Build 20008 live sul PTR : Cosa c’è di nuovo nella 6.2?

Profilo di Anthrax

Nuova build sul Reame Pubblico di Prova con succose novità : cappelli da ammiraglio, modifiche alle classi e ai set bonus e molto altro tra cui nuovi achievements e il reveal della mount del glory di Hellfire Citadel: un lupo infernale!

Vi lasciamo alle notes ufficiali in inglese e vi diamo appuntamento al nuovo update sulla 6.2 :


Patch 6.2 PTR Patch Notes – May 13
The first four tiers of Apexis gear (Crystal, Exceptional, Flawless, and Ethereal) no longer costs Apexis Crystals and can now be purchased with gold.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Bonus Events

The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of seven different activities granting a passive bonus to a particular game activity, and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal.

The in-game calendar (located in the upper right-hand corner of the mini-map) will inform you of the type of Bonus Event and when it takes place

Draenor Dungeons

While this Bonus Event is active, defeating enemies in any Draenor dungeon will award reputation with an appropriate faction. Completing two Mythic-difficulty Warlords dungeons as a part of a quest during the event awards a Heroic Hellfire Citadel Raid cache.


During the Battlegrounds Bonus Event, characters will earn triple Honor points from random Battlegrounds. Completing the event quest by winning a few random Battlegrounds awards 500 Conquest Points, which do not count toward the weekly Conquest cap.

Arena Skirmishes

Characters will earn triple Honor points from random Arena Skirmish matches during this event. A quest to win several random Arena Skirmish matches will award 500 Conquest Points, which do not count toward the weekly Conquest cap.


Characters will gain triple the amount from eligible creatures during this Bonus Event. Completing three area assault objectives during the event awards a sizable amount of Oil to fuel new Naval Missions as a part of the Shipyard.

Pet Battles

During Pet Battle Bonus Events, you’ll be able to take your pets out for a little exercise and earn triple pet experience from battles. Winning five PvP Pet Battles as a part of a quest during the event awards the player with an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone that instantly levels a pet to 25.

General Changes

Raids and Dungeons
Dungeon Finder

Players may now queue up in Dungeon Finder while engaged in PvP combat.

Toy Box

Silversage Incense now only applies its effect to the character that placed the item.

Apexis Crystals

Apexis Crystals no longer have a cap.

The first four tiers of Apexis gear (Crystal, Exceptional, Flawless, and Ethereal) no longer costs Apexis Crystals and can now be purchased with gold.

General Item Changes

Pinchwhistle “Nitro Fuel” no longer triggers its effect in combat.

Feedback Thread – Set Bonuses + Trinkets

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Greetings friends!Once the latest PTR build is deployed and realms come up from maintenance, you’ll be able to try out some new 6.2 gear! This includes set bonuses, trinkets, and PvP Gear! Head over to Stormwind/Orgrimmar and you’ll find several gigantic, well-dressed Tauren NPCs. There should be one for PvP Gear, one for LFR sets, and one for trinkets + normal set pieces.Please use this thread to discuss any feedback on the set bonuses or other gear. This will make it easier for designers and the QA Team to read over your feedback, concerns, and bug reports. We’d love to know what you think about these items but please keep in mind detailed, actionable feedback will help us the most!High-Profile Known Issues (some of which are already fixed in current dev builds):

Multiple trinkets are not flagged properly for classes and specs. Setting your filter to “All” on the vendor window will let you see all trinkets and items.

Soul Capacitor (agility trinket) does not function properly.

Core of the Primal Elements (Shaman Trinket) does not properly apply the elemental spec bonus if the Shaman is not Elemental spec when equipping the trinket.

Demons summoned from Warlock Demonology 4-piece Bonus miss all of their attacks.

Shadow Priest 2-Piece Bonus removes the cooldown of Mindbender rather than reduce it.

Patch 6.2 PTR – Build 20008
A new build is on the PTR!

Infernal Direwolf is now a reward of Glory of the Hellfire Raider.

Many new hats were added. Some of the hats are rewards of Naval Mission achievements

Nuove icone

Nuove immagini del Garrison

Achievement Changes

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion


Explore Tanaan Jungle (New) Explore Tanaan Jungle, revealing the covered areas of the world map. 10 points.

