Code infinite ai server di Warzone: confermata la mappa Verdansk 84

Code infinite ai server di Warzone: confermata la mappa Verdansk 84

Profilo di Stak

Verdansk 84 – E’ infine arrivata la conferma ufficiale: la nuova mappa di Warzone è una versione completamente in stile anni 80 della già celebre Verdansk.

La mappa storica del battle royale di Activision ha infatti  subito un bombardamento nucleare che ha raso il suolo le fondamenta dell’intera regione…e dopo un giorno di lunga attesa rispetto alla prima parte dell’evento “La Distruzione di Verdansk“, e innumerevoli minuti di attesa in coda sul server, scopriamo che Activision ha preparato per noi un restyling davvero molto profondo per la mappa.

Intere zone nuove e del tutto rinnovate, ed anche un gulag particolarmente grande e completamente diverso rispetto al “solito” i principali ingredienti di questo restyling ad una primissima, ed ancora decisamente insufficiente, occhiata.

Ecco il post ufficiale di Activision in merito all’aggiornamento, in cui viene trasmesso un video (di sottofondo “Eye of the Tiger“, celebre canzone degli anni 80) in parte preso da quello che viene mostrato in gioco, al termine della seconda parte dell’evento.

Il post di Call of Duty – Verdansk 84

Non potete giocare in diretta la seconda parte dell’evento? 

Cliccando qui accederete alla sezione di Twitch dedicata a Call of Duty Warzone, all’interno della quale troverete la lista con tutti i migliori streamer da seguire in questo momento!

Cosa ne pensate community? Restiamo in attesa di scoprire se la nuova mappa sarà solo questa, o se i devs hanno pronto per noi qualcos’altro.
La discussione, come sempre, è aperta!


Available to play for free right now, here’s everything you need to know about the massive updates to Warzone, including 20 of the biggest changes both big and small across Verdansk.

Welcome Back to 1984: Drop into a Reimagined Verdansk Now!

Season Three is the beginning of a new era for Warzone, one that brings Verdansk back to 1984 with massive changes to the map. As a map that defined Warzone for its first year and a month, Verdansk has now been refreshed to optimize gameplay and offer a wider variety of new combat experiences, all while setting it back in time to fully tie it into the rich story of Black Ops Cold War.

This is just a taste of what you can play right now. How have the multiple new and reworked locations changed? What is the potential impact on the meta and the overall Warzone aesthetic? Drop in right now, and read on to find out all the major details!

1984 Verdansk. 2021 Strategy Guide. Updated and Free

Free, interactive, and up to date for 1984 – The Official Warzone Strategy Guide receives an overhaul the size of Verdansk in celebration of Season Three.

This update includes new tactics, including those used by the most elite Operators, over 300 tips, meta-based loadout suggestions, and, with the new Verdansk map now live, over 400 points of interest broken down in a detailed and interactive Atlas.

Check out the entire guide by clicking here.

Note: Internet access is required to access the Guide, but it is not necessary to log into a Call of Duty account to view it.

Read on as we check out just 20 of the biggest changes for Verdansk as Warzone turns back the clock to 1984.

The 20 Biggest Changes for Verdansk

1. Gora Summit

A sprawling complex with a central island base, three gondola stations, complete with working gondolas, and a lower river valley to ascend on foot, vehicle, or ascender. Opposing helipads, and a two command centers, one built into a rock island.

This single location is bigger than many Multiplayer maps yet should be familiar to veterans of the original Black Ops.

2. Gora Viaduct

Bridging the chasm in front of the Summit, the Viaduct is a feat of 19th century engineering, the bridge spans the Gora River Valley, with dams further upstream causing the valley to be a lush grassland.

Here, you can find ascenders, drop off the bridge onto gondola roofs, perform epic vehicle stunts… or if you can calculate everything just right, try to snipe someone across Verdansk from this epic vantage point.

