MTGArena Stato del Gioco – Performance, Eventi Brawl e Friends List

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Nuovo Stato del Gioco per Magic Arena rivelata pochi minuti fa’

Questo aggiornamento sullo Stato del Gioco di Ottobre 2019 sarà effettivo dal 24 di ottobre. Molte le novita’ che verranno introdotte e, rispettando le molte segnalazioni dei giocatori di tutto il mondo, uno dei focus maggiori sarà sui Bug Fix e sulle prestazioni stesse del titolo Wizards of the Coast. Come da tradizione però verranno presentati anche alcuni eventi Brawl e verranno, inoltre, forniti dettagli aggiuntivi sulla Friend List. Vediamo nel dettaglio le note della Patch

MTG Arena Stato del Gioco Ottobre 2019


Performance improvements and overall client health is our highest priority for the game right now and will be our primary focus for the next few months. This is something that’s been on our radar since the release of Core Set 2020 back in July, however, the improvements and changes we’ve made have not been enough for many of our players.

We need to do more. So, we’re going to do more. And we’re going to keep at it until we can provide the experience players expect and deserve.

Since the release of Throne of Eldraine, we’ve increased the number of developer resources dedicated to finding and fixing the underlying problems. Today, we want to give you more insight into what we’ve discovered so far and what we’re doing to solve it.

Gameplay Crashes

Last week, we released a patch to address crashes that players may have experienced when playing on a device with an integrated GPU. We’re continuing to keep an eye out for any additional reports.

Reconnection Issues

Since the September game update, we’ve seen increasing reports of players experiencing a “black screen” when attempting to reconnect to a match (players can hear gameplay sounds, but only see a black screen until their timers run out or they fully restart their client).

A fix for this issue is currently being tested, and we hope to have it resolved with the October game update.

Gameplay Hitches, FPS Drops, Unresponsiveness

Based on player logs and internal reports, this appears to be related to how our asset database handles finding all the things necessary to display a card in Magic: The Gathering Arena. This goes beyond card animations or particle effects: textures, shaders, rule hangers, artwork, even the size and shape of cards when they’re in your hand, on the stack, on the battlefield, in your graveyard, etc. This is why players may experience these issues outside of matches, such as during sideboarding, drafting, deck building, or opening boosters.

Magic is the most content-intensive CCG in existence, and as we grow MTG Arena, we need to scale the capacity of our asset system to accommodate this. We’ve identified the necessary improvements we need to make to our asset system, however, resolving this is going to take some extensive code refactoring and time.

Memory Allocation and Management

Colloquially known as a “memory leak.” We have identified certain assets which are not being correctly cleaned up between games, which increasingly bogs down performance the longer you play. This is currently our primary lead, and we are working toward a solution but will continue to investigate as there may be other causes.

Your Reports Help

There are hundreds of factors that can lead to performance issues, further complicated by variations in computer configurations and hardware. This is why player reports are so important. Please continue to submit support tickets with the following information whenever you experience performance issues:

  • Gameplay logs,
  • DxDiag analysis, and
  • Additional details—what were you doing (building a deck, playing a match, sideboarding, etc.), how frequently do you experience issues (first time, after a few games, every time you play, etc.). The more you can provide, the better!

These reports fill in the gaps that sometimes we can’t see, and they are vital to this process. Without your help, we would still be trying to find a viable solution to those gameplay crashes that are now fixed.

In Summary

  • Game Crashes – Monitoring: We believe the changes we made on October 10 have solved this for players with integrated GPUs, but we’re keeping an eye out for additional reports.
  • Reconnection Issues – In Test: We are currently testing a fix that will prevent “black screens” after a disconnect, and we hope to have this for the October 24 game update.
  • FPS Drops/Gameplay “Hitches” – Identified: We have a found a few major culprits behind the FPS drops, and our engineers are currently working on a fix.
  • Memory Allocation – Identified: We also have a few leads on what’s causing extensive memory usage during longer gameplay sessions and are working toward a fix. We’re continuing to investigate, as there may be additional steps we need to take.

Again, we want to stress that improving our game’s performance and overall stability is our highest priority right now and will continue to be our highest priority until we get the needed results. This is on us to solve, and we’ll do whatever is necessary to ensure a better experience for our players.

