Evento Cliffhanger su COD Mobile: ecco le note della patch

Evento Cliffhanger su COD Mobile: ecco le note della patch

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Cliffhanger – Una nuova mappa ed un nuovo evento sono in arrivo su Call of Duty Mobile…e non sono nemmeno gli unici contenuti in arrivo.

Secondo quanto riferito dagli sviluppatori nel post pubblicato su Reddit, giungono sul titolo mobile di Activision una nuova mappa, un nuovo evento chiamato Cliffhanger ed ovviamente anche una lunga lista di interventi e di bug fix che speriamo servano a contenere parte dei problemi registrati durante le partite classificate.

Per quanto riguarda l’evento, completando tutte le sfide avremo diritto alle seguenti ricompense:

  • FHJ-18 – Yellow Fabric (Uncommon)
  • Calling Card – Deadlands (Raro)
  • Man-O-War – Static Electricity (Raro)
  • Sticker – Fresh Slice (Raro)

Andiamo invece a vedere, di seguito, tutti quelli che sono i dettagli relativi alle note della patch.
Vi auguriamo una buona consultazione ed un buon divertimento con la nuova patch di COD Mobile.

Cliffhanger COD Mobile – Note della patch

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are nearing the end of our Anniversary Season and that means it is finally about that time that we start talking about, and of course teasing, Season 12 😉. Speaking of which, our first teaser was released a few days ago and here is the first look at the next Multiplayer map coming to Call of Duty: Mobile.

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - November 6th Update

We’ll have more to share around Season 12 starting tomorrow and make sure to keep an eye on our global YouTube channel. We are always trying to do new and interesting approaches to sharing content for the first time, or teasing it, and our teams have made something truly special for this. We hope you love it and we look forward to seeing more discussions and speculation about this next teaser.

As per usual for an end of season community update, we are going to keep it light but we know there is something important on everyone’s mind: bug fixes, stability, and improvements. To that end, that will be our first and largest topic of discussion in this update. However, first get a look at the main events still running and a few brand-new ones that just released.

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - November 6th Update

Here is a quick look at all of the new events starting today and a few others already running:

  • 10/30 – 11/10 ~ Hardcore Collection (MP)

  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ Capture and Hold (MP)

  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ Secondary School (MP)

  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ 10v10 Rust Playlist (MP)

  • 11/06 – 11/10 ~ Cliffhanger Event

  • 11/06 – 11/19 ~ Ascended Mythic Drop

*All Dates UTC

One final reminder that if you are missing any new perks, new items, or anything else from the Seasonal Challenges make sure to go complete those now before S12 arrives. There is a lot to grab there, as per usual, and many of those items may not return or it just may be a long time until they come back in a different form (like through the Credit Store).

Improving Call of Duty: Mobile
To follow-up on recent community updates and posts, we are working on a wide variety of bug fixes, performance improvements, and stability implementations. Since the last major update we’ve released a variety of different fixes and improvements, some of which were included in that update while others came through hotfixes later on. Although, many of those fixes or changes are may not always be noticeable in the day to day experience of playing, there are still a great a many of them and here are just a few that we’ve released in or since the last update:

  • Overheating Issue (iOS devices)

  • Attempts to fix desync that have allowed for better server optimizations

  • Weapon balance changes

  • Multiple Perk balance changes

  • Multiple lethal and tactical grenade balance changes

  • Optimizations for Battle Royale vehicles

  • Optimizations for various player movement related animations

  • Optimizations for spectator mode

  • Optimizations for several mini-maps

  • User experience improvements to the Gunsmith system

  • User experience improvements to the overall weapon camo system

  • Various improvements to the MP Rank System

Additionally, there is still plenty more coming. Below is a list of current issues we are either working on, or already have a fix planned in future updates:

  • Server Side – Desync & Latency

  • Low Performance/FPS

  • Placement issues with the Defender shield

  • Passive trait not working with the BR Class – Defender

  • Graphical issue with the HBRa3 Swarm in BR

  • Players unable to be killed through normal means in MP

  • Weapons and items, in rare instances, will disappear during matches

  • Rare non-specific crashes while playing Battle Royale mode

  • Out of map glitches on the MP map Summit

  • ADS animation interrupting the ability to fire with shotguns or snipers

  • Progress not tracking on certain Gunsmith challenges

  • Merc 5 Going Gold displays the wrong hands in first person mode

  • Various text-based changes

  • Various small graphical issues or glitches on weapons or characters

Please note that some fixes may take longer than others, but we’re on it and prioritizing as quickly as possible. The overheating issue was a great example of something that required an immediate fix, because it affected players on the most severe level by stopping them from being able to play the game at all.

We’ve had several large new content updates in the past months, which is great from a content perspective but also has the potential to introduce issues. We’re very excited about our next two content updates, which are going to be fantastic and really fun, but we’re also taking this as a learning lesson to ensure we maintain a massive focus on balancing, improvements, fixes, and optimizations. We aim to minimize the risk of bugs and deliver the polish we all expect.

