MTG Arena, svelate molte novità del mondiale: 5 milioni di Dollari in palio!

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Pochi minuti fa gli sviluppatori di Wizards hanno pubblicato sul sito ufficiale l’ultimo update relativo al competitivo di Magic.
Sono state infatti annunciate tutte le tappe relative al mondiale del 2019, i modi che vi sono per iscriversi e provare a qualificarsi e quali saranno tutti i montepremi stanziati dagli organizzatori per ogni singolo evento.
Alle finali del 2019 parteciperanno 15 giocatori più Javier Dominguez, campione del mondo in carica che dovrà difendere direttamente il titolo contro i nuovi pretendenti.

I 7 Eventi della serie “Mythic Championship”

Di questi 15, 4 giocatori saranno selezionati dalla top della PRO League, 4 dalla top del Challenger mentre i restanti 7 giocatori saranno selezionati dagli altrettanti Mythic Championship che si terranno da fine Febbraio a Novembre e saranno cosi divisi:

  • Mythic Championship I – February 22–24 – Cleveland, Ohio – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
  • Mythic Championship II – April 26–28 – London, England – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
  • Mythic Championship III – June/July TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool
  • Mythic Championship IV – July 26–28 – Barcelona, Spain – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
  • Mythic Championship V – August/September TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool
  • Mythic Championship VI – November 8–10 – Richmond, Virginia – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
  • Mythic Championship VII – November/December TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool

I 16 giocatori qualificati per la finalissima dovranno poi sfidarsi per un altro montepremi di 1 milione di Dollari nell’ultima tappa di questo lunghissimo mondiale, a Dicembre.

Di seguito andiamo a vedere tutte le informazioni ufficiali rilasciate in merito dagli sviluppatori. Vi auguriamo una buona lettura ed un buona fortuna nella vostra caccia all’iride 2019!


In December 2019, sixteen players will conclude a groundbreaking year for esports and competitive gaming in Magic by vying for $1 million in prizes. Only the best MPL players and Challengers need apply.

The sixteen slots will be spread out across tabletop Magic and MTG Arena qualification paths. They include:

  • The 2018 Magic World Champion (Javier Dominguez)
  • The winners of each of the seven 2019 Mythic Championships (four tabletop and three MTG Arena)
  • The Top 4 MPL players with the most Mythic Points*
  • The Top 4 Challengers with the most Mythic Points*

*If a player in the Top 4 has earned an invitation through another means, that qualification slot will pass down to the next highest Mythic Point earner.

Mythic Points are a new, streamlined system designed to connect competitive gaming across MTG Arena and Magic tabletop. It’s simple—do well at Mythic Championship events, earn Mythic Points. For 2019, Mythic Championships will award Mythic Points as such:

MTG Arena

Mythic Points
















36+ Match Points



33-35 Match Points



30-32 Match Points

Day Two of MQW


27–29 Match Points

A few notes:

  • MQW stands for Mythic Qualifier Weekend. See below for details on those weekends.
  • Players who participate in the Mythic Invitational at PAX East in March will not receive Mythic Points.
  • Grand Prix will not award Mythic Points.
  • The last event to award Pro Points will be the Grand Prix at MagicFest Seattle, June 21–23, 2019.
  • The Pro Club program will end December 22, 2019.
    • Platinum, Gold, and Silver invitations and appearance fees will end with Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, Nov. 8–10, 2019.
    • Platinum Grand Prix appearance fees will end with the Grand Prix in Portland the week of December 21–22, 2019.

But now for the big question—how do you qualify for a Mythic Championship?


Unique among trading card games, Magic weaves together both digital and in-person events to give more paths to becoming a Champion no matter how you want to play. Below we’ll outline the paths to becoming a Champion. First, here’s what the (still developing) Mythic Championship schedule looks like for 2019.

Mythic Championship I – February 22–24 – Cleveland, Ohio – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship II – April 26–28 – London, England – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship III – June/July TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship IV – July 26–28 – Barcelona, Spain – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship V – August/September TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship VI – November 8–10 – Richmond, Virginia – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship VII – November/December TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool

And don’t forget that we have dedicated $2.5 million to tabletop prizes on the Grand Prix circuit as well!

Let’s start with the tabletop qualification path.


To qualify for a tabletop Mythic Championship (the events in Barcelona and Richmond, as Cleveland qualification has concluded and London qualification concludes March 10) players can either finish highly in a Grand Prix tournament or Mythic Championship, or win a Mythic Championship Qualifier run by a WPN member store, a tournament organizer (TO), at a MagicFest, or on Magic Online.

