Patch 6.10, ecco cosa ci aspetta!

Patch 6.10, ecco cosa ci aspetta!

Profilo di xFolle

Grazie a Surrenderat20 ecco la patch 6.10, che come sempre dovrebbe arrivare mercoledì in Live, dopo la grande patch dei Maghi e degli ogetti AP/Mana, questa patch è molto più “tranquilla”, porta la nuova campionessa Taliyah (anche se come sempre arriverà poco dopo la patch), nuove skins e vari bilanciamenti.

New Champion: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver

Taliyah, the Stoneweaver makes her PBE debut in the 6.10 PBE cycle! Before we slide into a better look at our next champion, check out her champion reveal! While she’s on the PBE, be sure to drop off any and all feedback & bugs reports here – [Taliyah PBE feedback thread] [Taliyah PBE Bug thread]

Taliyah, the Stoneweaver

Stats & Abilities

Base Stats:
  • Base HP: 500
  • HP Growth: 75
  • Mana: 340
  • Mana Growth: 60
  • Base HP Regen: 1.2
  • HP Regen Growth: 0.14
  • Mana Regen Per Sec: 1.4
  • Mana Regen Per Sec Growth: .17
  • Base Damage: 56
  • Damage Growth: 3.3
  • Base Armor: 20
  • Armor Growth: 3
  • Base Magic Resist: 30
  • Move speed: 325
  • Attack Range: 525

Rock Surfing (Passive):

Taliyah gains 20-40 % movement speed by running near walls. Only occurs out of combat.

  • Level 1 – 18: 20/22/23/24/26/27/28/29/30/31/32/33/34/35/37/38/39/40%

Threaded Volley (Q):


60/65/70/75/80 Mana

10/8.5/7/5.5/4 sec Cooldown

Hurls 5 rocks in a direction, dealing 60/80/100/120/140 (+.4 AP) magic damage in a small area around the first enemy hit. Subsequent hits on the same unit deal 50% reduced damage. Creates Worked Ground for 180 (scales down with cdr) seconds.

Taliyah gains [10-20%, half of passive] movement speed on Worked Ground. Casting Threaded Volley on Worked Ground only hurls 1 rock but refunds half it’s mana cost.

[Worked Ground standing on vs not standing on]

Seismic Shove (W):


70/80/90/100/110 Mana

16/14/12/10/8 sec Cooldown

First cast: Target a location. After a short delay, enemies caught within the area will be knocked up and dealt 60/80/100/120/140 (+.4 AP) magic damage.

Second Cast: Pick a direction. If you do, enemies will be pushed in this direction.

Unraveled Earth (E):


90/95/100/105/110 Mana

16/14/12/10/8 sec Cooldown

Places a field of dash-sensitive traps that deal 80/105/130/155/180 (+.4 AP) magic damage and slow enemies in the area by 20% (+ ~4% per 100 AP). After 4 seconds, the traps explode, dealing damage again.

Enemies dashing, being pushed, or being pulled though Unravelled Earth will trigger traps, taking 40/52.5/65/77.5/90 (+.2 AP) magic damage from each trap (maximum 4).

Weaver’s Wall (R):

 [RANGE – 3000/4500/6000]

100 Mana

160/140/120 sec Cooldown

Cast once to create a wall. Recast immediately to ride ahead of the wall. Moving or recieving damage will cause Taliyah to stop.

Weaver’s Wall lasts for 6/7/8 seconds. Deactivate this spell to break the wall early.

and here’s a video showing off each of her abilities in-game:


Here’s Taliyah’s voiceover, clocking in at over 12 minutes!

Here’s a video showing off all of Taliyah’s special interactions!

Freljord Taliyahalso has unique VO lines for AsheBraumLissandra, and Sejuani.

Several non-English Taliyah voiceovers were also added this cycle:


As well as her champion select quote:
Know the loom, Be the stone.”



Taliyah’s login was also added this cycle:


Here’s Taliyah’s short form in-client lore, expect a longer introduction on her champion page on release!

“Taliyah is a nomadic mage from Shurima who weaves stone with energetic enthusiasm and raw determination. Torn between teenage wonder and adult responsibility, she has crossed nearly all of Valoran on a journey to learn the true nature of her growing powers. Compelled by rumors of the rise of a long-dead emperor, she returns to protect her tribe from dangers uncovered by Shurima’s shifting sands. Some have mistaken her tender heart for weakness and paid the price for their error, for beneath Taliyah’s youthful demeanor is a will strong enough to move mountains, and a spirit fierce enough to make the earth tremble.”


Release skin – Freljord Taliyah

Last up we have Taliyah’s release skin – Freljord Taliyah!

Freljord Taliyah

1350 RP

Here’s RiotKateyKhaos with a Bugs & Feedback thread for Freljord Taliyah:

Freljord Taliyah slides her way onto the Rift, leaving an icy trail behind her!

