Patch 6.11 in arrivo, ecco cosa contiene!

Patch 6.11 in arrivo, ecco cosa contiene!

Profilo di xFolle

Domani 2 Giugno arriva sul live la patch 6.11, una patch “tranquilla” nel complesso, che porta alcune nuove skin e qualche bilanciamento, sempre grazie a Surrenderat20.


New Champion Skins

We have three new outrageous wrestling themed champion skins tagging in during 6.11 – El Leon Gnar, El Macho Mundo, and El Rayo Volibear!

Here are the individual loading screen slices for each of the three skins:


El Leon Gnar

750 RP

Here’s RiotKateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for El Leon Gnar:

“In this corner of the Rift, we have El Leon Gnar, ready for his next opponent!

El Leon Gnar will be 750 RP* and includes –

  • New model and texture for both Mini and Mega Gnar, as well as his (Q) Boomerang Throw/Boulder Toss.
  • Quality of life particles have been added for his auto attacks and (Q) Boomerang Throw, to match his updated boomerang!

El Leon Gnar is now available to play on the PBE! As players who experience a first hand look at this content, we appreciate constructive feedback – feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I’ll do my best to answer them! ^-^


*Prices subject to change.”


El Macho Mundo

1350 RP

Here’s RiotKateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for El Macho Mundo:
“And on the red side of the Rift, we have El Macho Mundo (even though he tends to go where he pleases).
El Macho Mundo will be 1350 RP* and includes –
  • New model and texture for not only Mundo, but for his weapons!
  • (Q) Infected Cleaver now has four different weapons – a bat, a championship belt, a chair and a ringside bell. These will all be selected at random every time (Q) Infected Cleaver is used!
  • New particles for (W) Burning Agony and (R) Sadism.
  • New SFX for (Q) Infected Cleaver – as well as different auto attacks, depending on the weapon in hand!
  • New recall animation!
El Macho Mundo is now available to play on the PBE! As players who experience a first hand look at this content, we appreciate constructive feedback – feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I’ll do my best to answer them! ^-^
*Prices subject to change.”

El Rayo Volibear

750 RP

Here’s Riot Nurse Flan with a Bugs & Feedback Thread for El Rayo Volibear:

El Rayo Volibear takes down his opponents in a flash! He was made with a lightning motif on his fur to match his theme!

  • Completely new model! (Luchador themed attire!)
  • Set to be 750 RP* (pricing always subject to change)

As players who get the first look at this in-progress skin, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and feelings on the new El Rayo Volibear skin! The feedback and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. :]

See you on the Rift!”

New Ward Skin

To go along with the new skins we also have a new El Poro Ward skin!

El Poro Ward

640 RP


New Summoner Icons

New summoners icons based on the wrestling skins are also tagging in this cycle – one for the previously released El Tigre Braum skin and one for the new Gnar, Volibear, and Mundo skins.
We also have some new and updated NA and EU LCS icons as the Summer Split starts soon!
NewApex GamingSchalke 04
UpdatedNRG Esports, H2K GamingRoccat GamingVitality Gaming, Machi

With the regional leagues starting back up soon, several new esports team icons have also been added!

LCK: Ever, MVP

LMS: J Gaming

VCSA:  Boba Marines, Saigon Jokers, Super Hype Gaming, An Phat Ultimate, Hai Anh T Team, ToRa 269, Zotac United, Cantho Cherry, Fate Team, SkyRed

LAN/LAS: HavoksGaming, ZAGA Talent Gaming, BrawL.Lan, Kaos Latin Gamers (wrong color icon)

Brazil: Operation Kino e-Sports, Big Gods Esports

LCL: ANX, Team Just.MSI, TORNADO ROX, Gambit Gaming

LJL: DetonatioN Gaming, Rampage, 7th Heaven, BlackEye, Unsold Stuff Gaming, Scarz

OPL: Abyss Esports, Tainted Minds
LPL: Royal Never Give Up, Oh My God, NewBee, I MAY, Invictus Gaming, Edward Gaming, Vici Gaming, Snake Esports, Game Talents, Team World Elite, LGD Gaming, Saint Gaming

Turkey: Beşiktaş e-Sports Club

Updated Nidalee Skin Splash Arts

Following Tristana and Trundle in recent patches, the 6.11 PBE cycle includes updated skin splash arts for Nidalee!