Beyond what we’ve outlined above, we’re also exploring other options (such as IL2CPP) for additional performance improvements. All of this is going to be a lot of work—which is why we’re on the lookout for an additional six software developers, with more openings coming soon. Think you can help? Apply!


Though we had previously announced that this feature would be coming with the October game update, we have decided to delay this feature for the time being. As noted above, our priority right now is focusing on performance improvements and client health, and we didn’t want to risk adding a new feature until we’ve made more progress in that area.

We also know that this is one of our most highly anticipated features, and we want to make sure we do it right.

For those of you looking forward to this, we apologize for the delay. Everything we had previously announced for our social features remains on the roadmap (friends messaging, friend deck sharing), with the goal to expand these features beyond that (eight-person drafts, spectating, four-player formats, etc.) when the time comes.


Okay, so now for the exciting things.

With the October 24 game update, we’re officially adding Constructed Brawl to MTG Arena. We will be celebrating with a special week-long Brawl event, where you can win a copy of five rare cards and their respective card styles. These cards were previously only available in MTG Arena through Wildcard redemption, as these cards were built for brawling and are not found in booster or Limited packs.

These rewards can only be earned once, but don’t worry—you can continue playing in the event beyond five wins.


For those of you who enjoyed our Courtside Brawl event back in September, it’s the same format (play a deck built around a specific legendary creature or planeswalker from the Standard card pool), but now you get to choose the legendary creature or planeswalker to build your deck around!

When building a Brawl deck, the first thing you should do is decide which card shall be your commander, as their color identity will determine the color identity of the 59 other cards in your deck. Once you’ve chosen your commander, the deck builder will automatically filter based on their color identity—no need to add any additional filters—and enforce the singleton (one copy of any card) deck-building requirement (except basic lands, of course):

And for those of you interested in sharing your deck ideas, here is an example output of the what a Brawl deck exported from MTG Arena will look like.


Beyond our Brawl launch event, there will be a Brawl play queue every Wednesday, starting on November 6 at 8 a.m. PT (16:00 UTC) and available for 24 hours. Like our other Standard play queues, there will be no entry fee and no additional rewards, but games will grant quest progress and contribute toward any daily or weekly win counts.

If you need more Brawl in your life, it will also be available all the time through direct challenge, and be sure to check out your participating local game store for Magic Weekend: Brawl (Psst! Don’t forget that if you participate, you’ll be sent a code via email with more MTG Arena rewards!)


And for those of you who have been wondering when the Throne of Eldraine showcase cards will be in Magic: The Gathering Arena, the answer is[nbsp] . . .[/nbsp] soon! Starting in November, we’ll be hosting the Festival of the Fae event series, where you can earn some of those whimsical card styles for your collection.

Each event will have a 2,500 gold or 500 gem entry fee and will feature the following formats:

  • Artisan: Build a Standard deck using commons and uncommons only.
  • Oko’s Madness: It’s like Momir’s Madness, but your creatures are also 3/3 Elk.
  • Cascade: When you cast your first spell each turn, exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a nonland card that costs less. You may cast it without paying its mana cost.

To learn more about these formats, you can check out our event details page. Mark your calendars, because the festivities begin on November 3 with Artisan! For those who’ve done the math, three events with five card styles leaves more room for Adventures, and you’ll find the remaining showcase cards available for purchase through the in-game store.

These Adventure bundles will only be available until our November game update, though, you will be able to buy each showcase card style separately at a later date.


And no, this doesn’t involve us removing it from weekly win rewards either. We’re adding 25 XP to daily win rewards for the first ten wins of each day as another way to help players catch up with their leveling if they missed out on a few quests or didn’t always finish their weekly wins throughout the first month of the Eldraine Mastery Pass.


Brawl, Throne of Eldraine showcase cards, and new events will be arriving on October 24, alongside some quality-of-life changes, bug fixes, and continued work on performance improvements. Keep an eye on our status page for the full maintenance schedule and follow us @MTG_Arena for the latest information.

Last, but not least, be sure to tune into all weekend long for Mythic Championship V, where our Magic Pro League faces off against some of the top MTG Arena players for the $750,000 prize pool!