Freljord Taliyah will be 1350 RP** and includes –

  • New model and texture – Frosty blue and white clothing!
  • New icy snow particles for all skills, auto attacks, recall animation!
  • New SFX for all skills, auto attacks, recall animation, as well as special VO interactions with several Freljordian champions*.
  • New recall animation, complete with an adorable, baby moose. :3

*Special VO interactions can be triggered by using /taunt – mostly with her allies, but there are a few enemy lines, so keep an ear out!

This skin is not legacy.

Freljord Taliyah is now available to play on the PBE! As players who experience a first hand look at this content, we appreciate constructive feedback – feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I’ll do my best to answer them! ^-^


**Prices subject to change.”


New Champion Skins

6.10 includes three new skins: Super Galaxy FizzSuper Galaxy Kindred, and Super Galaxy Shyvana.

Super Galaxy Fizz
1350 RP

Here’s RiotKateyKhaos with a Bugs & Feedback thread for Super Galaxy Fizz:

Super Galaxy Fizz is suited up and ready for battle on the Rift!

Super Galaxy Fizz will be 1350 RP* and includes –

  • New model and texture – shiny blue armor for Fizz, as well as for his shark (and idle animation fin!)
  • New particles for all skills, auto attacks, and recall animation!
  • New SFX for all skills, auto attacks and recall animation – pew pew!
  • New recall animation where Fizz hops in his mech, ready for battle!

This skin is not legacy.

Super Galaxy Fizz is now available to play on the PBE! As players who experience a first hand look at this content, we appreciate constructive feedback – feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I’ll do my best to answer them! ^-^


*Prices subject to change.”


Super Galaxy Kindred

1350 RP

Here’s RiotKateyKhaos with a Bugs & Feedback thread for Super Galaxy Kindred:

Super Galaxy Kindred assembles onto the Rift to take on anyone who stands in her way!

Super Galaxy Kindred will be 1350 RP* and includes –

  • New model and texture – suited up in sleek orange and yellow armor
  • New particles for all skills, auto attacks, recall animation and Wolf’s trail!
  • We’ve added more sounds to the AA, (Q), (E) and (R), and they have sounds on their (W). Kindred will also have a new sound for when they collects their bounty. (This won’t be in until Monday, though!)
  • New recall animation!

This skin is not legacy.

Super Galaxy Kindred is now available to play on the PBE! As players who experience a first hand look at this content, we appreciate constructive feedback – feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I’ll do my best to answer them! ^-^


*Prices subject to change.”

Super Galaxy Shyvana

1350 RP

Here’s Galetta with a Bugs & Feedback thread for Super Galaxy Shyvana:

Super Galaxy Shyvana is suited up and ready to help Rumble keep the cosmos safe from evil-doers! With her fellow teammates, Kindred and Fizz, nothing can stop them!
Internally, we like to imagine the human form of Shyvana as the pilot of her mecha dragon form!
  • Completely new human/dragon model (fancy pilot suit and mecha dragon!)
  • New particles for both human/dragon abilities! (pew pew!)
  • New sound effects for abilities! (extra shiny sfx!)
  • New recalls! (so flashy!!)
Set to be *1350RP (pricing always subject to change!)
As players who get the first look at this in-progress skin, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and feelings on the new Super Galaxy Shyvana! The feedback and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. :]
See you on the Rift!”

[This skin also includes turn tech for Shyvana’s skins in dragon form.]


New Summoner Icons

Six new Super Galaxy themed summoner icons have been added – there are two for each of the three upcoming skins – Super Galaxy Fizz and his shark, Lamb and Wolf from Super Galaxy Kindred, and one for Super Galaxy Shyvana in human and dragon form.

With the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational Semifinals & Finals May 13-15th, four new gilded regional summoner icons were also added for each of the regions that made it into the knock out stage.

While there are four icons total added to the PBE, only the gilded icon for the winner of MSI’s region will be available on live.

“In addition to the reward for the icon competition, we will also be offering an exclusive MSI 2016 gilded regional icon to the region whose team wins the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational. The winning icon will be available globally from May 16 – May 30 for 1 IP in the winning region and 250 RP in all other regions.”


Updated Splash Art

Following the new Trundle skin splash arts in 6.9, five new Tristana skin splash arts have been added in today’s update – Riot Girl Tristana, Earnest Elf Tristana, Firefighter Tristana, Guerilla Tristana, & Buccaneer Tristana ! While not a new asset, Rocket Girl Tristana’s splash was also changed slightly.

Riot Girl Tristana

Earnest Elf Tristana

Firefighter Tristana
Guerilla Tristana

Buccaneer Tristana

Rocket Girl Tristana

[Not a new art asset. Edits to old splash include: ears bigger, four fingers, & other tweaks.]