Snow Bunny Nidalee

Leopard Nidalee

[Loading Screen Slice // Old Splash]

French Maid Nidalee

[Loading Screen Slice // Old Splash]

Pharaoh Nidalee

[Loading Screen Slice // Old Splash]

Bewitching Nidalee

[Loading Screen Slice // Vintage Treatment LS Slice // Old Splash ]


/Remake live on PBE 

While we’ve seen strings appear on the PBE in previous cycles, here’s RiotNeuroCat with more info on the recently announced remake option that is heading to the PBE for testing in preparation for a live test on NA during 6.11!

“Hi everyone,

/Remake is now live on on PBE – Socrates gave a good run down of the feature here. /Remake isn’t fully complete yet, so expect the following things to be added:

  • Hextech crafting items will not be given out for remade games when the feature goes live
  • Match History will more clearly indicate when a particular game was remade
  • We’ll be adding a clearer explanation post-game for high-tier players who take a loss

If you have an AFK in your game, please take the opportunity to test /remake and give us some feedback. Let us know if you have any questions!”

You can try out /remake in game by typing “/remake” in chat after any player has been dc’d or flagged as afk for at least 90 seconds at the three minute mark of the game and there has not been a first blood.


RGMQ Testing: Hexakill: Twisted Treeline

[Turned off on 5/25 for LotPK testing, leaving up for reference on new changes!]

Here’s RiotStephiroth with more info on Hexakill: TT, which is now available on the PBE for testing:

“Heya guys! ^__^v

Hexakill: Twisted Treeline is back, and ready for action!

We’ve made a small tweak since this mode was last live:

New Altar Functionality (note: This was listed in last time’s notes, however this change did not make it to live)

  • Passive: The Altar buff now provides a “Chalice-style” Mana Regeneration
  • 1 Altar captured: +10 % movespeed
  • 2 Altars captured: Minions spawn with +15% HP and damage

We also have some bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Mordekaiser W was not properly giving EXP on Twisted Treeline. (This also applies to normal Twisted Treeline, not just Hexakill!)
  • [WILL BE ON TOMORROW] Fixed a bug where Kindred cannot hunt the 6th champion in the game.

We also did some minor particle clean-up on the Altars, however if we did everything right, you won’t notice anything at all. 🙂

As always, thanks for playing our modes and helping us squash bugs. <3 If you see a bug, feel free to report here! And if you have feedback, drop a comment below.”



  • Cloud Drake’s dragon pit wall color has been changed.
  • The personalized shop is mysteriously back on the PBE! It is now just called “Your shop”. The top of the shop lists an end dates, which has changed over the course of this pbe cycle.
  • While not enabled for testing yet, A new “Center Camera Highlight” option has been added. It appears this will put a glow around your character whenever you use a hot key to center the camera on your champion. Here’s a brief preview video of the effect in action, although the option to enable/disable it hasn’t been added in-game on the PBE yet – soon!

Balance Changes

Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn’t make it in – don’t freak out! These are not official notes.



  • Glacial Storm (R) mana drain per second increased to 40/50/60 from 30/45/60


  • Arise! (W) can no longer be used on towers to deal 60-230 (+.4 AP).
  • Emperor’s Divide (R):
    • Wall duration lowered to 3 seconds from 5/6/7
    • No longer grants 20% movement speed for 1 second when passing through wall for Azir and Allies


  • Missile Barrage (R) AD ratio increased to .2/.6/1 from .2/.5/.8


  • Z-Drive Resonance (Passive) 
    • Lock out on same target increased to 5 seconds from 3 seconds.