Jungle Treasure Hunter (New) Discover 20 treasures in Tanaan Jungle. 5 points.

Jungle Treasure Master (New) Discover all of the treasures in Tanaan Jungle. 5 points.


Rumble in the Jungle Complete all of the Tanaan Jungle achievements listed below. 25 points. Title Reward: of the Jungle. 25 points.

Draenor Raid
Dungeons & Raids

Don’t Fear the Reaper Defeat all 3 members of the High Council of Hellfire Hellfire High Council in Hellfire Citadel within 10 seconds of each other. 10 points. on Normal difficulty or higher. 10 points.

I’m a Soul Man Defeat Socrethar the Eternal in Hellfire Citadel after killing 20 Haunting Souls within 10 seconds on Normal difficulty or higher.10 points.

Kazzak Guild Run (New) Defeat Supreme Lord Kazzak in Tanaan Jungle, while in a guild group. 10 points.

Mythic: Archimonde Guild Run (New) Defeat Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel on Mythic difficulty, while in a guild group. 10 points.

Mythic: Gorefiend (New) Defeat Gorefiend in Hellfire Citadel on Mythic difficulty. 10 points.

You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated Defeat Xhul’horac in Hellfire Citadel without triggering any Shadowfel Annihilations on Normal difficulty or higher.10 points.

Dungeons & Raids

Glory of the Hellfire Raider (New) Complete the Hellfire Citadel raid achievements listed below. Mount Reward: Infernal Direwolf. 25 points. Account Wide.


Jungle Hunter (New) Defeat 25 rare bosses in Tanaan Jungle. 10 points.

Jungle Stalker Defeat 30 Defeat all of the rare bosses in Tanaan Jungle. 10 points.


Admiral (New) Complete 1000 Naval Missions. 10 points.

Charting a Course (New) Complete all of the Rare Naval Missions listed below. Reward: Fleet Commander’s Hat. 10 points.

Charting a Course (New) Complete all of the Rare Naval Missions listed below. Reward: Fleet Commander’s Hat. 10 points.

Exploring the High Seas (New) Complete all of the Rare Naval Missions listed below. 10 points.

Fleet Commander (New) Complete 500 Naval Missions. 5 points.

Ironsides (New) Upgrade a ship of every type to Epic quality. 5 points.

Master of the Seas (New) Complete the naval mission achievments listed below. Title Reward: Captain. 5 points.

Naval Armada (New) Upgrade your shipyard to level 3. 5 points.

Naval Bonus Expert Name Changed from Captain to Naval Bonus Expert. Complete 50 Naval Training Missions. Reward: Unlocks Shipyard, Level 3 Upgrade. 5 points. Complete 25 Naval Bonus Missions. 5 points.

Naval Bonus Specialist Name Changed from Sailor to Naval Bonus Specialist. Complete 25 Naval Training Missions. Reward: Unlocks Shipyard, Level 2 Upgrade. 5 points.Complete 10 Naval Bonus Missions. 5 points.

Naval Combat Expert (New) Complete 50 Naval Combat Missions. 5 points.

Naval Combat Specialist (New) Complete 25 Naval Combat Missions. 5 points.

Naval Fleet (New) Upgrade your shipyard to level 2. 5 points.

Naval Mechanics (New) Obtain all of the naval equpment blueprints listed below. 5 points.

Naval Siege Expert (New) Complete 25 Naval Siege Missions. 5 points.

Naval Siege Specialist (New) Complete 10 Naval Siege Missions. 5 points.

Naval Training Expert (New) Complete 25 Naval Training Missions. 5 points.

Naval Training Specialist (New) Complete 10 Naval Training Missions. 5 points.

Naval Treasure Expert (New) Complete 50 Naval Treasure Missions. 5 points.

Naval Treasure Specialist (New) Complete 25 Naval Treasure Missions. 5 points.

Petty Officer (New) Complete 100 Naval Missions. Reward: Captain’s Hat. 5 points.

Petty Officer (New) Complete 100 Naval Missions. Reward: Captain’s Hat. 5 points.

Seaman (New) Complete 50 Naval Missions. Reward: Admiral’s Compass. 5 points.

Set Sail! (New) Construct a shipyard for your garrison. 5 points.

