pre-lobby mentre si è oltre il bordo della mappa. Come noto una volta giunti al bordo della mappa parte un avviso molto rumoroso e fastidioso che ci indica i pochi secondi che ci sono ancora rimasti prima di morire perchè “fuori dalla zona di gioco”.

Soprattutto nella pre-lobby è molto facile finire fuori dalla zona di gioco, principalmente perchè i giocatori sono distratti e non fanno molta attenzione alla loro posizione sulla mappa.

Oggi scopriamo però che finendo una fase di riscaldamento in pre-lobby con il countdown relativo al “Return to combat area“, questo alert continuerà a suonare imperterrito anche durante la partita vera e propria.

Quale soluzione in caso incappiate in questo nuovo bug di Warzone? 

Al momento sembra che l’unica soluzione per rimuovere il fastidioso alert (che rende impossibile vedere/sentire i nemici) è quella di lasciar crepare il nostro operatore con dei danni da caduta.

Se la cosa dovesse persistere anche al vostro Ritorno, non vi resterà altro da fare che chiudere la lobby e tornare nel menù principale.

Per il momento quindi, è caldamente consigliato evitare qualsiasi tipo di bordo della mappa in pre-lobby. Potreste rischiare di distruggere la vostra imminente partita.

Cosa ne pensate community? A voi è mai accaduto qualcosa di simile? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

Il bug trascina in partita l’avviso “Return to combat area”, anche se si è perfettamente dentro la zona di gioco

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Warzone, scoppia il caso skin “ROZE 3.0″… Ma la situazione è oggi ben più grave

Warzone, scoppia il caso skin “ROZE 3.0″… Ma la situazione è oggi ben più grave

Profilo di Stak

Skin Warzone – Un problema segnalato su Powned già la scorsa settimana pare sia definitivamente “esploso” nel corso del weekend, con diversi giocatori che già rivedono in Warzone uno dei periodi più “oscuri” di tutti i tempi…

Per chi non lo dovesse ricordare, nel corso del 2020 e del 2021 un particolare modello di Roze ha gettato nel panico le lobby di mezzo mondo. Questa particolare skin infatti, si prestava alla perfezione per camuffare la presenza dei giocatori negli angoli bui delle mappe.

La cosa era estremamente fastidiosa, anche perchè la skin di Roze non era “gratuita”, e molti iniziarono a parlare di Warzone come di un gioco “pay to win”, un titolo quindi dove è necessario “spendere” dei soldi per avere delle chances di vittoria.

Dopo numerosi interventi di bilanciamento, il problema della skin Roze è stato definitivamente risolto con un’evidente “schiarimento” del colore nero della muta. Oggi questa skin di Roze appare quasi grigia e “fosforescente” piuttosto che nera, ed è sempre molto facile identificarla sul gioco.

Oggi però la paura per una “skin rotta” torna a farsi sentire a causa della skin Night Terror del Violet Stealth Pack. Il bundle, giunto con l’aggiornamento del 30 giugno, costa circa 20 Dollari e contiene (oltre alla skin) un progetto arma per l’MP40 e 2400 punti CoD.

Night Terror, un bug rende la skin di Warzone invisibile

La skin in questione è completamente nera, ed a causa di un bug diventa completamente invisibile quando è distante circa 50 metri.

Come dimostrato anche dal noto youtuber Mr Fishy McFish, la skin non riesce a renderizzare tra i 50 e i 60 metri, diventando del tutto impossibile da identificare.

Al momento non è chiaro quando verrà risolto questo specifico problema della visibilità. Di tutt’altro conto è invece il problema relativo al tema troppo scuro della skin Night Terror, ormai candidata ideale per il titolo di “nuova Roze” o “Roze 3.0“.

Ci si chiede come sia possibile che con una nuova skin si possa ancora “inciampare” nello stesso problema che ha afflitto la community per cosi tanti mesi…

Voi cosa ne pensate community? La discussione, come sempre, è aperta!

Il video di Mr Fishy McFish

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