Warzone, speciale armi: il KAR98K di Metaphor, i loadout per Milano/MP7 e le altre novità!

Warzone, speciale armi: il KAR98K di Metaphor, i loadout per Milano/MP7 e le altre novità!

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Benvenuti in un nuovo speciale interamente dedicato alle ultime e migliori versioni delle armi di Warzone!

In questo nuovo update andremo a focalizzare sia alcune utili versioni di armi da usare a distanza ravvicinata, sia delle versioni di fucili d’assalto perfetti per i tiri più a lunga distanza.

Come sempre, ogni versione è “promossa” da un noto ed esperto content creator di Warzone, in questo caso TTVZyro, Booya, Legends6K e Metaphor.

Il primo dei citati ha voluto proporre una versione dell’H4 Blixen, arma che nonostante i nerf continua a tenere la vetta nella classifica delle armi per K/D (troverete qui i dettagli). Booya e Legends hanno invece spinto su due loadout per delle SMG, rispettivamente la Milano e la Mp7.

Infine Metaphor, uno dei CC più apprezzati di tutto il panorama di Call of Duty. Il buon Metaphor ha infatti presentato il suo ultimo loadout per il Kar98K (Vanguard), sniper in ascesa ormai da diverse settimane con entrambe le sue versioni (quindi compresa quella di MW).

Warzone – Loadout per KAR98K, Milano e altre

Andiamo a vedere i dettagli dei loadout…

Cosa ne pensate di queste versioni community? Quale proverete alla vostra prossima sessione di gioco su Warzone? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

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Speciale veicoli di Modern Warfare 2: avremo anche i carri armati e gommoni corazzati

Speciale veicoli di Modern Warfare 2: avremo anche i carri armati e gommoni corazzati

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Nuovi Veicoli MW2 – Gli sviluppatori di Activision hanno reso noti tutti i dettagli relativi ai nuovi mezzi utilizzabili su Modern Warfare 2.

La lista è molto lunga e vede svariate tipologie di veicoli che saranno a nostra disposizione. Alcuni di questi, come i carri armati, saranno giocabili solamente in alcune modalità (Ground War, ndr), mentre la maggior parte di questi saranno certamente “replicati” anche su Warzone 2.0.

Non sappiamo ancora se nelle intenzioni dei devs ci sia l’inserimento futuro di un tank pesante anche nel BR… Al momento comunque sembra che l’ipotesi sia stata scartata, con alcuni specifici veicoli che saranno disponibili solo su Ground War. Vedremo comunque molto presto quali sono le intenzioni dei devs.

Tornando ai veicoli, vengono confermati molti dei mezzi già disponibili su Warzone, quindi il quad, l’utv, i suv e gli elicotteri. In più, vi saranno disponibili due tipi di  tank (solo in Ground War) ed anche due tipi di gommone.

Avremo il gommone “base”, che offrirà una protezione molto limitata… Ed avremo anche il gommone corazzato, decisamente più indicato per attaccare una taglia forti della protezione garantita dalle murate in metallo dell’imbarcazione.

Andiamo a vedere di seguito tutti i dettagli relativi ai veicoli al momento noti, disponibili su Modern Warfare 2 il giorno del lancio.

Modern Warfare 2 – Dettagli sui nuovi veicoli


Capacity: 1 Driver, 2 Passengers + Additional “Hop-Ons”
Damage Rating: Low
Take charge with rough and ready capability delivered with plenty of low-rpm torque and power. Top-tier rack capacity offers an impressive payload capacity: hold ’er wide and send it.

The ATV is the smallest and nimblest of the ground vehicles, offering great speed on all terrains at the cost of having any realistic protection from bullets or explosives. Only three Operators can be seated on the ATV at the same time — one driver, one passenger at the front and one passenger in the back — making it ideal for players who are either alone or who have only one or two teammates left alive.

The passenger at the rear of the vehicle can take shots at anyone behind the ATV or to the left and right. As for the one in the front… We only recommend this if the squad is ready to perform Operation: Meat Shield.

Need to make room for a more squadmates? You can physically climb and stand on the front or rear of the vehicle, though you are a little easier to hit compared to your seated squadmates. In other words, there are no free rides for hop ons.

To conclude: the ATV is a nimble, small option for getting across the map.


Capacity: 1 Driver, 3 Passengers
Damage Rating: Low
The pinnacle of ultralight tactical off-road vehicles, allowing for rapid personnel deployment for squads of up to four. Go deep and hard in the most rugged and austere environments with world-class mobility and versatility.

