Ecco il rework di Arthas in azione!

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Ecco palesarsi il Rework di Arthas!
I talenti e un video per vederli in azione! Buona visione!

1 (1) Parata (!) Fame Eterna (tratto) Presenza Gelida (W)
4 (2) Distese Ghiacciate (E) NUOVO: Signore della Morte (Q) Gelo Pungente (E)
7 (3) Panacea Runica Spira Immortale (Q) NUOVO: Fermezza Glaciale
10 (4) Armata dei Morti (R) Sindragosa (R)
13 (5) Scia di Gelo (W) Assalto del Gelo (tratto) NUOVO: Venti Gelidi (E)
16 (6) NUOVO: Inverno Spietato (E) Nutrimento di Gelidanima (tratto) Abbraccio Mortale (Q)
20 (7) Legione di Nordania (R) Zero Assoluto (R) NUOVO: Ineluttabilità della Morte NUOVO: Scudo Antimagia


Tier 1 (lvl 1)

Eternal Hunger (D) – Using Frostmourne Hungers on an Enemy Hero permanently increases the mana it restores by 4 up to 40. After hitting 10 heroes, Frostmourne Hungers will also have a permanent 25% damage boost.

Frost Presence (W) – CD reduction still 3 secs but becomes 6 secs if you land it (not sure if it must hit a Hero or if it can be on minions etc).



Tier 2 (lvl 4)

There is a Death Coil (Q) talent that increases range and reduces CD by 2secs


Tier 3 (lvl 7)

Immortal Coil comes from lvl 16 down to lvl 7, but now if you use Death Coil on enemy heroes, the healing you get is twice.

Relentless (or possibly a new talent called Icebound Fortitiude) has been moved from lvl 13 to lvl 7, is now an active ability that reduces damage taken by 25% for a period of time. Not entirely sure if it retains the original effect.


Tier 4 / Ultimates (lvl 10)

No changes


Tier 5 (lvl 13)

Trail of Frost (W) – Does what is normally does, also increases Range by 30%. Casting time seems to be faster.

Frost Strike (D) has been moved from lvl 7 to lvl 13

Biting Cold (E) – Reduces attack speed by 8%. Grubby said that apparently more people standing in the Frozen Tempest results in a higher reduction in attack speed ie. 5 people standing in there will result in a collective reduction of attack speed of 40% but I think it’s more like standing in the Frozen Tempest for every second builds up attack speed reduction from 8% up to 40%.


Tier 6 (lvl 16)

Remorseless Winter (E) – Enemy Heroes who remain in the Frozen Tempest for 3secs are rooted for 2secs. This effect can only happen every 10secs.

Apparently Stoneskin has been removed.


Tier 7 / Storm Talents (lvl 20)

Ultimate related talents are still the same

Hardened Shield has been removed

New Active talent that blocks 100% of spell damage for a period of time. Arthas will then regenerate 25% of all spell damage he would’ve taken.

Death’s Advance – Active talent that gives Arthas 30% movement speed. Also probably gives a passive of 10% movement speed.

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