Finalmente la nuova patch sul PTR!

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Si è trattato di una lunga, estenuante attesa notturna, ma finalmente la nuova, enorme patch di Heroes of the Storm è sul PTR! Mentre noi di Powned corriamo a giocarla (nonostante l’ora, sì) vi lasciamo con le note complete (per ora purtroppo solo in Inglese) per farvi rendere conto dei cambiamenti che molto presto saranno implementati nelle varie regioni: che ne pensate? Fatecelo sapere!


Public Test Realm

  • Items may now be purchased from the PTR Shop using real money.
    • Items purchased on the PTR using real money will transfer to the live version of Heroes of the Storm.
      • Prior to making a transaction on the PTR, players may select which region they’d like their items to transfer to using the new PTR Purchase Region dropdown that has been added to the Language and Region tab in the Options menu.
      • The PTR Purchase Region dropdown will default to each player’s home login region. Players may choose a different region if the default selection does not match the region that they normally log into for play.
    • Before a real-money transaction can be completed on the PTR, players will be required to confirm which login region they’d like that item to transfer to.
    • New items that are only purchasable in the PTR Shop will not be available for play outside of the PTR until they are added to the live version of Heroes with the impending patch.
    • Please Note: Gold purchases are not supported on the PTR.
  • Battleground Pool
    • Infernal Shrines will be the only playable Battleground on the PTR in all modes except Custom Games during this phase of PTR playtesting.
    • Please note: Infernal Shrines is available for playtesting on the Public Test Realm, but will not be added to the live version of Heroes of the Storm immediately on patch day.

Diablo III Rewards

  • Add Diablo to Your Hero Collection
    • Diablo III and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls players who log in to Heroes during the three weeks following the release of the upcoming patch will permanently receive Diablo in Heroes of the Storm.
  • Malthael’s Phantom
    • Starting with Season 4, Diablo III players who reach level 70 with a Seasonal character will receive Malthael’s Phantom in Heroes of the Storm.
  • Portrait Border & Pennant
    • Diablo III players who reach Player Level 12 in Heroes of the Storm will receive a new Heroes-themed Portrait Border and Pennant in Diablo III.

Kill 50 Treasure Goblins!

  • A new Special Event Quest has been added: Kill 50 Treasure Goblins
    • Any player who manages to rid the Nexus of 50 pesky Treasure Goblins during the Eternal Conflict event will receive a special portrait reward for their heroism!
    • Treasure Goblins killed on the PTR will only count toward Special Event Quest progress on the PTR. Progress for this Quest will start from zero in the live version of Heroes once the patch is officially released.

New Portrait Rewards

  • Many new portrait rewards have been added! Unlock them by reaching Hero Level 10 with the following Heroes:
    • Diablo Villain Collection – Diablo, Leoric, The Butcher
    • Diablo Heroes Collection Series 1 – Nazeebo, Sonya, Valla
    • Diablo Heroes Collection Series 2 – Johanna, Kharazim
    • StarCraft Rebels Collection – Kerrigan, Raynor, Tychus
    • Swarm Evolution Collection – Abathur, Zagara
    • Night Elf Betrayer Collection – Illidan, Malfurion, Tyrande
    • Reign of Chaos Collection – Arthas, Jaina, Thrall, Uther
    • Stormstout Collection – Chen, Li Li
    • Undercity Collection – Stitches, Sylvanas


Infernal Shrines

  • This three-lane Battleground features three Infernal Shrines that will periodically gather power. Only one Shrine will gather power at any given time, and either team can activate it to unleash its might.
  • Once activated, the Shrine’s Guardians will pour forth in waves to defend it. The first team to kill 30 Guardians will summon a devastating Punisher to fight for their cause.
  • A Punisher is a powerful boss that will attack down the lane that corresponds with the Shrine it was summoned from. Punishers will hunt down any nearby enemy Heroes that cross its path, and can spawn with one of three deadly affixes:
    • Arcane – The Punisher summons beams of arcane energy which rotate in a circular motion, and deal massive damage to enemy targets they pass through.
    • Frozen – The Punisher calls forth frigid ice shards, which explode after a short delay, dealing damage and freezing enemies in place for a short time.
    • Mortar – The Punisher launches a stream of firebombs high into the air, which explode and deal damage to any enemies they strike upon landing.


Kharazim has been added to Heroes of the Storm and is now available for play! Read on for a brief overview of this new Support Hero’s Abilities.


  • Pick Your Trait
    • Learn Transcendence, Iron Fists, or Insight using the Talents panel to select your Trait.
      • Transcendence
        • Every third Basic Attack heals the lowest nearby allied Hero.
      • Iron Fists
        • Every third Basic Attack deals 100% bonus damage.
      • Insight
        • Every third Basic Attack restores Mana.

Basic Abilities

  • Radiant Dash (Q)
    • Jump to an ally or enemy. Enemies are immediately hit with a Basic Attack. Stores up to two charges. 12 second cooldown per charge.
  • Breath of Heaven (W)
    • Heal nearby allied Heroes, granting them a 10% Movement Speed bonus for 3 seconds.
  • Deadly Reach (E)
    • Your next Basic Attack increases your Attack Speed and Attack Range by 100% for 2 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

  • Seven-Sided Strike (R)
    • Become Invulnerable, striking 7 times over 2 seconds in a large area. Each strike deals 7% of the target’s maximum Health as damage, and prioritizes the Hero with the highest remaining Health.
  • Divine Palm (R)
    • Protect an allied Hero from death. The next source of fatal damage within 3 seconds is prevented, and the target is instead healed for a large amount.



  • Several Heroes and Skins in the Shop have received additional visual polish.


  • Ancients rejoice! Sonya has received a dance animation.
  • The following Heroes and Skins have received visual improvements:
    • Tychus, Master Tychus Skin, and all Skin Variations
    • Murky, all Murky Skins, and all Skin Variations
  • The following Heroes have received updated facial animations:
    • Sgt. Hammer
    • The Butcher
    • Tychus

Hero Abilities

  • Various Hero Abilities have received additional optimization.
  • The following Hero Abilities and Talents have received new art or additional visual polish:
    • Brightwing – Revitalizing Mists (Talent), Spell Block (Talent), Unstable Anomaly (Talent)
    • Illidan – Sweeping Strike (W), Metamorphosis (R)
    • Tyrael – Judgment (R), Sanctification (R)


  • The Demonic Tyrael Skin has returned to the Nexus!
    • After visiting the top smith that the Burning Hells have to offer, Demonic Tyrael has strapped into an intimidating new set of armor, imbued El’Druin with corruption, sprouted two wicked pairs of horns, and donned a crown worthy of his title as the Lord of Pride.
    • Demonic Tyrael now also features updated Ability art, which much more closely matches his theme.
  • Blood Elf Tyrande has also returned to the Nexus, and now sports updated Ability art, which much more closely matches her theme.
  • War World Sgt. Hammer has received updated Ability art for Napalm Strike, which more closely matches her theme.



  • Dynamic Bundles have arrived to the Heroes of the Storm in-game Shop! Learn more about Dynamic Bundles by reading the User Interface section of the patch notes.
    • Please note: Dynamic Bundles are not currently available on the PTR.
  • New Bundles
    • Jade Dragon Kharazim Bundle – Available for a limited time.
    • Prisoner Tychus Bundle – Available for a limited time.
    • Conquest Bundle
    • Domination Bundle
  • Bundle Removals
    • The Nexus Bundle will be removed from the Shop one week following patch day, but will remain purchasable as a Dynamic Bundle until that time.


  • Kharazim has been added to the in-game Shop!


  • New Mounts
    • The Treasure Goblin Mount has been added for a limited time, and is exclusively available for purchase using Gold.
    • Malthael’s Phantom has been added and will become available exclusively to Diablo III players who reach level 70 with a Season Character, starting with Diablo III Season 4.
  • Mount Removals
    • The Nazeebra Mount, which is exclusive to the Nexus Bundle, will be removed from the Shop one week following patch day. During that time, players will still be able to purchase the Nexus Bundle to obtain the Nazeebra Mount.

Price Changes

  • Brightwing’s prices have been reduced to 7,000 Gold and $8.49 USD.


  • New Skins
    • Jade Dragon Kharazim
    • Kharazim Master Skin
    • Prisoner Tychus
  • Returning Skins
    • Demonic Tyrael
    • Blood Elf Tyrande



  • Additional new music tracks have been added for the Infernal Shrines Battleground.

Heroes and Skins

  • Tyrael’s Sanctification and Judgment Heroic Abilities have received updated sound effects.


Dynamic Bundles

  • Please note: Dynamic Bundles are not currently available on the PTR.
  • Bundles that contain three or more items are now listed as Dynamic Bundles in the Shop.
    • A Dynamic Bundle’s price will be automatically reduced if the player already owns one or more of the items that are part of that Bundle.
    • Two-item Bundles are not dynamic, and players will be unable to purchase a two-item Bundle if they already own one of the items it contains.
  • Check out our recent blog on Dynamic Bundles to learn more about this new feature.

In-Game UI

  • Ability & Activated Talent Hotbars
    • The Ability Hotbar has received new art, and is now more visually compact.
    • The Activated Talent Hotbar has received new art, and its buttons are now slightly larger.
  • Nameplates & Status Bars
    • Hero nameplates will now display the following status effects: Polymorphed, and Stasis
    • Hero Status Bars have received additional polish and improvements.
      • The color of allied Health bars has been changed from green to blue.
      • Hero Health bars now more clearly denote 1,000 and 250 Health segments.
      • Shields will now appear white, rather than blue, on Hero Health bars.
      • Damage, damage over time, and quick Healing effects are now much easier to distinguish on Health bars.

Game Server Selection

  • Players may now select which game server they’d like to play on by selecting it from the Preferred Game Server dropdown on the Language and Region options menu.
    • This setting will default to Best Match, but players may wish to change this if they notice connection issues when playing on a specific server.
      • Please note: As we continue to improve and expand our game sites, Best Match will provide the best play experience for most players.  If you are not experiencing issues, it is highly recommend that you leave this set to Best Match.
    • If players in a party have conflicting server preferences, the server that is most commonly selected among the party’s members will be used.

Player Reporting

  • New Report Categories
    • Reporting Options have been reworked, and now include categories for Abusive Chat, AFK/Non-Participation, and Intentional Feeding.