Set Bonus Changes

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Item – Hunter T18 Marksmanship 4P Bonus The cast time of your Aimed Shot is reduced by 1%. 100%.

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Item – Mage T18 Arcane 4P Bonus Presence of Mind has a 100% 10% chance to create a Time Anomaly, summoning a random hero through time to assist you in battle for 10 sec.

Item – Mage T18 Fire 4P Bonus When the pheonix phoenix is summoned, you gain 5% spell damage and 5% spell haste for 15 sec.

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Item – Rogue T18 Subtlety 4P Bonus Your Eviscerate reduces the cooldown of your Vanish by 6 4 sec per Combo Point used.

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Item – Shaman T16 Enhancement 4P Bonus When Flame Shock deals periodic damage, you have a 5% chance to gain 5 stacks of Searing Flames and reset the cooldown of Lava Lash.

Item – Shaman T18 Elemental 2P Bonus Your Earth Shock has a 50% 33% chance not to consume any Lightning Shield charges and to have its cooldown instantly reset.

Item – Shaman T18 Enhancement 2P Bonus Stormstrike now generates 2 charges of Maelstrom Weapon and you may now have a maximum of 10 Maelstrom charges. Whenever you gain a Maelstrom Weapon charge, you Electrocute all nearby enemies within 10 yards for [ 15% of Spell Power ] Nature damage.

Item – Shaman T18 Enhancement 4P Bonus Maelstrom charges increase the damage done by your Nature spells by an additional 10%.and you may now have a maximum of 10 Maelstrom charges.

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Item – Warrior T18 Protection 2P Bonus While Shield Block is active, the cost of Shield Barrier is reduced by 55% Reduces the cooldown of your Last Stand by 50%. While in Gladiator Stance, your Enrage generates 30 additional Rage.

Item – Warrior T18 Protection 4P Bonus While Shield Barrier is active, magical damage taken is reduced by 25% Shield Barrier’s effect is increased by 200% when used during Last Stand. Your Shield Charge also causes you to Enrage.

Spell Changes

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion


Primal Gladiator’s Felblood Gronnling Summons and dismisses your Primal Gladiator’s Felblood Gronnling. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast. 1.5 sec cast.

Warmongering Gladiator’s Felblood Gronnling Summons and dismisses your Warmongering Gladiator’s Felblood Gronnling. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast. 1.5 sec cast.

Wild Gladiator’s Felblood Gronnling Summons and dismisses your Wild Gladiator’s Felblood Gronnling. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast. 1.5 sec cast.

Item Set Bonuses

Totemic Mastery Increases Spirit by 38, Critical Strike by 35, and Intelleect by 45. Intellect by 45.

Death Knight (Forums, Talent Calculator)
Major Glyphs

Anti-Magic Shell Increases the duration of your Anti-Magic Shell by 0 sec. Major Glyph. Instant. 3 sec. Major Glyph. Instant.

Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell Causes your Anti-Magic Shell to absorb all incoming magical damage, up to the absorption limit. Major Glyph. Increases the duration of Anti-Magic Shell by 3 sec. Major Glyph.

Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Tranquilizing Shot no longer costs 50 Focus. Now has a 10 sec cooldown.

Major Glyphs

Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot now removes the cooldown and adds a 40 Focus cost, rather than removing the Focus cost and adding a cooldown.

Mage (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Flameglow now absorbs up to 20% of each attack, down from 30%.

Paladin (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Hand of Freedom is no longer usable while stunned.

Protection & Retribution

Hammer of the Righteous Hammer the current target for (42% of weapon damage) Physical damage, causing a wave of light that hits all other targets within 8 yards for (24% of weapon damage) Holy damage. Grants 1 Holy Power. Requires Melee Weapon. Paladin – Protection, Retribution, Retribution Spec. 3% of Base Mana. Melee range. Instant. 4.5 sec cooldown.

Rogue (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Cloak of Shadows now has a 1.5 min cooldown, up from 1 min.

Warlock (Forums, Talent Calculator)
Affliction & Demonology

Drain Life (Affliction, Destruction) Drains life from the target, causing [ 6 + 150.3% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage and restoring 6% [ 6% of Total Health of the caster’s health over 6 sec.

Drain Life (Demonology) Drains life from the target, causing [ 6 + 150.3% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage, restoring 6% [ 6% of Total Health of the caster’s health and generating 60 Demonic Fury over 6 sec.


