Rebirth Island pronta e rinnovata per Warzone: ecco tutti i dettagli nell’anteprima ufficiale

Rebirth Island pronta e rinnovata per Warzone: ecco tutti i dettagli nell’anteprima ufficiale

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Speciale Rebirth Island – Pochi minuti fa è stato pubblicata l’anteprima dell’imponente aggiornamento che colpirà presto Warzone e MW3, ovvero l’attesissima Stagione 3 in arrivo all’inizio della prossima settimana.

Come noto questo update introdurrà nuovamente in gioco la meravigliosa Rebirth Island, che per l’occasione ha subito un deciso restyling. Pur mantenendo assolutamente inalterate le sue forme e le sue strutture, la maggior parte dei POI di Rebirth ha subito una bella svecchiata, con l’aggiunta di svariati modelli assolutamente originali.

Vi è poi l’apertura di un tunnel sotto a DOCK, zona che diventerà assolutamente centrale ora che la meccanica del nuoto è finalmente disponibile sulla mappa.

Ecco di seguito l’anteprima ufficiale di ogni singola zona della nuova mappa. Insieme alle descrizioni ufficiali anche le immagini, nelle quali è possibile vedere quali sono state le maggiori modifiche di restyling.

Anteprima ufficiale di tutti i POI di Rebirth Island – Warzone Season 3


One of the bona fide hot drops, this three-floor brick and steel building is easily spotted on its coastal corner along the northern edge of the island. While much of the structure has been left to rust and decay over the decades, the Konni Group has thoroughly modernized the third-floor laboratory with the latest in research technology. The same cannot be said for the atrocious basement showers and the remains of an office floor within the building. A great place to make a stand, the roof is accessible by parachute and by interior and exterior stairs. For a quick escape, take the zipline over to Chemical Engineering.


Overview and Exterior: This low-lying structure nestled below the helipad plateau has received more than a new coat of red and white paint. But the flanking alley between the two areas is still a good place to take cover, and there are plenty of doors and breakable windows allowing you access into the main, two-floor interior. Head southeast to the bridge connecting to the road close to the Prison.

Interior: The interior of this giant storage structure has been cleaned up considerably and features a white polished floor and impressively enhanced visibility when checking the dark corners and crate stacks within. Don’t miss the side room, accessible from both floors, that leads to a tunnel cutting under the helipad to the front of Chemical Engineering.

Hilltop and Helipad: Adjacent to the long Industry building is a raised plateau, featuring a helipad and several sheds, one of them accessible with several windows providing views over the Industry rooftop. If you’re not spotted on this exposed grassy knoll, this makes a good pivot point along the road. It is adjacent to the Water Tower, a major Prison landmark.

Chemical Engineering

Smokestack and Factory: One of the few POIs to receive a complete retrofit, this area is painted in orange and white and is easily identified by the smokestacks rising from its roof. From the roadside or rocky shoreline, there are numerous entry points, and the low exterior ground level below the road offers a tunnel to Industry as well as protection. Investigate the zipline and ascenders before you enter the main, L-shaped factory floor featuring huge chemical tanks and a row of control systems, as well as smaller rooms and links to the adjacent building.

Building No. 7: Though both structures are numbered “07,” the pitched roof and visible sign of the storage and security building is a major draw for players looking to stock up on supplies and engage in combat across multiple floors. The upper levels are accessible by roadside ramps or a lower unloading area that is fully open to the elements, as well as a wraparound walkway along the shoreline. The upper floors, which include server rooms and security offices, also provide a ladder to the sloped roof, as well as commanding views across Harbor, the hilltop, Industry, and Bioweapons.


Sewage Treatment, Power Room, and Lookout: This POI stretches all along the northern shoreline of the map, beginning with a sewage treatment plant connected to Industry. Adjacent to that is Power Room 04, jutting out on an elevated concrete structure. Rusting catwalks connect these areas. There’s both an open Bunker door and a submerged pipe leading into a completely waterlogged Bunker, and likely a few secrets lost to the waves.

