G-CUP Overwatch


The G-Cup is a community event.
Unlike all other competitions it enhances the stabilty and longevity of partecipating teams without penalizing new rosters as well.


Regolamento G-CUP


To be able to partecipate in the G-CUP is mandatory to:

  1. Register the team  to the monthly tournament on Battlefly
  2. Register the team on the G-CUP Discord following exactly the instructions on this guide.
    In case of problems with Discord it is possible to request the presence of only one member representing the entire team. The request must be presented by private message on Discord to G-CUP’s admins.


Like G-CUP’s page on Facebook to know every update

Streaming of the event

All matches will be broadcasted live on: https://www.twitch.tv/pownedlive


2018 standings (available soon)

With the partecipation of:



For every info you can: