U.R.F. è ora disponibile!

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Ci siamo, U.R.F. è tornata, come previsto nella rotazione delle modalità!

Da oggi 22/4 fino al 24/4 sarà possibile giocare alla più amate delle modalità! Prendete i vostri campioni preferiti, che lo spam abbia inizio!

Before we begin: these changes are layered on top of what you saw the last time U.R.F. was around. Buffs, nerfs, and updates have happened since, so we’re adjusting accordingly.

First up: slowing down a few cases of perma-CC.


ULTRA RAPID COOLDOWNSpellcasts while overcharged reduce Ryze’s ability cooldowns by 100% 50% of Q – Overload’s cooldown
OVERLY OVERLOADEDOvercharged spellcasts no longer reduce the cooldown of Q – Overload


LESS SLOWE – Electro-Harpoon does not gain Danger Zone bonus while overheated
I SAID LESS SLOWE – Electro-Harpoon slow no longer stacks

Tahm Kench

ULTRA RAPID COOLDOWNQ – Tongue Lash U.R.F. cooldown increased to 80% (1.2 seconds) 60% (2.4 seconds)

If you think about it, “perma-living” is a very similar issue, hence the following two changes.


RUSTEDPassive – Iron Man shield gain on damage dealt reduced by 25%


BUSTEDW – Bastion shield max health percentage reduced by 50%

Last, bonus buffs for a few of the aforementioned anti-URF champs who don’t benefit as much from the Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing.

Aurelion Sol

WHY CAN’T I HOLD ALL THESEPassive – Center of the Universe star count increased to 4/5/6 (at levels 6/13/25)


EFFICIENCYPassive – Traveler’s Call meep upgrade requirement reduced to 5 chimes 2 chimes


RUSH DELIVERYThe Package spawn timer after use reduced to 8 minutes 1 minute (initial spawn unchanged)


DANCE FASTERQ – Dance of Arrows cooldown while in W – Wolf’s Frenzy reduced to 2 seconds 0.5 seconds

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U.R.F. è ora disponibile!
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