A bigger cousin of the ATV, the UTV is fairly nimble and offers little protection, but with more room for the whole squad and a bigger engine for faster ground movement.

In exchange for some of the fastest movement across all land vehicles, the UTV is a bit harder to handle, but it can still fit in tighter spots compared to more military-ready vehicles.

For both the ATV and UTV, their lightweight doors (or lackthereof, for the ATV) makes its driver and passengers more susceptible to enemy fire. When driving either vehicle through a firefight, be ready to make evasive maneuvers, zigging and zagging to avoid gunfire and watching out for sniper glints or flying rockets.

Tactical Vehicle (TAC-V)

Capacity: 1 Driver, 3 Passengers
Damage Rating: Medium-High
A specialized light combat vehicle with mounted .50 Cal machine gun designed to handle extreme terrain and unconventional combat.

A balanced choice between speed and armored, battle-ready features, the Tactical Vehicle is a gold standard for vehicular combat.

The Tactical Vehicle is the strongest land vehicle on four wheels, offering some solid maneuverability despite its size making it less than graceful. One Operator can take the turret up top while the rest pile on the inside and can shoot their weapons freely.

There is also another, turretless version of the TAC-V. This one swaps out the turret seat for a large platform on top, which offers better maneuverability and ability to angle shots from a loadout weapon.

For either version of the TAC-V, this on the road ahead when there is a need for something that can do it all: get away from danger fast, lay down fire when needed, and take a few bullets in a heated firefight.


Capacity: 1 Driver, 3 Passengers
Damage Rating: Medium
A four-door civilian hatchback without armor plating or any significant protections.

This Hatchback and the other civilian vehicle, the SUV, are not meant for battle. Their middling speed and poor chassis limit their overall usability compared to more tactical vehicles.

But, in a pinch, the Hatchback has its uses: It at least has slightly more protection than a UTV and has a similar engine. That already may make it a preferred choice for Operators who at least want their lower halves protected or a relatively fast getaway. Its wheels are more suited for tarmac and other paved roads compared to offroad vehicles, making it useful across long highways where it can pick up speed.

Its size is also decent — it can fit in a compact space while still having enough room to carry four Operators, and it has strong handling statistics thanks to its short wheelbase.

Although its lack of a four-cylinder turbo engine, dual-clutch transmission, or elongated door pains many enthusiasts, the Hatchback can still roll its way around the main roads and get the squad to and from places.

Chop Top

Capacity: 1 Driver, 3 Passengers
Damage Rating: Low-Medium
This open-air, off-road vehicle provides little protection but can be used for rapid movement between objectives.

This bulkier four-seater straddles the line between UTV and Tactical Vehicle. It has a slightly faster speed and better turning radius than the TAC-V, as well as protection and health than the UTV.

It can also handle the tarmac better than the UTV while still maintaining a decent speed off-road, thanks to its all-terrain tires. As a vehicle without a roof, it will be easier to fight threats with loadout weapons. However, it also will leave the driver and passenger completely exposed to the elements and enemy fire. We recommend this vehicle as a high risk, high speed choice for a full squad.


Capacity: 1 Driver, 3-4 Passengers
Damage Rating: Medium
An all-terrain civilian 4×4 that can be used for quick extraction or infiltration in battle.

Separate to the Chop Top, the SUV sits a bit closer to the TAC-V on the handling and protection scale.

In a pinch, the SUV can also be mobile cover given its boxy shape, acting as a temporary defensive wall to hide behind if a firefight breaks out mid–road trip. That design makes it an easy target, but so long as you stick to main roads and don’t get stuck in tight spots, the utility of this vehicle can be enough to drive the squad to victory.

Some SUVs also come with an available turret on the roof, which has some obvious benefits to its offense/defense capabilities. Combined with Operators on the inside firing their weapons out the windows, a turret SUV can be a nimbler TAC-V that can handle threats on all terrains.

Cargo Truck

Capacity: 1 Driver, 1 Indoor Passenger + Flat Bed – As Many Passengers and Vehicles that Can Fit (Experimentation Encouraged)
Damage Rating: Medium-High
A large industrial vehicle. Slow moving, but may provide a small amount of protection in firefights.

The Cargo Truck sacrifices speed and agility for tons of added defense and space, making it a strong utility military vehicle that fits a niche role between the Tactical Vehicle and all the tanks.

It can take the most hits out of every civilian vehicle and the Tactical Vehicle, and even though it only has a passenger or driver seat, it can fit plenty of goods in the back.

