Mithy e Zven lasciano gli Origen!

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Dopo i vari rumors sull’uscita di Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen e Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez dagli Origen, arriva la conferma direttamente dalla “mamma” di xPeke (che ha un ruolo manageriale nello staff).

Today we are very sad to announce the departure of two team members, causing Origen to go through some changes for next LCS split. Here is what XMom told us in regards to these changes:

“For a while there have been rumors that there would be roster changes within the organization. The speculations stated that Zven and Mithy wanted to leave Origen to go to another team.

During that time we could not make any comments, since nothing was set in stone. Upon discussion with the mentioned players to try to keep them with us and then ratify their intentions of playing for team, we began negotiations with the club that was interested in them. These negotiations were long and very challenging but last night we finally reached an agreement. Despite our best efforts to keep the team together, we can now announce that Mithy and Zven will no longer be with us.

It is a sad situation because two comrades are leaving, and difficult because we had very little time to find a pair of great players to replace them.

We are certain that you will love our new players, and as always, we expect you to welcome them and give them all of your support.”

Ancora non sappiamo dove andrà l’ex-duo bot degli Origen, anche se alcuni rumors indicano i G2, ipotesi molto avvalorata visto che Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal, support dei G2 ha fatto i tryouts per i TSM.

Mithy e Zven lasciano gli Origen!
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