3. Verdansk Regional Airport

Before it was an international hub for travel, the Airport in Verdansk was simply a Regional Airport.

Besides looking pristine with a fully intact roof, the Regional Airport contains an extra exit to the Runway Underpass, two parked planes to use as cover options, and a few skylights to burst through, should you crave a bit of destruction.

The Control Tower also has seen a facelift, complete with the latest ‘80s aerospace tech inside.

4. Old Verdansk Stadium

The Verdansk Sparks are playing elsewhere in Kastovia as the old Arena is being dismantled in preparation for construction of a new regional Stadium.

For the moment, the demolition site is still open – much more open than the modern-day Stadium, in fact – with high vantage points such as an announcer booth and huge archaic scoreboard with amazing sightlines, along with a parked crane to drop onto.

There is also an interior and an underside walkway running around the perimeter to a hole in the arena wall, which is big enough to allow a Cargo Truck onto the pitch!

5. Salt Mine

Before it became a Quarry, Verdansk’s northeastern corner was known for being the region’s largest salt mine.

This sprawling space has two large (and currently sealed) entrances, numerous old mine conduits, and a large, craggy hillside to explore about the containment ponds and factories.

The pine barrens above the salt mine is a great place to watch the action down below, while the red Crystalizing Pools run red with… the beautiful chemical reaction of salt, although they could be made darker with a little help from your enemies.

6. Broadcast Tower Under Construction

One of the biggest changes Downtown is the towering Broadcast building.

The interior is now more accessible, with an interior stairwell running to the top of three unfinished floors where views and long-range takedowns are spectacular.

Learn the fine art of landing precisely on the even-taller crane, the precarious container hanging from the crane arm, and an ascender for quick access to the half-finished roof.

Once there, you’ll find a fantastic sightline across most of Downtown, although the nearby crane and lack of cover make it a bit harder for snipers to hold their position.

7. Multiple Ebb and Flow Improvements

Some of the changes throughout Verdansk are more subtle, and won’t be immediately noticed, like the removal of certain obstacles along the roads. Remember those tanks beside the Broadcast Tower? They weren’t there back in 1984. That’s just one of many changes across the map.

In general, these subtle changes may have drastic impacts on the meta, as it will allow for quicker and easier access (by foot or vehicle) around Verdansk, but still have some opportunities for cover.

8. Grid Radar Array

Perhaps the biggest new landmark, and certainly the easiest to spot, is the Grid Radar Array.

Before the WHP set up a camp on this overlook, there was a radar base dominated by this OTH (over-the-horizon) radar defense system, comprised of 12 linked cage towers and a precarious gantry platform, multi-story access ladders, an ascender, and exposed (but amazing) views.

Need a sightline over Central Verdansk? This new point of interest has you covered… at the price of leaving you exposed on all sides.

9. Old Mine

Nestled along the northwestern edge of the map is a series of old mine workings, now in a state of severe dilapidation.

Explore the rocky exterior, offering opportunities for both close-quarters combat and ambushes with Operators coming from the Gora Summit.

You may also notice that the interior mine complex is currently blocked off… for now.

10. Superstore

A popular place to drop in gets more than a retro-facelift.

While the changes are more subtle, they enable a number of improvements to the flow of the area. Specifically, if you look on its roof, there are now skylights that allow you to crash through into the main interior.

The tops of the shelves are now accessible, and there’s a central refrigerated section under the roof. There are also new exterior windows in the southwest edge to the reception area, all substantially changing access in and out of the structure.

That’s not all! Expect a large number of adjacent threats thanks to…

11. Factory

Remember that car dealership and water treatment works just east of Superstore? Back in 1984, this was an airplane maintenance Factory; a maze of tarmac, parked vehicles, plane parts… and secrets.