  • Timewinder (Q):
    • Initial damage AP ratio increased to (+.2 AP) from (+.1 AP)
    • Damage after delay lowered to 40/65/90/115/140 from 60/85/110/135/160
  • Parallel Convergence (W) stun duration lowered to 1.75 seconds from 2.25 seconds.
  • Chronobreak (R):
    • Base damage reduced to 150/300/450 from 200/350/500
    • AP ratio increased to 1.5 from 1.3


  • Prophet of an Elder God (Passive) – Tooltip changes!
    • All tentacle strikes now defined as “Slam“.
    • Tentacle lash damage (from E) and healing effect (from Q) moved to passive tooltip.
  • Tentacle Smash (Q) 
    • Now increases Slam damage by 10/15/20/25/30% rather than increasing AD damage ratio by 0/10/20/30/40%
    • Rather than it’s own damage, now deals damage equal to a tentacle Slam.
    • [Heal on tentacle hit moved to passive tooltip.]
  • Harsh Lesson (W)
    • [tooltip updated, now refers to the tentacle hits as Slam]
    • On next hit now deals damage equal to [3/3.5/4/4.5/5% (+2% per 100 AD)] of target’s maximum health from [15/35/55/75/95 + 10% AD]
    • Now has a bonus damage cap of 300 against monsters.
  • Test of Spirit (E)
    • [tooltip updated with Slamand damage display moved to passive.]
    • Slow duration changed to [1.5 seconds] from [decay over 2 seconds].
      • [NOTE: Slow now has full effect for 1.5 seconds instead of decaying over 2 seconds!]
  • Leap of Faith (R) [tooltip updated, now refers to the tentacle hits as Slam]


  • Relentless Assault (Passive) stacks now fall off one at a time rather than all at once.


  • Mark of the Kindred (P)
    • Now increases Q damage by 5 per stack.
    • Jungle marks now include Dragon, Blue, and Red Camps. **
      • [The “tiers” have also changed – 1/2]
  • Dance of Arrows (Q) 
    • Damage lowered to 55/75/95/115/135 from 60/90/120/150/180
    • Damage now increases by 5 for every passive stack.
  • Mounting Dread (E)
    • Slow down to 50% from 70%
    • Damage lowered to 40/75/110/145/180 from 60/90/120/150/180


  • Piercing Light (Q) 
    • Bonus AD scaling lowered to 60/70/80/90/100% from 60/75/90/105/120%
    • Passthrough ranged reduced by 200, down to 900 from 1100. [comparison.]
  • Ardent Blaze (W) [range reduced by 100]



  • Base Health regen reduced to 1.4 from 1.7356
  • Health regen growth reduced to .15 from 0.17
  • Arcane Smash (Q) cooldown increased to 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 from 6 at all ranks


  • Prowl (Passive) [range for 30% movement speed towards visible champions down to 1400 from 5500]
  • Pounce (Cougar W) 
    • Cooldown reset on W to Hunted Targets and killing units in Cougar now  3/2.5/2/1.5  from 1.5s (70%) at all ranks.
      • [REMINDER: 4 ranks since it based on R rank]


  • Overload (Q) damage reduced to 60/90/120/150/180 from 60/95/130/165/200
  • Desperate Power (R) cooldown increased to 50 seconds from 50/40/30


  • Decrepify (Q) damage reduced to 30/48/65/83/100 from 30/50/70/90/110
  • Ravenous Flock (R) healing vs champion reduced to 20/30/40 from 30/45/60


  • Base health increased to 520 from 500
  • Threaded Volley (Q):
    • Mana cost lowered to 50/55/60/65/70 from 60/65/70/75/80 **
    • Worked Ground base duration lowered to 140 from 180.  **
    • Now deals 50% extra damage to minions.