Izzet Mill, la novità che non ti aspetti (Video)

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Sarà stato proprio un mazzo Mill ad avere salvato il formato Alchemy? Potrebbe essere una boutade, ma vi assicuro che non andiamo molto lontano dalla verità.

Ruin Crab in UR Mill


Nella settimana tra l’Arena Open, e il MCQ, entrambi Alchemy, i mazzi Control (Izzet ed Esper su tutti) sembrano i deck migliori, più solidi e sicuramente quelli da battere. Ed è qui che si inserisce il nostro Izzet Mill, anch’esso un Control ma che ha un ottimo MU contro i due mazzi suddetti.

Tasha's Hideous Laughter in Izzet Mill


Izzet Mill (qui esportabile)

Ed ecco che Ruin Crab nei primi turni, oltre ad essere un ottimo bloccante, è il nostro motore di millata: perchè noi non guardiamo il numero 20 dei punti vita, ma il 53 (su per giù) delle carte del mazzo avversario.

Madden Cacophony


Le nostre spell per millare, come Cacophony qui sopra, sono supportate, e copiate, da carte come Galvanic Iteration, fin qui usato esclusivamente nei Control deck (Epiphany su tutti). Finisco poi nominando l’altra Iteration, ovvero Expressive: fortissima nel topdeck, ci permette di avere sempre la mano con magie impattanti; perchè sì, il rischio di trovarci senza carte in mano è alto, perciò cerchiamo di utilizzare al meglio le risorse che abbiamo.

(Clicca qui per iscriverti al mio canale YouTube, per non perderti nessuna novità del mondo Magic!)
(Qui invece il mio canale Twitch, con dirette frizzanti e improvvise: quattro risate sempre garantite!)

UW Control Historic

Esper Control, nuovo Tier 0 in Alchemy?! (Video)

Profilo di Cochi88

Esper Control, o per gli amici Esperone, è il nuovo Tier, praticamente 0, del formato Alchemy. I motivi? Eccoli qui di seguito!

Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset in Esper Control


La carta chiave non è, come molti di voi possono pensare, Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset: o meglio, è anche quella, ma in compartecipazione con un’altra carta, ovvero Key to the Archive.

Key to the Archive in Esper Control


Questo Artefatto rampa (dandoci mana da qualsiasi colore… troppo forte!), ma soprattutto ci cerca una carta bomba dallo Spellbook. I nomi? Da Judgment Day, ad Approach of the Second Sun, finendo con Time Warp e Krosan Grip: carta a mio avviso troppo forti per un neonato formato come Alchemy, con un parco carte molto ridotto rispetto ad altri formati Eternal.


Esper Control (qui esportabile)

Tutto ciò in aggiunta a Lier, Disciple of the Drowned, e alla sua possibilità di rigiocare tutte le nostre spell già usate in precedenza. Ma perchè usare uno splash di Nero, per un mazzo che già nella versione UW è forte e solido? Essenzialmente per Vanishing Verse, forse il miglior removal del formato.

Vanishing Verse


Vogliamo usare Esper anche per The Meathook Massacre, e per gli scartini in side, Go Blank su tutti, fortissimo nei mirror e contro Dragons. Direi che non vi resta che guardare il match di prova, in top #1200 Mythic su Arena Ranked!

(Clicca qui per iscriverti al mio canale YouTube, per non perderti nessuna novità del mondo Magic!)
(Qui invece il mio canale Twitch, con dirette frizzanti e improvvise: quattro risate sempre garantite!)

mtg arena ios

Standard, Historic ed Alchemy Decklist: Speciale mazzi da Mythic (Dicembre 2021)

Profilo di Bata

In questo articolo trovate tutte le liste che hanno raggiunto il Rank Mythic, in Standard, Historic o Alchemy, nel corso del mese di dicembre 2021.

Le liste sono in ordine dalla meno alla più recente.


