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Guys you have to try this. Very funny to play and also efficient against all tipe of decks even against aggro or quest deck.
Let me know if you find it interesting. May the Zephyr find you the way.

Ps: check gameplay for more info. Also sorry for my bad english


In this deck there are many card draw as well tipical value card from the well know control warrior.
Just keep BREWMASTER for ZEPHYR for double value and use AZALINA when you are out of value.
The SWEEPING STRIKE card is very important in this deck use it whisely and let player without word i promise you.
Just try it the deck go very fluent no need to do strategies 😉


Go for early game card such as eternium rover, wargen, execution ecc, even Zephyr in case your mulligan is bad.
In any case this deck is very low card cost so cant be a trouble surviving the early game and dominate the late game with most of the value card.
Dont keep Dr Boom as mulligan too slow and useless for the amount of mech that are in the deck.


Barista is a great but very slow, also the Tomb Warden is good to replace with Siamat or execution.


This deck is very good against any type of deck.
If you survive the early game against aggro decks you should be in a very good spot to win and its easy to survive thanks to the early game card that are in this deck.
Against control deck also is very good too and Azalina and Zephyr should save you the day.
Ive tryied so far against : lunas mages, aggro paladin, aggro shaman murloc, quest shaman, control warrior (win thanks to value), combo priest literally destroyed, against quest priest thanks to azalina and zephyr. The only problem may be quest paladin for the excessive late game value but again azalina and zephyr save the day.
Super good against quest and highlander hunter.