Cliffhanger Event
We always like to leave end our seasons with a few extra ways to acquire more gear while tackling new challenges. To fulfill that goal this season, we have the Cliffhanger Event! This one is primarily tied to the new Capture and Hold playlist (featuring the modes CTF, Domination, Hardpoint, and Headquarters) and asks you to play matches, take out enemies, and complete objectives.

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - November 6th Update

You don’t have to complete every single objective, but if you manage to complete most of those objectives you can grab all of these rewards:

  • (Uncommon) FHJ-18 – Yellow Fabric

  • (Rare) Sticker – Fresh Slice

  • (Rare) Calling Card – Deadlands

  • (Rare) Man-O-War – Static Electricity

You’ve got just around a week to complete this event, so jump into that new Multiplayer playlist, dominate in objective based modes, and grab it all before it is gone.

Ascended Mythic Drop
The first Mythic weapon in Call of Duty: Mobile is finally here and part of the Ascended Mythic Drop. This cosmetic only Drop released yesterday alongside the previously mentioned new events and playlists, and the easiest way to think of it is as something similar to a Lucky Draw but re-designed for this first Mythic item. Just like a Lucky Draw you can check out the odds in-game and each Drop you buy will get you one of the items at random.

So far, all normal right? Well, the unique part of the Ascended Mythic Drop and the Fennec – Ascended is that it also has its own customizations after you acquire it. It is similar to getting one of those high-quality legendary weapon blueprints from a lucky draw, except now it has an array of additional unlocks you can purchase that provide unique customization options. Take a look at some of those cosmetics:

For this second part, you have a leveling system to progress through with Mythic Cards (similar to XP cards but specific to this system and premium only) and each new level brings new unlocks. By the way, those Mythic Cards will applicable to all Mythic items in the future too, not just this one.

Leveling up the Fennec – Ascended brings unique cosmetic versions of attachments, death effects, muzzle flashes, stickers, and charms. This is all compatible with any attachments you already have unlocked for your Fennec weapon type in Gunsmith.

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - November 6th Update

This whole offering for the Fennec – Ascended is meant for those who want to truly deck out and customize an extremely high-quality cosmetic weapon. We’ll keep an eye out for feedback and if you have any follow up questions about how it all works feel free to reach out.

We have only a few topics to bring up this week and we hope to keep it relatively light as the last update of Season 12, but most of the feedback we’ve seen in the last week was bug report related or about these two topics below.

Fake CP Websites or Services
A few people from different communities had reached out recently to inquire about websites, services, Discord groups, or other places selling COD Points (CP). It is extremely unlikely that anything outside of the game or a 1st party partner, like Google or Apple, selling CP is legitimate. In some cases we are can try to proactively go after these fake websites or groups scamming players, but they are easily made and they prey on people with too good to be true offers of discounted CP.

The best thing to do and the best thing we can suggest is, be wary, be cautious, and do not trust these offers by default. You can always reach out to other community members or our official channels to see if these are legitimate, but just keep in mind that discounted CP just by itself isn’t something normally offered. Be smart and protect yourself from these scams.

Halloween Events
Throughout the last two-three weeks we had a variety of events focused around bringing the fun and unique aspects of Halloween to Call of Duty: Mobile. The main events were Pumpkin Confirmed, Attack of the Undead, Halloween Standoff, and Undead Fog. First off, thank you to every single person out there who took the time to give feedback on these events and in ways that were more eloquent than “it was great” or “it was bad”.

Pumpkin Confirmed, Attack of the Undead, and Halloween Standoff all proved to be popular and generally well-liked, but Undead Fog was far more contentious. Some players appreciated the light approach to zombies where they didn’t significantly impact gameplay or distract you from fighting your enemies, while others had much grander desires for this mode.

We know some people were giving a mixture of feedback that was specific to this mode but also just asking it to be entirely something else, ZOMBIES mode. We did our best to make sure no one thought it would be a return of that mode, but we also appreciate the feedback mixed in there (even criticism) about how to make something like Undead Fog feel more unique. Halloween 2021 feels inexplicably far away, but your voices matter and we’ll see what fright-filled adventures we can come up with next time.

Final Notes
The next season is finally almost here and that means we are going to expect a flurry of comments and inquiries asking what is releasing there. For now, the only information we are willing to tease here is that that this season is going back to a more military focused theme, there are two new weapons this season, and the sun seems to be getting real low in the world of Call of Duty: Mobile. Related to all of that, here is picture of Summit 😉.

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - November 6th Update

We’ll see you next week or on our social media channels before then as we slowly release more and more information about Season 12. See you there and make sure to check in tomorrow to see what unusual events we have going on. Stay safe out there everyone!

– The Call of Duty: Mobile Team

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Clamorosa svolta per il plagio della skin Samoyed di Call of Duty: Activision si scusa e la cancella!

Clamorosa svolta per il plagio della skin Samoyed di Call of Duty: Activision si scusa e la cancella!

Profilo di Stak

Lo scorso 30 Luglio segnalavamo sulle pagine di Powned delle accuse di “plagio” che un artista aveva rivolto contro Activision, rea di aver copiato un modello per farne una skin da vendere su Call of Duty.

