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Call of Duty Mobile: in arrivo la nuova mappa RUST

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Call of Duty Mobile – Attraverso un nuovo post pubblicato ieri sera su Reddit, gli sviluppatori di Activision hanno reso disponibili alcune informazioni circa il futuro di Call of Duty Mobile, in particolare riguardo l’imminente aggiunta di una nuova mappa.

La prima grande novità riguarda sicuramente la storica ed iconica mappa di Modern Warfare 2 chiamata RUST, che sarà presto disponibile anche nella versione mobile come è attualmente per Modern Warfare (quindi leggermente diversa rispetto al suo aspetto originale di cui comunque non ha perso l’essenza).

Inoltre, stando a quanto riportato nel post andranno presto a cambiare il funzionamento dei bundle, dei crates, e dei lucky draws, che con l’arrivo della nuova patch saranno disponibili tutti insieme anche se continueranno ad offrire contenuti diversi e sempre diversi rispetto a quelli che hanno fin qui offerto.

Il post – Call of Duty Mobile

Segnaliamo poi anche le prime informazioni relative al Campionato del Mondo Mobile (di cui abbiamo parlato in un apposito approfondimento), compreso il fatto che per partecipare bisognerà essere maggiorenni ed almeno al livello veterano (si riceveranno delle ricompense anche solo per la registrazione a quanto sembra), mentre tutte le fasi di qualificazione si terranno ogni fine settimana dal 30 Aprile al 24 Maggio.

Anche se non si hanno ancora certezze riguardo l’esatta data di uscita, sappiamo che questo nuovo aggiornamento potrebbe giungere sui server della versione mobile a partire dall’1 Maggio, ovvero quando terminerà il battle pass in game.

Il community Update

We were also truly thrilled to announce our Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020, sponsored by Sony Mobile, just a few days ago. We’ll have more information on that coming out on April 28th and a few more details in this community update, but for now let’s just jump into the latest news before diving into some heavier topics.

Post image

Upcoming & Ongoing Events
Here is a partial look at most events currently running or coming soon in COD Mobile. We have some new events starting around or after the update and we will be revealing that information alongside the update itself. A few last chances to go for this week:

  • 4/16 – 4/28 ~ Tenacity Rewarded Event

    • Last Chance to grab the epic AK-47 Jade

  • 4/17 – 4/28 ~ Weekly Challenges

  • 4/22 – 4/28 ~ Shock RC Mission

    • Disable your enemies, shock them incessantly, and reap the rewards

  • 4/23 – 4/30 ~ Gun Game Team Fight Mode and Challenge

  • 4/24 – 4/30 ~ Rapid Fire Mode

  • Next Week ~ New Call of Duty: Mobile Update

  • Ending Soon ~ Steel Legion Battle Pass

*All Dates UTC

Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020
Just to reiterate, our Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020, sponsored by Sony Mobile, will be starting on April 30th! We are more than thrilled to finally confirm that yes it exists, yes it is a huge worldwide endeavor, and yes it will have the opportunity to win some lucrative prizes.

We are going to be adding many of the major details to the following places next week on the 28th:

We’ll first open up with Stage 1 – Qualifiers. These are online and will be taking place every weekend between April 30th – May 24th (UTC). There are multiple rewards for this first stage as well, like registration rewards, progression rewards, and qualification-based rewards.

Participants must be 18 years old, or older, be residing in an eligible region, and be ranked Veteran or higher in-game. More details about all of that and other rules can be found in the two webpages linked above and we’ll be updating you all with more information next week***.***

As probably everyone knows who is reading this, Rust is one of our featured Multiplayer maps in the next update and while we don’t have a lot to say about that classic CQB Call of Duty map, we want to share that this be available as soon as the next update releases next week.

We’ll have a whole barrage of information coming out about it tomorrow on April 25th on our social media channels and on the Activision Games Blog. Keep an eye out for all of that and here is one more clip just to give you a quick glimpse.


The Bundles Test
We want to take a long moment to focus on the store testing we’ve been doing in April, AKA the bundles test.

