Dota Underlords, nuovo aggiornamento settimanale

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Gli sviluppatori di Dota Underlords hanno rilasciato una patch che corregge alcuni bug e ribilancia il gioco.

Vediamo tutte le novità della nuova patch:

  • Enjoy this week’s Early Bird!
  • Fixed an issue with Duos and Parties where a party could only have one team color other than Random selected at any time.
  • Fixed issues with Prestige 5 where City Crawl nodes were unselectable. To rectify you may have to force quit and restart the application after first starting it after the patch.
  • Introducing a much stabler experience on 2GB iOS devices!
  • Reduced banding on the glow on benched units.


Crystal Maiden:

  • At three stars, friendly units gain 20% cooldown reduction.

Earth Spirit:

  • Geomagnetic Grip:
    • At three stars, units hit by Geomagnetic Grip are also stunned for 1.5 seconds.


  • Midnight Pulse:
    • Damage changed from [5, 6, 7]% to [5, 6, 6]%


  • Maximum Mana changed from 100 to 80
  • magicResist changed from [10, 20, 30] to 30
  • Metamorphosis:
    • Mana Cost changed from 100 to 80
  • At three stars, Terrorblade gains +100% Pure Damage against Demons (or an enemy Champion with an active Demon Alliance).


  • At three stars, each time Tiny Tosses an enemy, he grows in size, gaining +75 Attack Damage and +5 Armor but losing 10 Attack Speed, up to a maximum of 5 times.

Witch Doctor:

  • Paralyzing Cask:
    • At three stars, Witch Doctor also curses units hit by the cask for 4 seconds, doing 20 damage per second. At the end, the unit takes an extra 40% of all damage taken during the curse.


  • Damage changed from 225 to 200

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