  • Plasma Fission (Q) slow now decays over 1/1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6 seconds from 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2
  • Life Form Disintegration Ray (R) 
    • Base damage reduced  to 450/625/800 from 500/725/950
    • Now applies passive – Added to tooltip “Enemies that stay in the beam will periodically gain Organic Deconstruction stacks.”
      • [“Right now applies a stack every .7 second they remain in the beam – so no immediate stack.” – BelugaWhale via reddit.]



  • Razor Shuriken (Q)
    • Base damage reduced to 70/105/140/175/210 from 75/115/155/195/235
    • AD ratio reduced to .9 from 1.0
    • Damage on Multi hit on same target increased to 75% from 50%

Berserker’s Greaves

  • Attack speed increased to 35% from 30%

Boots of Swiftness

  • Movement Speed lowered to 55 from 60

Ninja Tabi

  • Unique Passive damage block from basic attacks increased to 12% from 10%



  • Total Price reduced to 1100 from 1200
  • Attack speed lowered to 35% from 50%
  • Now Builds into Trinity Force.

Trinity Force

  • Now Builds out of Stinger instead of Zeal.
  • Total price reduced to 3733 from 3800
  • Attack speed increased to 40% from 15%
  • Cooldown reduction increased to 20% from 10%
  • Critical Strike Chance reduced to 0 from 20%


Wit’s End
  • Total cost lowered to 2500 from 2800
  • Negatron cloak added to build path


The following content has been testing on the PBE but will not be going to live in the patch.

[LCU] May 18th Update – Profile.

As the League Client Update continues to test on the PBE, the update profile page now working on the PBE LCU! Here’s CapnBranFlakes with more information:

===UPDATE: 18 MAY 2016===

Hi League client update PBE testers!

We shared some information yesterday about a preview of the Profile page — it’s now accessible on the PBE alpha client, and still just as barebones as mentioned in that link. Reminder! We’ll roll out more fleshed-out Profile pages in the coming weeks, so until then, please continue to keep your testing focused on Summoner’s Rift and ARAM.

Thanks again for joining us on the frontline!”

Here’s a few pictures of the updated profile page, which is still very much a WIP!
While the back ground will change based on recently frequently played champions, using an ultimate skin icon will switch your background to an animated version of that skin – Examples: Spirit Guard UdyrDJ SonaPulsefire Ezreal.
The PBE LCU is open to all PBE testers, see [this thread] for more information on how to get started with testing as well as known issues and updates! Sign ups for the LIVE (not PBE) LCU Alpha can be found here.

League Client Update Alpha PBE Testing

League Client Update Alpha has returned to PBE!  With this, the League Client Update Alpha is open to all PBE testers! Please see [this thread] for information on how to download the updated client, known issues, and more. Both Summoner’s Rift and ARAM are now available for testing with PBE LCU Alpha!

Here’s a small gallery of screenshots now that the LCU Alpha is back up on the PBE:
For the latest on the LCU Alpha, check out this page.

LEC: Adam non sarà più il titolare del Team BDS

LEC: Adam non sarà più il titolare del Team BDS

Profilo di Rios

Secondo quanto riportato da LEC Wooloo su Upcomer, il Team BDS sarebbe pronto a rivoluzionare il proprio roster in vista del prossimo split. A farne le spese saranno AdamLIMIT, rispettivamente toplaner e supporto della squadra elvetica.

I due sembrano non aver convinto la dirigenza, che li sposterà nel Team BDS Academy, squadra cadetta che milita attualmente in LFL. Un passo indietro piuttosto importante per il giovane Adam, che sembrava essere una delle nuove stelle del competitivo europeo.

Chiaramente parliamo ancora di rumors non ufficiali, ma difficilmente ciò che è riportato da Wooloo poi si rivela falso o senza fondamento.

Il Team BDS si prepara per il prossimo split della LEC

Spazio ai rookie

Lo spring split 2022 della LEC non è stato particolarmente ricco di soddisfazioni per il Team BDS, che non è riuscito a trovare un suo stile di gioco. La squadra ha chiuso il campionato al nono posto, davanti agli Astralis di solo un punto.