Why the Test
This test will be running for a short while longer, until the end of the month. The main goal of the test is to ensure that our bundles, as well as all of our content offerings, deliver the best experience possible to all players. Those picked to test bundles were chosen randomly with no basis on previous spending or behavior patterns.

The test required that we use two separate groups in order to allow us to directly compare the results of each experience in real time. We hoped to use these results to further evolve the in-game store in order to provide a more fair, comprehensive, and well-rounded experience for all players.

Our aim was to ensure the results of any test wouldn’t be biased by advanced information that might influence player behavior and to provide the most accurate reading possible. We’re sorry we couldn’t share more earlier, but we hope you understand why we had to remain impartial.

Results of the Test
We are nearing the end of the test, which will be finishing at the end of April, and we already know enough about the results that we can share some details. Starting in May, we will have bundles, crates, and lucky draws all together.

However, bundles, crates, and lucky draws will all offer different content. Bundles will be available for all players on May 1st and during that month the content they will be offering will only be some of what was previously released in April.

The Community Response
We’ve been blown away by the engagement across our channels since we launched. We read nearly everything that’s posted, and we’re always looking for ways to make this the best game it can be. With the community’s help, we have started to release functional weapons alongside new ones. We have created and released themed content that resonates. We have rooted out issues with recent bans. And now with your help we’ll be releasing bundles to everyone.

THANK YOU! Your engagement inspires us. There is so much more to come in the future and such a wealth of content in regard to the game itself, like modes, maps, free weapons, events, skills, scorestreaks, and uniquely Call of Duty based content. For now, let’s look to the immediate future and the upcoming updates.


We would like to note that we have more functional weapons, new weapons and older weapons, releasing in May and we hope you love the way they are being released in a fair & new system. This will be discussed in length in the update next week, but just hang tight a little while longer

Bug Reports

Similarly, you’ll be seeing plenty of news about bugs being fixed next week alongside the update and thank you for everyone who helped root those out during our Public Test Build. Additionally, thank you to those of you who have sent over information about black screen issues they are experiencing.

As you might imagine, that’s going to take us a bit to completely collect and send over to our teams in a useful way that isn’t just a giant pile of words 😉, but we are working on it and we cannot express enough how much we appreciate all of the details you all have provided.

Lastly, here is a quick list of some bugs we are looking into or currently investigating based on recent reports (this is not comprehensive but more based on previous updates and community reports):

  • Hardpoint contested with no enemies’ present

  • Black screen crashes

  • Increased latency related issues after the March/April updates

  • Tenacity Rewarded Event – We’ve sent out multiple fixes for those missing the AK-47 Jade reward and we are monitoring channels to make sure there are no additional issues

Of course, there are plenty of fixes on the way in the next update and you’ll be able to see that in the next community update, which will feature the full patch notes, or in-game.

Where To Find Support
If you need any assistance in general, whether it is reporting a bug, running into issues purchasing something, you are experiencing stability issues, or anything related then please contact our Player Support channels through the in-game option or through the Activision Support website: Contact Us

Post image

For this week’s community highlight we are going to be picking something entirely new, fan art. We’ve seen a few great pieces of art shared on Twitter, Discord, or on Reddit in the past and it has always spurred up some cheerful conversation among the community team, but we’ve also always been looking for ways to support and share those outstanding pieces with the rest of the community.

Today, we acknowledge drawingbonbon. They’ve taken an approach that many would assume would not be fitting for Call of Duty, Chibi, and made Soap MacTavish and Urban Tracker look somehow right at home. Here is their most recent piece, Soap MacTavish.

Post image

They posted this piece of fanart on Reddit earlier this week to an incredibly positive reception. If you’d like to find more of their work, like their speed paints of Soap or Urban Tracker, then you can find their channels below:

We hope to see more from them in the future and we’ll be keeping an eye out for more artists and fan art to support, share, and celebrate in the future.

See you all early next week for the next big Call of Duty: Mobile update and be sure to jump into Ranked mode, get your rank up to Veteran, and prepare for the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship!

-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team

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