Ranked Play

  • Hero and Team League are no longer separated in the out-of-game menus, and can now be found using the new Ranked page on the Play screen.
  • Placement Rank
    • All players’ Hero and Team League ranks have been reset with today’s update.
      • Please Note: Matchmaking ratings have not been reset.
    • A new placement system has been added
      • All players must now play 20 placement matches in order to receive an initial ranking for Hero League or Team League.
    • Read our recent blog on Ranked Play Updates to learn more about Placement Matches.
  • Hero League
    • Hero League is now limited to a maximum party size of four players.
  • Team League
    • Five-player parties will now be automatically queued for Team League when attempting to find a Ranked match.
    • The ability to create a named team has been removed, while this feature undergoes additional review.
      • Players who have spent Gold to create named teams in the past will have that amount of Gold returned to them in the days to come.
    • Team League draft lobbies will still use the First Come First Served draft format.
    • Team League will still use a separate matchmaking rating (MMR) from Hero League.
      • However, because Team League parties do not have static rosters, Team League MMR will now functions much like it does for Hero League. This means that each player’s Team League MMR is based on their own individual performance in Team League matches.
  • Read our recent blog on Ranked Play Updates to learn more about Placement Matches, as well as Hero and Team League updates.

Versus A.I.

  • A difficulty dropdown has been added to the Versus A.I. screen, which can be used to switch among five different A.I. difficulty settings: Beginner, Recruit, Adept, Veteran, and Elite.
    • Please note: Elite A.I. development is not yet complete, and improvements are slated to arrive with a future game update.
    • A.I. teammates will mirror the difficulty selected for A.I. opponents.
    • When playing in a party, only the party leader may change the A.I. difficulty setting.
  • When attempting to find a Versus A.I. game with human allies, the matchmaker will work to find other players who have selected the same A.I. difficulty level.
    • If it takes too long to find a suitable match, the matchmaker will expand its search to include difficulty levels above and below the player’s selection.
    • If the human players on a team had selected a variety of A.I. difficulties, an A.I. opponent of each selected difficulty will be used for that game.
      • For example: If two players selected Adept A.I. and three selected Veteran, the game will be filled with two adept and three veteran A.I. opponents.


Ability Power Gains

Developer Comments: This change was aimed at removing odd gameplay where an Abathur player may actually want to sacrifice his Monstrosity or a Gargantuan for a more powerful one. This occurred if players kept summons alive for a very long time and gained several levels, as these levels were not reflected in the Summon’s Ability Power. For short term Summons, players will rarely gain a level or more while that Summon is alive, so we made these snapshot instead. With snapshotting, players can use a temporary power boost, such as Overdrive or Arcande Power, to create a more powerful summon.

  • To clarify the rules for temporary Ability Power gains, the following rules have been added:
    • For permanent or very long duration pets or persistent effects, their damage and maximum Health will now update dynamically when Ability Power or Hero levels are modified.  This includes:
      • Abathur’s Monstrosity
      • Nazeebo’s Gargantuan (with the Humongoid Talent)
    • For short duration pets or persistent effects, their damage and maximum Health should snapshot based upon the Ability Power/level of the character when they are cast.  This includes:
      • Jaina’s Water Elemental
      • Sgt. Hammer’s Blunt Force Gun
      • Tychus’ Drakken Laser Drill

Bonus Effects from Kills

Developer Comments: This change will not have a major impact on today’s gameplay and was mostly done for consistency  on how these type of talents worked. In the future, it may allow us to develop Battlegrounds with many small minions (think Haunted Mines) and not have to worry about special casing Seasoned Marksman so it doesn’t get out of control.

  • Talents and Abilities that gain bonus effects from kills will now only trigger from Minions and Mercenaries, and will no longer gain benefit from killing neutral Mercenaries, map event creatures, summoned units, etc.


Battlefield of Eternity

  • When Immortals that are battling at the center of the Battleground swap locations for the first time, the Heaven Immortal will now always travel to right, and the Hell Immortal will always travel to the left.

Tomb of the Spider Queen

Developer Comments: A small number of Tomb games tend to run significantly longer than intended, so we altered the scaling of the Spider mechanic to prevent drawn out stalemates in the late game. Our hope is to see shorter matches overall.

  • Increased the damage and Health scaling of Webweavers and their minions by 50% past the 15 minute mark.


Bolt of the Storm

Developer Comments: We love this talent and think it can create a lot of really interesting moments, but the cooldown was just too short. At 70 seconds we think this talent is still a great level 20 pick, but now players will have to be more strategic with how they use it. Forcing someone to use their Bolt to avoid a gank can now be a meaningful moment with this increased cooldown. We hope this also entices players towards choosing their Heroic upgrades instead of Bolt when the situation calls for it.

  • Cooldown increased from 40 to 70 seconds


Developer Comments: We didn’t like the gameplay of casting Cleanse preemptively on a target that is about to be CC’ed. For example, you see Butcher charging your Valla, and right before impact you use Cleanse on Valla, allowing her to immediately Vault away. The change also prevents healers from cleansing themselves preemptively, providing a guaranteed target if the opposing team has only secured one Cleanse. As a side note, the original reason the Unstoppable functionality was available in the first place, was to help alleviate some persistent CC effects like Putrid Bile. We didn’t want you to cleanse a Putrid Bile only to have the slow immediately reapply.

  • No longer makes the target Unstoppable for 1 second
  • Now adds Relentless to the target for 2 seconds (50% shorter CC duration)

Focused Attacks

Developer Comments: This could be viewed as a buff or nerf depending on how players perceive it. You can still reduce the cooldown by attacking Minions, but won’t accidently waste a burst of damage on an unintended target. This talent will no longer be as effective at sieging, but it should be significantly better at harassing in lane. We will continue to monitor the talent, and tune as necessary.

  • The increased damage effect twill now only trigger when hitting Heroes

Gathering Power

Developer Comments: Gathering Power was simply too good and was considered, by many, a mandatory pick on certain characters, which often lead to snowballing. We liked the ‘quest’ aspect of this talent, but it was far too easy to reach the cap and the quest didn’t feel meaningful to complete. Now, choosing this talent should no longer be mandatory, and the quest is much longer. Player’s will keep half of their stacks upon dying, which will help act as a ‘check point’.

  • The 5% starting Ability Power has been removed
  • Percentage gain from killing a Hero reduced from 2% to 1%
  • Instead of losing all stacks on death, players will now only lose half their stacks (rounding up)

Imposing Presence

Developer Comments: Statistically, it was almost never wrong to choose Imposing Presence. With this nerf, it’s still a great counter in the right situation, and as a result, we’re hoping we’ll see more play from our Basic Attack assassins.

  • Attack Speed slow reduced from 50% to 40%
  • The Attack Speed slow will now be removed when attacking a target that has not learned the Imposing Presence Talent

Mercenary Lord

Developer Comments: We’ve combined the talent Superiority into Mercenary Lord, and removed the damage reduction from structures to prevent degenerative backdoor strategies. The combination of the damage reduction vs. Mercenaries and the ability to empower these Mercenaries felt like a logical pairing. We hope incorporating the two talents into one will make this level 4 choice an enticing one, as the two talents separated had a low pick rate.

  • The functionality of the Superiority Talent has been rolled into Mercenary Lord, which is now available to the following Heroes at Level 4:
    • Anub’arak, Arthas, Azmodan, Gazlowe, Nazeebo, Sonya, Stitches, and The Lost Vikings
  • New combined functionality reads:  Non-Boss Mercenaries near your Hero deal 50% more damage. Reduces damage taken from Minions and Mercenaries by 50%.

Seasoned Marksman

Developer Comments: Overall, we like the way Seasoned Marksman is playing but wanted to tune up its effectiveness to reward those able to secure a healthy number of takedowns, while simultaneously tuning the talent up due to prior changes. Ideally, this will become a great talent pick when facing The Lost Vikings or Murky players.

  • Stacks earned by killing enemy Heroes increased from 2 to 3
  • Only Minions, captured enemy Mercenaries, and Heroes will grant stacks upon death

Spell Shield

Developer Comments: We’ve been seeing Kael’thas and Jaina as dominate damage dealers for teams. We feel like part of this is because the only real counter to their damage is Spell Shield, and currently, Spell Shield is under tuned. Increasing the duration from 2 to 3 seconds is a small and conservative change, but we want to see how the adjustment plays out. Ideally when you are against a couple heavy burst damage characters such as Nova, Jaina, or Kael; Spell Shield becomes a great counter pick. This is similar to our philosophy with Imposing Presence.

  • Duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds


  • This Talent has been removed, and its functionality has been rolled into the revamped Mercenary Lord Talent




Developer Comments: Mighty Gust can be a great disengagement tool, but it is often outshined by the pure power of Hinterland Blast. We feel we can bring this Heroic into play more often with some simple tuning changes. Internally, it’s been much more powerful and can even be used as a counter to a hard engagement or aggressive dive teams.

  • Mighty Gust (R)
    • Cooldown decreased from 50 to 40 seconds
    • Slow duration increased from 2 to 5 seconds


Developer Comments: The Jaina changes are a result of her being too powerful right now, and we have a secondary goal of increasing the play of Ring of Frost. By reducing the impact of summoning a Water Elemental, Jaina loses some of her burst potential unless she chooses Ring of Frost. Water Elemental is now more focused on producing sustained damage.

  • Ring of Frost (R)
    • Cooldown decreased from 100 to 80 seconds
  • Water Elemental (R)
    • No longer deals damage or Chills at the Water Elemental’s spawn location


Developer Comments: Prior to these changes, Kael’Thas had a high win rate, but his win rate wasn’t alarming. Instead, we’re focusing on Kael’thas’ current gameplay, as it feels very set in stone and we’d like players to have the option to be creative. We’re smoothing out his power curve and making Pyroblast a more enticing choice.

  • Spell Shield (Talent) removed
  • Arcane Barrier (Talent)
    • Shield duration increased from 3 to 6 seconds
  • Verdant Spheres (Trait) (D)
    • Sunfire Enchantment (Talent)
      • Damage increased from 78 (+16 per level) to 85 (+18 per level)
  • Flamestrike (Q)
    • Damage increased from 74 (+20 per level) to 80 (+22 per level)
    • Mana Tap (Talent)
      • Now restores 5% Mana per target killed, rather than a flat amount
    • Ignite (Talent) removed
    • New Talent (Level 16): Fury of the Sunwell
      • Casting Flamestrike will cause a second Flamestrike to be cast 1 second after the first explodes
  • Living Bomb (W)
    • Damage over time increased from 60 (+18 per level) to 60 (+22 per level)
    • Explosion damage increased from 30 (+9 per level) to 30 (+11 per level)
    • Fission Bomb (Talent)
      • Damage bonus reduced from 75% to 30%
      • Now also increases the explosion radius by 30%
    • Pyromaniac (Talent)
      • Cooldown reduction increased from 1 to 2 seconds per tick
    • Backdraft (Talent)
      • Slow amount increased from 40% to 50%
      • Slow duration reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds
  • Gravity Lapse (E)
    • Range increased by 25%
    • Gravity Throw (Talent) moved from Level 16 to Level 13
  • Pyroblast (R)
    • Range increased by 20%


Developer Comments: These changes are intended as a slight buff overall, and to provide Kerrigan with more options. Her level 1 range increase talent was almost always picked, so we made that baseline. Several new talents and mana alterations should allow Kerrigan players to try out some Ravage and Trait based builds.