Molti avevano grosse aspettative per questo roster, composto per tre quinti da quei Karmine Corp che avevano dominato l’EU Masters nel 2021. Purtroppo le cose non sono andate nel verso giusto, ed anche Adam non è riuscito a dare quel quid in più al suo team.

Proprio per questi motivi sopracitati, la dirigenza dei BDS ha deciso di dare una scossa al roster. Secondo quanto riportato da LEC Wooloo, infatti, AdamLIMIT non saranno più i titolari nel prossimo split. Agresivoo ed Erdote sono pronti a prendere il loro posto, lasciando la LFL per fare il grande salto.

Nonostante tutto, però, AdamLIMIT non lasceranno la galassia dei BDS, ma saranno retrocessi proprio nel Team BDS Academy in cui militano Agresivoo ed Erdote. Sarà la mossa giusta per rialzare le sorti della squadra? Al momento è difficile dirlo, ma onestamente non crediamo che sia facile ricostruire la sinergia di un roster da zero in un periodo così breve di off-season.

MSI 2022: Riot spiega perché il ping artificiale non ha funzionato

MSI 2022: Riot spiega perché il ping artificiale non ha funzionato

Profilo di Rios

Ormai lo sappiamo, il MSI 2022 sarà ricordato per la questione del “ping artificiale”, che ha generato diverse polemiche durante il group stage. Persino Faker ha parlato della cosa, dichiarando che le prestazioni dei T1 sono state influenzate dalla latenza troppo alta.

Si è creato un vero e proprio caso, a cui però Riot ha voluto rispondere attraverso un articolo molto tecnico e complesso. Questo ha voluto fugare tutti i dubbi dei tifosi e delle squadre, ponendo (si spera) fine alla questione una volta per tutte.

Andiamo a leggere alcune dichiarazioni dei tecnici di Riot, cercando di sintetizzare e rendere semplici alcuni concetti difficili da capire.

Il “ping artificiale” del MSI 2022


Se in questo giorni non avete seguito la querelle legata al “ping artificiale” del MSI 2022, facciamo un breve riassunto dei fatti. I campioni della LPL, gli RNG, non si sono potuti fisicamente recarsi a Busan (sede del torneo) a causa di varie ragioni che hanno a che fare con il COVID e le restrizioni poste in campo dal governo di Pechino.

La squadra, una volta tornata in patria, avrebbe dovuto rispettare ben 21 giorni di quarantena, un periodo di tempo che non avrebbe permesso al team di prepararsi correttamente per lo split della LPL e per gli Asian Games 2022 (successivamente rinvitati).

Gli RNG sono una delle squadre più importanti del mondo, non averla al MSI 2022 avrebbe reso il torneo meno entusiasmante da guardare, come dichiarato anche da Ocelote (proprietario dei G2 Esports). Per ovviare a questo problema, Riot ha deciso di far giocare la squadra da remoto.

Questa cosa, però, avrebbe creato una condizione di disparità importante tra gli RNG ed i team presenti a Busan, in quanto questi ultimi avrebbero giocato con una latenza nettamente inferiore. Per garantire l’integrità competitiva e delle condizioni paritarie per tutti, Riot ha deciso d’introdurre un “ping artificiale” di 35ms comune a tutti a team.

Benché l’intenzione fosse la migliore, la realizzazione ha lasciato a desiderare. Molte squadre hanno esplicitamente dichiarato di giocare su una latenza maggiore di 35, portando Riot ad aprire delle indagini. Dopo le verifiche del caso, l’azienda ha trovato il problema ed ha preso una decisione difficile: far rigiocare tutte le partite del girone d’andata agli RNG.

Questa cosa ha creato non pochi problemi e non poche lamentele, in primis proprio dagli RNG. Per rispondere a queste critiche e chiudere definitivamente la cosa, Riot ha fornito delle ulteriori spiegazioni.

