WoW: nuovo Hotfix pubblicato per Azeroth!

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Un nuovo Hotfix è stato recentemente pubblicato per World of Warcraft: ecco le modifiche ed i problemi risolti dal team sul gioco!




  • Shifting into Bear Form will no longer freeze resource decay for non-Guardian druids.


  • Barrage range will now correctly match the range of the Hunter’s other abilities.
    • Developers’ Notes: During the recent updates to Barrage, we discovered it extended approximately 2 yards beyond the range of autoshot and other abilities.  We’re changing it to more closely match.


  • Hammer of the Righteous will no longer show its impact visual on dead targets.


  • Ghostly Strike debuff application and removal are now correctly posted to the combat log.


  • Soul Shards now regenerate to 3, while out of combat (up from 1).
    • Developers’ Notes: As discussed in last week’s Developer Q&A, warlocks (and Demonology especially) needed to go through several spellcasts in order to generate the Soul Shards required to cast the spells needed for them to operate at peak efficiency. In outdoor gameplay and against packs of enemies in dungeons, this often meant that combat was ending just as the warlock was getting warmed up. Allowing warlocks to begin combat with 3 Soul Shards instead of 1 should let them bring more of their arsenal to bear in shorter encounters.


  • Mannoroth’s Bloodletting Manacles now heals the warrior based on base Rage spent, rather than actual rage spent, to account for Rage cost reduction effects.
  • (Arms) Colossus Smash’s cooldown reduced to 30s.
    • Developers’ Notes: The cooldown on Colossus Smash serves as bad luck protection against long streaks of Tactician not activating. At 45 seconds, the worst case scenario of actually waiting for the full cooldown to elapse was a rare occurrence that was particularly noticeable (and frustrating) when it happened. At 30 seconds, the majority of the time Colossus Smash will still reset before its cooldown elapses, but those unlucky streaks should feel a little better.
  • (Arms) Focused Rage’s damage bonus reduced to 40% per stack.


  • Luck of the Draw now properly increases pet and guardian damage.
  • Assault on Violet Hold
    • Sael’orn will no long aggro players immediately when she spawns.
    • Fel Prison will no longer target healers in Heroic and Mythic difficulty.
  • Maw of Souls
    • Resolved an issue where Nether Rip didn’t appear on lower graphics settings.


  • (Hotfix work in progress) Emissary bags from completing World Quests now contain equippable items for your class.
  • The Derelict Skyhorn Kite now has a 15 minute cooldown.


  • The Imperial Arcanist and the Imperial Spellbreaker that spawn in front of Lothrius Mooncaller’s room in Suramar – The Athenaeum no longer drop loot or grant experience when killed by the Moonfall Manafiend summoned by a player or by Lothrius Mooncaller.
  • Regular creatures at Warden Towers should spawn more rapidly when attacked by many players.
  • Brimstone Destroyers in Azsuna can no longer be enslaved.


  • Mother’s Skinning Knife is now only usable by players who know Skinning.
  • Several Alchemy quests which required Heroic Dungeon kills can now be completed in Mythic.
  • Engineering
    • Players should no longer be able to skill up Engineering in Legion by making Gearspring Parts.  It should now be slightly easier to skill up to 800 by making goggles or Trigger.
    • The Arcanic Compressor is now multi-drop and can be looted several engineers in a group for completion of “Revamping the Recoil”.


  • Several followers have had the effectiveness of their abilities reduced against players.
  • Fixed an issue causing some PvP World Quests to have invalid rewards for Honor level 50 players.
  • Flickering Shadows will no longer activate if the Rogue is capturing a point in Domination maps such as Arathi Basin.
  • The time between Wintergrasp and Tol Barad battles has been increased to 1 hour.
  • Skirmish victories now award 100 honor (was 50).
  • The first random battleground win of the day now rewards a Soldier’s Splendor (250 Artifact Power).


  • In the Warrior Class Campaign Ulduar Scenario, the door after Brood Queen Morvaniss should now always open when you kill her.
  • On the World Quest “Ley Race”, ley line nodes should now spawn more quickly as you go.
  • Death Knights should no longer become stuck on “Steeds of the Damned”.
  • Druids should no longer be stuck on “Gathering the Dreamweavers”.
  • Players that manage to find themselves in the “Champions of Elune” scenario without a vehicle will now be teleported out after 30 seconds.
  • Bind on Equip items have been removed as possible rewards from World Quests.
    • Developers’ Notes: As a player’s own item level increases, the quality of many World Quest item rewards rises as well. However, when these items can circulate throughout the economy, they can overshadow other sources of loot, and crafted items especially. World Quests should feel rewarding, but we want that to be because of a direct value to your character.
  • The Warden Tower World Quests are now on 6 hour rotations (was 3 hours).
  • Withered in the Withered Army Training scenario should now be able to throw rocks from point blank range.  Ow!

WoW: nuovo Hotfix pubblicato per Azeroth!
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