Shurima Lore Updates

Several Shurima champions have had their short form lore updated in this cycle. Be sure to check out the Shurima page for the longer form of these introductions and additional stories.


”Solitude can be lonelier than death.”

A lonely and melancholy soul from ancient Shurima, Amumu roams the world in search of a friend. Cursed by an ancient spell, he is doomed to remain alone forever, as his touch is death and his affection ruin. Those who claim to have seen him describe Amumu as a living cadaver, small in stature and covered in bandages the color of lichen. Amumu has inspired myths, folklore, and legends told and retold for generations – such that it is impossible to separate truth from fiction.



”Shurima was once the glory of Runeterra. I will make it so again.”

Azir was a mortal emperor of Shurima in a far distant age, a proud man who stood at the cusp of immortality. His hubris saw him betrayed and murdered at the moment of his greatest triumph, but now, millennia later, he has been reborn as an Ascended being of immense power. With his buried city risen from the sand, Azir seeks to restore Shurima to its former glory.


”What was fallen will be great again.”

Nasus is an imposing, jackal-headed Ascended being from ancient Shurima, a heroic figure regarded as a demigod by the people of the desert. Fiercely intelligent, he was a guardian of knowledge and peerless strategist whose wisdom guided the ancient empire of Shurima to greatness for many centuries. After the fall of the empire, he went into self-imposed exile, becoming little more than a legend. Now that the ancient city of Shurima has risen once more, he has returned, determined to ensure it never falls again.




Idolized by many, dismissed by some, mystifying to all, the curious being, Rammus, is an enigma. Protected by a spiked shell, Rammus inspires increasingly disparate theories on his origin wherever he goes – from demigod, to sacred oracle, to a mere beast transformed by magic. Whatever the truth may be, Rammus keeps his own counsel and stops for no one as he roams the desert.



”Blood and vengeance.”

Renekton is a terrifying, rage-fueled Ascended being from the scorched deserts of Shurima. Once, he was his empire’s most esteemed warrior, leading the armies of Shurima to countless victories. However, after the empire’s fall, Renekton was entombed beneath the sands, and slowly, as the world turned and changed, he succumbed to insanity. Now free once more, he is utterly consumed with finding and killing his brother, Nasus, who he blames, in his madness, for the centuries he spent in darkness.



“I don’t care what face is on your coin, as long as it pays.”

Sivir is a renowned fortune hunter and mercenary captain who plies her trade in the deserts of Shurima. Armed with her legendary jeweled crossblade, she has fought and won countless battles for those who can afford her exorbitant price. Known for her fearless resolve and endless ambition, she prides herself on recovering buried treasures from the perilous tombs of Shurima – for a generous bounty. With ancient forces stirring the very bones of Shurima, Sivir finds herself torn between conflicting destinies.



”We are one. We cannot be shattered.”

Skarner is an immense crystalline scorpion from a hidden valley in Shurima. Part of the ancient Brackern race, Skarner and his kin are known for their great wisdom and deep connection to the land, as their souls are fused with powerful life crystals which hold the living thoughts and memories of their ancestors. In an age long past, the Brackern entered hibernation to avoid untold magical destruction, but recent, threatening events have roused Skarner. As the only Brackern awake, he strives to protect his kind from those who seek to harm them.



”A lifetime as a slave has prepared me for eternity as your master.”

Xerath is an Ascended Magus of ancient Shurima, a being of arcane energy writhing in the broken shards of a magical sarcophagus. For millennia, he was trapped beneath the desert sands, but the rise of Shurima freed him from his ancient prison. Driven insane with power, he now seeks to take what he believes is rightfully his and replace the upstart civilizations of the world with one fashioned in his image.


Champ Mastery Levels 6 and 7 Testing

[NOTE: Unsure if this is going to live. Will update if get confirmation!]

Here’s Socrates on the PBE testing of Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7, which will require earning Mastery Tokens and combining them with either a champion shard, champion permanent, or blue essence.

“Hey all,

When we launched Champion Mastery, our goal was to recognize you for playing the champs you love, and give you feedback on how well you play them. We tackled the first part with Champion Mastery ranks (levels), and implemented the second with the grade system shown at the end of game screen.

Now we’re excited to add another dimension to leveling up with the system, with a higher emphasis on demonstrating your actual mastery of your favorite champs. With new requirements in order to earn them, Mastery Levels 6 and 7 show off your skill as well as your dedication.

First, demonstrate your familiarity with a champ by reaching Mastery Level 5

Champion Mastery Level 6
– Once you’re Level 5 with a champion, earn an S- or higher in a champ mastery-enabled queue, you’ll unlock a Mastery token for that champion
– To unlock Level 6 using Hextech Crafting, combine 2 Mastery tokens plus one of the following: 500 blue essence, OR a champ shard of the same champ, OR the champ permanent of the same champ.