E’ sempre colpa dei bug

Nell’articolo pubblicato sul sito di LoL Esports, i tecnici hanno spiegato per filo e per segno come avrebbe dovuto funzionare il “ping artificiale” del MSI 2022. Purtroppo, però, un bug si è insinuato nel codice del software che genera questa latenza. Di fatto, i team presenti a Busan, hanno giocato con un ping variabile tra i 50 ed 55ms, subendo anche un fenomeno di packet loss.

“Mentre i giocatori in Cina avevano un ping di 35 ms, a Busan era più alto. Sfortunatamente il problema non è stato rilevato fino all’inizio dell’evento. Non abbiamo rilevato prima il problema perché era presente un bug nel codice e questo calcolava male la latenza, quindi anche i valori nei nostri log erano sbagliati. Di conseguenza, il nostro monitoraggio è continuato e i test precedenti hanno mostrato che tutto funzionava correttamente, anche se la realtà era diversa.”

MSI 2022: ecco la schedule completa del rumble stage

MSI 2022: ecco la schedule completa del rumble stage

Profilo di Rios

Dopo una fase a gruppi priva di emozioni, che ci ha consegnato ben tre squadre imbattute, tutto è pronto per dare il via al rumble stage del MSI 2022. Infatti Riot ha reso nota la schedule ufficiale dell’evento, mostrandoci i match che vedremo a partire da venerdì 20.

Si inizia subito fortissimo, con i G2 Esports ed i T1 che si affronteranno nel match inaugurale. Ma per i campioni della LEC le fatiche non finiscono qui, perché nello stesso giorno dovranno affrontare anche i fortissimi Royal Never Give Up.

Prepariamoci ad uno spettacolo di altissimi livello, che ci porterà verso le fasi finali di questo torneo combattutissimo.

La schedule del rumble stage del MSI 2022

Settima giornata (venerdì 20 maggio)

  • G2 vs T1 (10:00)
  • Evil Geniuses vs RNG (11:00)
  • PSG Talon vs Saigon Buffalo (12:00)
  • G2 vs RNG (13:00)
  • Evil Geniuses vs Saigon Buffalo (14:00)
  • PSG Talon vs T1 (15:00)

Ottava giornata (sabato 21 maggio)

  • Evil Geniuses vs G2 (10:00)
  • PSG Talon vs RNG (11:00)
  • Saigon Buffalo vs T1 (12:00)
  • Evil Geniuses vs PSG Talon (13:00)
  • RNG vs T1 (14:00)
  • Saigon Buffalo vs G2 (15:00)

Nona giornata (domenica 22 maggio)

  • Evil Geniuses vs T1 (10:00)
  • PSG Talon vs G2 (11:00)
  • Saigon Buffalo vs RNG (12:00)
  • PSG Talon vs T1 (13:00)
  • G2 vs RNG (14:00)
  • Evil Geniuses vs Saigon Buffalo (15:00)

Decima giornata (lunedì 23 maggio)

  • PSG Talon vs G2 (10:00)
  • Evil Geniuses vs T1 (11:00)
  • Saigon Buffalo vs RNG (12:00)
  • G2 vs T1 (13:00)
  • PSG Talon vs Saigon Buffalo (14:00)
  • Evile Geniuses vs RNG (15:00)

Undicesima giornata (martedì 24 maggio)

  • Saigon Buffalo vs G2 (8:00)
  • Evil Geniuses vs PSG (9:00)
  • Saigon Buffalo vs T1 (10:00)
  • PSG Talon vs RNG (11:00)
  • Evil Geniuses vs G2 (12:00)
  • RNG vs T1 (13:00)

Una nota sugli orari

Vi ricordiamo che gli orari riportato in questa schedule sono puramente indicativi, in quanto le partite successive alla prima potrebbero iniziare prima o dopo rispetto a all’ora indicata. Inoltre vi ricordiamo che per l’ultima giornata del rumble stage si inizierà due ore prima, in quanto nello stesso giorno si giocheranno eventuali spareggi.