This brand-new area features four large warehouses – one big enough to store most of a plane fuselage inside, including cockpit, fuselage, and engine sections – and an underground passage to a secondary warehouse with more plane parts to spot. Attached to the biggest warehouse is a pair of chimneys (which you can ascend to gantry platforms). Outside is a large hangar, numerous outbuildings, a parked plane, and a fuel tower and pipeworks, all of which are climbable.

Perhaps the Superstore won’t be the most popular drop-in destination after this update?… Or at least, if the area goes hot, you and the squad have a backup option.

12. TV Station

As well as a 1980s exterior and interior beautification, there’s a satellite dish on the roof, which you can land and shoot from to get a bit of extra height against those on the Radar Array.

On top of the obvious, one of the more subtle changes is a pair of windows along the southern wall near the gap in the concrete wall. This allows new access routes to and from the Buy Station at the foot of the comms tower nearby, improving the flow.

There are reports of some sort of broadcast still going online here… but it’s probably best to ignore that for now.

13. Interesting Flora and Fauna

Spring has sprung with a variety of wildflowers, meadowland, crops, and other flora and fauna giving you pops of color as you pop off against the enemy.

While this all looks rather picturesque – especially on the latest consoles and hardware – what does this mean for tactics? Those leafy trees, longer grass, and plants all offer additional cover options, or at the very least, provide some obscurity in open areas.

14. Apartments Under Construction

Over at the Barakett Promenade, one of the five-floor apartment complexes hasn’t quite been finished, turning this tenement block into a maze of half-constructed rooms and hallways.

This changes up this side of the map dramatically from rows of the apartment complexes to a more asymmetrical situation where there are both pros and cons to taking a position up on the finished or unfinished apartments.

15. Everything that’s Old is New Again

Verdansk has plenty of “retro-fitted” areas to show what life was like back in 1984, and a prime example of this is the Novi Grazna Hills.

In modern day, parts of the Novi Grazna Hills were leveled to make way for a new housing development. But what was there before the bulldozers moved in?

Come to this side of the map, and you’ll find a lush, wooded plateau with a farm smallholding. Specifically, there is a tiny windmill, a barn, and a cottage, which offer new combat opportunities within the immediate area.

16. Barakett Park and Open Spaces

Sometimes, less is more – and the Barakett Promenade is a good example of some building removals to improve the flow of the game in terms of movement and combat.

The library North of the Ferris Wheel has yet to be constructed, and in its place for now is a charming recreation area.

Also, the Market adjacent to the School further west along the Promenade is now a parking lot, and the entirety of the West Promenade between the parallel roads is now a long section of park with trees, tables, fountains and bridges. Don’t stop to admire this scenery… you have a war to win!

17Additional Interior and Exteriors for Common Locations

An open-door policy exists inside every Police Station across Verdansk as additional upstairs offices are accessible (with windows to shoot through), meaning more escape or entrance options are available, and sightlines across previously familiar areas (like Airport Maintenance, for example).

Similarly, each of the Fire Stations has a new exterior (adjacent to the tower) enabling lower roof access, and for those with the necessary dexterity, access to the main upstairs interior via a spot of parkour.

Also look for additional subtle changes throughout the map, such as newly accessible windows on stairwells throughout the Downtown buildings and certain tenement blocks, like the freshly-cladded one at Lozoff Pass.

18. Standoff in Krovnik Farmland

Over in Krovnik Farmland stands a domed Town Hall structure surrounded by a vegetable market warehouse, water tower, small gas station, and other outbuildings.

This facsimile of the fan-favorite map Standoff features a fully-explorable central structure with numerous interior windows, and plenty of different sightlines and routes to learn.

19. Time for a Bit of Argy Bargy: Standoff – Gulag Edition

Speaking of Standoff, the Gulag in Verdansk has a whole new “practice course” for an upcoming operation.

Fight in tense 1v1 duels down the “main street” of Standoff, with wooden partitions filling in the spaces for what you will find on the map when it comes to Black Ops Cold War later in Season Three.

