Modifiche in arrivo per il comandante Fenix!

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Attraverso un recente post sul forum ufficiale di Starcraft 2 il developer David Sum ha fatto sapere che diverse modifiche sono in arrivo per il comandante delle missioni cooperative Fenix.
In particolare Blizzard ha deciso di intervenire per risolvere due problemi ed equilibrare nuovamente il gioco del comandante.
In particolare Blizzard ha deciso di modificare il Protocollo Vendetta ed ha anche scelto di ridimensionare i costi di ricerca con la speranza che questo possa portare i giocatori a provare un maggiore numero di unità per le loro ricerche.

Di seguito il testo ufficiale: cosa ne pensate?

Hi everyone!

We’re back with some more updates on Fenix and a discussion on the issues that we’re investigating—as well as how we’re planning to address them.

Issue #1: Champions need to die first for Fenix to be most effective. 

Whenever a champion dies, it takes over a host shell and gains the stats and abilities of the champion. If a champion always dies first, every host shell of that type effectively has the stats and abilities of the champion! In the perfect scenario, a unit with a 20 percent cost reduction becomes a unit with nearly double the stats and powerful abilities. Mathematically, that is amazing! Of course, we didn’t expect the perfect scenario to play out every time, but we do think we overestimated how often this happens in practice. A bug which previously caused the champion to not transfer to the closest host shell made this even worse. The delay between transfers also didn’t help. The level 11 upgrade “Avenging Protocol” buffs the Champion’s transfer, rather than its overall performance. The message we were giving the player was: “Champions need to die first for Fenix to be most effective.” Managing one of your units to try to get them to die first is not very fun, intuitive, or practical.

Solution: Redesign Avenging Protocol

Not only was Avenging Protocol sending a strange message to the player, it also wasn’t that big of a bonus in most situations. We are looking to make Avenging Protocol grant stacking bonuses to champions when host shells of their type are destroyed in addition to when they transfer. The champions should power up regardless of who dies first. The design intent of the champion transfer mechanic is for the champion to remain on the field as long as there are host shells to transfer to. There’s no reason to require them to die in order to benefit from it.

Issue #2: Reward going deep, not just going wide

When we were first playtesting Fenix internally, making one of every champion and making every unit type was the way to go. It was fun, we got to see each of the awesome personalities on the field, and you got to play with variety of units. It was cool! But we started to worry that this style of play would constitute the one and only build (that problem would turn out to be Carriers…). We therefore started building in advantages to going deep (in other words, to picking a few champions and unit types that would be effective in specific maps and enemy AI compositions). We designed an upgrade around this specifically in Tactical Data Web. Did we need to do more? What happened next was exactly where we went wrong. We started punishing the going wide strategy. We intentionally made Fenix’s upgrades expensive so that you had to commit to only a few tech paths. Not only did it overly restrict going wide, but it also significantly slowed down his econ, with critical researches consuming early resources. By punishing the use of a variety of units, we also exacerbated the dominant single unit strategy (Carriers).

Solution: Adjusting Research Costs

We’re reducing the costs of his special (i.e., nonstandard Protoss) research across the board. We also looked at the Kaldalis AI (Zealot champion) research that you need to help fight early attack waves and clear destructible rocks on expansion sites. We are also removing the gas cost on Kaldalis AI research, which was causing you to have to commit to assimilators too early, thereby slowing expansion time too much. Overall, this allows Fenix to use many different tech options and gives him a straight-up buff to his economy, which lets him ramp into a bigger army much quicker making him much more viable on mutation challenges. In our testing, this has had a huge impact on his playstyle and power. We hope this brings Fenix the glory he deserves.


Those are the two big design changes we felt needed to be addressed immediately. There are some other changes that are coming with regards to Tactical Data Web, champion balance, and Fenix Armor suits that should make them feel even more impactful. Again, we’d like to thank the community for working with us! Your patience and contributions with Fenix are hugely appreciated!

David Sum
Lead Co-op Designer

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