Wharf and Freighter: Farther along the elongated dockside, a large freighter is accessible for exploration. The deck of this ship sits in full view of the nearby gun emplacements, so watch for foes attacking from that direction. Move down the ramp and use the clusters of crates and supplies on the dockside as cover, or hide inside the ship. Climb the foremast if you’re after a sniping position.

Control Center

Once a construction site, this piece of brutalist architecture features a main building connected to a smaller section via a covered breezeway and a concrete exterior forecourt behind the structure. You’ve excellent vantage points to Prison and out toward Living Quarters. Inside, even the larger of the two buildings has tight interior spacing, with several offices on two floors to explore, ideally in Tac-Stance.


Prison Overview and Rooftop: Right in the center of the action, the sprawling Prison complex is the main draw for Operators and the largest building on the map. There are numerous points of entry: via the paved walkway, various staircases, ramps, and even the tunnel on the grassy bank above the Docks. Scattered ascenders and exterior ladders also provide direct access to the roof. This looks out across the entire island, with a 360-degree view of your surroundings, though you are vulnerable to enemy fire. The central roof has rows of pitched skylights, with several openings allowing you to drop into the Prison, as well as a tram platform that shuttles you back and forth to the Harbor.

Prison Interior: The vast interior is split into the main cell block, which is clustered across four long hallways providing excellent sightlines. The wider central floor offers a little more breathing room aside from threats above you. The numerous open cells can be used as ambush points. To the northeast is the Prison cafeteria and infirmary above, which are wider rooms with pillars to dive behind. By Headquarters is the warden’s entrance with the caged lobby, more suitable for close combat. The Prison basement features showers and a small electrical room; this entire structure is just as mazelike as you remember!

Prison Yard and Water Tower: The imposing (and rusting) Water Tower next to the Prison yard serves as the island’s main landmark and is a phenomenal watchpoint. Climb the ladder or use an ascender to reach the top. The dirt yard below has tents, vehicles, and supplies, with a wall and sentry towers. This can be a preferred location to land some eliminations before ducking into cover or using the zipline to whisk you to Industry.


Warehouse and Old Office: The southern part of Harbor stretches between Chemical Engineering and Factory, and the concrete shoreline provides quick traversal, with several smaller buildings offering the chance to lose pursuers and find cover. The lower tram platform sits adjacent to Factory and offers a ride up to the Prison rooftop. Next to that is a red-roofed building with a covered, tunnel-like service road under its dilapidated frame, connected to gray-and-white storage structures that Konni Group seem to have forgotten about.

Comms Office and Power Station (Turbine): Toward Chemical Engineering is a brick warehouse and a newly constructed power station marked “06.” While the warehouse is mainly a defensive location, the power station (with black and orange exterior cladding) has smaller monitoring offices around a main turbine room, which descends into a water-filled concrete pipe you can swim through to reach multiple exit points, perfect for repositioning and flanking unsuspecting enemies.

Headquarters (and Lighthouse)

Lighthouse (Surveillance Tower): Dominating the upper forecourt of Rebirth Island between the Prison and the three main Headquarter buildings is the Lighthouse. This is used as a surveillance tower and a sniping point, as it offers one of the two highest vantage points across from the opposing Water Tower. Expect high traffic and close combat as Operators head for this structure, using parachutes or the interior ladder from the main HQ building. The HQ houses a kitchen, sitting room, study, library, and a tight cluster of offices on the upper floor.

Command Center and Garrison: Not to be confused with the “Control Center” POI, the brown and stone structure with the truck parked outside offers excellent views surrounding this upper plateau. The explorable interior allows for cover and access to the roof. Next to that is the green-roofed Garrison, once offering a comfortable interior living space but now is a place for vicious combat. It also houses some interesting chambers below its main structure. . . .

Outside is a twisting network of exterior concrete staircases that lead down to the main road, Factory, and sloping Prison road.


Factory and Office: Clad in muddy white corrugated metal, the Factory is the largest feature on the southwestern shoreline. This commanding, three-floor building and basement comes with an exterior gantry overlooking the dockside and Harbor, and ascenders offer rapid access to the rooftop. Inside are control rooms, with a lower floor midsized storage room half-filled with barrels and boxes. This is where you’ll find a long concrete tunnel hallway with covered access to and from the Factory. Toward Stronghold is a single-level brick office with a pitched roof and views across the docks.