Learn more about this new Gulag experience within the updated strategy guide.

20. Hatches and Bunkers

Don’t expect to see any Spomeniks on your travels; instead, look for giant hatches that Operators in 2021 became all-too familiar with.

Can they be accessed back in 1984? What has become of Verdansk’s most secretive areas? Are there new secrets to discover?

Initially sealed, we can’t say exactly how you’ll be interacting with the Bunkers and other hidden areas, though you can expect a host of surprises as the Black Ops Cold War seasons continue.

Season Three in Warzone – Operators, Weapons, and More

In addition to a Fresh, 80’s inspired Verdansk, Season Three for Warzone brings additional content from Black Ops Cold War into the fold, such as brand-new weapons like the PPSh-41 SMG and Swiss K31 sniper rifle, new Operators like Perseus’ sinister soldiers Wraith and Knight, and more.

Read all about what has arrived in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War as of Season Three here.

In addition to these updates, the following patch notes will be introduced into Warzone in Season Three:

NVIDIA DLSS will now be available for players with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards, which can be enabled to boost performance, and allow for play at higher resolutions and graphics settings.

Aside from new weapons being introduced, several existing weapons will see significant changes, including the FFAR1, M16, Tactical Rifle Charlie, and Sykov pistol. Also, there’s an adjustment to Roze’s skin, which should provide better visibility, and Semtex will now down a player if they get stuck with it.

For a full list of patch notes with details, click here.

And don’t forget: there are plenty more surprises in store for this Season and beyond. We’ll see you in Verdansk, Operator.

Execute the mission.

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Warzone tornerà a 120 FPS su Xbox Series!

Warzone tornerà a 120 FPS su Xbox Series!

Profilo di Stak

Warzone 120FPs Xbox – Nel corso della serata di ieri è giunto un importante annuncio da parte del dev di Raven Ted Timmins, che certamente farà felici i tantissimi giocatori Xbox di Warzone.

Sembra infatti che gli sviluppatori siano riusciti a trovare un modo per risolvere il bug dei 120hz, che di fatto aveva costretto Activision a misure molto drastiche.

Lo scorso Dicembre venne infatti deciso di “abbassare” a soli 60 FPS il limite disponibile su console Microsoft, una decisione che ovviamente venne accolta tra molte polemiche (legittime) da parte dei player.

Oggi scopriamo però che questa situazione dovrebbe presto concludersi. Gli sviluppatori hanno infatti annunciato che l’update verrà messo online con una patch apposita la prossima settimana.

La patch che renderà nuovamente operative le console a 120hz (e quindi a 120 FPS) sarà già disponibile il prossimo Mercoledì 25 Maggio. Questa stessa patch, lo ricordiamo, è anche la cosiddetta “Mid Season Patch“.

Ecco il post ufficiale che conferma quanto fin qui riportato:

Cosa ne pensate di questa ottima notizia community? Siete pronti per gustarvi nuovamente al meglio la vostra esperienza di gioco su Warzone? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

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Warzone: Teep e Zlaner mostrano le loro versioni originali per TYPE100 e STG44!

Warzone: Teep e Zlaner mostrano le loro versioni originali per TYPE100 e STG44!

Profilo di Stak

Warzone Type100 e Stg44 – Benvenuti in un nuovo speciale dedicato alle migliori armi viste in azione nella scena competitiva di COD Warzone.

Oggi ci dedicheremo a due armi estremamente note e giocate, che tuttavia presentano delle versioni decisamente originali.

La prima arma di cui vi vogliamo parlare è la Type100, una delle SMG più forti al momento su Warzone.

In questo caso osserviamo una singolare versione di Type100 sprovvista di accessorio alla canna, un fatto assolutamente singolare che tuttavia abbiamo già riscontrato in passato su Warzone.

La versione proposta appartiene a Zlaner, indiscutibilmente uno dei CC più seguiti ed apprezzati di tutta la scena globale di Warzone.