This could include double-digit squad members in Ground War…or even another vehicle! Yes, driving vehicles off higher ground and landing them in the back of the Cargo Truck will keep them there, making it a great transport vehicle for specific vehicles that your team may need in the long run.

It is not a vehicle for getting anywhere quickly, but when it comes to carrying tons of important people or being protected, you can’t go wrong with a Cargo Truck.

Veicoli pesanti di terra – Modern Warfare 2 (GROUND WAR)

To clarify earlier intel: the tank class of ground vehicles are currently planned to be exclusive to Ground War modes within Modern Warfare II Multiplayer. This includes the APC, which has an available Beta Reward Skin – this is the only Beta Reward not available in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 at launch.

Heavy Tank

Capacity: 1 Driver, 1 Passenger/Indoor .50 Cal Gunner
Damage Rating: High
A heavy tank with an anti-armor smoothbore cannon and mounted machine gun.

This tank, and the two armored vehicles after, are mostly going to be seen in Ground War mode.
Heavy Tanks are bulky front-line powerhouses that can blast through vehicles or take down squads with its two weapons. Because it is so powerful, it will often be one of the first targets for the enemy team.

Unlike any other vehicle in the game, the Heavy Tank has reactive armor on its body and the main turret. These areas can absorb hits that would otherwise send vehicles to a fiery grave. So, with proper positioning, the Heavy Tank can be a nuisance against other vehicles and anti-vehicle infantry.

In terms of offense, the smoothbore cannon often against other tanks, which may take multiple shots to down, or against smaller vehicles, which it can easily blast away.

The mounted machine gun, which is operated by another squadmate, is useful in dealing with individual enemies or those smaller vehicles when the cannon is focused on other threats.

A good Heavy Tank is piloted by a duo who can operate like a well-oiled machine. Its driver needs to steer this plodding armored machine around while firing the cannon, and the gunner must stop smaller threats before they set the tank aflame.

Light Tank

Capacity: 1 Driver, 1 Passenger/Exposed Gunner
Damage Rating: High
A maneuverable tank with a multipurpose turret and light armor.

An easier armored vehicle to control than the Heavy Tank, the Light Tank is a Ground War workhorse with three means of attack:

The first two are controlled by the driver: a main, quick-firing turret meant for anti-infantry, and a set of missiles meant for vehicular combat. The third requires a second Operator to pilot the exposed .50 Cal gunner seat. It too is meant to deal with infantry threats, although it can rip apart smaller vehicles in a pinch.

It is slightly faster than the Heavy Tank in exchange for less armor, making it more suited for urban sections and against infantry.

Using the Light Tank is a good introduction to armored warfare, but be warned of how rare they are. As a new player, it’s safe to jump in the driver’s seat if nobody else is grabbing them — otherwise, you may be taking a tide-turning vehicle away from a seasoned driver.

Still, it’s better than taking the reins of a Heavy Tank or APC from the start, but if none are available, we recommend using the Tactical Vehicle and Cargo Truck to get used to driving heavier machinery.


veicoli modern warfare 2

Capacity: 1 Driver, 5 (Active) Passengers, 12 Passenger Maximum Capacity
Damage Rating: High
This amphibious APC can lay down 30 mm cannon fire, transport up to 12 squad members to the front line, and serves as a mobile spawn point.

Here is the strongest land vehicle in Modern Warfare II: It is the slowest in the land, but it’s incredibly powerful and can pack a third of a Ground War team, making it possible to dictate where everyone can spawn in.

APC users are meant to be highly skilled drivers who can manage the 30 mm cannon effectively while also steering into a hotly contested, yet safe, area.

The cannon is incredible against any other vehicle in the game and can even take out aerial vehicles well with a bit of practice. It can also clear out objectives with a single blast, although the slow reload time will make you think twice before wasting it on infantry.

As for its handling, driving the APC is like becoming an elephant in a jungle — graceful and selective of where it moves, unless it wants to trample over everything and ultimately fall down.

When using the APC, be ready to handle Ground War players spawning in on your location — areas that have cover nearby or are not in an active firefight are the best places to be in, if possible.

Veicoli aerei Modern Warfare 2

Light Helo

veicoli modern warfare 2

Capacity: 1 Pilot, 4 Passengers
Damage Rating: Medium-High
A twin-engine light helicopter for combat support and rapid traversal of the engagement zone.

Capable of soaring through the skies with enough room for the whole squad, the Light Helo is by far the fastest way to get across any map.

