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Hi: this is my first deck I publish, and I’m so excited. My idea isn’t original at all, but it take me so much fun. old god’s set give us some great cards to prist like embrace The shadow , corrupted healbot and volazj, that with old cards like zombie chow and justicar trueheart can manage some absurd combo.


Gameplay is pritty easy: you have to control The board. In this deck there are 4 board-clear like lightbomb and holynova. You have to make less than 10 damage to enemy, cose your full combo make 26 damage, but you can win without use your combo cose you have amazing drops:
Zombie chow is allway insane 1 drop
Healbot is a fatty minion that is great in all The situation.
Sylvanas: evergreen
Volazj: this card can ruin enemy day: u can copy insane powerful cards like: turn 9, duoble rag (Lol). Also it can copy zombie and corrupted healbot that with ambrace The shadow and duoble circole of healing can make full combo. But it is pritty hard to make.
Ah to make all The combo (that aren’t situational) you have to:
In your heand:
2x circle of healing
1x ambrace The shadow
1x N’zot
In The “graveyard” like mtg (Lol)
2x zombie
2x healbot
In The battlefild:

You have to deduct your cards with thaurissen and than gg.
There is a great problem for this deck: You can’t use circle of healing, cose there are essential to win.


You have to look all The time for zombie and deathlord


This is a for fun game: it isn’t to climb The ladder. Peace 🙂