Champion Mastery Level 7
– Once you’re level 6, the next time you earn an S or higher in a champ mastery-enabled queue, you’ll earn a Mastery token for that specific champ
– To unlock Level 7 using Hextech Crafting, combine 3 Mastery tokens plus one of the following: 600 blue essence, OR a champ shard of the same champ, OR the champ permanent of the same champ.

We structured the performance requirement and cost in this way in order to ensure this builds on the former system, rewarding a combination of skill and participation. As you rank up, you’ll unlock new mastery badge emotes, new loading screen border flags, and the announcement banner upgrade to indicate your higher skill.

To make it easier to unlock the level once you’ve earned your Mastery tokens, we’re adding a mystery coin that yields a random champ shards that’ll be available for your choice of IP or RP. The mystery coin and Champion Mastery levels are only some of ways we’re expanding the value of shards and loot (especially for players who already own every champion), and we’ll keep looking for more.

We’ll be enabling this feature for testing on PBE in the coming days, and we’re looking for your feedback. Leave us your comments and questions below, and we’ll meet you leveling up mastery of our favorite champs!”

Here’s a short video showing the mastery 6 and 7 decorations and animations:

Early Surrender / Remake Option

[Early Surrender / Remake strings back on PBE, unsure yet if it is functional.]

Strings referencing an upcoming Early Surrender / Remake vote option have been re-added in today’s PBE update. Typing the comment “/remake” in chat will trigger the vote but things don’t appear to be fully hooked up yet. From the strings, seems like teams will be able to vote to remake the game if a player never connects to the game after champion select and no players are killed in-game.

Here are the two larger text strings:


 “Your team has X seconds to remake the game because a player dc’d and no kills occurred. Vote to end the game by typing /remake in chat.

Only the dc’d player will take a loss. This vote can only occur once.”


“To protect high-tier competitive integrity, your remake would count as a loss because the dc’d player is in your premade”

There are also a few other strings in there just saying vote failed and such.

“Definitely Not Dominion” game mode testing

[NOTE: This tested on and off during the 6.10 PBE cycle.]

Here’s L4T3NCY with information on the return of Dominion in the “Definitely Not Dominion” game mode that is up on the PBE for rotating game mode queue testing!

“Heya all ^_^/

Time for a fresh (but familiar) face in the RGM queue. This week we’re debuting the”Definitely Not Dominion” game mode on PBE to begin testing.

We’ve given the old Dominion some fairly heavy surgery. Originally designed as a long-term engagement experience as a permanent queue, we’ve shifted the mode into a short-term experience more befitting the RGM queue. While this isn’t the same as original Dominion (definitely not), it stills hold the essence of ‘capture and hold’ gameplay around that Dominion was iconic for, but with a lot more punch! Let’s get into the new stuff.

Changed map: 

We’ve removed the bottom 2 towers from play, making a total of 3 capture points around the map. Relegating 2 players to an eternal 1v1 while a 4v4 kinda happens across the rest of the map wasn’t working. We sealed a wedge along the bottom behind walls and a fountain style laser will zap you if you go near those points. This means each team will ALWAYS hold at least 1 point for minion spawning. The new map layout looks something like this:

Storm Altar: 

The center Storm Runes have been replaced with an altar that you can capture for a temporary combat buff. The Nimbus Storm buff gives you 3 charges that do 4/5/6% max HP true damage on any spell or attack. While controlling the altar, all allied team members also generate a free charge of the Storm Nimbus every 4 sec while in combat. Great for siege breaking and uprooting enemy teams that are dug-in on a point.

Ultra Minion Relics: 

Near the sealed bottom 2 points are 2 Ultra Minion Relics, 1 owned by each team. Capturing the enemy team’s Ultra Minion Relic will summon an Ultra Minion for your team in the next minion wave. These are serious minions. They capture WAY faster than any 1 champion, deal out punishment and are extremely tanky.

Backdooring to capture these still feels good if successful, but the defending team doesn’t need to go through the ‘chore’ of ‘recapping’ anything now, like they did with the old capture points. These Ultra Minion relics are capture and forget, respawning again a short time later.

Trinket change: 

All players now have a Seer Stone trinket which provides a short range burst of vision. On the Crystal Scar with so many bushes and face-checks, this can be very handy for scouting Ultra Minion relics or staying safe as a squishier champions.

Minion spawn & pathing changes: 

Minions used to disappear after capturing a point and it could feel really bad to spend your time pushing a big wave up to a point for capture, only to have it disappear afterwards and not continue on. Minions now spawn from ONLY the bottom 2 points, and walk clockwise or anti-clockwise respectively around the map. If they capture a point, they will KEEP ON GOING to the next point. This tug-of-war wave style for minions feels more satisfying for wave pushers and captures.

Known bugs & Updates: 

— Play flow art yet to be updated with new Ziggs sketch.
— When playing red side, Ultra Minion relic pads are wrong colour.
— Investigating end of game screen crash.