  • Seasoned Marksman (Talent) removed
  • Focused Attack (Talent) removed
  • Sprint (Talent) removed
  • Blood for Blood (Talent) removed
  • New Talent (Level 13): Queen’s Rush
    • Activate to increase Movement Speed by 25% for 4 seconds. Hero Takedowns automatically activate this effect.
  • New Talent (Level 16): Essence for Essence
    • Activate to steal 10% of an enemy Hero’s Health, and gain twice that amount as Assimilation Shields
  • Assimilation (Trait)
    • Lingering Essence (Talent)
      • Assimilation Shield duration increased from 12 to 20 seconds
  • Ravage (Q)
    • Damage increased from 50 (+20 per level) to 60 (+22 per level)
    • Mana cost decreased from 75 to 50
    • Clean Kill (Talent)
      • Now also increases the damage dealt by Kerrigan’s next Ravage by 20%
    • Adaptation (Talent)
      • Half of Ravage’s Mana cost is now refunded when jumping to an ally
    • Eviscerate (Talent)
      • Range bonus increased from 25% to 40%
  • Impaling Blades (W)
    • Mana cost increased from 60 to 75
  • Primal Grasp (E)
    • Range increased by 20%
    • Mana cost increased from 50 to 60
    • Cooldown increased from 8 to 10 seconds
    • Damage decreased from 50 (+13 per level) to 40 (+10 per level)
    • Sweeping Grasp (Talent) removed
    • Psionic Pulse (Talent)
      • Damage per second increased from 12 (+2.4 per level) to 15 (+3 per level)
    • New Talent (Level 1): Energizing Grasp
      • Refunds 10 Mana per enemy hit, up to a maximum of 60
  • Maelstrom (R)
    • Damage per second increased from 25 (+2.5 per level) to 30 (+3 per level)
    • Cooldown reduced from 120 to 100 seconds
    • Duration reduced from 9 to 7 seconds
  • Ultralisk (R)
    • Cooldown now begins once the Ultralisk is killed
    • Torrasque (Talent)
      • Ultralisk can now be reborn more than once, so long as the egg isn’t destroyed within 8 seconds of the Ultralisk’s death


Developer Comments: Overall Raynor’s win rate is low and using Inspire can feel clunky as it resets your Basic Attack period. These changes should help Raynor feel more responsive to play, while also making him a bit more powerful. We also did a pass at shuffling around and tuning up some of his least picked talents.

  • Basic Attack damage increased from 35 to 40
  • Mercenary Lord (Talent) removed
  • Puttin’ on a Clinic (Talent) moved from Level 13 to Level 7
  • Relentless Leader (Talent) moved from Level 16 to Level 13
  • A Card to Play (Talent)
    • Cooldown reduction per Hero killed increased from 10 to 15 seconds
  • Penetrating Round (Q)
    • Cluster Round (Talent)
      • Damage bonus per target hit increased from 10% to 20%, up to a maximum of 100%
    • Bullseye (Talent)
      • Bonus damage removed
      • Stun duration increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds
  • Inspire (W)
    • No longer places Raynor’s Basic Attack on cooldown
  • Adrenaline Rush (E)
    • Cooldown reduced from 45 to 40 seconds
    • Activated Rush (Talent) removed
    • Fight or Flight (Talent)
      • Now also allows manual activation of Adrenaline Rush
      • No longer removes movement impairing effects, and instead reduces damage taken by 25% for 4 seconds after activating Adrenaline Rush


  • Thrall’s Basic Attacks have received improvements in responsiveness, especially when stutter-stepping
  • Thrall’s first Basic Attack after Windfury ends will no longer have an abnormally long weapon period



Developer Comments: We’ve tuned up some of his weaker talent picks to make them more viable. We really like the level 20 Hivemind talent, but it can feel clunky to use as when allies move out of range, you have to decide whether to cancel and recast it, or stay focused on only a single target. With these changes, Hivemind will be much more fluid to play with and consistent in its effectiveness.

  • Volatile Mutation (Talent)
    • Damage increased from 36 (+7 per level) to 50 (+10 per level)
    • Damage radius increased by 20%
  • Locust Strain (Trait)
    • Survival Instincts (Talent)
      • Locust Health bonus increased from 30% to 50%
  • Symbiote (Q)
    • Carapace (E)
      • Regenerative Microbes (Talent)
        • Healing per second increased from 7 (+2 per level) to 9 (+3 per level)
    • Hivemind (Talent)
      • Now searches for a new Hivemind target every second, rather than only on the first cast
      • The secondary Symbiote target’s Stab and Spike Burst deal half their normal damage, and Carapace grants half its normal Shield amount
  • Toxic Nest (W)
    • Cooldown reduced from 12 to 10 seconds
    • Envenomed Nest (Talent)
      • Bonus damage increased from 50% to 75%


Developer Comments: Right now, Azmodan has one competitive build at high levels of play where he stacks Globe of Annihilation (Q) talents. We think this build is a ton of fun, so we didn’t want to negatively impact this build. Instead, we wanted to give Azmodan some other build options. Right now, it’s almost always a mistake to summon one of his Demons and waste your mana. With the new tuning, and the talent changes, the Demons become a legitimate option to use. The Demons start with much more damage than previously, but scale close to what they use to be at higher levels. For players who still plan to go the (Q) build, it’s mostly the same, but we’ve offered a few additional talent choices to make options that best fit your play style. Finally, we are removing some of the Support nature of Healing Ward and Storm Shield from Azmodan. It makes more sense for him to be a greedy character, not someone who can become a hybrid support in the right situation.

  • Healing Ward (Talent) removed
  • Superiority (Talent) removed
  • First Aid (Talent) removed
  • Storm Shield (Talent) removed
  • Mercenary Lord (Talent) moved from Level 7 to Level 4
  • New Talent (Level 4): Sin’s Grasp
    • Activate to deal 115 (+19 per level) damage over 6 seconds to the target enemy Hero; can be cast while channeling All Shall Burn
    • Minion kills each reduce Sin’s Grasp’s 100 second cooldown by 5 seconds
  • New Talent (Level 7): Gluttonous Ward
    • Activate to place a ward that restores 25% of Azmodan’s maximum Health and Mana over 10 seconds
  • General of Hell (Trait) (D)
    • Bound Minion (Talent) moved from Level 4 to Level 7
    • New Talent (Level 20): Forced Recruitment
      • Reduces General of Hell’s cooldown from 30 to 20 seconds
      • Allows Azmodan to store up to two General of Hell charges
  • Globe of Annihilation (Q)
    • Spare Nothing (Talent) removed
    • Master of Destruction (Talent) moved from Level 7 to Level 1
      • Now also increases damage against Structures by 25%
    • New Talent (Level 13): Hedonism
      • Reduces Globe of Annihilation’s Mana cost from 60 to 30
  • Summon Demon Warrior (W)
    • Demon Warrior damage changed from 20 (+3 per level) per second to 40 (+2 per level) per second
    • Enduring Warriors (Talent) removed
    • Blazing Demons (Talent) removed
    • Army of Hell (Talent)
      • No longer increases maximum Demon charges
      • Now increases Demon Warrior damage by 20%, and reduces Demon Warrior’s Mana cost from 40 to 20
    • Hellforged Armor (Talent)
      • Now also causes Demon Warriors to deal 10 (+1 per level) damage per second to nearby enemies
  • All Shall Burn (E)
    • New Talent (Level 7): Infused Power
      • All Shall Burn gains an additional charge-up level, increasing its damage by 25%


Developer Comments: We looked at tuning up talents that wouldn’t impact his core Spider build. We’ve reverted some of the Ravenous Spirit nerfs as we saw a large shift from Ravenous to Gargantuan and wanted to see a better mix of the two.

  • M.U.L.E. (Talent) removed
  • Clairvoyance (Talent) removed
  • Sprint (Talent) removed
  • Stoneskin (Talent) removed
  • Hardened Focus (Talent) added at level 16
  • Gidbinn (Talent)
    • No longer increases the Plague of Toads explosion radius
    • Zombie Wall and Corpse Spider duration bonuses increased from 25% to 33%
  • New Talent (Level 13): Thing of the Deep
    • Increases the range for all of Nazeebo’s Basic Abilities by 25%
  • Voodoo Ritual (Trait)
    • Blood Ritual (Talent)
      • Health and Mana restoration bonuses increased from 100% to 125%
  • Zombie Wall (W)
    • Fresh Corpses (Talent)
      • No longer increases Zombie damage
      • Now permanently reduces Zombie Wall’s cooldown by 4 seconds
    • Dead Rush (Talent)
      • Now also increases Zombie damage by 50%
  • Plague of Toads (E)
    • Toads of Hugeness (Talent)
      • Now also increases Toad explosion radius by 20% each time they hop
    • New Talent (Level 7): Toad Affinity
      • Each enemy hit by Plague of Toads restores 5 Mana and reduces its cooldown by 1 second
  • Gargantuan (R)
    • Gargantuan Stomp (R)
      • Animation duration reduced from 1 to 0.5 seconds
      • Hovering the cursor over Gargantuan Stomp on the Ability Hotbar will now display a range indicator
  • Ravenous Spirit (R)
    • Damage changed from 30 (+8 per level) to 25 (+9 per level)
    • Damage radius increased by approximately 22%


Developer Comments: Hammer is one of our lowest win rate characters so we looked at some easy buffs we could make. We feel like she has a great playstyle and wanted to highlight her fantasy more. The increased health will let you be a bit more aggressive and the increased damage will better reinforce her long range, high damage capabilities. Finally, her Siege Mode can be used much more frequently and with less emphasis on securing the perfect location. It’s okay now to Siege up, get a couple shots in, and then get out of danger.

  • Health increased from 720 (+140 per level) to 740 (+150 per level)
  • Artillery (Trait)
    • Damage bonus against distant targets increased from 20% to 30%
  • Siege Mode (E)
    • Cooldown decreased from 5 to 2 seconds
    • Mana cost reduced from 40 to 20


  • Mercenary Lord (Talent) removed



Developer Comments: We like a lot of what the rework did for Brightwing, but overall her healing output went down more than intended. This change will give her back a big portion of the lost healing and should increase her total healing output (tab screen wise) by about 15-20%.

  • Soothing Mist (Trait)
    • Healing increased from 25 (+7.5 per level) to 30 (+9 per level)


Developer Comments: Player feedback brought to our attention that this particular level 4 talent on Malfurion was an obvious trap at 20%. While we don’t want to give Malfurion a solid burst healing option, we agreed and have tuned this talent up to 50%. At 50%, and in a vacuum, this talent may still be undertuned, but it eventually adds up to a decent additional amount of healing. Over a sustained period of time, this additional 50% outpaces Protective Shield, for example.