(1-31 dicembre 2021)

Izzet Epiphany (BO1) di zokeS – #3 Mythic

Dimir Control di uebelst4r – #581 Mythic

Rakdos Tokens di ukontikara – #3 Mythic

MonoGreen Stompy di Atog_MTG – #1 Mythic

MonoWhite Aggro (BO1) di とら – #76 Mythic

Izzet Turns (BO1) di Lupita – #152 Mythic

Esper Control di Agentbatz – #202 Mythic

Golgari Festival di Anan – #135 Mythic

Gruul Aggro di Jaffer – 98% Mythic

MonoGreen Aggro di iNSANITY – #24 Mythic

MonoBlack Zombies di knarf – #12 Mythic

Rakdos Midrange di Gobias – #609 Mythic

Orzhov Clerics (BO1) di Adriano Solo – Mythic Rank


(1-31 dicembre 2021)

MonoRed Aggro (BO1) di Floodle – #1 Mythic

Jeskai Lotus Field (BO1) di mountain-goat – #82 Mythic

Azorius Nine Lives (BO1) di Felipe Fraga – #107 Mythic

Esper Affinity di Kyori – #99 Mythic

MonoGreen Elves (BO1) di FloCherry – #95 Mythic

Jund Citadel di Altheriax – #4 Mythic

MonoRed Madness (BO1) di Giacomo Landi – #94 Mythic

Golgari Lurrus di PoptartKitten – #290 Mythic

5C Niv-Mizzet di ashmosus – #630 Mythic

Bant Blink di Takobyte – #682 Mythic

Gruul Aggro di めると – #1149 Mythic

Bant Blink di Altheriax – #10 Mythic

Selesnya Humans di Piggopotamus – #88 Mythic

Izzet Creativity di David Tosca – #1245 Mythic

MonoRed Aggro (BO1) di MTG_Joe – #1428 Mythic

Boros Blitz (BO1) di goncalolopes789 – #887 Mythic

Selesnya Grizzled Humans di Jose Lopez – Mythic Rank

Jeskai Purge Control di Galopin – #6 Mythic

Bant Blink di Metallix87 – #172 Mythic

Selesnya Angels (BO1) di SuMadre – #348 Mythic

Jeskai Control (BO1) di OrigamiRed – #472 Mythic

Selesnya Lifegain Combo di Altheriax – #4 Mythic

MonoRed Aggro (BO1) di MysticSeaOtter – #5 Mythic

Azorius Lotus Control di Stalpno – #2 Mythic

Vampire Drain Midrange di Takobyte – #1125 Mythic

MonoRed Aggro (BO1) di JonnyCastle – #982 Mythic

MonoBlack Aggro di Jaffer – #464 Mythic

Boros Chandra Lotus Field di Smoak – #199 Mythic

5C Niv-Mizzet di The Spartan – #284 Mythic

Dimir Svyelun Control di Plasmodermic – #1 Mythic

Jeskai Black Control (BO1) di Giovanni Trotta – #446 Mythic


(10-31 dicembre 2021)

Izzet Key Control di IronicVelvet – #632 Mythic

Selesnya Aggro di Hanayama_Sana – #395 Mythic

Rakdos Dragons di Dafore – #1101 Mythic

MonoGreen Stompy di Pierfrancesco1987 – #392 Mythic

4C Aggro di Matthieu Avignon – #4 Mythic

Azorius Control (BO1) di Karnakoss – #1256 Mythic

Orzhov Clerics (BO1) di David Salazar – #726 Mythic

Dimir Control di zokeS – #265 Mythic

Azorius Control di Agentbatz – #116 Mythic

Boros Dragons di Jimmy Allen – Mythic Rank

Rakdos Vampires di coutinho brewer – 99% Mythic

Golgari Drain di Alex Mikesell – #1110 Mythic

MonoBlack Sacrifice di Taylor Slow – #255 Mythic

MonoRed Burn di ZebN – 98% Mythic

Bant Ramp di Ironic_Velvet – #1111 Mythic

Esper Clerics (BO1) di microman900 – 98% Mythic

Rakdos Dragons di Mansonian – 98% Mythic

Orzhov Midrange di Maffi – 98% Mythic

Bant Clerics (BO1) di 9810re – 97% Mythic

MonoRed Dragons (BO1) di WeHaveToGoBack – Mythic Rank

MonoGreen Stompy di Rapsolo – #81 Mythic

Bant Captain di Val & PL – 96% Mythic

MonoGreen Aggro di Rumti – #19 Mythic

Rakdos Midrange di jub77 – #321 Mythic

Azorius Control (BO1) di HellBell – #1799 Mythic

Orzhov Midrange di Zan Syed – #1 Mythic

Abzan Midrange di Zan Syed – #1 Mythic