While the pilot takes the flight stick, other squad members can sit on the landing rails – AKA the personnel platform – on either side and fire their weapons or use equipment. Although it may be tough to hit targets from these landing rails, the Helicopter can still technically give you the highest ground on the map, as it can be flown above even the tallest of skyscrapers.

Being the fastest and most efficient way of travel does come with some drawbacks: the Light Helo, like any other vehicle, can be locked on to, and given its high profile, it is very easy to spot in the sky. Luckily, it has a built-in alert system for when missiles lock on to it, giving you and the squad enough time to bail out and parachute to safety.

Heavy Chopper

veicoli modern warfare 2

Capacity: 1 Pilot, Cargo Bay – As Many Passengers and Vehicles that Can Fit (Experimentation Encouraged)
Damage Rating: High
A heavily armored search and rescue helicopter. Can transport troops to the combat zone and deploy flares when targeted by anti-aircraft ordinance.

The Light Helo just got its big sibling for backup. Heavy Choppers are slower, bulkier, and much more massive. Its flares help prevent the almost-guaranteed barrage of anti-aircraft fire, but there is only a limited amount of flares that can be deployed, making it a temporary solution to the eventual end.

Still, Heavy Choppers can turn tides by transporting mass amounts of Operators, or even vehicles, on its huge body and allow them to drop in anywhere else on the map.

In Ground War, it can act as a mobile spawn point just like an APC. If its pilot exists the vehicle, the Heavy Chopper will stay airborne in place while the pilot moves about the cargo bay.

Like the APC, we recommend veteran players pilot this one — stick to the Light Helo until you get your wings for best aerial practices.

Veicoli acquatici – Modern Warfare 2


veicoli modern warfare 2

Capacity: 1 Captain, 3 Seated Passengers + Flat Body – As Many Passengers that Can Fit (Experimentation Encouraged)
Damage Rating: Low-Medium
A maneuverable tactical boat designed for Special Forces.

The faster of the two seafaring vessels, the RHIB offers plenty of space for a squad (or three) and even a light vehicle.

Take it on the high seas or any body of water when swimming just isn’t fast enough, although using this vehicle will essentially remove any element of stealth that swimming provides.

With this vehicle, it’s worth rethinking how to get across large portions of maps like Sariff Bay. An ocean, lake, or other large body of water can become one massive flank route, and at the very least, it is slightly more subtle than piloting a helicopter everywhere.

Remember to ask those squadmates to use their weapons while on board the RHIB; otherwise, get ready to sleep with the fishes as enemies can, and will, lock on to this glorified dinghy.

Armored Patrol Boat

veicoli modern warfare 2
Il gommone corazzato, una delle novità tra i veicoli di Modern Warfare 2

Capacity: 1 Captain, 2 Passenger/Exposed .50 Cal Gunner + Flat Body – As Many Passengers that Can Fit (Experimentation Encouraged)
Damage Rating: High
An armored patrol boat complete with mounted .50 Cal Machine Guns

The Armored Patrol Boat is akin to the RHIB, much like the Tactical Vehicle is to the SUV.

A bulkier, battle-ready ship, the Armored Patrol Boat is great for tracking down enemies on the seas or raiding coastal objectives. The .50 Cal machine guns – one at the front and one at the rear – may not punch holes through tanks well, but it can do damage against large groups of enemies and other land or sea vehicles.

Slower than the RHIB, the Armored Patrol Boat requires slightly more skill than your average inflatable vessel and requires a crew to help man the machine guns. It will also be a more enticing target for the enemy, so be prepared for evasive maneuvers, even if it means abandoning ship when health is low.

Cosa ne pensate di queste novità community? Quale di questi veicoli non vedete l’ora di provare alla prima occasione disponibile su Modern Warfare 2? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook – Instagram)

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Leakati nuovi dettagli su Call of Duty DMZ: “400 personaggi giocanti tra bot e giocatori”

Leakati nuovi dettagli su Call of Duty DMZ: “400 personaggi giocanti tra bot e giocatori”

Profilo di Stak

Nuove interessantissime informazioni giungono oggi a noi riguardo all’ormai attesissima modalità DMZ, nuova grande “novità” in arrivo nel franchise di Call of Duty con Warzone 2.0.

I leaker hanno infatti scoperto alcuni contenuti che alzano in modo verticale l’hype per questo nuovo capitolo… A partire dal numero di personaggi che dovrebbero essere coinvolti in una singola partita della modalità.

A riportare queste informazioni è ancora una volta il celebre leakers di COD Warzone Tom Henderson, secondo il quale avremo fino a 400 personaggi giocanti su DMZ.