  • Regrowth (Q)
    • Rampant Growth (Talent)
      • Initial Heal bonus increased from 20% to 50%


Developer Comments: Bloodlust is rarely picked right now, but we feel like both Heroics are extremely powerful. Without changing anything massive, we’re simply reducing the CD of Bloodlust so it can be used more frequently. We believe if Basic Attack based heroes become more prevalent in the Meta, this Heroic could become dominant, so we’ll be taking a cautious approach.

  • Bloodlust (R)
    • Cooldown decreased from 120 to 90 seconds


  • Spell Shield (Talent) removed
  • Oracle (Trait) (D)
    • Cooldown increased from 30 to 40 seconds
    • Mental Acuity (Talent)
      • Cooldown reduction increased from 15 to 20 seconds
  • Plasma Shield (Q)
    • Mana Cost decreased from 60 to 50
    • Minion Bulwark (Talent) removed
    • Reinforce Structure (Talent) moved from Level 4 to Level 1
  • Psi-Storm (W)
    • Mana Cost decreased from 65 to 50
    • Psi-Infusion (Talent)
      • Mana returned per target hit reduced from 7 to 5



  • Flying Kick (Q)
    • Flying Kick is now much more accurate and will hit enemies much more consistently.


  • Undying (Trait)
    • Many of Leoric’s healing effects during Undying are now half as effective
    • Reanimation (Talent)
      • Health regeneration during Undying decreased from 1.5 to 0.75 Health per second
    • Ossein Renewal (Talent)
      • Heal amount during Undying reduced from 20% to 10% of Leoric’s maximum Health
    • Ghastly Swing (Q)
      • Consume Vitality (Talent)
        • Healing reduced during Undying from 2% to 1% of Leroic’s maximum Health per target hit, capping at 5%
    • Drain Essence (W)
      • Now restores up to 12.5% of Leroic’s maximum Health during Undying, rather than a flat amount (was approximately 10%)
      • Willing Vessel (Talent)
        • Now also increases Drain Essence’s healing to 15% during Undying
  • Skeletal Swing (Q)
    • No longer deals 100% increased damage to structures


Developer Comments: Overall, we’re looking to tune Sonya up slightly. With the health increases, she’ll be a bit more tanky. Previously, Whirlwind could be very frustrating to lane against if you didn’t have a stun. With the shift of less healing from minions and more from heroes, this will make Sonya less of a lane bully and more of an effective skirmisher.

  • Health increased from 930 (+210 per level) to 950 (+220 per level)
  • Fury (Trait)
    • Shot of Fury (Talent)
      • No longer dismounts Sonya on activation
  • Whirlwind (E)
    • Healing reduced from 25% to 20% of damage dealt
    • Healing for damage dealt to Heroes has increased from double to triple


Developer Comments: Overall, our goal was to make Sanctification a viable Heroic for players. We increased its effectiveness and fixed a few bugs to make the ability more consistent. With the changes, Sanctification can become extremely powerful at countering Wombos or Hard Engage teams, making it an enticing choice over Judgement in certain situations.

  • El’Druin’s Might (Q)
    • After throwing El’Druin, a timer bar will now display on screen to indicate how much time remains before El’Druin’s Might expires
  • Sanctification (R)
    • No longer requires Tyrael to channel the Ability. All Heroes, including Tyrael, will be invulnerable while within Sanctification’s area of effect
    • Now has a 0.5 second cast time
    • Cooldown increased from 50 to 70 seconds
    • Area of effect radius reduced by approximately 53%
  • Judgment (R)
    • Casting time increased from 0.5 to 0.75 seconds
    • Judgment’s target is now briefly revealed upon casting
    • New art has been added that will better notify the target of an incoming Judgment
    • The distance that an enemy targeted by Judgment must travel beyond the Ability’s maximum cast range in order to interrupt it has been increased by 66%



  • The Wonder Billie Mount can now be properly selected for use in Hero League and Custom Games.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could sometimes cause matchmade games to start with fewer than 10 players.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause French AZERTY and German QWERTZ keyboards to revert to using QWERTY keyboard hotkeys.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a noticeable gamma change for some Mac users.


  • The visual effects preceding Furnace Blast’s explosion will now remain visible while The Butcher is affected by Brightwing’s Polymorph.


  • Heroes that are near a Dragon Knight when it is killed will no longer exhibit unexpected movement behavior.
  • Battlefield of Eternity Minions affected by Sylvanas’ Possession will now properly grant vision to the controlling team.
  • Captured Bruiser Mercenary Camps on Battlefield of Eternity will now properly display their respawn timers when mousing over them on the minimap.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause Mercenary Camps to permanently vanish on Battlefield of Eternity.
  • Visual effects from Basic Attacks and Hero Abilities against an Immortal are no longer visible through the fog of war.
  • Fixed an issue in which certain movement-based Abilities, such as Kerrigan’s Ravage or Chen’s Flying Kick, could not target the Doubloon Chests on Blackheart’s Bay, or Plant Terror Overgrowths on Garden of Terror.
  • Enemy Heroes within a Dragon Knight or Garden Terror will no longer become unresponsive if that vehicle is killed by Sylvanas’ Unstable Poison.

Heroes and Talents

  • Abathur’s Evolve Monstrosity cooldown will no longer begin counting down when Abathur is killed while a Monstrosity remains alive.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow Abathur to become permanently invulnerable under certain circumstances.
  • Abathur’s Stab and Spike Burst Abilities will now deal the proper amount of damage to Promoted Minions.
  • After learning the Evolution Complete Talent, Abathur’s Monstrosity will no longer retain some of the Minions Absorbed stacks earned by a previous Monstrosity.
  • Casting Abathur’s Ultimate Evolution on Tyrael just as Tyrael is killed will now properly place Ultimate Evolution on a reduced cooldown.
  • Anub’arak’s Web Wrap and Stitches’ Gorge will now work properly when used against Unstoppable targets, which is consistent with Zagara’s Devouring Maw.
  • Chen’s Flying Kick will now be properly canceled when cast on an enemy that is transitioning between levels on the Haunted Mines.
  • Illidan will no longer fly to the enemy Hall of Storms if the target of The Hunt is killed before the Ability completes.
  • After learning the Wintermute Talent, Jaina’s Water Elemental will now properly mirror her Blizzard casts.
  • Kerrigan’s Aggressive Defense Talent now correctly increases the Assimilation Shield amount gained from Basic Attacks and Abilities by 100% when paired with her Fury of the Swarm Talent.
  • Li Li’s Cloud Serpent will now attack at the proper speed whether Li Li is moving or standing still.
  • Malfurion’s Tranquility will no longer heal him for double the intended amount.
  • Nazeebo’s Gargantuan Stomp tooltip now properly reflects a 5 second Ability cooldown for the Ability.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Gargantuan Stomp button to persist on Nazeebo’s Ability Hotbar after his Gargantuan had been killed.
  • Fixed an issue in which Ability effects, such as Giant Killer, Focused Attack, and Zagara’s Envenomed Spines, could be applied while Blinded.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Abilities like Brightwing’s Soothing Mist or Malfurion’s Life Seed from auto-casting during Iceblock, or periods during which players are stunned or silenced.
  • Leoric’s Reanimation Talent will no longer allow him to benefit from enemy Regen Globes during Undying.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow Leoric’s Consume Vitality to heal him for more than the five target maximum during Undying.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Leoric’s Consume Vitality to trigger multiple times after striking a single target.
  • Murky can no longer use Pufferfish to permanently reveal parts of the fog of war before the match starts.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Stitches’ Hook to become visually stuck to an enemy Hero and fail to pull the target under certain circumstances.
  • The Butcher’s Savage Charge Talent will now properly apply its damage bonus when using Ruthless Onslaught on an enemy Hero that has less than 50% Health remaining.
  • Relentless Onslaught will no longer cause The Butcher to continue searching for the target even after losing vision of that Hero.
  • Minions affected by Sylvanas’ Possession will no longer occasionally appear to attack one another.
  • Right-clicking Tassadar as he begins using Dimensional Shift will no longer cause the auto-attack reticule to appear while he is invisible.
  • Tyrael will no longer fly to the enemy Hall of Storms if his Judgment target is killed before the Ability completes.
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause Tyrael’s Judgment to fail to cast properly on the intended target.
  • Tyrael’s Judgment will no longer affect Heroes inside Zagara’s Devouring Maw.
  • Heroes that are struck by Tyrael’s Judgment and another knockback effect, such as The Butcher’s Ruthless Onslaught, in rapid succession will no longer be pushed farther than intended.
  • Fixed an issue in which the following Abilities and Talents were not damaging or destroying Zagara’s Creep Tumors:
    • Brightwing’s Peekaboo, Diablo’s Firestorm (returning fireballs), Johanna’s Blessed Hammer, Leoric’s Buried Alive, Nova’s Railgun, Sgt. Hammer’s Napalm Strike (impact damage) and Tychus’ Big Red Button (the nuke portion)
  • Casting Zeratul’s Void Prison on Forts or Keeps should no longer cause targeting issues for Blackheart’s cannons.


  • Entering Void Prison while using The Butcher’s Ruthless Onslaught will no longer cause Ruthless Onslaught’s sound effects to loop.

User Interface

  • Takedown and Death counters in Player Profiles have been updated with totals from all previous patches, and will no longer reset with each Heroes patch.
  • The recipient for an incomplete chat message will no longer switch back to Allies upon re-opening the chat box.
  • Most Takedowns As, Most Deaths As, and Games Played statistics will now update correctly when a Hero in the Top 3 is replaced.

Al via la Season 1 della Storm League 2022: ecco le note della patch!

Profilo di Stak

Da poche ore è stato ufficialmente rilasciato un nuovo imponente aggiornamento per Heroes of the Storm, che lancia sul celebre moba Blizzard la prima stagione della Storm League 2022 ed una lunghissima lista di fix/cambiamenti.

Tra questi segnaliamo ad esempio l’imponente rework che gli sviluppatori hanno scelto per Rehgar, o i vari buff/nerf che riguardano Auriel, Brightwing, Falstad, Imperius, Dehaka e tanti altri. Andiamo a vedere tutti i dettagli:


Building Changes

  • Healing Wells
    • Additional Functionality: Healing Wells are now invulnerable, and are destroyed when their nearby Fort or Keep are destroyed. Stand alone Healing Wells on Battlefield of Eternity and Braxis Holdout are destroyed when both Keeps are destroyed.
  • Forts
    • Health increased from 12900 to 15450.
  • Keeps
    • Health increased from 17000 to 20050.

Developer Comment: We’re happy with how Healing Wells function in our ARAM game mode, so we’re giving it a try everywhere. Additionally, Forts and Keeps now have additional health as they’ve absorbed the health of their nearby Healing Wells.

