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Wild Meme #5: Polyquest Mage

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This not plays as an OTK most of the times, you just get time from the quests themself. As in standard, mana cyclone plays as the ruler, but you have always tools to deal with the board.
AVG Winrate Rank 10-20 Wild Europe 69% 22-10


Play on curve. Do not save Antonidas on T7 because you will get another win condition in next 3 cards.
Apprentice turn 2 is ok, luna turn 3 is awsome.
Best play ever is T9 Vargoth+ quest so you play 2 more turns. Decide what to do, you can set up jaina dk, kalegos+ discovered power of creation or conjurers calling, you can blow your opponent with Antonidas alone.


Babbling book (play it on t1 before quest), ray of frost, apprentice, luna, shimmering tempest and ovb mana cyclone


MMM, not so sure. It works really well this way. Maybe 2elemental evocation are too much because you don’t feel good play it with shimmering tempest, waiting for a mana cyclone.


-Face hunter, secret tempo mage


The most fun and versatile deck of this Meme series, aloud crazy comebacks and swingboard.