Apex Legends, i devs pubblicano una nuova patch con tantissimi fix!

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Gli sviluppatori di Respawn hanno recentemente pubblicato una nuova e lunghissima lista di interventi (pianificati o già attivi) che riguarda i problemi più conosciuti del Battle Royale.

Respawn ha ad esempio affermato che stanno duramente lavorando sul problema dell’hitbox di Pathfinder e che questo bug troverà una sua definitiva risoluzione con l’avvento della nuova stagione.
Discorso simile per l’exploit dell’auto-fire, un problema noto ed evidentemente profondo al punto che gli sviluppatori hanno annunciato una patch dedicata a questo problema, che giungerà, anche in questo caso, non prima della nuova season.

Per la nuova stagione dovremo aspettare, come noto, fino al 2 Luglio, giorno in cui saranno anche finalmente dichiarati “risolti” la stragrande maggioranza dei problemi del periodo attuale.

Di seguito le note della patch complete con la lista di tutti i problemi risolti con il passato update, quelli risolti oggi e quelli che verranno fixati con la prossima patch e la seconda stagione: vi auguriamo una buona consultazione ed un buon divertimento.

Le note della patch

Last week we posted some of the Known Issues we’re tracking that have popped up since the 1.2 Patch went live. Since then we released a patch this week that addressed a few of the issues from the list. Today we wanted to provide an update on the fixed issues as well as some of the new ones that we’re aware of and working on.

This list does not represent ALL of the issues we’re currently tracking and working on for the game. Many other things are in the works but we wanted to provide some visibility into some of the recent issues that have been talked about.

  • Havoc and Devotion base ammo reduced – FIXED IN LAST PATCH

  • Skydiving from a Jump Tower “nerf” – FIXED IN LAST PATCH

  • Deathbox loot ordering – FIXED IN LAST PATCH

  • Octane jump pad sound issue – FIXED IN LAST PATCH

  • Issues with controller / key bindings – FIXED IN LAST PATCH

  • Accuracy while sliding and ADS – FIXED IN LAST PATCH

  • Changing game configs – ADDRESSED IN LAST PATCH

    • As of the last patch we’ve enabled the following commands. We’ve noted requests for additional commands and are evaluating others that we may enable in the future.

      • fps_max

      • mat_letterbox_aspect_goal

      • mat_letterbox_aspect_threshold

  • Caustic

    • Gas damaging players through walls – FIXED IN LAST PATCH

    • Being able to drop endless gas traps – FIXED IN LAST PATCH

  • Missing Twitch Prime Pathfinder Omega skin after getting it – FIXED

  • Ability to switch from localized voice overs to English.

    • Players will be able to switch language back to English in Season 2.

  • Legend models not showing up in banners at the end of match screen.

    • We believe we know what’s been causing this and will provide update on ETA for fix when we can.

  • Lag / datacenter mismatching /general network performance.

    • Currently investigating this looking at player reports and data. We’re aware of the feedback and we’ll update as we make progress here.

  • Disconnects caused by code:leaf and/or similar errors.

    • We’ve heard the reports loud and clear and are actively investigating. More work needs to be done here to figure out what’s triggering this error and we’ll provide updates on this when we know more.

  • Pathfinder’s hitbox

    • We’ve been investigating Pathfinder’s hitbox and looking at player feedback. At Season 2 launch we’ll be making adjustments to the hitbox that we’ll talk more about closer to Season 2.

  • Auto-fire exploit for multiple weapons.

    • The fix for this will roll out in two stages.

      • Planning for server patch next week that will should make the exploit happen much less often. In cases where it does occur, the weapon may appear to auto fire but the server will restrict it and players should still see normal damage numbers popping up.

      • The full fix requires a client patch that will come in the future.

  • Consumable Wheel appearing blank.

    • Aware and investigating. This one has been tricky to reproduce internally so for those of you that encounter it, please continue to report the issue and capture any video or screens if you can.

  • Syringes and Shield Cells sometimes healing twice as much as intended.

    • We have a fix for this that we’re planning to include in an upcoming server patch.

  • Texture not showing when looking down 2X site.

  • Players appearing invisible during a match.

  • Mirage clones sometimes appearing behind the player and die prematurely.

Are you seeing any major issues that you’re experiencing yourself or seeing reported recently that’s not here? Please let us know in the comments and feel free to link to any popular posts that you think we should be aware of. I won’t be able to respond to everything but we’ll be scrubbing the list to bug anything that isn’t already.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Next week we’ll be talking a bit more about L-STAR and some of the meta changes coming in Season 2 so stay tuned for that!

Apex Legends, i devs pubblicano una nuova patch con tantissimi fix!
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