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Malygos Rogue

Mazzo creato 2 anni fa - Ultima modifica 2 anni fa


this is my first deck, I always loved malygos and I think this is the best opportunity: hope you guys will help me to improve this deck; this is an OTK in which you full your deck with malygos with the 1 mana spell scheme and you draw 4 of them with galakrond so that they cost 0 then you use two eviscerate.


you keep control of the board with the death rattle minion, which will be summoned back by n’zoth in an extreme situation, until you can play the gadgeteer and finish your deck with low-cost spells, at that point you play malygos, you put a lot of copies (at least 5) in your deck with the 1 mana boosted scheme, then you play invoked galakrond to draw 4 malygos at 0 mana then you summon all of them and you play 2 eviscerate face.
thanks hope you enjoy this deck.