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Heroes Rework: Rehgar


  • Attack Damage increased from 106 to 115.
  • Attack speed reduced from 1.25 to 1.1.
  • Lightning Shield [W]
    • Additional Functionality: Each enemy hit by Lightning Shield restores 2 Mana to Rehgar.
    • Mana cost reduced from 60 to 50.
  • Earthbind Totem [E]
    • Totem Health increased from 217 to 326.
  • Trait
    • All Ghost Wolf information has been moved to the Z key.
    • (New) Purge:
      • Activate to make an ally Unstoppable for .5 seconds or slow an enemy Hero by 80%, decaying over 2 seconds. Cannot be used on Self.
      • Cooldown: 45 Seconds.


  • Level 1
    • Stormcaller [W]
      • Moved from Level 4.
      • New functionality: Increase Lightning Shield’s radius by 25%.
      • Quest: Each time Lightning Shield hits an enemy Hero, permanently increase Rehgar’s Health by 2 and Mana by 1, to a maximum of 300 stacks.
    • Grounded Totem [E]
      • Moved from Level 7.
      • No longer grants additional Earthbind Totem Health.
      • Additional Functionality:
        • Heroes affected by Earthbind Totem also have their Spellpower reduced by 20%.
        • Increases range of Earthbind Totem by 50%.
    • Feral Heart [Z]
      • New Functionality:
        • Entering or Exiting Ghost Wolf form grants 20 Armor for 2 seconds.
        • Increase Ghost Wolf’s Movement Speed bonus to 40% for the first second, then fade to 30%.
    • Wolf Run [Z]
      • Removed.
  • Level 4
    • Earthliving Enchant [Q]
      • Moved from Level 13.
      • Healing increased from 45 to 50.
    • Electric Charge [W]
      • Moved from Level 1.
      • New Functionality:
        • Lightning Shield heals its bearer for 20% of the damage dealt to enemy Heroes. This healing amount is doubled for Rehgar.
        • While damaging an enemy, Lightning Shield increases its bearer’s Movement Speed by 10%.
    • Healing Totem [E/Active]
      • Healing Totem health increased from 50 to 175.
      • Healing Totem health now scales at 4% per Level.
      • Healing Totem healing increased from 2% to 2.5% maximum Health/second.
      • Healing Totem duration reduced from 10 to 7 seconds.
  • Level 7
    • Cleanse [Active]
      • Removed.
    • Colossal Totem [E]
      • Moved from Level 1.
      • No longer increases Earthbind Totem Range.
    • Blood and Thunder [Z]
      • Cooldown reduction reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds.
      • Additional Functionality: Ghost Wolf attacks restore 5% of Rehgar’s maximum Mana.
    • (New) Purification [Trait D]
      • Removing a Slow, Stun, Root or Silence from an Ally heals them for 260 and refunds 40% of Purge’s cooldown.
      • Using Purge on an enemy deals up to 330 damage to shields and reduces Healing received by 40% for 3 seconds.
  • Level 13
    • Tidal Waves [Q]
      • Heroic target cooldown reduction increased from .75 seconds to 1 second.
      • Mana cost reduction increased from 15 to 20.
    • Earth Shield [W]
      • Shield amount increased from 12 to 14% maximum health.
    • (New) Wellspring [E]
      • Every 2 seconds, Earthbind Totem will cast an untalented Chain Heal at a nearby ally that heals for 35% of its normal value.
  • Level 16
    • Rising Storm [W]
      • Changed Functionality:
        • No longer grants Rehgar an untalented Lightning Shield.
        • Increase the duration of Lightning Shield by 3 seconds.
    • Earthgrasp Totem [E]
      • Additional Functionality: Earthbind Totem deals 145 damage when first placed.
    • Hunger of the Wolf [Z]
      • Damage and healing increased to 6%.
  • Level 20
    • Rewind [Active]
      • Removed.
    • Stormshield [Active]
      • Removed.
    • Elemental Conduit [Active]
      • Activate to gain Lightning Shield and grant all nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 10% of their maximum Health for 5 seconds.
      • Each time this Lightning Shield hits an enemy Hero, grant nearby allies a Shield equal to 1.5% of their maximum Health.
      • 70 Second cooldown.
    • Pit Fighter [Passive]
      • Gain 10% Attack damage and 4% Spell Power for yourself and each nearby ally Hero, stacking up to 5 times. At 2 or more stacks, Purge’s cooldown refreshes 50% faster.

Developer Comment: Its been a while since we’ve made any major changes to Rehgar and while his win rates are not worrisome, his identity as a flexible generalist healer has suffered as of late. With this rework, we’re making a number of quality-of-life changes by baselining some of the talents that felt mandatory as well as introducing new talents to sharpen his build identities. Just to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks, we’ve also given Rehgar a new activated trait, Purge, which allows him to micro-cleanse an ally or momentarily snare a distant enemy.

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  • Sacred Sweep [Q]
    • Cast speed increased by 50%.
    • Cast finish time increased from 0 to .0625 seconds.


  • Level 1
    • Swift Sweep [Q]
      • Removed.
  • Level 4
    • Heavy Burden [E]
      • Additional Functionality: Increase Detainment Strike’s Stun duration by .25 seconds.
  • Level 16
    • Will of Heaven [D]
      • Additional Functionality: Increase Auriel’s Basic Attack damage by 10%.
    • Wrath of Heaven [D]
      • Additional Functionality: Enemy Heroes hit by the center area of Sacred Sweep or the terrain collision of Detainment Strike have their Spell Armor reduced by 10 for 3 seconds.

Developer Comment: Auriel’s Q talents have fallen off in both popularity and win rates, so we’re baking in the Swift Sweep talent functionality to help the abilities’ overall efficacy. We’re also bumping up some other talents that aren’t performing well. Similar to Zarya, Auriel’s power dynamics can change dramatically with even small number tweaks, so we’re keeping these changes relatively light this time around.



  • Level 1
    • Hyper Shift [Z]
      • Maximum Health healing bonus decreased from 8% to 6%.
  • Level 4
    • Magic Spit [Passive]
      • Cooldown reduction reduced from 6 to 4 seconds.
  • Level 20
    • Invisible Friends [R1]
      • Duration reduced from infinite to 9 seconds.
      • Heal increased from 20 to 25.

Developer Comment: Brightwing remains strong at all levels of play, and is also terrorizing her foes at higher levels. While this is a substantial nerf to Invisible Friends on paper, we feel Brightwing still has compelling reasons to take the talent.



  • Vitals
    • Health reduced from 2434 to 2385.
    • Health regeneration reduced from 5.07 to 4.97.
  • Basic Attack
    • Damage reduced from 100 to 95.


  • Level 4
    • Lurker Strain [E]
      • Burrow cooldown reduction reduced from 6 to 3 seconds.
  • Level 7
    • Feeding Frenzy [Q]
      • Cooldown reduction reduced from 1.75 to 1.5 seconds.

Developer Comment: Dehaka has been collecting essence very successfully after his last update increased his attack speed, so we’re reining him in a smidge.



  • Tailwind [Trait]
    • Cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 seconds.


  • Level 1
    • Dishonorable Discharge [W]
      • Lightning Rod damage bonus per stack increased from .75% to 1%, maximum bonus remains 75%.

Developer Comment: Falstad has landed quite well after his recent tuning, and we think a mild buff to Dishonorable Discharge causes all his talent builds to pass with flying colors.



  • Celestial Charge [Q]
    • Final damage increased from 70 to 80.


  • Level 7
    • Blaze of Glory [W]
      • Damage increased from 185 to 205.
      • Changed Functionality: Blaze of Glory deals additional damage with Valorous Brand marks, but no longer consumes them.

Developer Comment: Celestial Charge needling enemies a bit more will help Imperius out, especially when taking Impaling Light. We’re happy with the gameplay of the Solarian’s Fire build, but we’d rather Imperius continue onward rather than go out in a Blaze of Glory.



  • Improved Ice Block [1]
    • Damage to unlock reduced from 15,000 to 12,000.


  • Level 1
    • Winter’s Reach [Q]
      • Additional Functionality: Increase the missile speed of Frostbolt by 30%.

Developer Comment: In games where Jaina’s team falls behind, we think it’s harder than it should be to unlock Improved Ice Block, especially when Jaina is focused on clearing enemy Minion waves. This should even that out, as well as provide a boon for Jaina players that blast away their opponents. Blizzard and Cone of Cold talents are competing nicely, so we thought we’d provide some quality of life to a Frostbolt talent.



  • Iron Skin [D]
    • Cooldown reduced from 25 to 22 seconds.


  • Level 1
    • Divine Fortress [Passive]
      • Physical Armor per Basic Attack increased from 8 to 10.
      • Duration increased from 2.5 to 4 seconds.
      • Changed Functionality: Basic Attacks against any target grants Physical Armor.
    • Zealous Glare [E]
      • Additional Functionality: Shield Glare deals 125% additional damage.
  • Level 4
    • Hold Your Ground [D]
      • Cooldown reduction reduced from 5 to 2 seconds.
  • Level 7
    • Sins Exposed [Q]
      • Duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds.
    • Steed Charge [Active]
      • Bonus Iron Skin duration increased from 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Level 13
    • Roar [Q]
      • Passive Punish damage bonus increased from 25% to 50%.
  • Level 20
    • Heaven’s Fury [R1]
      • Damaged reduced from 75 to 68.
      • Healing reduced from 75 to 68.

Developer Comment: Competing against strong Shield Glare talents, Divine Fortress’ Physical Armor wasn’t super appealing. We hope this change provides a comparable option for dealing with Physical damage while feeling and playing differently. While we’re here, we continue to drag part of Hold Your Ground’s benefit baseline in our endless journey to make the tier more competitive. Other than that, we have mild buffs for weak talents, and a whisper of a nerf to Heaven’s Fury.



  • Level 7
    • Big As [E]
      • Moved to Level 13.
  • Level 20
    • Puckish Scamp [R2]
      • Additional Functionality: Reduce both Heroic cooldowns by 20 seconds.

Developer Comment: Junkrat has caused more than enough mayhem for now – we believe that Big As was making Steel Traps an issue too frequently when combined with Gotta Trap ‘Em All! We think the decision between traps that demand a Hero’s intervention versus many traps is still interesting, but we’ll be keeping an eye on him.



  • Nature’s Toxin [Trait]
    • Damage dealt reduced from 36 to 33.


  • Level 7
    • Choking Pollen [Q]
      • Damage bonus against enemies with 3 stacks of Nature’s Toxin decreased from 200% to 175%.

Developer Comment: Lunara has hopped a little higher than we expected, so we’re diluting her poison.



  • Warp Rift [W]
    • Duration reduced from 9 to 3 seconds.
    • Additional Functionality: Warp Rifts explode on expiration.
  • Photon Cannon [E]
    • Attack period reduced from 1 to 1.4.
    • Additional Functionality:
      • No longer requires Pylons to be placed or be activated.
      • While in a Pylon’s Power Field, gain 40% attack speed over 4 seconds and reveal nearby enemies.
      • Now prefers to acquire Heroic enemies.