Dockside and Freighter: One of the lowest-lying areas on the map, the docks provide a straight and flat route around the Factory, with a crane, tower, tram station platform, and docked freighter to utilize for climbing or cover. The red hull of the freighter is visible to spot at distance, and the ship has a larger top deck compared to the yellow freighter moored at Dock.

Living Quarters

Living Quarters — Apartments and Building No. 9: A set of four apartments in an assortment of faded pastel colors allows easy recognition… Especially if you’re dropping in from above. The teal and orange and the gray and red buildings are pairs, with almost identical interiors, and offer tight but reasonable hiding places. The green and white main living quarters (No. 9) stands alone in the center of this POI… With double doors and broken windows, good interior access, and a ladder to the roof, which provides good views of your surroundings.

Living Quarters — Basecamp and Switchbacks: On the low plateau overlooking Stronghold is a sprawling network of military tents, medical prefabs, and a small office building. Up the craggy rocks is Headquarters. Although the structures may have changed over the years, their position has not. This is a great place to get off the road and get out of sight. Also note the storage room near the pathway switchbacks and jetty accessible by the coastal road, as well as a strange and locked bunker door. How does that open?


Another favorite location for Operators to drop into, the southwestern corner of Rebirth Island consists of a complex… Low-lying construction site, an old checkpoint in need of repair, a rear roundabout, a helipad, and the landmark satellite tower. There’s plenty of caches, vehicles, and barricades to utilize, as well as confined offices and a covered walkway across the checkpoint. Climb the tower for an elevated and commanding view from various levels. If all else fails, remember you can jump onto the shoreline rocks or even swim to reposition to a more advantageous location.

Cosa ne pensate di questa spettacolare anteprima? Siete pronti per lanciarvi nell’azione di Rebirth Island? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

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Warzone, come si sblocca la nuova camo That’s a Lot of Molecules di “Sballo Totale”

Warzone, come si sblocca la nuova camo That’s a Lot of Molecules di “Sballo Totale”

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12/04/2024 19:30 di Marco "Stak" Cresta

Speciale Camo – Da ieri sera è disponibile su Warzone una nuovissima modalità a tempo limitato, chiamata “Sballo Totale“.

In questa mode assolutamente unica, i giocatori hanno a disposizione 4 caramelle evidentemente cariche di “THC“, grazie alle quali potremo “ampliare” i nostri sensi… Mangiando le caramelle potremo ad esempio vedere i nemici in modo particolarmente “dettagliato”, e potremo muoverci a velocità altrimenti impossibili…

Troverete comunque tutti i dettagli sui contenuti di questa nuova modalità nel nostro speciale dedicato, nel quale tuttavia non abbiamo menzionato forse l’aspetto più importante… Insieme alla modalità “sballo totale“, è infatti giunta su Warzone anche una ricompensa assolutamente “unica”.

Tutti i player che riusciranno a vincere almeno una partita nella modalità “Sballo Totale“, riceveranno subito la nuova camo That’s a Lot of Molecules per tutte le armi.

Warzone – Anteprima camo “That’s a Lot of Molecules” di Sballo Totale

Potrete vedere un’anteprima della camo in questione qui in basso:

Il problema è che tantissimi giocatori stanno al momento segnalando dei problemi con la riscossione della ricompensa. Alcuni di quelli che sono riusciti a vincere almeno un Ritorno Sballo Totale, hanno segnalato l’assenza della camo nel loro armaiolo.

Quasi certamente si tratta di un bug, ma non ci sono ancora messaggi ufficiali dei devs in tal senso. Seguiranno sicuri aggiornamenti.

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook)

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JAK RAVEN MCW, MP5 e WSP-9: Jgod e Metaphor svelano le novità del meta close di Warzone

JAK RAVEN MCW, MP5 e WSP-9: Jgod e Metaphor svelano le novità del meta close di Warzone

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12/04/2024 16:52 di Marco "Stak" Cresta

Speciale Jak Raven MCW & altre – Con la Renetti ormai quasi fuori dai giochi, la community di Warzone è in fermento alla ricerca della nuova arma “top” da usare in close range.

