Dota 2, OG presenta la sua cantera: OG Seed

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I due volte campioni del mondo OG hanno presentato la loro “squadra primavera”.

Già da un paio di settimane stavano circolando voci su di un possibile nuovo progetto dei due volte campioni del mondo OG. Ieri, in una serie di tweet e con un post sul loro sito ufficiale, N0tail ha annunciato i piani della squadra europea per il prossimo futuro. Dopo aver saltato il primo major stagionale, gli OG non prenderanno parte nemmeno al secondo appuntamento del Dota Pro Circuit 2019/2020 ma manderanno un nuovo team, OG Seed.

Nel video di accompagnamento al post, il capitano degli OG ha spiegato che la sua squadra intende fare da mentore e allenare una serie di giocatori “in cui crede molto ma che non hanno ancora raggiunto gli obiettivi di cui sono capaci”. Viene così a esistenza la formazione degli OG Seed, una specie di cantera in cui fare crescere nuovi talenti e che parteciperà ai prossimi eventi professionistici di Dota 2.

Ceb, offlaner ed ex-coach degli OG, ha dichiarato:

This OG Seed journey comes with great expectations for us at OG. Being able to go back in time, alongside up and coming players, is simply amazing. I know this is going to be a win-win situation for everyone involved. We will share experience, maturity and knowledge, while they will feed us with their immense motivation, their drive and passion. We intend to give them the best we can offer and help them achieve their dreams just like we achieved ours. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we will. Cheers OGs, love ya.

Questo è il roster degli OG Seed, un misto di nuovi giocatori e veterani della scena:

  1. Omar Mohammad “Madara” Dabachach
  2. Rasmus Johan “Chessie” Blomdin
  3. Andreas Per “Xibbe” Ragnemalm
  4. Zakari William Lee “Zfreek” Freedman
  5. Peetu-Elmeri “Peksu” Väätäinen

Vi riportiamo il comunicato degli OG:

We say it often, but every time we look back at our achievements in DotA 2, we can only feel grateful for the amazing game, mind-blowing community and flourishing scene that is being built and developed by each one of its actors.

Valve, fans, tournaments, organizations, players, talents, we all contribute to the ecosystem, and each initiative becomes one more step towards making it more competitive, more popular, more sustainable, durable, healthy etc.

Today, we’re proud to announce OG Seed and we hope that it can become an efficient contribution.

We feel like we have faced most of the difficulties DotA can throw at an aspiring top player or team.

This long journey blessed us with an immense experience, as well as methods that can help overpass these challenges.

Our idea is simple: on top of our original roster, we want to create a team of players we strongly believe in but that haven’t yet reached the achievements they feel they can reach. We will help them pursue their dreams. All the way until the 3rd major of the DPC season, the back-to-back champions will be directing their talent, efforts and energy towards OG Seed.

We plan to share lots of insights and backstage access with the community, so that all aspiring pro-players out there can benefit and follow this exciting journey to the top.

We perfectly know the rules of the DPC system, and everything is thoroughly thought through.

OG Seed’s first showing will be tomorrow Thursday 28th in the European Open Qualifiers. We already had some time with them and are very confident in their potential. In fact, we’re overly excited to discover what they can do. We do not look at wins, losses or results in general, we only seek for improvement.

No performance objectives, our only requirements for the players are:

  • The strive for excellence,
  • Confidence & Trust in us, themselves, and their teammates,
  • Enjoyable DotA for them (and for us if possible!)

Dota 2, OG presenta la sua cantera: OG Seed
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