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Face Hunter [No secrets]

Mazzo creato 6 anni fa - Ultima modifica 6 anni fa




Extremely budget deck, you should end the game before 6th turn, just hit face and trade just dangerous enemies.


I placed an Annoying O’tron for grant a bit of defense for your little creeps.
try to keep in your first hand a lot of 1 mana creatures, violent Sergeant sinegry very well with
gnome contaminated , that is a extremely dangerous damage source.
But if your enemy is not able to kill him in his turn this creature can become very big, with the seargent, forest wolf, alhpa direwolf, or with the weapon.
Let me know your though for this deck.


rides rockets can be replaced with Lerooy Jenkins, that is extremely better.

falcon dragon can be replace, if you want, with another 1 mana creep.