Oltre alle ormai “solite” e “comprovate” HRM-9 e Striker 9, che continuano ad essere tra le armi di vertice a distanza ravvicinata, vi sono svariate novità che si stanno affacciando nel meta in queste ultime ore.

C’è sicuramente la COR-45, che tratteremo più avanti nel pomeriggio con uno speciale dedicato… Ma ci sono anche la WSP-9, una versione da corto del fucile d’assalto MCW ed addirittura la mai dimenticata MP5, più nota con il suo nome di gioco Lachmann Sub.

In questo speciale andremo quindi a vedere quali sono i migliori loadout per le ultime 3 armi citate… Certamente delle “novità” per il meta close range, che speriamo possano esservi utili durante le vostre partite su Rebirth Island ed Urzikstan.

Le novità del meta close range di Warzone: JAK Raven MCW, MP5 e WSP-9

armi close range warzone WSP-9 “Top loadout close range” di JGOD
armi close range warzone Mp5 top loadout close range di Crowder
armi close range warzone JAK Raven MCW “Top loadout close range” di Metaphor

Seguendo i consigli di mostri sacri della scena come Metaphor e Jgod, scopriamo quindi prima di tutto il JAK Raven MCW. Questo AR viene infatti dotato di kit di conversione che rende l’MCW un’arma assolutamente letale a distanza ravvicinata. Non è ancora confermato con precisione assoluta, ma sembra che l’MCW goda del TTK migliore in assoluto sui bersagli entro i 10 metri.

La WSP-9 è invece l’arma ideale per chi alla ricerca di un qualcosa di semplice e facile da maneggiare, ma che disponga comunque di uno dei TTK di vertice del meta.

Infine la Lachmann SUB (o MP5), stella del passato di Warzone che torna oggi con un loadout assolutamente sorprendente, che indubbiamente la rilancia come una delle nuove “contender” per il vertice della classifica close range.

Cosa ne pensate di queste versioni community? Quale proverete nel corso della vostra prossima sessione di gioco? Fatecelo sapere con un commento sul gruppo: la discussione, come sempre, è aperta!

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook)

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Ritorno Sballo TOTALE disponibile nella playlist di Warzone

Ritorno Sballo TOTALE disponibile nella playlist di Warzone

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11/04/2024 19:50 di Marco "Stak" Cresta

Da pochi minuti è sbarcata su Warzone la nuova playlist settimanale, che oltre al resto introduce l’attesissima modalità a tempo limitato “Ritorno Sballo Totale”.

Come il nome stesso suggerisce, in questa mode speciale dovremo mangiare delle caramelle colorate grazie alle quali otterremo diversi “poteri”. Le caramelle saranno in totale di 4 tipologie differenti:  avremo quelle color giallo che ci garantiranno di raccogliere molti più oggetti/soldi, ci saranno anche le caramelle color blu che ci forniranno la ricarica veloce delle armi.

Oltre a queste ci saranno le caramelle rosse grazie alle quali potremo vedere la sagoma del nemico in rosso (in stile wall-hack), ed infine anche quelle di color verde che ci garantiranno il potere della super velocità e ridurranno a zero i nostri danni da caduta.

Una volta ottenute tutte e 4 le caramelle, ed una volta attivi tutti i poteri contemporaneamente, sbloccheremo la sfida dell’evento ed otterremo delle ricompense a tema.

I dettagli della nuova playlist di Warzone: Ritorno Sballo Totale e altro

Per quanto riguarda la playlist, questa settimana avremo al solito le ranked su Rebirth, tutte e 4 le modalità di gioco su Ritorno Rebirth (con anche la possibilità di giocare squad su un pool di mappe, o per l’appunto squad “Sballo Totale”), oltre alle 4 mode battle royale su Urzikstan ed a Malloppo quartetti.

E voi community avete già provato la nuova modalità “Ritorno Sballo Totale” di Warzone? Fateci sapere con un commento cosa ne pensate!

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook)

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