Hand of Gul’dan now does an additional [ 12.96% of Spell Power ] Shadowflame damage, down from 21.6%.


Avoidance (New) Reduces the damage your summoned demon takes from creature area of effect attacks by an additional 90%. Passive.

Warrior (Forums, Talent Calculator)

Seasoned Soldier While wielding a two-handed melee weapon, all damage dealt is increased by 10%. Requires Two-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Maces, Polearms, Two-Handed Swords. Warrior – Arms Spec. Staves. Warrior – Arms Spec.

microsoft activision

Microsoft ha acquistato Activision Blizzard! Quale fine per Call of Duty su PlayStation?

Profilo di Stak

Una vera e propria “bomba” quella sganciata pochi minuti fa dai canali ufficiali di Xbox…la gigantesca Microsoft ha infatti acquistato, per intero, Activision Blizzard!

Dopo mesi burrascosi (quando non drammatici, ndr) dovuti allo scandalo, ed alle successive inchieste dovute alle molestie ed agli abusi sessuali che si sono consumati all’interno dell’azienda, termina cosi un lungo ciclo per Activision Blizzard, e se ne apre uno totalmente nuovo all’orizzonte.

Pur non essendoci ancora conferme ufficiali da parte dei diretti interessati, sembra che dietro l’accordo vi sia una cifra davvero astronomica: ben 70 miliardi di Dollari (la fonte è il noto ed autorevole Wall Street Journal, ndr)…addirittura 20 miliardi di Dollari in più rispetto a quella che era la “stima” del valore di mercato dell’azienda.

La cosa avrà una portata incredibilmente pesante. Vi basti pensare a come si andrà a sviluppare l’attuale presenza su PlayStation di titoli che a questo punto si apprestano a diventare “esclusive” per Xbox e PC. Oltre a giochi come Overwatch, la questione potrebbe riguardare direttamente anche Call of Duty, storico titolo da sempre presente sulle console di Sony.

Al momento queste restano speculazioni, dato che non vi è stato ancora nessun chiarimento ufficiale da parte di Microsoft. Sembra però abbastanza ovvio pensare che i titoli futuri di questi franchise, fino ad oggi sempre “multi platform”, potrebbero presto diventare un’esclusiva interdetta ai giocatori PlayStation.

Microsoft, attraverso il noto big Phil Spencer, si è al momento limitata a commentare la cosa su Xbox Wire con il seguente intervento: “Siamo molto contenti di poter lavorare con le incredibili, talentuose, ed appassionate persone di Activision Publishing, Blizzard Entertainment, Beenox, Demonware, Digital Legends, High Moon Studios, Infinity Ward, King, Major League Gaming, Radical Entertainment, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, Toys for Bob, Treyarch e tutti i team di Activision Blizzard“.

Il post ufficiale

Non appena disponibili, provvederemo a pubblicare nuove e più dettagliate informazioni sull’argomento.

Clamoroso sul Wall Street Journal: il CEO di Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick sapeva tutto! “Minacce e molestie ai suoi dipendenti”

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Patch 9.2, “Spoiler” e nuove informazioni sul Jailer! Nel PTR una corposa patch di bilanciamento

Profilo di Stak

Jailer & Nuova patch – Tante nuove informazioni giungono dal PTR di World of Warcraft, dove in questo momento gli sviluppatori di Blizzard stanno testando le numerose novità che verranno introdotte con la patch 9.2.

In questo speciale andremo a fare un rapido aggiornamento sulle interessanti news che provengono dall’ultima patch pubblicata dai devs, ma anche sugli ultimi leak scoperti dai data miner riguardo il Jailer, ultimo encounter che dovremo affrontare nel raid di Sepulcher of the First Ones.

Iniziamo proprio dall’ultima patch di bilanciamento, cosi da evitare “inavvertiti” spoiler in chi sta cercando informazioni sul Jailer e sul nuovo raid.

Con l’ultimo aggiornamento pubblicato, i devs si sono concentrati principalmente sulle classi, svelando degli importanti buff per il Death Knight e per lo Stregone, ma anche numerosi bilanciamenti per il Demon Hunter, il Paladino e lo Sciamano, con l’ultima classe citata che ha registrato anche un lieve fix al talento Earthgrab Totem del Restoration.