As with all modes, after enough testing on PBE we’ll hopefully roll them into the RGM queue. This mode has quite a bit more new stuff than previous modes so, we’ll try to let it soak across the weekend. Thanks for your help PBE peeps!

— L4T3NCY”

Here’s a few screenshots:



  • Kennen’s icon has been flipped and his eyes made brighter.
  • The scoreboard dragon icons now have color instead of using the team color.


Balance Changes

Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn’t make it in – don’t freak out! These are not official notes.



  • Unbreakable Will (R) damage reduction now 50/60/70% from 70% at all ranks.


  • Glacial Storm (R) 
    • Upkeep cost lowered to 30/45/60 from 40/50/60
    • R initial cast size increased to 200 from 150
    • R leash range increased to  1100 from 1000
    • Cast range increased to 750 from 685.
    • [Zhonya’s and Bard R no longer cancel R]**

Aurelion Sol

  • Celestial Expansion (W) cooldown increased to 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 from 6/5/4/3/2
  • Voice of Light (R) damage lowered to 150/250/350 from 200/300/400


  • Noxious Blast (Q) [range increased by ~100]
  • Miasma (W) 
    • No longer stops on terrain hit.
    • Eligible cast range changed to 500-900 from 550-800


  • Dark Wind (E) number of bounces reduced to 6 from 7


  • Harsh Lesson (W) cooldown lowered to 4 seconds at all ranks from 6/5.5/5/4.5/4


    • TLDR – Jinx rockets are back to their old AS at level 1, and now only scale poorly with AS she gets from items and levels (This is how Caitlyn works). With these changes rockets should be feeling faster ALL THE TIME unless you’re buying like 6 phantom dancers. E nerfs are to compensate for the increased lane power this is likely to give her.”
  • Switcheroo! (Q):
    • Rocket AS scaling now 25% less with bonus attack speed from all attack speed.
    • Rocket Attack speed level 1 increased to .625 from .531


  • Void Shift (Passive) cooldown increased to [30/18/10/6 seconds (at level 1/6/11/16) after taking direct damage from [23-6 seconds]

Master Yi

  • Meditate (W) AP ratio increased to .25 from .15
  • Wuju Style (E) actives bonus true damage increased to 14/23/32/41/50 from 12/19/26/33/40


  • Umbra Blades (Passive) now has a  .5 AP ratio.


  • Burnout (W)
    • Now has a .1 AP ratio on the AoE magic damage per second.
    • Now has a .025 AP ratio on the basic attack extra magic damage while effect is active.




  • Health growth increased to 90 from 78
  • Decrepify (Q) 
    • [Tooltip now shows max damage possible to minions and non-minions.]
  • Ravenous Flock (R)  [CONTEXT HERE.]
    • Healing vs minions now 8/11/13 (+3% AP) from 15% damage
    • Healing vs Champions now 30/45/60 (12% AP) from 75% damage.



  • Undying Rage (R) – while R is active, Tryndamere can now now not be reduced below 30/50/70 HP up from 1 HP


  • Organic Deconstruction (Passive) AP ratio increased to .5 from .4
  • Life Form Disintegration Ray (R) AP ratio increased to 1.25 from 1.0


  • Hemoplague (R) now heals for [150/250/350 ( +.7 AP) if one champion was hit plus 50% of that for each champion beyond the first] from [75/125/175 (+.35 AP) from per each champion hit.]


  • Shocking Orb (E) cooldown lowered to 13/12.5/12/11.5/11 from 18/16/14/12/10



Enchantment: Bloodrazor

  • Unique Passive now deals 4% target’s maximum health on hit from 3%
  • Attack speed increased to 50% from 40%

Hunter’s Machete + Jungle Items

  • Monster Hunting Bonus xp reward for killing monster higher level then you increased to +30 from +25

Ocean Drake

  • Buff now [restores 4/8/12% of missing health and mana every 5 seconds if not damage by champions within 5 seconds.] from [Restore 10% missing HP and MP every 18/12/6 seconds.]
Summoner Spells


  • Cooldown lowered to 180 seconds from 210 seconds.
  • Movement speed now scales up with level – increased to [28% at level one up to 45% at level 18] from 27%.
    • “Your champion can move through units and has 28-45% (depending on champion level) increased Movement Speed for 10 seconds.”


The following content has been testing on the PBE but will not be going to live in the patch.

League Client Update Alpha PBE Testing

League Client Update Alpha has returned to PBE!  With this, the League Client Update Alpha is open to all PBE testers! Please see [this thread] for information on how to download the updated client, known issues, and more. Both Summoner’s Rift and ARAM are now available for testing with PBE LCU Alpha!

Here’s a small gallery of screenshots now that the LCU Alpha is back up on the PBE:

For the latest on the LCU Alpha, check out this page.

