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Le prime armi di Vanguard (super accessoriate) sbarcano su Warzone: tutte ottenibili gratuitamente!

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Warzone Vanguard – Una giornata che promette di essere davvero entusiasmante per i giocatori di Call of Duty Warzone, impegnati in molteplici annunci di Activision che fanno molto ben sperare per il futuro del titolo.

Infatti, dopo aver avvisato tutti i player del fatto che è ormai in arrivo, molto probabilmente già oggi, il sistema anti cheat (ancora non ne abbiamo la conferma assoluta, ma il post di questa mattina di Raven Software non può che suggerirci un update del genere), i devs hanno anche deciso di aggiungere svariate nuove armi di Vanguard su Warzone.

Avete letto bene: già da questo pomeriggio (già da questa mattina a dire il vero), sono disponibili su Verdansk e Rebirth Island ben quattro nuove armi, quattro potenti fucili dotati di un numero straordinario di accessori.

Invece dei soliti 5 attachments per i nostri loadout, queste nuove armi di Vanguard spingono ad un limite ancor più alto il numero di accessori a disposizione, con i progetti arma in questione che godono dai 7 ai 10 slot disponibili per potenziarle.

Le armi in questione sono i due progetti del fucile d’assalto STG44Bonerattler” e “Warning Track“, disponibili gratuitamente al tier 24 e 64 del battle pass (basta quindi avere il battle pass ed arrivare a questi livelli per vedere questi blueprint direttamente nella nostra armeria), ed i due progetti “White Obsidian” ed “Heirloom“, che riguardano il fucile tattico M1 Garand che sono invece ottenibili ai tier 34 e 72.

Ci sono alcune restrizioni ovviamente: l’Armaiolo non sarà disponibile per queste due armi fin da subito, ed anche gli accessori per le stesse e le mimetiche (e le loro conseguenti sfide) saranno inaccessibili. Tutte queste funzionalità saranno abilitate una volta che Vanguard verrà definitivamente lanciato.

Andiamo a vedere di seguito le loro presentazioni ufficiali su queste nuove armi a tema Vanguard di Warzone, invitando tutti i giocatori a provarle, non appena raggiunti i tier in questione, all’interno delle partite BR.

The ability to earn Weapon XP on two weapons prior to Vanguard’s launch may sound great, but you may be wondering if these weapons matter in Warzone’s 100+-weapon meta.

As seen within the Loadout menu, the most obvious difference between these four Vanguard Weapon Blueprints and any Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare weapon is the number of attachment slots. These Weapon Blueprints have seven to ten preconfigured attachments, more than what is possible for other weaponry in the Gunsmith. Iron Trials ’84 introduced weapons with more than five attachments via Classified Weapons. The new Vanguard and Warzone Weapon Blueprints are setting a new limit, with one Weapon Blueprint having ten attachments.

Does this mean these weapons are automatically phenomenal? Not quite — think versatility over power. Having ten attachments may help a weapon better fit a particular combat role or make it more well-rounded, but a five-attachment weapon could still go toe-to-toe with it. And of course, if the Operator behind the ten-attachment weapon can’t shoot straight, then it’s not going to be effective.

Think of these Weapon Blueprints as the blueprint for the foundational changes that Vanguard’s integration will provide to Warzone. Through these Weapon Blueprints, you will see what’s possible with the additional attachment slots, and you’ll be able to decide if these Weapon Blueprints fit within your personal meta right now in Season Six.

“Bonerattler” Assault Rifle (Tier 24)

A seven-attachment Weapon Blueprint and a new close-quarters battle option, the “Bonerattler” looks to shake up more than just a few pieces of the opponent’s skeleton. Although this configuration cuts down on the base weapon’s range, its attachments — specifically, a shorter barrel, removed stock, and a smooth rear grip — make it better suited for quicker playstyles.

The included extended magazines also make the weapon a great choice for larger squad game modes, as the extra ammo may come in handy against a full Trio or Quad.

If the extended magazine runs dry, the “Bonerattler” does come with the Fast Melee Perk, which is similar to that seen on Modern Warfare weaponry. In case of a fight devolving into fisticuffs, try the “shot-punch” method for engagement: shoot a few rounds first, then finish the job by hitting them swiftly with the weapon’s stock.

This weapon can be suitable for Resurgence Rebirth modes due to its strengths. However, it could also find its place in a standard Battle Royale Loadout as a backup to a Sniper or Marksman Rifle.

“Warning Track” Assault Rifle (Tier 64)

As the lone ten-attachment Weapon Blueprint in Season Six Battle Pass’s four free Vanguard Tiers, the “Warning Track” exemplifies how these new weapons can be drastically changed by swapping the attachments around.