Di questi, 100 saranno i giocatori veri e propri, con gli altri 300 che saranno invece BOT controllati dalla nuova IA realizzata in collaborazione con i Marines statunitensi.

Non solo, perchè sembra che DMZ non sia in realtà riferito alla frase “area demilitarizzata”, ma a “zona di rischieramento”, ovvero l’attuale sottotitolo della modalità segreta.

Su Call of Duty DMZ verremo schierati con 6 oggetti diversi: 

Oltre a questo, i leaker hanno spiegato che nella nuova mode non verremo schierati solamente con una pistola come su Warzone 2.0. Ad inizio partita infatti, ogni player avrà a disposizione fino a sei equipèaggiamenti diversi…


  • Arma primaria e secondaria
  • Un equipaggiamento tattico
  • Una granata (equipaggiamento letale)
  • Un equipaggiamento da campo
  • Extra – 1 Killstreak

Queste al momento le nuove informazioni svelate riguardo all’attesissima modalità DMZ. Ricordiamo che questo contenuto sarà accessibile gratuitamente, si svolgerà interamente sulla nuova mappa di Al Mazrah e sarà quindi interamente “integrata” all’interno di Warzone 2.0.

In questo senso quindi, DMZ è da considerare alla stregua di Malloppo o di qualsiasi altra modalità “speciale” presente nel BR Activision.

Cosa ne pensate community? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook – Instagram)

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Nadia cheater di Warzone? Per molti è un “genio del marketing”!

Nadia cheater di Warzone? Per molti è un “genio del marketing”!

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Tutta la vicenda relativa alla nota streamer di Warzone Nadia ha preso una piega estremamente interessante, ed ha registrato anche i pareri di alcuni tra i più noti content creator del mondo.

Ormai da settimane si discute dell’onestà di questa giocatrice, con una buona fetta dei player del BR Activision che si dice “convinta” del fatto che Nadia sia in realtà una cheater. La questione potrebbe essere in realtà molto più complessa, visto che al momento non c’è la minima prova del fatto che Nadia utilizzi programmi non consentiti.

Ad intervenire di recente sull’argomento è stato addirittura Ninja, probabilmente lo streamer più noto al mondo. Incalzato sull’argomento da un suo utente, Ninja ha cosi espresso il suo pensiero su Nadia: “Penso che (Nadia) sia un dannato genio del marketing.

Ti sta manipolando con l’intera faccenda del cheating. Ci sono un sacco di persone, tutti uomini, che stanno impazzendo per questa storia e le stanno dando moltissime attenzioni. Anche la questione del suo ban dall’evento live, quella è stata tutta una montatura, non è stata bannata proprio da nulla, l’officer di Activision le voleva solamente fare un’intervista” (Fonte).

Guardando i dati relativi alla crescita su Twitch di Nadia, è effettivamente impossibile non notare la “spike” di visibilità ottenuta dopo le accuse di cheating. Che sia quindi tutta una campagna mediatica per portare in trend il nome della statunitense? Anche l’immagine di copertina di questo articolo (fonte), ci dimostra come sembra essere la stessa Nadia a “giocare” sulla questione cheating.

L’analisi di Kyborg, e le considerazioni del player Dsyre

Nel corso di una recente puntata di arachidi e cheaters è voluto intervenire anche il noto Kyborg. Esperto conoscitore del franchise di Call of Duty e professionista in forze al team Dsyre, Kyborg ormai da tempo ha assunto il ruolo di “detective” della community, impegnato settimanalmente a smascherare i cheater di Warzone.

Al termine di una puntata in cui sono stati analizzati tutti i video presentati dall’accusa, la sentenza è stata netta: “non c’è la più minima prova (al momento) che Nadia sia una cheater. Certo approfondirò ulteriormente la questione, ma per il momento è da escludere qualsiasi tipo di giudizio negativo sull’operato di Nadia“.

Piuttosto, nel corso della diretta anche Kyborg (ben prima di Ninja) ha definito “molto realistica” l’idea che sia tutta una gigantesca operazione di marketing, fatta ad arte per far schizzare in alto la visibilità della streamer senza che questa infranga mai veramente il regolamento di gioco.

Un genio del marketing quindi, che si è sostanzialmente presa gioco dei suoi haters utilizzandoli come “megafoni” per i propri contenuti.

  • Articolo realizzato in collaborazione con la community di riferimento di Warzone d’Italia (Facebook – Instagram)