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Wild Meme #1: Togwaggle Rogue

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Mill, Control, OTK counter. Suffers face damage (Tempo mage, Mid Hunter)
AVG. Winrate rank 10-20 Wild Europe: 53% 62-55
(Based on many iterations and versions of the same deck)


Play it as a Miracle deck, prefering draw as many card as possible instead of a big Edwin.
Your main aim is to finish the deck.
During the mid-game, when you have Togwaggle and 1 or 2 coldlight oracle in hand play King Thaurissan.
Basically switch deck and spam oracles. With 2 shadowstep and Valeera you can pull 40+ fatigue damage in 1 turn.

Giocalo come un Miracle, preferendo peschini al Tempo. Il tuo obiettivo è finire il mazzo.
Appena hai in mano Re Cobaldo e 1 o 2 oracoli gioca Thaurissan.
Finisci il mazzo, scambialo e spamma oracoli con i 2 passo nell’ombra e valeera. GG.


There are many good ones, basically any 2 mana drawing minion. As usual coin or backstab+elven minstrel is premium option. Potion mistress could be used t1, but that depends mostly on opponent hero (Rexxar/Anduin).

Quasi tutti, importantissimi i peschini a 2 mana per difendersi all’inizio. Moneta o pugnalata+ menestrello a t3 o t4 è sempre la scelta più saggia. La signora delle pozioni è buona sia subito come 2 2 a inizio partita che dopo valeera per curare 8 con soli 2 mana.


I’m testing now
-1 Fal’dorei strider
+1 Hemet


+minion based aggro

– Face aggro (healing is usually not enough if you don’t have both mistresses in opening hand.
– Big priest if you don’t get sap or vanish early enough.


I played more than 100 game to master all the strategies and counters, and I feel this is not enough yet. There will be a lot of branching paths to choose, so take your time and, most importantly, have fun.