  • Level 1
    • Echo Pulse [Q]
      • Increased returning Disruption Pulse damage from 75% to 100%.
    • Gather Minerals [E]
      • Removed Functionality: Quest reward no longer reveals nearby enemies.
  • Level 7
    • Particle Accelerator [Q]
      • New Functionality:
        • After hitting 4 Heroes with Disruption Pulse, the next Warp Rift detonated by Disruption Pulse fires 4 pulses for 71 damage.
        • Reduce Disruption Pulse’s cooldown by .5 seconds.
    • Rift Shock [W]
      • New Functionality: Exploding a Warp Rift within 1 second of its arming deals 90 damage over 3 seconds.
  • Level 10
    • Pylon Overcharge [R1]
      • Duration reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.
      • Changed Functionality: Can only target enemy Heroes.
      • Additionality Functionality: Pylons are Invulnerable for the duration.
  • Level 20
    • Shoot ‘Em Up [Q]
      • New Functionality:
        • Disruption Pulse deals 2.5% of enemy Heroes maximum health as damage.
        • Reduce Disruption Pulse’s cooldown by .5 seconds.

Developer Comment: Probius has always had high requirements for successfully utilizing his abilities. The theme of this update is to turn those requirements into benefits, making Probius more approachable while still rewarding mastery. While the baseline changes to Warp Rift and Photon Cannon affect the identity of these abilities, we hope long time Probius players are still able to punish enemy Heroes that underestimate our favorite Probe.



  • Level 1
    • Ace In The Hole [Passive]
      • Damage bonus increased from 10% to 12%.
  • Level 7
    • Heavy Slugs [Q]
      • Duration bonus increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds.
  • Level 20
    • Cavalry’s Arrived [R1]
      • Mark duration increased from 2.5 to 6 seconds.
    • Dusk Wing [R2]
      • Armor reduction increased from 2.5 to 3.
      • Maximum Armor reduction increased from 25 to 30.

Developer Comment: Jimmy was never one to quit a fight.



  • Vitals
    • Health reduced from 1850 to 1835.
    • Health regeneration reduced from 3.85 to 3.82.
  • Bio-Kill Switch [Q]
    • Healing reduced from 450 to 435.

Developer Comment: Stukov’s level 1 talents have seen an influx of strength over the last couple months, and everything has a cost.



  • Level 1
    • Lunar Blaze [E]
      • Maximum bonus increased from 100% to 150%.
    • Trueshot Aura [Active]
      • Allied Attack Damage bonus increased from 30% to 40%.
  • Level 4
    • Mark of Mending [D]
      • Range increased from 6 to 8.5.
      • Changed Functionality: Now looks to heal allies near the attacked target, rather than near Tyrande.
  • Level 13
    • Harsh Moonlight [W]
      • Duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
  • Level 16
    • Empower [W]
      • Damage decreased from 7% to 6% to targets maximum health.
  • Level 20
    • Eyes of the Huntress [R1]
      • Healing bonus increased from 50% to 75%.
    • Celestial Wrath [R2]
      • Slow increased from 40% to 60%.

Developer Comment: Ranger causing Sentinel to hit two Heroes has become the dominant style for playing Tyrande, so we’re reducing the power of Harsh Moonlight and Empower and raising up her weaker talents.



  • Level 1
    • Together We Are Strong [E]
      • Changed Functionality: Talent effects now last 3 seconds, instead of for the duration of the Shield.
  • Level 7
    • Deep Burn [Q]
      • Energy gains increased from 1 to 2.

Developer Comment: The last round of Zarya changes didn’t blow her overall power out of proportion, so we’re touching up a few more underperforming talents.

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Bug Fixes


  • General
    • Resolved issues when the attacker is Blinded or the enemy is Evading with:
      • Uther’s Hammer of the Lightbringer
      • Valeera’s Slice and Dice and Rupture
      • Varian’s Heroic Strike
      • Whitemane’s Saintly Greatstaff and Scarlet Wrath
      • Zeratul’s Master Warp-Blade, Psionic Strength, Shadow Hunter, and Unwavering Pressure
      • Zul’jin’s Grievous Throw , Eye of Zul’jin, and Let the Killing Begin
  • Lunara
    • Accelerated Contamination can no longer grant CDR from dead Heroes.
  • Valla
    • Corrected Death Dealer damage bonus.
  • Varian
    • Corrected Varian’s Physical Damage against Shielded Heroes with Shattering Throw and Twin Blades.
  • Whitemane
    • Radiance no longer reduces Whitemane’s Armor.
  • Xul
    • Corpse Explosion damage is now ignored by the Call for Help.
  • Yrel
    • Bubble Hearth’s cast is now interrupted by Stuns.
  • Zagara
    • Devouring Maw now more consistently displays captured Heroes.
    • Corrected Medusa Blades’ damage to Monsters.
  • Zeratul
    • Shroud of Adun now contributes to Zeratul’s Self-Healing scoreboard stat.
    • Shadow Stride now contributes to Zeratul’s Self-Healing scoreboard stat.
  • Zul’jin
    • Amani Rage can now have its cooldown announced to your team.
    • Ensnare can now have its cooldown announced to your team.


Cosa ne pensate di tutte queste interessanti novità? La discussione, come sempre, è aperta!

Articoli correlati: 

Nuova patch sul PTR di Heroes of the Storm: nuove Classic Skin e Mount in arrivo!

Profilo di Stak

Gli sviluppatori di Heroes of the Storm hanno presentato una nuova imponente patch al cospetto dei giocatori del loro celebre MOBA, che introduce sul PTR (il reame pubblico di prova) numerose novità ed anche degli interessanti aggiornamenti lato SKIN/Mount in arrivo.

Partendo proprio dalle ultime citate, grazie al lavoro fatto dall’utente Reddit Arkentass abbiamo potuto vedere in anteprima svariati nuovi modelli appartenenti ad eroi come Rehgar, Kerrigan, Reynor, ma anche Li-Ming e Varian Wrynn.

Insieme a queste, sempre Arkentass ha anche fornito una rapida anteprima di alcune delle nuove cavalcature, troverete di seguito in allegato tutte le immagini in questione.

Andiamo a vedere di seguito le note della patch (alla fine dell’articolo sono invece presenti le immagini relative a mount e skin) introdotta poche ore fa sul Reame Pubblico di prova, e che resterà sullo stesso almeno fino al prossimo 6 Dicembre.

La nuova patch di Heroes of the Storm è arrivata sul Reame Pubblico di Prova e sarà disponibile per il test fino al 6 dicembre PST. Come al solito, se riscontri dei bug durante le sessioni di gioco sul PTR, vai sul Forum di segnalazione bug del PTR per condividere la tua esperienza.

Generale – Cambiamenti alle strutture

  • Fonti curative
    • Funzionalità aggiunta: le fonti curative ora sono invulnerabili e vengono distrutte alla distruzione del forte o della fortezza vicini.
  • Forti
    • Salute aumentata da 12.900 a 15.450.
  • Fortezze
    • Salute aumentata da 17.000 a 20.050.

Commento degli sviluppatori: siamo felici di come funzionano le fonti curative nella nostra modalità ARAM, per cui vogliamo vedere se la modifica può funzionare ovunque. Inoltre, i forti e le fortezze ora hanno una maggiore quantità di Salute, avendo assorbito quella delle fonti curative vicine.

Torna in cima

Riprogettazione eroi: Rehgar


  • Danni da attacco aumentati da 106 a 115.
  • Velocità di movimento ridotta da 1,25 a 1,1.
  • Scudo di Fulmini [W]
    • Funzionalità aggiunta: ogni nemico colpito da Scudo di Fulmini rigenera 2 Mana a Rehgar.
    • Costo in Mana ridotto da 60 a 50.
  • Totem del Vincolo Terrestre [E]
    • Salute del totem aumentata da 217 a 326.
  • Tratto
    • Tutte le informazioni di Lupo Spettrale sono state spostate sul tasto Z.
    • (Nuovo) Epurazione:
      • Attivare l’abilità su un eroe alleato lo rende inarrestabile per 0,5 secondi. Attivare l’abilità su un eroe nemico lo rallenta dell’80%. L’effetto si esaurisce in 2 secondi. Non può essere usato su se stessi.
      • Tempo di recupero: 30 secondi.


  • Livello 1
    • Invocatore delle Tempeste [W]
      • È stato spostato dal livello 4.
      • Nuovo funzionamento: estende il raggio di Scudo di Fulmini del 25%.
      • Missione: Ogni volta che Scudo di Fulmini colpisce un eroe nemico, aumenta permanentemente la Salute di Rehgar di 2 e il Mana di 1, accumulandosi fino a 300 volte.
    • Totem Saldo [E]
      • È stato spostato dal livello 7.
      • Non fornisce più Salute aggiuntiva al Totem del Vincolo Terrestre.
      • Funzionalità aggiunta:
        • Riduce anche la Potenza magica degli eroi nemici sotto l’effetto del Totem del Vincolo Terrestre del 25%.
        • Estende la portata di Totem del Vincolo Terrestre del 50%.
    • Cuore Selvatico [Z]
      • Nuovo funzionamento:
        • Attivare o disattivare Lupo Spettrale fornisce 20 Resistenza per 2 secondi.
        • Aumenta il bonus alla velocità di movimento in forma di Lupo Spettrale al 40% per 1 secondo, poi al 30%.
    • Scatto del Lupo [Z]
      • Rimosso.
  • Livello 4
    • Incantamento della Terra Benefica [Q]
      • È stato spostato dal livello 13.
      • Cure aumentate da 45 a 50.
    • Carica Elettrica [W]
      • È stato spostato dal livello 1.
      • Nuovo funzionamento:
        • Scudo di Fulmini fornisce al portatore cure pari al 20% dei danni inflitti agli eroi nemici. Queste cure raddoppiano se fornite a Rehgar.
        • Infliggendo danni a un nemico, Scudo di Fulmini aumenta la velocità di movimento del portatore del 10%.
    • Totem Curativo [E/Attivo]
      • Salute del Totem Curativo aumentata da 50 a 175.
      • La salute del Totem Curativo ora scala dello 0,04% per livello.
      • Cure del Totem Curativo aumentate dal 2% al 3% della Salute massima al secondo.
      • Durata del Totem Curativo ridotta da 10 a 7 secondi.
  • Livello 7
    • Purificazione [Attivo]
      • Rimosso.
    • Totem Colossale [E]
      • È stato spostato dal livello 1.
      • Non aumenta più la portata di Totem del Vincolo Terrestre.
    • Sangue e Tuono [Z]
      • Riduzione del tempo di recupero ridotta da 2 a 1,5 secondi.
      • Funzionalità aggiunta: gli attacchi di Lupo Spettrale forniscono a Rehgar il 5% del Mana.
    • (Nuovo) Purificazione [Tratto D]
      • Se Epurazione rimuove un effetto di rallentamento, stordimento, immobilizzazione o silenziamento da un alleato, lo cura di 260 e rimborsa il 50% del suo tempo di recupero.
      • Attivare Epurazione su un eroe nemico infligge fino a 330 danni agli scudi e riduce le cure ricevute del 40% per 3 secondi.
  • Livello 13
    • Maremoto [Q]
      • Riduzione del tempo di recupero per ogni eroe colpito aumentata da 0,75 a 1 secondo.
      • Riduzione del costo in Mana aumentata da 15 a 20.
    • Scudo di Terra [W]
      • Ammontare dello scudo aumentato dal 12% al 14% della Salute massima.
    • (Nuovo) Sorgente [E]
      • Ogni 2 secondi, Totem del Vincolo Terrestre attiva una versione di Catena Curativa che non beneficia degli effetti dei talenti su un eroe alleato vicino che cura del 40% dell’effetto normale.
  • Livello 16
    • Tempesta Incombente [W]
      • Funzionalità modificata:
        • Non fornisce più a Rehgar una versione di Scudo di Fulmini che non beneficia dei talenti.
        • Aumenta la durata di Scudo di Fulmini di 3 secondi.
    • Totem della Stretta Terrestre [E]
      • Funzionalità aggiunta: il Totem del Vincolo Terrestre infligge 145 danni al posizionamento.
    • Fame da Lupi [Z]
      • Danni inflitti e cure fornite aumentati al 6%.
  • Livello 20
    • Inversione [Attivo]
      • Rimosso.
    • Scudo Tempestoso [Attivo]
      • Rimosso.
    • Condotto Elementale [Attivo]
      • All’attivazione si ottiene Scudo di Fulmini e fornisce agli alleati vicini uno scudo pari al 10% della loro Salute massima per 5 secondi.
      • Colpire un eroe nemico con l’effetto di questo Scudo di Fulmini fornisce agli eroi alleati vicini uno scudo pari all’1,5% della loro Salute massima.
      • Tempo di recupero: 70 secondi.
    • Lotta di Gruppo [Passivo]
      • Aumenta i danni da attacco del 10% e la Potenza magica di 5 per Rehgar e ogni eroe alleato vicino, fino a un massimo di 5 volte. A 2 o più accumuli, il tempo di recupero di Epurazione si ricarica il 50% più velocemente.

