Nuova lista di Hotfixes su WoW: risolti i problemi del Rogue

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Attraverso un post pubblicato sul sito ufficiale di World of Warcraft sono stati segnalati alcuni nuovi hotfixes da parte degli sviluppatori, che hanno regolarmente “risolto” diversi bug e malfunzionamenti apparsi a seguito della pubblicazione della patch 8.2.

Tra i vari interventi se ne segnalano alcuni per Terrance of Endless Spring, ovviamente per l’Hearth of Azeroth, il Player versus Player (con un occhio di riguardo su Battle of Nazjatar e sulle modifiche di cui abbiamo anche parlato qualche giorno fa) ma ovviamente anche le missioni e le classi.

Proprio sulle ultime citate, Blizzard ha fatto sapere di aver risolto alcuni problemi che stavano affliggendo il Rogue e di aver anche applicato una modifica alla Rage all’inizio di un raid encounter: se fino ad oggi, il numero massimo di rage disponibile ad inizio fight era limitata a 20, con questo aggiornamento il numero di punti rabbia di cui si potrà disporre ad inizio fight salirà a 25, per la gioia dei molti “Guerrieri” che leggeranno questo update.

Di seguito andiamo a vedere la lista completa con tutte le modifiche del caso. Vi auguriamo una buona consultazione ed un buon divertimento!

July 2, 2019

Brawler’s Guild

  • Stitches’ Aura of Rot stacks again fall off when players leave the affected area.


  • Rage is now limited to a maximum of 25 (was 20) at the start of a raid encounter.
  • Rogue
    • Resolved an issue that prevented Sap from breaking when specific spells were cast on affected targets such as Concentrated Flame (Essence).
    • Applying the Crucible of Flame Essence’s debuff, Ancient Flame, no longer removes a rogue from Stealth.


  • Players now retain the buffs provided by Neri Sharpfin if they log out and back in during its duration.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Increased the health scaling and base health of all the lowest-health rare spawns in Nazjatar and Mechagon.
    • Developers’ note: With this change more players will have a chance to engage these rare spawns before they are eliminated.
  • Vengeful Highborne’s fear ability channel reduced to 3 seconds (was 4 seconds) and its duration reduced to 4 seconds (was 5 seconds).
  • Flight Master Gizzik Kelpears now defends against hostile creatures.
  • Reduced the spawn chance for Enforcer KX-T57.
  • The Dopple Gang now spawns when players use the item Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Shirakess Overseer no longer spawns inside rocks.
  • Rolly Gulper is no longer immune to area-of-effect abilities.
  • Lord Hydraxis is now more powerful.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Terrance of Endless Spring
    • Corrected an issue that could cause Tsulong to fail to spawn after resetting the instance.


  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Resolved an issue that caused Memory of Lucid Dreams (Essence) to break the user’s stealth when refunding resources.
    • Memory of Lucid Dreams’ (Essence) Major Power now correctly lasts the full duration for Fire Mages, Frost Mages, and Protection Paladins.
    • Memory of Lucid Dreams’ (Essence) Minor Power’s proc rate has been reduced when used by Fire Mages.
      • Developers’ note: The Minor Power on Memory of Lucid Dreams has a custom implementation for Fire Mages and how it interacts with Fire Blast charges. However, this wound up being too strong relative to other Essences’ Minor Powers. As such we’re reducing its proc rate by 33% for Fire Mages, which should keep this as a very strong option to use in the Minor Slot, but much closer to the potency of other Minor Powers.
    • Crucible of Flames’ (Essence) Minor Power no longer procs when casting abilities that apply crowd control to a target.
    • Fixed a bug preventing Purification Protocol’s (Essence) Minor Power from correctly generating threat when damaging enemies.
    • The damage and healing granted from Omnipotence (Azerite Trait) now resets at the beginning of encounters and Arena matches.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Highborne Compendium of Sundering’s proc chance to increase if an allied player also had the trinket equipped.
  • Prismatic Crystals now stack to 200.
  • Shaman can now activate Anti-Gravity Packs in Ghost Wolf form.
  • Benthic gear now displays the correct amount of Prismatic Manapearls needed for upgrades.
  • The Volatile Blaster now can be used by Druids in Cat or Bear form.
  • Harbinger’s Inscrutable Will now pacifies enemies struck by its projectile effect (was a silence).
  • Druids can use Anti-Gravity Packs in all shapeshift forms, except Travel Form. Flap those wings, Moonkin!

Player versus Player

  • The “Battle for Nazjatar” event is now active when there are similar numbers of players from both factions with War Mode activated in Nazjatar. When that is not the case, “Azshara’s Elite Commanders” —a new event—becomes active and also rewards Battle for Nazjatar Commendations.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Horde players who participated in Battle for Nazjatar from receiving rewards if they died when it ended.
  • Kronus’ and Fangraal’s health and damage have been increased in the Ashran Epic Battleground.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause players in Dalaran Sewers to be teleported to the center of the Arena.
  • Players now receive Nazjatar Battle Commendations from War Supply Chests earned in Nazjatar.
  • Shadow Sight Orbs now spawn within the Robodrome Arena.
  • The power coils have powered-up, and are now ready to zap shy arena players within the Robodrome starting area who linger too long.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Rogues to die when casting Death from Above while participating in a Black Rook Hold Arena match.


  • Players can again complete “Sliding with Style”.
  • Enemy players can no longer kill the opposing faction’s NPCs necessary to complete “The Missing Crew”.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from turning in “They Made Their Choice”.
  • Pet Battle quests now give credit towards “Rustbolt Rebellion”.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Runelocked Chest” play area to clip into a nearby wall.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to become unable to complete the quest, “Saving Corin.”
  • The user interface now always displays available quests for followers.
  • Players again receive credit toward “Bounty: Dangerous Creatures” for eliminating rare spawns.
  • All Nazjatar rare spawns now properly give credit for the quest “Bounty: Dangerous Creatures”.
  • World Quest targets in Nazjatar no longer display a silver dragon portrait, but instead show up as quest bosses or elite quest bosses.


  • The Pearl of Abyss can now be obtained.
  • Flopping Fish is now much more kickable.


  • Addressed an issue that caused Wood and Iron resources looted from creatures to be less common.


  • Alliance players can no longer rest in the Horde Outpost Ekka’s Hideaway.
  • Players who die in the Great Sea off the coast of Mechagon are no longer teleported to the Whitegrove Chapel graveyard.

Nuova lista di Hotfixes su WoW: risolti i problemi del Rogue
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