Now the nitty-gritty details. Let’s start with the Mythic Championship Qualifiers:

  • There will be 150 WPN or TO-run events scheduled globally for the Mythic Championship in Barcelona. For this qualification season, which runs May 11–June 16, these events will be open to all players. We expect many venues will reach capacity quickly and highly recommend players preregister for these events. A full list of WPN-based locations and dates will be posted in mid-April.
  • When the qualification season begins for the event in Richmond, players will need to achieve a threshold of 200 Planeswalker Points earned April 1–June 30. Note that Friday Night Magiccompetitive events will receive a double-PWP multiplier starting April 1.
  • We will continue to evaluate and evolve the system and play thresholds for future qualification periods to ensure we have built a strong, sustainable, and easy-to-understand system that appeals to all fans and players.

MagicFest events feature a variety of ways to qualify for a tabletop Mythic Championship.

  • Players who finish in the Top 8 or with at least 39 match points at individual Grand Prix will earn an invite.
  • The Top 4 teams and all other teams with at least 36 match points at team Grand Prix will earn invites.
  • Grands Prix that qualify players for Barcelona include: Tampa, Bilbao, Kyoto, Calgary, Sao Paulo, Niagara Falls, Yokohama, London, Madison, Kansas City, and Providence.
  • The winners of each MagicFest Mythic Championship Qualifier will qualify for the same Mythic Championship the Grand Prix main event feeds.
  • The Top 8 from each Last Chance Qualifier run the day before the start of the Mythic Championship.

Magic Online will continue to qualify players for Mythic Championships, including:

  • The winner of each Magic Online Mythic Championship Qualifier Finals;
  • Each player who qualifies for the 2019 Magic Online Championship (to be held in 2020), including the winner of each MOCS Playoff, the winner of each MOCS Open, the winner of each Format Championship, and MOCS Leaderboard invitees; and
  • The runner up of each MOCS Playoff.

Finally, players who perform well at previous tabletop Mythic Championships will also qualify for future tabletop Mythic Championships.

  • For Barcelona, this includes:
    • Challengers that finish with at least 33 match points in the previous Mythic Championship.
    • The Top 8 teams in the 2018–19 Mythic Championship Team Series Leaderboard
    • Platinum and Gold Pro Club members in the Core Set 2020 Pro Club Cycle
    • Silver Pro Club members in the Core Set 2020 Pro Club cycle who did not already use their Silver invitation at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica, Mythic Championship I (Cleveland), or Mythic Championship II (London).

Whew! Okay, now on to the new stuff—how to qualify through MTG Arena play for MTG Arena Mythic Championships.


The top sixteen Challengers from MTG Arena Mythic Qualifier Weekends will ultimately qualify for the $750,000 Mythic Championships. Here’s the broad outline of how you can be one of the sixteen.

  • Reach the top 1,000 in Mythic Ranking in Constructed or Limited during a qualifying month, and you will be eligible to compete in that season’s Mythic Qualifier Weekend (MQW).
  • On Saturday of the Mythic Qualifier Weekend, eligible Challengers will compete in Stage 1. Everyone who reaches the maximum number of wins will advance to Sunday’s Stage 2.
  • On Sunday of Mythic Qualifier Weekend, everyone who advanced will compete in a Swiss-paired tournament. The Top 16 players from that tournament will qualify for the Mythic Championship.
  • The March and April seasons will feed qualifying for Mythic Championship III with MQWs scheduled for the end of May or early June. Exact dates to be announced.
  • Additionally, the Top 4 placing non-MPL players in each MTG Arena Mythic Championship will be invited to the next MTG Arena Mythic Championship. For the first such event, Mythic Championship III, those four slots will go to the three winners of Pro Tour 25th Anniversary—Allen Wu, Ben Hull, and Gregory Orange—and the winner of Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica—Andrew Elenbogen.

Of course, there are more details. Read on for the finer print.

  • Players who reach the top 1,000 in Mythic Ranking will receive a token to qualify for an MQW. If players reach that level in both Constructed and Limited, they only receive one token.
  • For the Saturday event, players will compete until they achieve either the maximum number of wins or the maximum number of losses.
  • At least 128 Challengers will qualify for Stage 2 on Sunday. If too few players reach the maximum number of wins, additional challengers will advance to Stage 2 based on how well they did in the event. Exact details will be published before the first MQW.
  • The Sunday Stage 2 event will feature Swiss-paired play with format to be announced. It will not be best-of-one play.
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