Commento degli sviluppatori: è da un po’ che non apportavamo grandi modifiche a Rehgar, e per quanto le sue percentuali di vittoria non siano preoccupanti, la sua identità di guaritore versatile di recente è andata un po’ a scemare. Con questa riprogettazione, abbiamo applicato una serie di modifiche generali trasformando in effetti base alcuni dei suoi talenti percepiti come obbligatori, nonché introducendone di nuovi per rinforzare l’identità delle sue configurazioni. Inoltre, per dimostrare che anche i cani più in là con gli anni possono imparare nuovi comandi, abbiamo fornito a Rehgar un nuovo tratto attivabile, Epurazione, che gli permetterà, in misura leggera, di purificare un alleato o rallentare momentaneamente un nemico distante.

Torna in cima




  • Spazzata Sacra [Q]
    • Velocità di attivazione aumentata del 50%.
    • Tempo di conclusione dell’attivazione aumentato da 0 a 0,0625 secondi.


  • Livello 1
    • Spazzata Celere [Q]
      • Rimosso.
  • Livello 4
    • Fardello [E]
      • Funzionalità aggiunta: aumenta la durata dello stordimento di Attacco Detentivo di 0,25 secondi.
  • Livello 16
    • Volontà del Paradiso [D]
      • Funzionalità aggiunta: aumenta i danni degli attacchi base di Auriel del 10%.
    • Ira del Paradiso [D]
      • Funzionalità aggiunta: riduce la Resistenza magica degli eroi nemici colpiti dall’area centrale di Spazzata Sacra e dalla collisione con ostacoli di Attacco Detentivo di 10 per 3 secondi.

Commento degli sviluppatori: i talenti del tasto Q di Auriel sono calati come popolarità che come percentuale di vittorie, per cui stiamo dando una mano alla funzionalità di Spazzata Celere per aumentare l’efficacia complessiva delle abilità. Abbiamo anche rinforzato alcuni talenti non particolarmente prestanti. In modo simile a Zarya, la dinamica della potenza di Auriel può cambiare drasticamente persino con piccole modifiche numeriche, per cui stavolta stiamo tenendo le modifiche entro degli intervalli relativamente bassi.



  • Livello 1
    • Guizzo Maggiore [Z]
      • Cure bonus ridotte dall’8% al 6% della Salute massima.
  • Livello 4
    • Saliva Magica [Passivo]
      • Riduzione del tempo di recupero ridotta da 6 a 4 secondi.
  • Livello 20
    • Amici Invisibili [R1]
      • Durata ridotta da infinito a 9 secondi.
      • Cure aumentate da 20 a 25.

Commento degli sviluppatori: Alachiara è ancora forte a tutti i livelli di gioco, terrorizzando persino i nemici ai livelli più alti. Per quanto sulla carta questo sia un depotenziamento importante ad Amici Invisibili, sentiamo che Alachiara abbia ancora un sacco di motivi per scegliere quel talento.



  • Statistiche
    • Salute ridotta da 2.434 a 2.385.
    • Rigenerazione di Salute ridotta da 5,07 a 4,97.
  • Attacco base
    • Danni ridotti da 100 a 95.


  • Livello 4
    • Ceppo di Criptolisca [E]
      • Riduzione del tempo di recupero di Rintanamento ridotta da 6 a 3 secondi.
  • Livello 7
    • Ferocia Famelica [Q]
      • Riduzione del tempo di recupero ridotta da 1,75 a 1,5 secondi.

Commento degli sviluppatori: Dehaka ha raccolto una grande quantità di Essenze dopo che il suo ultimo aggiornamento ne ha aumentato la velocità d’attacco, per cui gli abbiamo limato un po’ gli artigli.



  • Vento di Coda [Tratto]
    • Tempo di recupero ridotto da 6 a 5 secondi.


  • Livello 1
    • Scarica Indegna [W]
      • Bonus ai danni di Parafulmine per accumulo aumentati dallo 0,75% all’1%. Il bonus massimo rimane il 75%.

Commento degli sviluppatori: Falstad se l’è cavata bene dopo l’ultima revisione al grifone e crediamo che un leggero potenziamento a Scarica Indegna faccia passare l’esame di volo a tutte le sue configurazioni.



  • Carica Celeste [Q]
    • Danni finali aumentati da 70 a 80.


  • Livello 7
    • Vampa di Gloria [W]
      • Danni aumentati da 185 a 205.
      • Funzionalità modificata: Vampa di Gloria infligge danni aggiuntivi ai bersagli con i Marchi del Valore e non li consuma più.

Commento degli sviluppatori: tormentare un po’ di più i nemici con Carica Celeste darà una mano a Imperius, specialmente scegliendo Luce Perforante. Siamo felici dell’efficacia della configurazione di Fuoco di Solarion, ma preferiremmo che Imperius continuasse a progredire anziché limitarsi a una Vampa di Gloria.



  • Blocco di Ghiaccio Migliorato [1]
    • Danni necessari a sbloccarlo ridotti da 15.000 a 12.000.


  • Livello 1
    • Abbraccio dell’Inverno [Q]
      • Funzionalità aggiunta: estende del 30% la velocità di Dardo di Gelo.

Commento degli sviluppatori: riteniamo che, nelle partite in cui la squadra di Jaina resta indietro, il Blocco di Ghiaccio Migliorato risulti più difficile del previsto da sbloccare, specialmente quando Jaina è concentrata sul pulire le ondate di servitori nemici. In questo modo dovrebbe risultare più equilibrato, facendo anche un piccolo regalino ai giocatori di Jaina che riescono a colpire a distanza gli avversari. Dato che i talenti di Tormenta e Cono di Freddo concorrono adeguatamente, abbiamo pensato di apportare un miglioramento generico a un talento di Dardo di Gelo.



  • Scorza Ferrea [D]
    • Tempo di recupero ridotto da 25 a 22 secondi.


  • Livello 1
    • Fortezza Divina [Passivo]
      • Resistenza fisica per attacco base aumentata da 8 a 10.
      • Durata aumentata da 2,5 a 4 secondi.
      • Funzionalità modificata: gli attacchi base contro qualunque bersaglio forniscono Resistenza fisica.
    • Bagliore Zelante [E]
      • Funzionalità aggiunta: Scudo Abbagliante infligge il 125% dei danni in più.
  • Livello 4
    • Legittima Difesa [D]
      • Riduzione del tempo di recupero ridotta da 5 a 2 secondi.
  • Livello 7
    • Esposizione dei Peccati [Q]
      • Durata aumentata da 2 a 3 secondi.
    • Carica del Destriero [Attivo]
      • Durata bonus di Scorza Ferrea aumentata da 1 a 2 secondi.
  • Livello 13
    • Ruggito [Q]
      • Bonus passivo ai danni di Punizione aumentato dal 25% al 50%.
  • Livello 20
    • Furia Celeste [R1]
      • Danni ridotti da 75 a 68.
      • Cure ridotte da 75 a 68.

Commento degli sviluppatori: messa a paragone coi talenti forti di Scudo Abbagliante, la Resistenza fisica di Fortezza Divina non risultava così allettante. Speriamo che questa modifica fornisca un’opzione più appropriata per occuparsi dei danni fisici aggiungendo al contempo una sensazione di diversità nello stile di gioco. Già che c’eravamo, abbiamo anche continuato a spostare parte della potenza di base di Legittima Difesa nel nostro viaggio verso una maggiore competizione dei talenti di quel livello. A parte questo, abbiamo apportato dei discreti potenziamenti ai talenti più deboli e abbiamo soffiato via un pizzico di potenza da Furia Celeste.



  • Livello 7
    • Acciaio Pesante [E]
      • È stato spostato al livello 13.
  • Livello 20
    • Tragitto Espresso [R2]
      • Funzionalità aggiunta: riduce i tempi di recupero di entrambe le abilità eroiche di 20 secondi.

Commento degli sviluppatori: per il momento Junkrat ha causato fin troppa baraonda. Crediamo che Acciaio Pesante stesse rendendo le Tagliole un problema fin troppo frequente se abbinato a Trappola per Eroi! Riteniamo che scegliere tra l’avere trappole che richiedono l’intervento di un eroe e l’avere invece, semplicemente, molte trappole, sia ancora interessante, ma abbiamo intenzione di tenerlo d’occhio.



  • Tossina Naturale [Tratto]
    • Danni ridotti da 36 a 33.


  • Livello 7
    • Polline Soffocante [Q]
      • Danni ai nemici con 3 accumuli di Tossina Naturale ridotti dal 200% al 175%.

Commento degli sviluppatori: Lunara ha saltato un po’ più in alto del previsto, per cui le stiamo diluendo un po’ il veleno.



