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Wild semi-Meme #5: Evo Shaman

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This is not actually a meme. Not that much, you can rank pretty hard with this. Huge board refills, consistency in mid-tier evolutions, absolute board control against everyone. Try to believe.

AVG Winrate Rank 10-20 Wild Europe 85% 23-4


Microbot+evolution on T3-T4 was always a win. Basically push damage as an aggro. Whenever you can evolve at least 3 minions, well, do it.
Bloodlust is as usual a broken card, granting many wins on t5.
Never be scared to develop a huge board, you’ll have another one next turn.
Don’t worry about playing order of Thrall DK+ Agatha+ Shudderwock, every combination will be good.


Avoid the high mana cost, not that hard. I love microbots+evo, echoing mud or murloc and jade claws.


Krag’wa is kinda lose-winmore, removed.
Things from below isn’t really good because you always have better to do than hp so remove it for more tokens.
2nd bloodlust is heavy, 1 is enough.
You always want a developed board, not buffing spells.


I lost only 3 games 1 to odd face hunter, 1 to zoolock starting with 2 flame imps and 1 to even shaman. Last game i lost was a friendly match for a quest reward.
Not pretty much else to say, 23-3 speaks for himself.


Use other fun decks, this is bs and you’ll ruin the ladder.