Guardiani Stellari: quali sono le migliori skin del nuovo lotto?

Guardiani Stellari: quali sono le migliori skin del nuovo lotto?

Profilo di Rios

Il nuovo evento dei Guardiani Stellari ha portato su League Of Legends tante nuove skin, incluse due leggendarie ed una prestigio. Oggi prenderemo in esame quelle che, secondo noi, sono i must have di questo lotto rilasciato recentemente all’interno del gioco.

Alcune delle nostre scelte potrebbero sorprendervi, mentre altre sembrano quasi scontate. Non è stato comunque facile stilare questa classifica, in quanto la qualità delle skin rimane sempre altissima, a prescindere dai gusti personali di ogni singolo giocatore.

Insomma, Riot ha fatto un ottimo lavoro per questo evento (almeno sul lato delle skin), riportando una delle skinline più amate dai giocatori ad un livello eccellente.

Le migliori skin dei Guardiani Stellari

1-Morgana e Fiddlesticks Nemesi Stellare

Il nostro primo posto della classifica è occupato dai due “cattivi” di questo arco narrativo: Morgana Fiddlesticks. Infatti le loro skin Nemesi Stellare riesce a dare un look completamente diverso ad entrambi i campioni, facendo salire il valore complessivo della skin stessa.

Per quanto valgano “soltanto” 1350RP, sembrano appartenere ad un’altra fascia di prezzo. La quantità di effetti grafici nuovi, le voiceline ed il voiceover diverso rendono queste skin un assoluto must have. Speriamo vivamente che Riot continui ad approfondire la skinline Nemesi Stellare perché potrebbe darci davvero tante soddisfazioni.

2-Kai’Sa ed Akali Guardiane Stellari

Subito nella nostra classifica delle skin dei Guardiani Stellari troviamo le skin di Kai’Sa ed Akali, le due leggendarie di questo evento. Qui il livello è davvero altissimo, specialmente per Akali, che grazie alla sua cortina fumogena riesce ad avere anche degli effetti grafici molto particolari e curati nei minimi dettagli.

Anche Kai’Sa non è da meno, sia chiaro, ma perde qualche punticino qui e lì. Infatti il viso del campione è fin troppo simile alla sua forma base, non ricalcando molto l’estetica della splashart e l’aspetto da ragazzina che dovrebbe avere il personaggio all’interno dell’evento.

Nonostante questo piccolo difetto, siamo davanti ad una skin spettacolare. Entrambe valgono il prezzo che costano (1820RP n.d.r.), e sicuramente sapranno darvi grandi soddisfazioni se giocate Akali e/o Kai’Sa.

3-Taliyah Guardiana Stellare

Taliyah Guardiana Stellare è stata una grossa sorpresa, lo dobbiamo ammettere. Infatti per essere una skin da 1350RP è curata in alcuni dettagli che solitamente vengono tralasciati. Prendiamo come esempio il pet che accompagna Taliyah, vero fulcro centrale di questa skin.

Infatti il simpatico animaletto sarà visibile in ben due abilità del campione: la W e la R. Nel primo caso sarà proprio lui a sbalzare in avanti i nemici con la spinta sismica, mentre diventerà una sorta di cavalcatura per Taliyah quando casta la R. Dei dettagli molto particolari, come dicevamo, che fanno guadagnare moltissimi punti a questa skin, rendendola una delle migliori del nuovo lotto dei Guardiani Stellari.

In più comprandola potete fare anche del bene, visto che il ricavato totale della vendita sarà completamente devoluto in beneficienza da Riot.

4-Ekko Guardiano Stellare

Anche la skin di Ekko, così come quella di Taliyah, è stata una piacevolissima sorpresa. Per quanto non ci sembrasse particolarmente convincente nella splashart, dobbiamo dire che il modello in game e gli effetti grafici delle abilità sono molto curati e ben fatti sotto tutti i punti di vista.

5-Syndra Guardiana Stellare (edizione prestigio)

Infine arriviamo a lei: la protagonista più desiderata di tutto l’evento dei Guardiani Stellari. Non è in prima posizione perché non è immediata da ottenere. Infatti bisogna comprare il pass ed accumulare 2200 gettoni, cosa non proprio facile da fare.

Nonostante questa piccola difficoltà, Syndra Guardiana Stellare è una skin prestigio di qualità eccelsa, come non se ne vedevano da tempo. Bisogna investire molto tempo per riuscire ad accaparrarsela, ma vi assicuriamo che ne varrà la pena alla fine.

Emmy 2022, ARCANE, la serie di League of Legends, fa il botto e porta a casa 3 premi, ecco quali

Emmy 2022, ARCANE, la serie di League of Legends, fa il botto e porta a casa 3 premi, ecco quali

Profilo di Gosoap

Traguardo importantissimo per Arcane, la serie ormai divenuta quasi un must per ogni fan del mondo di League of Legends, che anche agli Emmy 2022 riceve un successo clamoroso.