Andiamo a vedere tutti i dettagli (gli SPOILER sul Jailer si trovano sotto il blue post):


  • Death Knight
    • Abomination Limb (Necrolord Ability) damage increased by 20%.
    • Abomination’s Frenzy (Necrolord Runecarving Power) now increases enemy damage taken from the Death Knight by 20% (was 10%), and enemies affected by Abomination’s Frenzy now also take increased damage from your Minions for the duration.
    • Convocation of the Dead (Conduit) now reduces the cooldown of Apocalypse by 1 second per Festering Wound burst at all ranks and now also increases Festering Wound damage by 15%.
    • Eternal Hunger (Conduit) increases Minion damage by 6% (was 3%).
    • Embrace Death (Conduit) causes Sudden Doom to increase Death Coil damage by 40% (was 35%).
    • Brutal Grasp (Conduit) increases Abomination Limb damage by 30% (was 15%).
  • Demon Hunter
    • Class Sets
      • Havoc
        • 2-piece: Increases Blade Dance and Chaos Strike damage by 20%. This bonus also applies to Death Sweep and Annihilation while in Metamorphosis.
        • 4-piece: Reworked – Every 60 Fury you consume reduces the cooldown of Metamorphosis by 1 second.
      • Vengeance
        • 4-piece: Consuming a Lesser Soul Fragment reduces the remaining cooldown of your Immolation Aura or Fel Devastation by 1 second.
  • Hunter
    • The following beneficial effects will now show up above the player’s resource display: Bestial Wrath, Coordinated Assault, Steady Focus, and Trueshot.
  • Paladin
    • Ashen Hallow (Venthyr Ability) can now be canceled early by pressing its button again.
    • Radiant Embers (Venthyr Runecarving Power) now increases Ashen Hallow’s duration by 50%. Cancelling your Ashen Hallow early will reduce its cooldown by up to 50%, proportional to its remaining duration.
  • Shaman
    • Discover 2 new glyphs to change the appearance of the Ghost Wolf form: Spectral Lupine and Spectral Vulpine
  • Warlock
    • Class Sets
      • Affliction
        • 2-piece: When Malefic Rapture extends Absolute Corruption, it instead causes the target to take damage equivalent to a tick of Corruption.
        • 4-piece: Drain Soul’s chance to trigger a free Malefic Rapture has been increased to 10% (was 4%).
      • Demonology
        • 4-piece: Malicious Imps no longer grant a Demonic Core and no longer grant a Soul Shard when slain. Malicious Imp damage has been increased and chance to summon a Malicious Imp has been increased to 15% per Soul Shard spent (was 5%).
      • Destruction
        • 2-piece: The chance to trigger the effect is no longer random. Chaos Bolt or Rain of Fire can now be cast for free after every 10 Soul Shards are spent.
        • 4-piece: Name changed from Blasphrit to Blasphemy and now summons a Blasphemy Infernal instead of a generic Infernal. If a Blasphemy Infernal is already active and would be summoned again, its duration is extended by 8 seconds instead and does impact damage at its current location. Additionally, Blasphemy grants Rain of Chaos for his duration if it’s talented.


  • Soulbinds
    • Venthyr
      • The root effect from Nimble Steps (Nadjia the Mistblade) now properly breaks when enough damage is taken.


  • New Arena: Maldraxxus Coliseum
  • Shaman
    • Restoration
      • The root effect from Earthgrab Totem (Talent) now properly counts absorbed damage when determining if enough damage has been taken to break the root effect.


  • New Legendary belt and Runecarving Power: Cinch of Unity – Empowered with your current covenant’s Runecarving Power that will switch freely alongside your character whenever swapping covenants. Additionally, this new Legendary can be equipped alongside another Shadowlands Legendary in a different armor slot, giving you two powerful legendary effects to boost your power.
    • If you’d like to craft the new covenant-swapping Runecarving Power on a different armor slot, a new Runecarving Memory is available on the Enlightened reputation vendor that will let you do so.
    • Developers’ note: Setzertauren in Oribos has the Legendary belt available for testing on the PTR.
  • Cosmic Flux – A new currency for upgrading Runecarving legendaries, buying items off Enlightened brokers, and for using the new Creation Catalyst feature. Rewarded from a variety of activities in Shadowlands Season 3, such as defeating raid bosses, PvP, Mythic+, Torghast, Tower of the Damned, and Zereth Mortis activities.
    • Developers’ note: The Creation Catalyst will become available in a later PTR build.