Unlike the other Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprints, the “Warning Track” is for those who want sustained, accurate fire at longer ranges. Some of its attachments allow it to go long — a longer barrel, increased ammo, and a silencer that also suppresses fire — while others, like the foregrip and stock, keep recoil in check. And of course, the high-zoom optic lets the Operator behind it see far ahead for those long shots.

What may be an intangible for this Assault Rifle is the Vital Perk. Yes, Fully Loaded will restock all Assault Rifle ammo, but Vital will effectively make headshots more valuable from a damage perspective. Essentially, those vital shots will count a whole lot more with this weapon, and since it has extended mags, it could be an absolute force for a single Operator brave enough to face a whole squad.

Our in-house expert believes this weapon will be a contender among the main mid- to long-range Primary Weapons in standard Battle Royale Loadouts. Whether it’s a powerhouse or just a ten-attachment champion on paper is yet to be determined — and it may be up to the community to find out where it fits in the overall meta.

“White Obsidian” Tactical Rifle (Tier 34)

Brandishing Vanguard’s V on its stock like its “Warning Track” Assault Rifle sibling, the “White Obsidian” is similarly suited for long-range combat.

Its eight preconfigured attachments build this Tactical Rifle for one type of long-range combat role: an Operator who throws down sustained fire at even the most extreme ranges to mark targets, especially when using the Combat Scout Perk. This is mainly done by downgrading the caliber of bullets the weapon chambers while massively increasing magazine capacity through just one of its attachments.

La febbre da “Squid Game” arriva anche su Warzone…e intanto DrDisRespect chiede delle skin “iconic” in un ipotetico “influencer bundle”

While the damage per bullet is directly affected by this attachment, another attachment significantly changes damage drop-off due to range: the Shrouded Barrel reduces damage loss over distance, steadies the weapon, and provides a great bullet-velocity boost. Other attachments, such as the Muzzle and Underbarrel, also help control the weapon when there is sustained semi-auto fire, but this weapon does require some patience when it comes to movement.

Operators who may not be as experienced as their squadmates but who know how to shoot a target downrange may enjoy “White Obsidian.” Use this weapon to hit and call out enemies in squad-based modes, and you may become the engagement-starter your squad needs for victory.

“Heirloom” Tactical Rifle (Tier 72)

Our in-house pick for flashiest Weapon Blueprint is the “Heirloom.” This eight-attachment Tactical Rifle configuration leans in another direction for mid- to long-range play.

This weapon is built for the squad-wiping sharpshooter who picks off foes at long ranges with accurate fire. The two attachments that contribute most to this role are its Barrel and its lone Perk.

A Custom Barrel bumps up the weapon’s Accuracy stat significantly. Specifically, it allows for much better horizontal recoil and idle sway control, quicker centering speed, and slightly better range. However, it does make the weapon much slower to handle and makes its vertical recoil a bit tougher to manage.

Activision ai cheater di Warzone: “oggi scoprirete cosa abbiamo in serbo per voi”

Its Perk, Acquisition, gives it better Accuracy — in the form of recoil control — for a few seconds after a longshot kill. If you finish an enemy off (not just down them) at long range while using this weapon, you may find it slightly easier to control those next few shots to that poor sap’s squadmates.

The rest of the attachments either attempt to cut into the barrel’s drawbacks, play more into the weapon’s long-range role, or extend its magazine to make it suitable for squad-based modes. Although the Operator behind the weapon will have to be accurate and may need a trigger finger quick enough to hit its reasonable fire rate cap, the “Heirloom” could be a great choice for the more seasoned squad wipers.

Vanguard Tiers — 20 Additional Rewards, XP Tokens, Profile Items, and More

In addition to those two weapons and their two Weapon Blueprints each, there are 20 other rewards that can be used immediately in Warzone and in Vanguard when it launches.

Specifically, across Tiers 1 through 98, you can unlock the following outside of the four Weapon Blueprints:

  • Six total Double XP tokens — two for standard XP, two for weapons, and two that are “Operator XP,” tied to progression with Vanguard Operators. The first two types can be used immediately in Warzone. We recommend saving the Operator XP tokens until they’re usable at Vanguard’s launch and/or Warzone later this year.
  • Three Calling Cards and two Emblems for your Player Profile.
  • Three Sprays to tag up Verdansk, Rebirth Island, or Vanguard’s Multiplayer and Zombies maps and eventually the new Warzone map.
  • Three Weapon Charms and two Stickers to place on nearly every Vanguard weapon, when they become available for Gunsmith customization.
  • A timeless “Clocked In” Watch Wrist Accessory, which is the final reward in the Season Six Battle Pass for Vanguard and Warzone at Tier 98.

At length, those are the 24 new Tiers of Vanguard and Warzone content available now through the Season Six Battle Pass.


Cosa ne pensate community? Avete già provato queste nuove potenti armi della seconda guerra mondiale? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

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Le prime armi di Vanguard (super accessoriate) sbarcano su Warzone: tutte ottenibili gratuitamente!
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