Un successo quello agli Emmy 2022 che ha rispecchiato perfettamente le aspettative dei fan ed anche dei profani, che comunque hanno trovato in Arcane una delle migliori produzioni del piccolo schermo basate su un videogioco.

Come riportato dalla stessa pagina ufficiale Twitter di Arcane, sono stati 3 i premi riscossi all’edizione di quest’anno degli Emmy. Li vediamo qui di seguito.

  • Anne-Laure To, Color Script Artist
    • Arcane • “The Boy Savior” • Netflix • A Riot Games and Fortiche Production for Netflix
  • Julien Georgel, Art Direction
    • Arcane • “Happy Progress Day!” • Netflix • A Riot Games and Fortiche Production for Netflix
  • Bruno Couchinho, Background Designer
    • Arcane • “When These Walls Come Tumbling Down” • Netflix • A Riot Games and Fortiche Production for Netflix

Per capire l’impatto che questa serei evento ha avuto sul pubblico mondiale, basti pensare che questi sono solo 3 dei premi che dovranno essere riscossi; questo perchè Arcane è ancora in lizza per altre riconoscenze ben più prestigiose.

Quanti premi raggiungerà Arcane alla fine di questa edizione 2022 degli Emmy Awards? Quale serie potrebbero minacciare il suo dominio? Come al solito la discussione è aperta!

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Pre-Stagione 2023: nuovi campioni, nuovi mid-scope update ed il ritorno del Drago Chemtech

Pre-Stagione 2023: nuovi campioni, nuovi mid-scope update ed il ritorno del Drago Chemtech

Profilo di Rios

L’anno di League Of Legends è ancora ben lungi dal finire, ma gli sviluppatori sono già proiettati verso la Pre-Stagione 2023 con diversi progetti. Nel video pubblicato pochi minuti fa sui social, infatti, ci è stato mostrato qualche dettaglio su ciò che vedremo nel prossimo futuro.

L’annuncio di un nuovo campione Darkin ha catalizzato l’attenzione del pubblico, e l’hype è già salito alle stelle. Ma non ci si è limitati solo a questo, dato che è stato anche esposto quello che sarà la direzione del bilanciamento del gioco.

Insomma, tanta carne al fuoco all’interno degli uffici di Riot, che sembra voler rilanciare il suo MOBA in grande stile.

Riot mostra i primi dettagli sulla Pre-Stagione 2023

Il nuovo Darkin

Partiamo da quello che ha attirato di più l’attenzione del pubblico: il nuovo Darkin. Questo personaggio sarà intrappolato in una daga, un’arma tipica degli assassini. Infatti, secondo quanto dichiarato da Riot Reav3, il portatore di questo peculiare coltello senziente ricadrà proprio all’interno di questa categoria di campioni.

Dal 2017 in poi non si sono più visti nuovi Darkin su League Of Legends, ed è proprio per questo motivo che i fan di tutto il mondo sono andati in visibilio. Purtroppo non sono stati forniti ulteriori dettagli su questo assassino, anche se crediamo che molto altro sarà svelato presto.

K’Sante, il nuovo toplaner di Shurima

Dopo aver dato qualche indizio nella champion roadmap di aprile, finalmente Riot ha rivelato il nuovo campione di Shurima in questo video della Pre-Stagione. Si tratta di K’Santel’orgoglio di Nazumah. Durante la presentazione Riot Reav3 ha presentato la lore di questa città-stato di Shurima, dichiarando esplicitamente che i suoi cittadini non venerano Azir a differenza degli altri shurimani.

Purtroppo non è stato mostrato molto del campione, ma è stato detto che questo sarà un tank, specificamente creato per la corsia superiore. Inoltre sappiamo che K’Sante brandisce un’arma molto particolare chiamata Ntofos, che non solo può essere usata come arma contundente da difesa, ma può anche essere rotta e rivelare le sue affilatissime lame.

Il nuovo campione di Ixtal

Come se tutti questi annunci non dovessero bastare, Riot Reav3 ha anche svelato un altro nuovo personaggio proveniente da Ixtal. Già in passato vi avevamo parlato della volontà degli sviluppatori di esplorare maggiormente questa regione, e sembra essere arrivato il momento adatto per farlo.

In questo caso avremo a che fare con un incantatore uomo, che arriverà nel prossimo anno ed già nelle primissime fasi del suo sviluppo. Questo campione, secondo Reav3, avrà uno stile di vita totalmente opposto rispetto a Qiyana, che non rappresenta il modo di fare e di vivere di tutto il popolo di Ixtal.

Anche per questo incantatore non sono stati forniti ulteriori dettagli interessanti, e dovremo aspettare ancora un po’ per vedere qualcosa di concreto.