  • Anima Powers
    • Monk
      • Corrosive Dosage now stacks up to 3 times (was 5).


  • Protoform Synthesis
    • More components and schematics have been added.
  • New side quests are available.


Cosa sappiamo sul Jailer e sul nuovo raid? (Attenzione Spoiler)

Per quanto riguarda il nuovo raid di Sepulcher of the First Ones, sappiamo che tutti i boss della sua versione mitica saranno contemporaneamente sbloccati all’inizio della terza settimana dal rilascio della patch, ad una settimana di distanza dal rilascio della versione normale ed eroica dello stesso raid.

Con l’ultimo aggiornamento pubblicato nel PTR alcuni dataminers hanno anche scoperto delle interessantissime informazioni sul Jailer, in particolare il titolo che questo ci garantirà una volta sconfitto, ed anche l’animazione della sua morte una volta che verrà sconfitto nel raid.

Per quanto riguarda gli achievements, sappiamo che i giocatori delle prime 100 gilde dell’Orda e dell’Alleanza che riusciranno a sconfiggere il Jailer (solo quelli che partecipano all’incursione ovviamente, non è un achievement di gilda) in modalità mitica riceveranno il titolo “Famed Slayer of Zovaal the Jailer“.

Queste invece le animazioni della sconfitta del boss, una volta che avremo azzerato i suoi punti vita:

Cosa ne pensate di queste novità community? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta! Al prossimo aggiornamento.

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natale powned

Non sapete cosa giocare in questo Natale? Qui alcune opzioni con gli auguri da tutta la redazione di Powned

Profilo di VinCesare

Natale é arrivato anche quest’anno ed ovviamente tutti ora saranno alle prese con i vari cenoni e i regali da scartare, ma sappiamo benissimo come le festività sono anche il periodo perfetto per i videogiocatori.

Noi dalla redazione di Powned tutta volevamo augurarvi un buonissimo Natale, pieno di gioia e soddisfazioni, ma ovviamente non volevamo limitarci solo a questo. Per questo motivo volevamo raccomandarvi gli eventi natalizi/invernali dei maggiori giochi (soprattutto quelli da noi trattati), da potersi godere il 25 Dicembre e non solo.

Potreste partire da Caldera, la nuova mappa di Warzone, dove mentre cercherete di essere i migliori della lobby dovrete sfuggire alla caccia del Krampus. Poi potrete atterrare sull’isola di Fortnite e festeggiare il Mezz’Inverno ricco di oggetti gratuiti direttamente dal rifugio del Sergente Bruma. Tutto questo mentre in gioco combatterete con Pupazzi di Neve e Lancia Palle di Neve.

Spostandoci in casa Blizzard, il Grande Inverno di Hearthstone (festa tipica anche su WoW) é partito da poco e vi regalerà bustine e skin, mentre potrete giocare la tradizionale Rissa natalizia con i regali, rubati, di Great Father. Su Overwatch abbiamo il Winter Wonderlands con tanti nuovi modelli e missioni da completare.

In casa Riot non ci sono dei veri e propri eventi invernali/natalizi, ma per gli appassionati c’é ancora l’evento rubacuori di League of Legends, ricco di missioni da completare e skin a tema. Anche su Legends of Runeterra ci sono nuovi oggetti pronti ad essere acquistati.

Su FIFA 22 siamo nel pieno dell’evento Jolly Invernali (su Ultimate Team), nuove carte evento nei pacchetti, in Obiettivi e Squadra Creazione Rosa. Non vi dimenticate di raccogliere i Gettoni Jolly per poter riscattare, dal 26 Dicembre, tutta una serie di succose ricompense.

Questi sono solo alcuni dei giochi che potrete provare per vivere le feste da gamer nel migliore dei modi. Noi vi facciamo di nuovo il nostro augurio per questo Natale, con la speranza, nel nostro piccolo, di portarvi informazioni e chissà magari anche divertimento nei nostri articoli.

Buone Natale dalla redazione di Powned!