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Hello everyone , I present to you a deck that fits very well to the current destination, exploits the characteristics of a classic Facehunter , but it has other good combo and a good late game .


Initially , in the first hand it is better to have an undertaker and some paper that goes together with it , otherwise even a mad scientist , with tessitela is a good starting hand .
Assessed in the case, whether or not to keep cards like King krush , which initially may be useless , but it can always be a good finisher already in hand .
The gameplay is simple , make trades with the necessary creatures , exploited your weapon to keep control of the camp , exploited combos including:
– Knife Thrower + trap snake / spider infested
– Magmascaglia + brand Hunter
– Herdsman cantankerous beast +
– Undertaker + cards with death rattle
Be very careful to use magmascaglia , which can be disadvantageous in the case of full board of small minions


You can replace, Lerooy Jenkins with king krush
You cna replace dreadscale with another 3 mana’s card