Niente 32bit per Overwatch!

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Alcuni utenti ci hanno chiesto se sarebbe mai uscita una versione a 32bit di Overwatch.
È Reilnorian 
a rispondere alla domanda, snocciolando alcuni dati tecnici che, riassunti in breve, dicono che sistemi a 32 bit non possono gestire valori maggiori di 3.25gb di ram, risultando sotto il requisito minimo di 4gb.
Per questo motivo non ci sarà mai un client a 32 bit per lo sparatutto Blizzard, tagliando fuori alcuni sistemi di vecchia generazione (anche se ci risulta davvero difficile credere che non possiate aggiornare ad un O.S. a 64 bit!!)
Qui sotto il botta e risposta:

  • I love blizzard & all blizzard games. why is a game as popular as Overwatch only in 64bit os & not in 32 as well not everyone runs 64. I have been invited to both stress tests & was excited to play the game both times only to find out that I couldn’t & as much as I would love to play the game I am not going to go buy a new computer for one game. hopefully this will change by release so I can buy the game.
  • Hello Kurosaki13 and thanks for helping us out during our Overwatch Beta Stress Test weekend! I’d like to shed a bit of light on why 64 bit OS is required from a technical standpoint. The minimum system requirements for Overwatch requires

    Memory: 768 MB VRAM, 4 GB System RAM

    The key there is the 4GB of system RAM.

    Now, 32 bit OS can only address 4GB of RAM, though that’s not entirely accurate either. I won’t get in to the technical specifics but if you’re interested, here’s an excellent article that goes in to great detail. The short story of it is, the amount of actual RAM you have usable is the total installed minus any peripheral devices that have memory. This includes video cards, discrete sound cards (like the Creative Labs, etc type), and other hardware on your motherboard that have their own RAM.

    As an example, if you utilize 32 bit Win7 (upgraded to Service Pack1 of course!) and you have 4GB of RAM installed and a 1GB video card (Nvidia or AMD, your choice), the computer can only utilize 3GB of that total RAM. Overwatch thus, can only have access to that amount but honestly probably less since the computer is running other programs in the background that all utilize system memory too. So, as Overwatch needs 4GB of RAM and 32 bit Operating Systems can probably at best only provide 3.25GB of RAM (have to take in to account the 768MB memory video card that’s a minimum requirement), Overwatch at this point requires a 64bit Operating System.

    I hope this helps explain for now why Overwatch requires a 64bit OS! 🙂

Niente 32bit per Overwatch!
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