[Overwatch Ultim’Ora] – Soldier76 rimosso dal gioco temporaneamente!!

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È di pochi minuti fa la notizia che Soldier76 è stato disabilitato dal gioco a causa di un bug con una delle sue skin che gli permetteva di diventare invisibile!
Fino alla prossima patch il personaggio non sarà utilizzabile!

We’ve recently discovered an issue with one of Soldier: 76’s Legendary skins that allows players with the skin equipped to become invisible in the game world.

Due to the impact of this issue, we’ve temporarily disabled Soldier: 76 until we can patch in a fix. While not ideal, unfortunately the same issue that’s causing the unintended invisibility is also preventing us from disabling the skin on its own.

We’re currently working a new patch and hope to have it implemented this week. Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime, but thanks so much for helping us test!

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