I mid-scope update di Syndra e Neeko

NeekoSyndra non stanno vivendo un bel periodo all’interno di League Of Legends e, per questo motivo, un mid-scope update si è reso più che necessario. Queste modifiche andranno a dare una nuova linfa vitale al kit dei campioni, avendo come unico obiettivo quello di renderli dei buoni pick come già successo con i mid-scope update precedenti.

Non sono stati resi noti dettagli ulteriori e gli sviluppatori non ci hanno nemmeno detto cosa cambierà all’interno del kit dei due midlaner. Persino la data di arrivo di questi aggiornamenti è incerta, in quanto non è stata fornita alcuna ufficialità in questo senso.

“Rework” di Aurelion Sol

Dopo tanta attesa, Riot ha finalmente mostrato i visual update di Aurelion Sol, promesso tempo fa e poi disperso nell’etere. Adesso, però, abbiamo tra le mani qualche indizio in più sul suo kit. Infatti la Q permetterà ad Aurelion Sol di lanciare del fuoco stellare dalla bocca (similmente a quanto avviene ora con la R) finché avrà mana per farlo. Un flusso continuo, quindi, che potrà essere interrotto dal giocatore o dalla fine della barra del mana.

La W, invece, permetterà al Drago Celestiale di prendere il volo, senza però esser obbligato a percorrere una linea retta. Aurelion Sol potrà infatti muoversi come meglio crede durante la durata dell’abilità, cambiando direzione senza problemi. Le due abilità possono essere anche combinate tra di loro, dando ai giocatori un’arma incredibilmente efficace durante i fight e simile alla R di Vel’Koz.

Non sono state mostrare la nuova E e la nuova R, ma altri aggiornamenti in merito arriveranno prima della fine del 2022 (si spera).

L’ASU di Ahri arriva l’anno prossimo

Quello che diversi fan temevano da tempo si è infine realizzato: l’ASU di Ahri, atteso per il 2022, è stato rimandato al 2023. In tanti stavano aspettando queste modifiche estetiche per il campione, ma purtroppo dovranno arrendersi alla triste realtà. Riot ha mostrato ciò su cui stanno lavorando gli sviluppatori nel video della Pre-Stagione 2023, ma si tratta di pochi fotogrammi che non fanno vedere poi molto.

Le modifiche alla jungle

Il team di bilanciamento di League Of Legends ha dei piani ambiziosi in mente riguardanti la jungle. Il ruolo è sempre storicamente stato il più difficile di tutto il gioco, specialmente per chi ci si avvicinava per la prima volta. Ed è proprio questo il fattore chiave che Riot vuole modificare.

Riot Phroxzon ha infatti parlato di un generale semplificazione della jungle, che andrà ad addolcire la curva di apprendimento per i giocatori novizi. Il team sta provando diverse vie per realizzare queste cose, e sta valutando anche la possibilità di poter condividere i buff con gli alleati (come fa Ivern forse?). Inoltre potrebbero anche tornare i pet, ma di questo ve ne abbiamo già parlato in un articolo dedicato. 

Infine i devs stanno valutando un modo per reworkare il “sistema di pazienza” dei mostri della jungle, rendendolo molto meno punitivo.

Il ritorno del Drago Chemtech

Mai realmente amato, mai del tutto dimenticato ed infine diventato il seme della discordia di Riot, il Drago Chemtech ha suscitato reazioni contrastanti nella community di League Of Legends. Sin da quando è stato rimosso dal gioco, in molti si sono chiesti quando e se questo mostro sarebbe mai tornato.

Ebbene, il video della Pre-Stagione 2023 ha la risposta: il Drago Chemtech sta per tornare. Gli sviluppatori hanno ripensato tutto ciò che era legato a questo mostro epico, cambiando anche l’effetto della sua anima. Quest’ultima non permetterà più ai giocatori di diventare zombie per un breve periodo dopo la morte, ma garantirà più danni e danni ridotti aumentati ai campioni che hanno poca vita.

Purtroppo Phroxzon non ha specificato quali statistiche darà ogni singolo Drago Chemtech, ma ci ha fatto sapere che quando questo dominerà la Landa, non farà più apparire le tanto odiate zone d’ombra. Il nuovo Drago Chemtech andrà ad influenzare direttamente le piantine della jungle, mutandole e donando effetti aggiuntivi.

Il Bulbo della Visione, ad esempio, darà velocità di movimento aggiuntiva quando ci si muoverà verso i nemici rivelati, mentre il Bulbo Esplosivo avrà del range bonus.

Le skin Fright Night

A chiudere il cerchio della Pre-Stagione 2023 troviamo la nuova linea di skin Fright Night, dedicata ad AnnieUrgotRenata GlascDravenTrundle. Questo nuovo lotto sarà legato alla festività di Halloween, quindi dovremo vederlo a breve all’interno di League Of Legends.