Junkrat riceve un po’ d’affetto – presto la Mina a due cariche!

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Dopo le modifiche a Roadhog, anche il suo compagno Junkrat è sotto osservazione e riceverà delle modifiche nell’immediato.
Con una simpatica spiegazione, i Dev ci informano che nel PTR troveremo il bombarolo pazzo con due cariche di Concussion Mine, che permetterà all’Eroe di fare tutti quei trick che tanto ci piacciono.

Contenti, eroi?

This is pretty close to what we’re trying with him, and what will likely be on the PTR when it comes back up. Currently on our internal builds Junkrat has 2 charges of his Concussion Mine. This allows you to do all kinds of cool stuff like launch yourself into a fight and still have a charge to escape with, or launch yourself up into a Pharah and still have a charge to try and kill her with. Previously this was possible before but you had to plant one on the ground and then wait for the cooldown to come back before doing this. That is still possible, which allows for a triple jump now if you want/need that, but now it is a lot more reliable to do with 2. It has been a ton of fun to play with so far.

We’re also looking at making his ult a bit better. We’re experimenting with a movement speed increase or a health increase on the tire. We wouldn’t do both things but in either case it should be more reliable to use in more situations

Junkrat riceve un po’ d’affetto – presto la Mina a due cariche!
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