WoW, online un nuovo Hotfixes: Helya super protagonista!

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Da poche ore è online un nuovo Hotfixes su World of Warcraft. Protagonisti questa volta DK, Cacciatore e Paladino mentre sono stati anche risolti alcuni problemi relativi al boss Helya del nuovo raid Trial of Valor!



Death Knight

  • Purgatory should now work in the Withered Army Training scenario.


  • Bursting Shot’s disorient effect should no longer hit targets out of line of sight.


  • Divine Hammer’s cooldown, global cooldown, period, and duration are all correctly modified by Haste.


Trial of Valor

  • Non-boss enemies should now Death Grip less frequently.
    • Helya
    • Resolved an issue which caused chain and cleave effects to not target enemies that were near Helya.
    • Resolved an issue that could cause the Fury of the Maw movement effect to apply to players even after the wave has passed over them.
    • (Mythic Difficulty) Resolved an issue where Corrupted Breath would target the highest threat tank as opposed to player who is currently tanking the boss.


  • Soul Inhaler and Gin-Ji Knife Set may no longer be used in raid instances.


  • Gobo the Angler Mangler should now respawn and mangle anglers more frequently.
  • The Soultakers should no longer spawn one at a time. They should now always spawn as a group, and should now properly share health.

Pet Battles

  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when starting a pet battle with Algalon the Observer.

Player versus Player

  • Seaforium Bomb and Huge Seaforium Bomb can be placed and deal siege damage in Isle of Conquest, as intended.
  • The chance of receiving multiple cloaks from PvP has been reduced.
  • Trial of Valor Vantus Rune buffs are removed when the player zones into a PvP instance.
  • Warlock
    • Rot and Decay now works correctly with Drain Soul and Drain Life.


  • Demon Hunters that perform a faction change immediately after exiting Mardum will now have their next quest granted to them on login.
  • Players are now able to complete “Survey the City”.
  • There should be more Withered to wrangle in Ambervale for “Withered Wrangling: Ambervale”.

WoW, online un nuovo Hotfixes: Helya super protagonista!
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