La skin in questione è la “Loyal Samoyed“, modello che avrebbe dovuto rappresentare un cane (un Samoiedo, ovviamente) con sembianze umane, mentre l’artista è un certo Saillin. E’ stato lo stesso artista a segnalare la cosa su Twitter, pubblicando un post durissimo contro il gigantesco publisher statunitense.

In questo, Saillin si chiedeva come era possibile che un’azienda cosi importante ed affermata potesse commettere un cosi tragico sbaglio, schiaffando online i suoi disegni originali del modello realizzati nel 2020.

Il post di Saillin sul plagio: “ecco la prova che il Loyal Samoyed di Call of Duty è stato copiato dai miei disegni“: 

A distanza di neanche una settimana è però proprio Activision ad intervenire sulla faccenda. Con un nuovo post, gli sviluppatori hanno infatti chiesto scusa per l’evidente errore (riconoscendo quindi il caso di plagio)… Ed hanno anche annunciato la rimozione totale della skin dallo store di Call of Duty.

Il modello Loyal Samoyed non è stato semplicemente “rimosso” dallo store, ma è stato del tutto cancellato dal gioco. Non sappiamo ancora se nel corso di quest’ultima settimana ci sono stati degli “scambi” tra le parti (Saillin e Activision). Tanto meno sappiamo se questa situazione ha avuto qualche tipo di “esito”, o se è stato raggiunto un accordo tra le parti.

Plagio su Call of Duty: il post con le scuse di Activision

Non appena disponibili però, non esiteremo a riportare qui nuove e più dettagliate informazioni sull’argomento.

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Figuraccia durante torneo da 250.000 $ di COD, l’attrezzatura non funziona e la location è tristissima

Figuraccia durante torneo da 250.000 $ di COD, l’attrezzatura non funziona e la location è tristissima

Profilo di Gosoap

Negli ultimi giorni, sui social dedicati a Call of Duty ed alla COD League, non si è parlato d’altro che della figuraccia infernale registrata alle Finalissime del torneo denominato Call of Duty Challengers.

L’evento, con un montepremi in palio da 250.000 $ è stato aspramente criticato dalla community a causa della sorprendente mancanza di una location degna del nome dell’evento, ma non solo.

Esatto, perché a quanto pare dalle prime indiscrezioni sembra proprio che nemmeno le attrezzature fornite fossero di qualità, lasciando moltissimi delusi e confusi sia tra i partecipanti, che tra gli spettatori.

COD Challengers, la finale del torneo in uno stanzino tristissimo e niente pubblico

Effettivamente, da quanto emerge nelle immagini condivise su Reddit e Twitter, il quadro è davvero catastrofico. Qualche postazione sparsa qua e la all’interno di quello che sembrerebbe essere un padiglione spoglio.

A contornare la zona di gioco delle tristissime tendine nere. Totale mancanza sia di un palco, che sarebbe stato utile tuttavia solo in caso di presenza di pubblico, che però non c’era a causa della mancanza di sedute e schermi che mostrassero l’evento.

Come anticipato, l’attrezzatura nemmeno era al livello del prestigio di questa competizione. A completare infatti una build PC definita discutibile dai partecipanti, non c’erano nemmeno dei monitor a 240hz.

[$250.000] di montepremi e questa è la sede che sono riusciti ad ottenere? È imbarazzante“, ha detto uno dei molti fan delusi su Twitter. “Ma chi è che è stato incaricato di organizzare? sembra roba brutta e triste per un campionato in franchising“.

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Modern Warfare 2: nel weekend verranno svelati nuovi dettagli!

Modern Warfare 2: nel weekend verranno svelati nuovi dettagli!

Profilo di Stak

L’attesa verso i contenuti in arrivo con il nuovo Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 sta finalmente per finire…

Domenica 7 Agosto, nel bel mezzo della diretta dedicata alla Call of Duty League, inizierà uno speciale con gli sviluppatori di Infinity Ward dal titolo “What’s Next“.

Durante la trasmissione, verranno presumibilmente svelati nuovi ed ingenti dettagli sull’imminente titolo sparatutto, ed in questo senso fa anche molto ben sperare il fatto che non sia stato specificato “per quale modalità” sono i contenuti in arrivo Domenica.

Potremmo quindi vedere qualche primo filmato relativo al multiplayer, ma potremmo anche (e noi lo speriamo tantissimo) sapere qualche nuovo dettaglio su Warzone 2 e/o DMZ.

Proprio DMZ è stata la modalità protagonista in un leak svelato questa mattina… In questo leak, un giocatore della NFL ha svelato per sbaglio il menù del nuovo gioco con in alto un grosso logo dedicato proprio a DMZ. In questo senso è ormai evidente che il nome fin qui utilizzato per questa mode ispirata ad Escape From Tarkov è sempre stato corretto.

Dove seguire lo speciale What’s Next? 

Basterà sintonizzarsi alle ore 21.00 al canale allegato qui in basso, mettersi comodi e godersi lo show del What’s Next di Modern Warfare 2:

Appuntamento fissato a Domenica quindi! Restate sintonizzati con Powned per non perdere neanche un aggiornamento sul nostro amato Call of Duty!

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