  • Varco Dimensionale [W]
    • Durata ridotta da 9 a 3 secondi.
    • Funzionalità aggiunta: i Varchi Dimensionali esplodono quando scadono.
  • Cannone Fotonico [E]
    • Frequenza degli attacchi ridotta da 1 a 1,4.
    • Funzionalità aggiunta:
      • Non richiede più il posizionamento dei Piloni.
      • Finché si trovano all’interno del campo energetico di un Pilone, i Cannoni Fotonici ottengono un aumento del 40% alla velocità d’attacco in 4 secondi e rivelano i nemici vicini.
      • Ora dà priorità agli eroi nemici.


  • Livello 1
    • Impulso Eco [Q]
      • Danni dell’Impulso Disgregatore di ritorno aumentati dal 75% al 100%.
    • Estrazione Mineraria [E]
      • Funzionalità rimossa: la ricompensa di missione non rivela più i nemici vicini.
  • Livello 7
    • Acceleratore di Particelle [Q]
      • Nuovo funzionamento:
        • Dopo aver colpito 4 eroi con Impulso Disgregatore, il successivo Varco Dimensionale fatto esplodere da un Impulso Disgregatore spara 4 impulsi aggiuntivi che infliggono 71 danni.
        • Riduce il tempo di recupero di Impulso Disgregatore di 0,5 secondi.
    • Shock Dimensionale [W]
      • Nuovo funzionamento: far esplodere un Varco Dimensionale entro 1 secondo dal suo armamento infligge 90 danni in 3 secondi.
  • Livello 10
    • Sovraccarico Piloni [R1]
      • Durata ridotta da 10 a 8 secondi.
      • Funzionalità modificata: può colpire solo gli eroi nemici.
      • Funzionalità aggiunta: i Piloni sono invulnerabili per la durata dell’effetto.
  • Livello 20
    • Impulsi Multipli [Q]
      • Nuovo funzionamento:
        • Impulso Disgregatore infligge anche danni pari al 2,5% della Salute massima degli eroi nemici.
        • Riduce il tempo di recupero di Impulso Disgregatore di 0,5 secondi.

Commento degli sviluppatori: Probius ha sempre avuto dei requisiti alti per utilizzare con successo le sue abilità. Il tema di questo aggiornamento riguarda il trasformare quei requisiti in benefici, rendendo Probius più accessibile continuando al contempo a premiarne la maestria. Nonostante le modifiche di base a Varco Dimensionale e Cannone Fotonico ne modifichino l’identità, speriamo che i veterani di Probius restino comunque in grado di punire gli eroi nemici che sottovalutano la nostra sonda preferita.



  • Livello 1
    • Nessuna Eccezione [Passivo]
      • Bonus ai danni aumentato dal 10% al 12%.
  • Livello 7
    • Artiglieria Pesante [Q]
      • Bonus alla durata aumentato da 1,5 a 2 secondi.
  • Livello 20
    • Arriva la Cavalleria [R1]
      • Durata del marchio aumentata da 2,5 a 6 secondi.
    • Ali del Crepuscolo [R2]
      • Riduzione della Resistenza aumentata da 2,5 a 3.
      • Riduzione della Resistenza massima aumentata da 25 a 30.

Commento degli sviluppatori: Jimmy non è mai stato un tipo arrendevole.



  • Statistiche
    • Salute ridotta da 1.850 a 1.835.
    • Rigenerazione di Salute ridotta da 3,85 a 3,82.
  • Biodiffusione [Q]
    • Cure ridotte da 450 a 435.

Commento degli sviluppatori: i talenti di livello 1 di Stukov hanno subito un influsso di potenza negli ultimi mesi, ma tutto ha un costo.



  • Livello 1
    • Vampa Lunare [E]
      • Bonus massimo aumentato dal 100% al 150%.
    • Aura di Precisione [Attivo]
      • Bonus ai danni degli attacchi degli alleati aumentato dal 30% al 40%.
  • Livello 4
    • Marchio Rasserenante [D]
      • Portata estesa da 6 a 8,5.
      • Funzionalità modificata: ora cerca di curare gli alleati vicini al bersaglio attaccato, piuttosto che quelli vicini a Tyrande.
  • Livello 13
    • Chiaro di Luna Avverso [W]
      • Durata ridotta da 4 a 3 secondi.
  • Livello 16
    • Potenziamento [W]
      • Danni ridotti dal 7% al 6% della Salute massima dei bersagli.
  • Livello 20
    • Occhi della Cacciatrice [R1]
      • Bonus alle cure aumentato dal 50% al 75%.
    • Collera Celeste [R2]
      • Effetto di rallentamento aumentato dal 40% al 60%.

Commento degli sviluppatori: Guardaboschi che fa colpire due eroi con Sentinella è diventato lo stile di gioco di Tyrande dominante, per cui stiamo riducendo la potenza di Chiaro di Luna Avverso e Potenziamento e aumentato quella dei suoi talenti più deboli.



  • Livello 1
    • Forza dell’Unione [E]
      • Funzionalità modificata: ora l’effetto del talento dura 3 secondi anziché per l’intera durata dello scudo.
  • Livello 7
    • Ustione [Q]
      • Ottenimento di energia aumentato da 1 a 2.

Commento degli sviluppatori: l’ultimo giro di modifiche a Zarya non ha stravolto la sua potenza complessiva, per cui stiamo ritoccando alcuni dei suoi talenti meno prestanti.

Torna in cima

Correzione dei problemi


  • Generale
    • Risolti diversi problemi quando l’attaccante è accecato o il nemico sta schivando relativi a:
      • Martello dell’Araldo della Luce di Uther
      • Fendenti Furiosi e Perforazione di Valeera
      • Assalto Eroico di Varian
      • Scettro dei Santi e Ira Scarlatta di Mantogrigio
      • Lama Psionica del Maestro, Forza Psionica, Cacciatore dell’Ombra e Pressione Risoluta di Zeratul
      • Lancio Atroce, Occhio di Zul’jin e Danza di Morte di Zul’jin
  • Lunara
    • Contaminazione Accelerata non ottiene più una riduzione dei tempi di recupero dagli eroi morti.
  • Valla
    • Corretto il bonus ai danni di Portatrice di Morte.
  • Varian
    • Corretti i danni fisici inflitti da Lancio Frantumante e Lame Gemelle di Varian contro gli eroi con scudo.
  • Biancachioma
    • Radiosità non riduce più la Resistenza di Biancachioma.
  • Xul
    • I danni di Esplosione di Cadaveri ora vengono ignorati da Richiesta d’Aiuto.
  • Yrel
    • Il lancio di Bolla del Ritorno ora viene interrotto dallo stordimento.
  • Zagara
    • Baco Vorace ora mostra in modo più consistente gli eroi catturati.
    • Corretti i danni inflitti ai mostri da Lame Medusa.
  • Zeratul
    • Manto di Adun ora contribuisce alla voce relativa alle cure su se stessi di Zeratul nella schermata dei punteggi.
    • Cadenza d’Ombra ora contribuisce alla voce relativa alle cure su se stessi di Zeratul nella schermata dei punteggi.
  • Zul’jin
    • Ora è possibile annunciare alla propria squadra il tempo di recupero di Furia degli Amani.
    • Ora è possibile annunciare alla propria squadra il tempo di recupero di Intralciamento.

Le immagini delle mount/skin in anteprima

Cosa ne pensate community? La discussione come sempre è aperta!

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Ancora Activision: un gruppo di shareholders chiede la “testa” di Kotick, Kelly e Morgado

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Altro rapidissimo, ma assolutamente importante, aggiornamento dagli Stati Uniti e dalla sede di Activision Blizzard, dove in queste ultime ore si sta consumando una delle vicende forse più vergognose di tutta la storia legata allo scandalo abusi/molestie sessuali ai danni di diverse dipendenti dell’azienda.

Con un nuovo articolo carico di pesantissime accuse, il Wall Street Journal ha fatto sapere che secondo le sue fonti il CEO di Activision Blizz Bobby Kotick è sempre stato al corrente di queste tragedie, e non ha mai fatto nulla per fermarle…anzi, tutt’altro, secondo il WSJ Kotick si sarebbe macchiato lui stesso di molestie nei confronti di alcune sue dipendenti nel corso di questi ultimi 20 anni, avrebbe insabbiato svariate denunce che gli erano state portate sulla sua scrivania, ed avrebbe anche minacciato di far uccidere una delle vittime se questa avesse fatto parola con qualcuno degli abusi subiti.

Una situazione quindi sostanzialmente esplosiva, che ha generato già diversi contraccolpi tra dipendenti, consiglio di amministrazione e shareholders, ovvero il gruppo di azionisti che detiene parte della azioni societarie.

In prima battuta sono stati più di 100 dipendenti a manifestare tutto il loro dissenso attraverso un sit-in, durante il quale hanno ripetutamente chiesto a gran voce la sostituzione di Kotick dal ruolo di CEO dell’azienda. Dopo poche ore è però arrivata una lettera interna firmata dal CdA, con il consiglio di amministrazione che ha voluto “glissare” sulle accuse mosse dal Wall Street Journal, rinnovando la totale fiducia riposta dallo stesso in Bobby Kotick.

La cosa non è però affatto andata giù ad alcuni shareholders dell’azienda, un gruppo di azionisti guidati dal SOC (lo Strategic Organizing Center Investment Group) ha infatti inoltrato una lettera al CdA (inserendo in copia anche il The Washington Post) all’interno della quale si chiede al consiglio di amministrazione di far immediatamente dimettere Bobby Kotick dal suo ruolo di CEO, e di concedere poco più di 40 giorni a Brian Kelly e Robert Morgado per fare lo stesso.

In particolare, i due direttori in questione (che fanno parte del board da più di 20 anni, ndr) avrebbero tempo fino al 31 di Dicembre per rassegnare le loro dimissioni, pena la revoca dell’appoggio agli attuali amministratori del consiglio alle votazioni per la rielezione del CdA, che si svolgerà a Giugno durante la prossima assemblea annuale degli azionisti. Non solo, il gruppo guidato dal b ha anche annunciato che in caso di mancanza di dimissioni inviteranno quanti più azionisti possibile a revocare il proprio appoggio all’attuale consiglio di amministrazione.

Activision Blizzard ha bisogno di un nuovo CEO, di un nuovo presidente del consiglio di amministrazione e di un nuovo direttore indipendente con l’esperienza, le competenze e la convinzione necessarie per cambiare veramente la cultura dell’azienda. Abbiamo davvero bisogno di un pulsante di reset sul board” queste le parole del SOC indirizzate al CdA…

C’è ovviamente da dire che questo comunicato non rappresenta tutti gli azionisti di Activision Blizzard, ma una parte che detiene circa 5 milioni di azioni (per un totale di poco meno di 780 milioni di azioni). Tanto basta comunque, per far capire quanto si stia aggravando il clima e la situazione interna a Blizzard

Non appena disponibili nuovi aggiornamenti, non esiteremo a riportarli qui su Powned.

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