Warzone, per Teep la STG44 con calcio speciale

L’altra arma “speciale” che vogliamo vedere qui, è poi l’STG44 proposto da Teep, una versione del devastante AR che probabilmente vi coglierà alla sprovvista. Invece di affidarsi al noto calcio VDD Controbilanciato, Teep ha infatti preferito optare sul Konstanz Tattico, accessorio che pare renda l’arma ancor più stabile del normale.

Sui colpi Teep predilige i 50 Gorenko, mentre ieri raccontavamo come, a livello di TTK, siano preferibili i KURZ a tamburo (troverete qui altri dettagli).

Le versioni dello speciale:

Loadout consigliato da Teep per STG44
Loadout consigliato per Type 100 (senza canna) da Zlaner
Loaddout consigliato da S7ormyTV per WELGUN
Loadout consigliato da TimTheTatman per Ripulitore
Loadout consigliato da DiazBiffle per MAC10

Cosa ne pensate di queste versioni community? Fateci sapere la vostra nei commenti in community! La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

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Modern Warfare/Warzone 2: si parla del ritorno dei PRO PERK, e degli interrogatori ai nemici!

Modern Warfare/Warzone 2: si parla del ritorno dei PRO PERK, e degli interrogatori ai nemici!

Profilo di Stak

Un vero e proprio “effetto colabrodo” quello che negli ultimi giorni pare abbia investito i nuovi Modern Warfare e Warzone 2.

Nelle ultime 72 ore si sono infatti triplicati i leak e le “perdite” relative ai contenuti in arrivo con il prossimo Call of Duty, sempre ad opera degli stessi informatissimi “insider”.

Anche in questa occasione ribadiamo che trattandosi di leak, non è detto che queste informazioni si concretizzino anche nella versione definitiva del gioco.

Potrebbero essere informazioni sbagliate (del tutto, o solamente in parte), o potrebbero anche essere dei contenuti attualmente presenti nell’alpha che verranno poi rimossi in una seconda fase di sviluppo.

Qualunque sia la loro “veridicità”, grazie al lavoro di Tom Henderson oggi veniamo a conoscenza dei seguenti leak:

Introduzione dei PRO PERK

I giocatori più esperti e navigati ricorderanno i PRO Perk del celebre Modern Warfare 2 del 2009. Per chi non li ricordasse, i PRO Perk altro non erano che delle versioni “potenziate” dei perk originali.

Il perk commando ad esempio, nella sua versione base potenziava solamente la distanza dei danni da mischia. Nella sua versione PRO invece, garantiva anche l’immunità totale dai danni da caduta.

Purtroppo non è chiaro se questi perk saranno disponibili direttamente nei loadout, o se potranno essere raccolti come bonus soltanto nelle “fortezze”.

Armature di più livelli 

Sempre da quanto riferito da Henderson, sembra che nel futuro di Warzone/Modern Warfare ci siano anche diverse tipologie di armatura. Vi sarà un’armatura base, una intermedia, ed una di livello massimo.

Interroga un nemico in arrivo anche su Warzone 2

L’ultima preziosissima novità, riguarda poi la funzione per interrogare i nemici. Similarmente a quanto abbiamo visto su Fortnite e su Rainbow Six Siege, sembrano elevate le possibilità che questa funzione sbarchi anche sul BR Activision.

Secondo Henderson, saremo in grado di interrogare un nemico sconfitto per scoprire la posizione esatta dei suoi compagni di team.

Questa azione, sempre che venga aggiunta nella versione definitiva del gioco, durerà diversi secondi (in modo simile al kit dell’autoress) e ci esporrà al fuoco nemico.

Warzone più difficile oggi rispetto all’anno scorso: solo il 10% dei player con più di 1.50 K/D!

Cosa ne pensate di tutte queste potenziali novità? La discussione, come sempre, è assolutamente aperta!

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