BlizzAJackson sul prossimo nerf a Tracer!

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Rispondendo all’utente Eugenie, che si lamentava del Nerf in arrivo a Tracer con la patch di Auriel in arrivo su Heroes of the Storm, il Blue BlizzAJackson ha risposto estensivamente.
“Per iniziare” – dice il Dev – “ci sono molti eroi che hanno una win rate sotto una certa soglia e che sono molto contestati; sarebbe delirante cercare di buffarli fino ad un punto “salutare”. Tassadar, Illidan ed Abathur sono degli esempi e Tracer ricade in quella categoria perchè ha una gran mobilità ma è difficile da giocare. 
Il fatto che si decida di buffare/nerfare eroi che sono già sotto/sopra la soglia ha un altro senso, il motivo più comune è che nel caso di un nerf lo stile di gioco che andiamo ad eliminare non viene considerato salutare per il gioco. E’ questo il caso del talento Eco Spaziale di Tracer.

In ogni caso, guardando le sue stats ed essendo un eroe di nicchia , non sono così terribili : 

Tutti i giochi (Quick Match + Unranked Draft + Hero/Team League): 49.8%

High rank Hero League: 49.3%

Continueremo a guardare come si evolve la cosa!”


Cosa ne pensate? Prima di lasciarvi all’intervento originale vi chiediamo, come considerate Tracer e, più in generale, la politica di buff/nerf Blizzard?

Hey there Eugenie,

I’ve seen a lot of debate about our Tracer changes and wanted to shed some light on what our reasoning was behind the upcoming patch.

To start, we’re OK with heroes being under 50% at different points of play. There are a fair number of heroes who are under that win rate that are highly contested in either Hero League or Pro Play that would get out of control if we tried to buff them to be “healthy” at 50%. Tassadar, Illidan, and Abathur are some examples of these kinds of heroes. Tracer definitely falls into this category because she has a ton of mobility, is fairly difficult to play, but in the right hands and team compositions can be a nightmare for the enemy team (and incredibly frustrating to play against). Just because a hero is under or above 50% doesn’t mean we will never nerf or buff them to make them match that number. I can tell you that Tracer is not a hero that we intend to be good in every team composition, and we don’t expect her to perform at the same power level as a hero like Raynor in every game (we expect Raynor to be more consistent).

One of the most common reasons why we would, for example, nerf a hero who is under 50% is that they have a style of play that we don’t consider healthy for the game. This was the case with Tracer’s Spatial Echo talent. Tracer already walks a fine line in regards to counter-play where there isn’t as much with her as many other characters, and Spatial Echo blew that completely out of the water by taking away the possibility of enemy players learning to look for her Recall location and punishing her once she uses her major cooldown. In general, we’re pushing for Recall to be a stronger decision for Tracer players, and for her opponents to look for that cooldown as a window of time where she can be heavily punished.

In regards to her other talents, the changes were along the same line of thinking. Bullet Spray and Total Recall were giving Tracer powerful tools that were missing in her base kit (self-healing and wave clear + AoE damage), so we decided to tone them down to make her more streamlined overall.

Looking at her stats, since Gul’dan was released, her win rates look like this:

All Games (Quick Match + Unranked Draft + Hero/Team League): 49.8%

High rank Hero League: 49.3%

Considering she is intended to be more of a niche hero, these numbers are looking really good for her.

We’ll be continuing to keep an eye on her, and if she is hit too hard in the upcoming patch, we’re more than willing to buff up some other parts of her kit in the future. 🙂

BlizzAJackson sul prossimo nerf a Tracer!
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